Callaway Epic Fairway Wood Review

The latest release of the Callaway Epic fairway woods has given players precisely what they are looking for from the fairway. After testing these woods, the Callaway Epic is actually the fairway wood that I ended up putting in my bag for the 2022 season. If you are curious as to what sets this golf club apart, stay tuned, and we will fill you in on everything to know about the Callaway Epic fairway wood

Callaway Epic Fairway Woods

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Fairway Wood

The Callaway Epic Fairway woods have some of the highest ball speeds that we have seen from Callaway. If you are looking for maximum distance without sacrificing feel, the Callaway Epic fairway woods are the way to go. Here are a few of the most important things to consider about the Epic fairway wood. 


There are two models for golfers to choose from the Callaway Epic Max and the Callaway Epic Speed. The Epic Speed is a mid launching fairway wood with a slight draw bias and no interchangeable weights. 

The Callaway Epic Max is a high launching, draw bias, larger style fairway wood with an interchangeable weight. The Epic Max has a bit more forgiveness, whereas the Epic Speed has a bit more workability. 


Using Artificial intelligence Callaway was able to maximize the head shape of the Callaway fairway woods while still giving golfers the overall performance that they need. With the larger head shape, you will not feel like the club is bulky; instead, it has a very clean look at the address. 

Part of this has to do with the shallow face angle you will notice when you set up to hit your shot. Overall this combination will help to promote more confidence when standing over the golf ball.  

Sound & Feel

Like any club from Callaway, when you hit the center of the clubface on the Epic, you will know it, and you will be rewarded for it. The C300 Maragin Steel helps to promote consistent speed and spin across the entire face. 

Even if you miss the center of the clubface by just a bit, expect the ball to come off the clubface pleasantly. We also noticed that when hitting from the tee box with one of these impressive fairways in place, the feel was very similar to a Callaway driver. It feels solid and fast without much vibration. 


The Callaway Epic fairway woods are distance machines. Expect this to be one of the longest fairway woods you have ever hit. The artificial intelligence from Callaway has really helped to increase the overall distances that can be seen with these clubs in play. 

Players notice that when compared to older Callaway models, there is at least a 10-yard increase without having to sacrifice feel or control. 

Distance is all about ball speed, and the high ball speeds produced by the Jailbreak technology help make the club incredible from a distance perspective. In addition, the Callaway PEpic fairway woods have lower spin rates. This means you can get that extra roll from the tee box as well. 


The Callaway Epic fairway woods are still priced at the top of the market as they are a newer release. However, this technology is strong, and it should last you for many years. This is is a smart way to invest in your game in 2022. 

For the higher handicap players that still feel they are working on perfecting the specifics of their game, it may make sense to choose the Epic Max model with the adjustability. As your game improves, you may be able to adjust the weighting to accommodate your new swing. 

In the end, this can make a big difference in the value that you get from the Epic Fairway wood. 

Pros & Cons of Callaway Epic Fairway Wood


  • Very easy to hit
  • High launching
  • Strong distance performance with AI
  • It comes in two different models
  • Premium golf shaft options 
  • Jailbreak technology improved
  • PLeasin sound and feel 


  • Priced at the high end of the market
  • Large club head takes some time to get used to 

Performance of Callaway Epic Fairway Wood

Callaway Epic Fairway Wood Review

Most players want a good mix of distance and forgiveness when they choose a fairway wood. The fairway wood is a club that is not used quite as often as the driver or any of the irons. However, when it comes out of the bag, it is a club that players need to have full confidence in. Luckily the Epic fairway wood can easily provide this for a player. 

The higher ball speeds are a result of the Jailbreak AI Velocity Blades. We have seen this jailbreak technology progress over the last several years, and it is officially one of the fastest technologies on the market. Hitting the ball off the center of the Epic Fairway is like launching a golf ball from a trampoline. 

When you add in the tunable performance on the Epic Max, this fairway wood becomes a model that could work for any player. 

Callaway Epic Max Fairway Woods Specs

The Callaway Epic Max Fairway woods come in a wide range of options for golfers. In addition to these lofts, there are shaft options and flexes to help you fine-tune the performance to your game. 

One of the unique models available in the 3+ wood. This is a strong 3 wood that many golfers have used as a replacement for the driver. Although it can be a little harder to launch this one from the rough, the forgiveness and higher launch profile make it a solid option from the fairway. 


Is the Callaway Epic 3 Wood Forgiving?

The Callaway Epic 3 wood is forgiving, despite the fact that most 3 woods are not overly forgiving. The thing that helps the Callaway Epic 3 wood stand out is the impressive sweet spot and oversized head. Even if you make a swing that is less than perfect, the change of it launching high and straight down the fairway is relatively high. 

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Which Fairway Wood Hits the Farthest?

TaylorMade Stealth Steel Fairway #3 Righthanded

The new TaylorMade Stealth Fairway wood is the longest on the market, but the Callaway Epic fairway woods are not far behind. Distance is quite vital from a fairway wood, but golfers also need to control what the fairway wood can do and keep the ball straight. Finding that balance will help you put a club in your bag that can make a difference in your scoring. 


Hopefully, you have a better idea as to whether or not the Callaway Epic Fairway Wood is a good club for your game. This club earned a spot in my bag this year, and I have been very happy with the overall performance. If you want a fairway wood that you can rely on and that will create consistent performance, this is a really strong choice.

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