You COULD Encounter This Monster If Your Next Golf Trip is in Florida!

Dave and his friend are enjoying a relaxing round of golf at a popular Florida golf course when they notice something a little out of the ordinary.

Their game comes to an abrupt halt when they spot a 15-foot alligator taking a leisurely stroll across the fairway without even having the etiquette to ask if he can play through.

The gator doesn’t even seem to notice or care that he is interrupting their game as he casually makes his way to x(what we can assume to be) the nearest water hazard for a nice cool dip, leaving the two astonished men to make sense of what they’ve just witnessed.

While catching a glimpse of an alligator while playing a round of golf may not be such an unusual occurrence in Florida or other swampy areas, the gargantuan size of this particular gator does make it exceptional.

In this day and age, it is rare for an alligator not raised in captivity to grow this large. In any case, these two men will certainly have a story to tell!

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