Fox Lurks At Amateur Golfers… You Will NOT Guess What Happened Next!

Spotting a bit of wildlife while out on the golf course is certainly not a rare event and is probably to be expected.

But what happens when that wildlife wants to get a little bit closer?

This bold little fox seems to be obsessed with these to golfers, or at least with their club sock.

He does not seem the slightest bit nervous as he trots up to make off with the sock the first time.

The owner of the sock pursues him, and the disappointed fox drops his prize, but that doesn’t seem to deter him in the least.

The sly fox hesitates for only a second or two before he tries to grab the sock again, but sadly for him, with the same result. On his third attempt, he manages to get a better grip and makes it several yards before dropping the sock with the club-swinging golfer close on his heels.

The amused golfer retrieves his golf sock from the ground, but in a surprising twist is then chased by the frustrated fox.

One wonders what the ornery little fox needed with a golf club cover; maybe he was just having his own kind of fun on an otherwise dull day.

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