7 Best Divot Repair Tools (2024) + Where to Use It

Every golfer should have a divot tool in their golf bag. It does not matter what your handicap is; you are responsible for fixing and repairing ball marks on a green.

If golfers do not take care of the golf course, it won’t be in excellent condition the next time you come out to play. There is nothing that frustrates golfers more than a green covered in holes that they need to fix.

It takes only a few seconds to fix a ball mark on a green. Having the right tool will ensure that you do a proper job of fixing the mark on the green.

Here are the best divot repair tools on the market.

Our Best Divot Repair Tools

Best Divot Tool: Pitchfix Foldable Divot Repair Tool


  • Integrated pencil sharpener
  • High-quality materials
  • Has a golf ball marker
  • Switchblade function 
  • Available in many colors


  • Switchblade repair tools told always last as long

The overall best divot tool is the Pitchfix Divot Tool. There are several models that Pitchfix puts out, but this is the foldable version. The prongs will fly out with a switchblade function and quickly and easily fold back in when necessary. 

The Pitchfix is lightweight and soft as well. The magnetic logo ball marker is removable, and it is also a universal size so that you can replace it with another ball marker should you have that desire at some point. 

The design at the end of the PitchFix divot tool does a really great job of letting you know how far into the ground you should send the divot tool. It helps to make sure that you are repairing the ball marks the proper way.

Runner Up 1: Visualize Talon Plus Premium Divot Tool


  • Premium look
  • Multiple options with more accessories
  • Comes with a magnetic ball marker


  • Ball marker is branded with Visualize

The Visualize All Metal Switchblade Style Divot Tools are the best for the golfer that appreciates some function and design in their repair tool.

The Visualize is a high quality model that is just the perfect size. You will have no issues keeping this in your pocket during your round. 

The Visualize comes with a magnetic marker that has quite a bit of strength. You won’t have to worry about losing the marker while you are on the course.

The Visualize is also a golf divot tool that pops open for use. If you want to keep the blade away while you are playing, this is a great choice to consider. 

Runner Up 2: Vulcan Gear Metal Switchblade Divot Tool


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Available in several colors
  • Works well to fix divots


  • Is very small

The Vulcan Gear Metal Switchblade Divot Tool is an excellent choice for a stainless steel durable golf divot repair tool.

You will notice that the Vulcan also comes with a magnetic ball marker to make this a multi-functional tool for your golf bag. 

The Vulcan is available in many different colors, and it has a removable ball mark as well. This is one of the lowest priced models that you will find on the market. It is rare to come across a divot tool of this quality at this price.  

If you have found yourself in the market for a reliable but affordable divot tool, the Vulcan is your best choice. 

Best Multi Tool: Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool


  • Durable zinc alloy
  • Ergonomic design
  • 4 in 1 functionality
  • Keeps clubs cleaned and in good shape


  • A bit large

Since you have to keep the divot tool in your pocket, it may as well do more than one job. The Callaway 4 in 1 is a great choice should you want something with a variety of functions.

This tool is a groove cleaner, ball marker, bristle brush, and divot repair tool.

With all of these functions combined into one tool, this is a bit of a larger tool than some other choices on the market. It is, however, high quality and should last you for quite some time.

Best Budget Divot Tool: Moore Golfing Divot Repair Tool


  • Very low pricing
  • Sold as a three pack
  • Perfect angle for fixing ball mark


  • Is not a multi tool

The great thing about a divot tool is that it does not need to be fancy. You can use a very basic model, and chances are it will still do a great job of fixing the ball mark on the green.

The Moore Golfing Divot Repair Tool is about as basic and classic as these get. 

The Moore Divot Repair is developed so that it is at the perfect angle to fix a ball mark. The steel metal design is very long-lasting and will probably be in your bag for the rest of the years you place the game. 

This is a three-pack option that will be priced lower than almost any other option out there. The Moore Golfing Tool makes it hard for golfers to avoid putting one of these in their bag. 

Best Premium Divot Tool: SelfiGolf SelfieSPINNER Multi Divot Tool


  • Easy to draw a line on your golf ball
  • Fun divot tool that is unique
  • Keeps clubs elevated off the green
  • Lightweight aluminum


  • Priced very high

The SelfiGolf SelfieSPINNER Divot Tool is our favorite choice if the price does not matter. If you want something that is made of premium materials and will last for quite a long time, you will be impressed with the Selfi Golf tool. 

This is a multi-tool that is capable of helping you mark your golf ball and hold your golf club off the ground as well.

Interestingly enough, the SelfiGolf is also a fidget spinner. Although this may seem a bit unnecessary, it works well for the golfer that gets nervous if there is a wait between tee shots. 

Best Twistable Divot Tool: Pitchfix Twister 3-Prong


  • Best golf divot tool for green health
  • Does a good job on divots
  • Three prongs
  • Color options


  • Some players have a difficult time fixing deeper divots

If you have been around the golf game a while, you know there is some debate as to which golf divot tools do the best job. This Pitchfix Divot Tool is a twistable model. You put all three prongs into the ground, twist slightly, and then pull up. 

With traditional golf divot tools, there is a chance that a player can take the tool too deep and damage the root system of the green. With the Pitchfix Twister, this won’t be something that you need to worry about. 

This is a uniquely shaped tool and one that is a bit difficult to keep in your pocket as you walk around the golf course.

However, some golfers seem to have no issue with it. If you have always struggled with traditional ball makers, give this Pitchfix Divot Tool a shot. 

Divot Repair Tools Buying Guide

Now that you know seven of the best golf divot tools on the market, it’s time to find out a bit more about which one could be the best for your golf game. 

Where Do I Use A Divot Tool? 

A divot repair tool is used to fix divots on a putting green. The divots can be deep or just on the surface, but they need to be fixed to help prolong the health of the green.

Not only is fixing divots an etiquette thing, but it is also done to preserve the greens. 

Without using a divot tool, the grass on the greens would suffer quite a bit of damage and would need a lot of time to regrow. Luckily fixing a divot in the turf takes less than a few seconds to do. 

Is Fixing Ball Marks Mandatory? 

If you ask any golfer, they will say that using a golf tool on the greens is mandatory. Most golf courses will ask that you fill divots in the fairway and fix ball marks on the green.

Having the proper golf divot tool in your bag is going to make this process much easier. 

Most serious players will tell you that they use their golf divot repair tool to fix their ball mark and one other. This helps to make sure there are no missed issues on the greens, and the groundskeeper has a great surface to work with the next day. 


A golf divot tool is something that every player needs in their bag. Most players will end up with four or five of these if they clean out their bags. When you find a golf divot tool that you like, you will want to keep it for years to come.

We love the styles that have golf ball markers because they work as two tools in one. The overall best divot tool is the Pitchfix Divot Tool.

This model has two prongs, a ball mark, and everything that you need to keep the golf course in great shape. The Pitchfix divot tool is one that you will have in your bag for years to come.


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