Best Golf Ball Retrievers in 2022

With the price of golf balls being as high as it is, it is hard to give up a golf ball that heads into the pond.

Sometimes you will have no way of retrieving your golf ball, but at least you can find a few others while you are in the process.

A golf ball retriever has an initial cost, but chances are long term it will end up saving you some money.

Here are the best golf ball retrievers on the market.

Best Golf Ball Retriever: Search and Rescue Retriever


  • Long reach
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Comes with head cover
  • Easy to grab the golf ball


  • Can be a little heavy if you are golf ball hunting for a long time

You will probably see the Search and Rescue brand golf ball retrievers show up a few times on our list. These ball retrievers are very easy to use, extend a long way, and golf up nicely to fit in your golf bag like any other golf club. 

With the Search and Rescue Retriever, you can extend to reach a golf ball up to fifteen feet away. The durable stainless rings are placed over the ball, and then the lock bar extends to hold the ball in place.

We find that with the Search and Rescue retriever, you will be able to grab the ball and hold onto it quite well. 

The outside of this golf ball retriever is covered in a coated aluminum. The aluminum helps to make sure that the ball retriever is weather resistant.

When leaving the retriever in your golf bag at all times, some resiliency when it comes to weather is important. 

Runner Up 1: Search N’ Rescue Trapper Golf Ball Retriever


  • Very easy to see
  • ORange head traps the ball 
  • Extends over 18 feet


  • Can be hard to balance the golf ball on the longer reach situation

The Search N’ Rescue Orange Trapper can reach a little further than our top choice. This is the traditional orange head that you have very likely seen in the golf bag of a friend.

The orange head is a very simple design. There is no locking into place, and the ball seems to be picked up rather easily. 

If you are searching for golf balls in an area where it is hard to see what you are doing, the orange head of the trapper is relatively easy to see in the water hazard.

The only trouble people tend to have with this style of golf ball retriever is that the ball will fall out if you don’t have a steady hand. 

However, if you are looking for a sturdy and durable golf ball retriever, you will be pleasantly surprised by the durability that the Search Rescue Orange Trapper provides. 

Runner Up 2: JP Lann Golf Ball Retriever


  • Telescoping shaft 
  • Aluminum to prevent rusting 
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Flip hinged ball cup makes it easy to grab the golf ball


  • Hinge can rust after extended use in the water

JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers are known for being a great value and very comfortable to use. With the JP Lann, you won’t have any trouble searching for a golf ball for an extended period of time.

The comfort grip handle makes you feel almost as if you are holding one of the golf clubs in your bag. 

The JP Lann is made with aluminum so that you won’t see any issues with rust starting to destroy your golf ball retrievers. Remember that the majority of golf ball retrievers will be on the exterior of the golf bag so that it will be exposed to weather. 

The JP Lann will reach up to 12 feet. Although this is not the longest of the golf ball retrievers, it does an excellent job of being stable the entire time. Even when completely extended, it is going to be easy to grab a golf ball. 

Search ‘N Rescue Two-Ball Golf Ball Retriever

Best Two Ball Retriever


  • Comes in four sizes (15-24 feet)
  • Sturdy wire cage
  • Orange Epoxy for easy visibility 
  • Easy to use


  • Priced higher than the single ball retriever

If you are going to be taking your time to retrieve golf balls, you may as well try and get a few golf balls at once. A two ball retriever will help make each cast into the water that much more productive.

This is an excellent option if you live in an area with a lake or a pond near your home. You can head out to the pond and load up on golf balls to use for the next few years of play. 

The two ball retriever features a sturdy wire cage that is coated in an orange epoxy. Not only is this one of the more durable retrievers on the market, but it is also highly visible.

Even when dealing with some murky water, you should have no trouble seeing this ball retriever. 

The shaft on the two ball retriever is made of a lightweight aluminum. This helps to make the Two Ball Golf Ball Retrievers much lighter and easier to work with.

Considering you will be grabbing more than one golf ball at a time, this is important to consider. 

Prowithlin Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

Best Cheap


  • Comes with a rubber golf ball grabber as well
  • Folds up in the golf bag
  • Sturdy grip to help you hang onto the ball


  • Only extends six feet

If you want to save some money on a golf ball retriever, you may want to look at the Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever. This is a great option because it is very small and easy to use, yet it certainly gets the job done. 

The rod on this retriever is made from stainless steel so that it won’t rust even after getting wet, searching for golf balls. You can extend this model up to six feet, which is not as long as other models; however, it will fit inside your golf bag. 

If you don’t like the idea of your golf ball retriever sitting in with your clubs or hooked on the outside of your bag, you will want to consider this option.

It is lightweight, you won’t notice it taking up any space in your bag, and it is long lasting as well. 

As you are probably starting to see, the design of the scoop on the retriever is an important factor to consider.

Depending on the type of golf ball retriever you choose, it can be a little tricky to get the golf ball. This model comes with an automatic locking scoop cup. You should not have any trouble hanging onto this ball once you get it in place. 

Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Best Premium


  • Made with high quality materials
  • Has a 15 foot reach 
  • Comes with a headcover
  • Aluminum alloy shaft is lightweight


  • Priced a bit higher than others

Are you surprised that Callaway makes a golf ball retriever?

Callaway has their hand in so many different parts of the golf industry they sure understand what a golfer needs when they are on the course. This particular Callaway Golf ball retriever has a 15 foot reach

One of the things that we like best about this particular model is that it has an ergonomic rubber handle.

You may not believe this, but there are plenty of people who not only lose their golf ball in the hazard, but they lose their ball retriever as well. Dropping a ball retriever into the water hazards is a bit more of a problem than just losing a golf ball. 

The Callaway Ball retriever is made with an aluminum alloy so that when you have it fully extended, it will not bend.

When you have a retriever extended out fifteen feet, it is hard to make sure that it does not start to bend and cause you to lose your golf ball. The Callaway is very sturdy and effective at the same time. 

ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

Best Lightweight


  • Push button locks and unlocks the shaft
  • Great for hard to reach areas because it is so lightweight
  • Fits in a small pocket of a golf bag


  • Only extends nine feet

When you first hold a non extended ball retriever next to you, the weight won’t feel like much to handle. As you extend it and start to get it further away from you, the weight seems to increase.

This will cause the golf retriever to bend and make it difficult to pick up golf balls. The ProActive sports is exceptionally lightweight and even when fully extended to nine feet it does a great job. 

The ProActive Sports golf ball pick up is also very compact and will fit in the apparel pocket of your bag.

The green on the head of the retriever is very easy to see and will help you grab the golf ball without ever losing sight of it. The green also stands out well in water hazards that are darker water. 

The fluorescent head is also shaped a bit different than golf ball retrievers. You will notice that it happens to trap the ball in place and ensure that you can get it all the way out of the water without losing track of the ball. 

Extendable Golf Ball Retriever for Water

Best for Length


  • Long extension
  • Fits inside pocket of bag
  • One of the more lightweight retrievers
  • Plastic retriever head
  • Comes in a package set


  • The plastic head can crack in rocky water

Last but certainly not least on our list is a golf ball retriever that is great when it comes to length. If you are one of those golfers that hate to let a golf ball go, even when it is a far away from the shore, this is a great option to consider. 

You can extend out further than 16 feet with this extendable golf ball retriever. With the lightweight stainless steel material and durable plastic head, you will have no trouble getting the golf ball even when it is so far away from you. 

This is a great option to consider not just for water but for grabbing your ball from the other side of a fence or when it is stuck in the bushes as well. This package set comes with a golf ball grabber and a device to help you draw a line on your golf ball as well. 

This is a great package deal for a really good price. If you are new to the golf ball retriever world and you want something simple and usable, you will not be disappointed. 

golf ball retrievers Buying Guide

Now that you know all there is to know about purchasing a quality golf ball retriever, it’s time to narrow down the best option for you.

Golfers of all levels will find that a retriever helps them to keep their costs down on golf ball purchases. Here are a few questions that golfers often ask about a golf ball retriever. 

Is It Worth Purchasing A Golf Ball Retriever? 

A golf ball retriever is an excellent addition to your golf bag. When you consider that the average dozen golf balls cost more than $20, you will spend quite a bit of money a year on golf balls.

A golf ball retriever can help you find not just your ball but a few others along the way. Most people with golf ball retrievers will find that they have an abundance of golf balls in their bag. 

Most of the time, a golf ball retriever will cost less than $40. If you found just two dozen golf balls, you would have made the retriever well worth the price. Chances are you are going to find well over two dozen balls. 

Most people think of a golf ball retriever as being a way to get a golf ball out of the water. Golfers that have these in their bag will tell you that they can be used to get the ball out of a bush or from under a fence as well.

You will use a quality golf ball retriever to get to hard to reach places. Most golfers will be in these places at one point or another in their career! 

Do All Golf Ball Retrievers Have To Fit In A Club Slot On My Golf Bag? 

If you are worried that you don’t have the room to fit a golf ball retriever in your bag, there are a few options to consider. 

For starters, most golf bags are going to come with 15 slots. Since we can only carry 14 clubs on the course, the other slot is most likely built to house a retriever.

The shaft on a ball retriever is usually going to be the exact size it needs to be to fit in one of your slots. Choosing a model with a head cover is a good choice, so it does not bang against your other clubs. 

Some golf bags also have an external pocket or well that is built for a retriever. If you don’t have either of these spots available, you can always purchase a ball retriever that folds up.

The foldable ball retrievers do a great job of fitting inside your apparel pocket. Choose this when you want something lightweight and easy to keep. 

What Is The Best Head For A Golf Ball Retriever?

When looking over our reviews of the best ball retriever golf has to offer, you probably noticed that almost every model has a different head.

Some models will be a simple circle that the golf ball sits on; others will have a locking mechanism. There is truly no model that is a perfect option. 

If you happen to have a shaky hand or you plan on retrieving a golf ball that is very far away, you may want to choose something that has the locking mechanism. To balance a ball on a retriever that is more than 15 feet away can get a little tricky.  

If you struggle to find golf balls in the water, choose a retriever with a fluorescent head. These will be easier to see and can help you pick up a ball even if the water is a bit murky. 


Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading about the best golf ball retrievers on the market. We tried to make sure there was an option on our list for all players.

Each of the best golf ball retriever options is made with high quality and durable materials.

The Search and Rescue stand out as the best overall golf ball retriever because of its impressive construction and the hinged grabber.

This is a lightweight and easy to use model that will help you retrieve many more lost golf balls the next time you head out to the golf course.

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