8 Best Golf Cooler Bags of 2024: Expert Picks & Buying Guide

Most of the time, you are going to spend about five hours on a golf course when you play a round of eighteen holes. This is quite a bit of time to be left in the outdoors, and chances are you will get quite thirsty.

Luckily the golf cooler bags will help to save the day. With these best cooler bags, you will be able to ensure that you always have a cold drink while you enjoy your round.

There are many different types of golf cooler bags, but we have picked the best golf cooler bag options on the market and detailed them for your review.

Our Best Golf Cooler Bags in 2024

Best Golf Cooler: Liquid Spectrum Golf Cooler Bag


  • Durable material
  • Should hold up for a long time
  • Lightweight and easy to clean 
  • Holds six cans


  • Not much room to store other golf accessories

The Liquid Spectrum golf cooler bag sits at the top of our list because it was built specifically for golfers. This is a slim can cooler that is going to fit in your golf bag easily.

If you are not worried about the cooler being seen, it also comes with a very nice detachable shoulder strap that you can wear on your way up to the course. 

The Liquid Spectrum can hold six cans of beer, and it is a perfect option for someone that wants a cooler that can fit in or out of their golf bag. One of the things we like best about this cooler is that you can use it for other occasions as well. 

The Liquid Spectrum happens to fit two wine bottles in it as well. If you are headed to a friend’s house for dinner, this is a great way to transport a bottle of wine. The outside of the cooler is also made with a 600D material that is both durable and easy to clean

If you happen to get a bit of dirt or sand on the Liquid Spectrum, it will quickly wipe off. The side pocket on the Liquid Spectrum is going to hold your keps or other accessories as well.

Although this is not a complete accessory storage solution, it certainly does a great job as a golf cart cooler. 

Runner Up 1: OGIO 2015 Chill Can Cooler


  • Good functionality 
  • Holds six cans
  • Easy to clean
  • Additional storage pockets


  • Will not fit inside the golf bag

Ogio products are great when it comes to golf bags and cooler bags. They have taken the accessories business and stepped ahead of the competition. We like the Ogio Chill Can cooler for its size and functionality. 

This is a cooler specifically built for golfers, so it is just the right size. If you need to clip this onto your golf bag, you should easily be able to do so. You will fit 6, 12 oz cans inside the Ogio Chill Can Cooler. 

The zippers are high functioning and durable on this golf cooler bag. With the material used on the inside of the cooler, you can simply wipe it clean and store it for the next time you are ready to hit the links. 

In addition to being able to hold cans or your lunch while you are on the golf course, these golf bag coolers also have room for additional storage. A few zippered pouches make room for your phone, some tees, and accessories as well.

Runner Up 2: PrideSports Cooler Bag


  • Lots of storage for other golf accessories
  • Can store food and drinks
  • Easy to wipe clean the inside
  • Durable


  • Won’t fit in the golf bag

This PrideSports Cooler bag is going to be more of an all around organizer than just a golf cooler. You will find that you will be able to store anything that you may need for a round on the golf course. 

The entire outside of the PrideSports cooler has a mesh pocket. The mesh pocket allows you easy access to grab a few tees or ball markers from home before you make your way to the golf course. 

Inside the cooler, you are going to have room for a total of 12 cans. The insulated lining is very easy to clean and will keep your cans or food cold through your golf round.

Although this is not a very large cooler bag, it is well designed and capable of carrying quite a few drinks. 

The PrideSports comes with an adjustable shoulder strap making the golf cooler easy to transport from your car to your golf cart. 

Best Discreet Golf Cooler Bag: StowCo Small Portable Cooler Bag


  • Stays cold for five hours
  • Hard to tell if its a golf cooler or a briefcase
  • High-quality cooler


  • Expensive cooler, not the best for food

If you and your friends are planning to start a happy hour while out on the golf course, this could be your most discreet way to make that happen.

The StowCo does a great job of making you look like you are headed for a business meeting, yet you are really carrying your cold drinks out to your golf round. 

If you put cold drinks inside one of these StowCo golf coolers, the foam insulation will keep them cold for five hours. This is the exact amount of time that a golf bag cooler needs to stay cold for.

Once you have hit the five hour mark on the course, chances are you will have finished the contents of the cooler. 

With the StowCo you can store ten beer cans, and you won’t even need to worry about ice or an ice pack. The StowCo simply works to keep the cold cans to the temperature they should remain.

The only real downside to this model is that you must start with a cold drink. Putting warm drinks in the StowCo will not help you cool anything down. 

Best Premium Golf Cooler Bag: ZeeCoolers Slim Portable Cooler Bag


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Keeps drinks very cold
  • One of the best golf cart coolers to hide drinks


  • Premium pricing

As many golfers can explain, sometimes your large cooler with all of your drinks and food is not welcome on the golf course.

Many courses want to be able to sell you food and drink while you are on the course, because of this sometimes coolers are not allowed. 

If you want to be discreet about what you are carrying, the ZeeCoolers are the way to go. The Zee Cooler does not look like a cooler. It is made with a 100% canvas exterior, and it looks as though it could be an accessories bag that a golfer is carrying. 

You do not need to use ice in this cooler, so there will be no water trail dripping behind you as you walk along with your cooler. Simply use the two ice packs provided to get the drinks to the proper temperature. 

The Zee Cooler can fit six cans, and you will look as though you are carrying a simple bag of accessories. If you know that a golf cart cooler bag is going to be frowned upon at your local course, the ZeeCoolers could be the way to go. 

Best Golf Cart Cooler: MCNICK & COMPANY The Perfect Fit Golf Cart Cooler Bag


  • Made specifically for golf carts
  • Fits easily in the back of the cart
  • Holds 24 cans
  • Soft sided and lightweight


  • Need to have a source for ice to fill the cooler

If you play a lot of cart golf, then you may have had the idea to turn the back of the cart into a cooler. The back of your golf cart usually has a basket that most people will store their shoes or their headcover.

With the McNick and Company cooler, you can store your drinks and food there as well. 

This golf cart cooler is made specifically to fit in a golf cart. Many courses will purchase these to allow golfers to get takeout drinks from the bar and bring them to the golf course.

The McNick bag has lots of storage space, and it is a good choice for those that play with a group of friends who enjoy a good time on the course. 

This is a traditional cooler bag where you will need to add ice to keep the drinks cold. There are two high quality zippers and plastic liners inside to make sure that the cooler bag lasts you for years to come.

You can easily fit 24 cans in the McNick, making it one of the larger options for a golf cart cooler bag.

Best Collapsible Golf Cooler: Callaway Golf Cart Cooler


  • Designed to fit in golf cart storage basket
  • Callaway Golf makes durable and long lasting products
  • Easy Access top 
  • Keeps drinks ice cold


  • Does not store accessories in side pockets

Some golfers will bring their drinks to the golf course with them, and others will purchase their beverages on the golf course. We love the Callaway Golf Cart coolers for those that never want to be without a golf bag cooler. 

This is a collapsible model, so you can place it in your golf bag when it is empty, and it will hardly take up any room at all. When ready to use the Callaway, you can simply unfold it and fill it with twelve cans and ice. 

The Callaway cooler will fit in the basket on most golf carts, and it is very easy to access from the top. The velcro opens quickly and easily, and you will have no issues reaching in to get a can out. 

Inside this best golf coolers zippered top, you will find that there is a liner to keep the cooler from leaking. Of course, this is important on your way to and from the course as well.

Overall this an affordable but functional golf cart cooler that does well when it comes to ice retention. The only real downside is that it will not be the best place to store your golf accessories.

Best Cooler Bag for Value: CaddyDaddy Golf Bag Cooler


  • Holds six 12 ounce cans
  • Looks like a shoe bag, not a cooler bag
  • Comes with the ice pack
  • Caddy Daddy products are fairly priced 


  • Not the best-insulated cooler bag for holding food

If you follow our reviews, you know that the Caddy Daddy products are built with lots of great features for a very fair price.

This Caddy Daddy 6 Pack golf bag cooler looks quite a bit like a shoe bag, but it is actually a great way to head to the course with six cold drinks in tow. 

The Caddy Daddy Golf 6 Pack has a side zipper that allows you to get your drinks out when you are ready. This model is designed to hold 12 ounce cans.

Inside the Caddy Daddy, you will see a heat sealed liner that will keep the golf cooler bag from leaking while you are on the course. 

We recommend using the included ice pack to make sure that you don’t have to worry about water falling out of your cooler bag. Overall this model comes with a shoulder strap and enough durability to last you through many rounds of golf.

Golf Coolers Buying Guide

Now that you have some more information about the eight best cooler bags on the market let’s look into which one is the best for you.

There are so many different styles and options out there; it can be difficult to narrow things down. Here is some information that should help. 

Are Golf Coolers Allowed On All Courses? 

Not all golf courses are going to allow for golf coolers. This is something you are going to have to look into before you head out to the golf course. Many people are bothered by this, but from the stand point of the golf course, it does make sense. 

Golf courses make quite a bit of money on their food and drinks that are sold at the course. These have a good deal of markup on them, and it allows the course an additional set of revenue.

If you head to the course with twelve sodas, you are going to save quite a bit of money, but the golf course operations will miss out. 

This is the reason behind the no cooler rule at many golf courses. However, this has not stopped people from fitting golf coolers in their bags.

In fact, it has become so common that even some of the best golf coolers on our list are made to help golfers sneak items onto the course. 

Make sure the course you play allows coolers; if it does not, you better look for a discreet option. 

Why Are Some Coolers Made To Look Like A Shoe Bag? 

Golfers generally have a shoe bag when they head to the golf course. A golf course staff member wouldn’t think that having a shoe bag is out of the ordinary. Therefore you may be able to walk right up to your cart with this shoe bag disguised as a cooler. 

If however, you look like you are carrying a golf bag cooler, you may be asked to leave it in the car and purchase food and beverage while on the course. 

Are Ice Coolers or Insulated Coolers Better for Golf? 

You probably noticed from our reviews that there are a few different types of coolers for golf. Some will allow you to pack them with ice, others are intended to be used with ice packs, and others are insulated and don’t require anything. 

We think the coolers with the ice packs do the best job. You won’t have to worry about water leaking; you don’t need to add more ice to your beverages while on the golf course, and the cleanup can sometimes be easier as well. 

You will have to choose an option that is best for your golf game and the resources available, but overall each of these coolers does a great job of keeping your beverages ice cold. 

What Golf Bags Have A Cooler? 

For the golfers that are serious about making sure their beverages stay cold, they may want to look at the Bag Boy Chiller Cart bag.

This is a golf bag with a cooler that is built into the design. You will be able to detach the cooler, fill it at home and attach it back to your bag before you head out for your round.

This is a great feature and allows you the ability to purchase one less golf accessory as well. 


Hopefully, our golf cooler bag buying guide has helped you narrow down an option that will work for your game. If you are looking for something to keep your drinks cold, any of the options on our list will work.

Find out what the rules are at your golf course to make sure that you are allowed to bring one of these cooler bags out there with you.

The Liquid Spectrum stands out as the best overall choice for golf cooler. It holds six 12 ounce cans, it is affordable, and you can easily fit it inside your golf bag. Certainly, those are all critical features to be looking for.

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