7 Best Golf Headcovers (2024) – Increase Life Of Your Golfheads

When you spend several hundred dollars on a golf driver, it is essential to make sure that you protect it.

Golf head covers come in a variety of styles and designs but they all share a common goal.

The goal is to prolong the life of your golf clubs.

A golf club head can be fragile, and using a head cover will help to make sure that your clubs will last for years to come. Here are some of the best golf headcovers on the market

Our Best Golf Headcovers in 2024

Best Golf Headcovers: Craftsman Golf Leather Headcovers


  • Great looking headcover
  • Secure fit around the club
  • Sold individually or in a pack
  • Fits almost all manufacturers


  • Not true leather

When you want matching head covers for all of your golf clubs, you have to make sure that they will fit. Golf clubs are made much differently today than they were four or five years ago.

The size of the club head is not only bigger, but it is changing shape as well. 

When you choose a golf headcover, you will need one that is capable of covering your driver. If you have to wrestle to get the cover on every hole than it is going to get very frustrating for you.

We highly recommend these Crafstman Golf PU Leather headcovers as they seem to fit all types of clubs very well. 

This particular set comes with a driver, two fairway wood covers, and a hybrid cover as well. The black color helps them to stay looking good for years to come.

The elastic that is built into the headcover helps to make sure that they stay in place as you move from one hole to the next. 

If you only need the driver or a hybrid cover, Craftsman also sells these each individually. When you purchase the set, you get the best pricing. 

Runner Up: Majek Retro Golf Headcovers


  • Fair price for leather like material
  • Will fit large drivers
  • Durable headcovers
  • Vintage look


  • Limited choice with color selection

Majek makes a wide range of accessories for your golf bag. The Majek Retro Headcovers are a great choice if you want something that has a classic golf look to it.

These are the retro style that will throw you back to the days when Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were battling it out every weekend for the win.

In addition to the great look and style of these Majek headcovers they are also quite high functioning. The Majek is durable headcovers that will last you quite some time.

Luckily even though they are leather style, they are going to be large enough to fit 460cc drivers and 200cc fairway woods.

If you like the classic style and you want headcovers that will match across your woods, the Majek is a great choice to consider.

Daphne’s Headcovers

Best Novelty Golf Club Headcovers


  • Fits larger drivers
  • Available in many different animal designs
  • Large and soft headcover that protected the club head well


  • Price per headcover is usually a bit high

Years ago, when Tiger Woods started playing with a tiger headcover on his driver, the novelty headcovers got very popular. This is still the case today, and many people like having an animal headcover on their driver. 

The Daphne’s Headcovers are available in a variety of styles. There are dozens of different animal headcovers that you can use on your driver. These headcovers are made from high quality materials, and they are quite large as well. 

There is no question that they do a great job of protecting the golf club itself. The only issue with some of the Daphne’s headcovers is that they can be a bit time consuming to take on and off.

This can add to the time spent getting ready for the next golf hole. Outside of that, this is a headcover that will certainly stand out on your golf bag. 

LONGCHAO Knitted Golf Headcovers

Best Knit Golf Club Headcover


  • Comes in a pack of three
  • High quality 
  • Comes with number tags
  • Classic look


  • Only available in black and red

Some golfers like leather headcovers, and others will want the knit version. Most of the time, this comes down to preference more than anything else. The knit covers are easy to get on and off, and they are really easy to wash as well. 

The knit covers tend to give more of a classic, less noticeable look that many lower handicap golfers like to have. These headcovers come with number tags for your 3 wood and 5 wood as well.

The knitting is done with an acrylic yarn so that it won’t wrinkle. 

The bottom of the headcovers have an elastic closure that you can make sure they stay on your golf clubs. We love this version for those that have golf bags with individual club slots.

Sometimes those golf bags prevent golf head covers with long necks from fitting in the bag. The Longchao will easily fit in your golf bag and protected the club head of your woods as well.

Team Effort NFL Set Headcovers

Best Golf Headcovers for Sports Fan


  • Comes with team logo 
  • Long lasting materials
  • The expandable sock helps protect the golf shaft as well


  • Only available with the NFL team logos

If golf is not the only sport you play, than the Team Effort NFL Headcovers could be a great choice. In addition to being a great way to support your favorite NFL team, these headcovers are great quality. 

This set comes with a driver headcover and two fairway or hybrid headcovers. The driver is built to work for a 460cc driver, and it is made with a long lasting 420D nylon.

The embroidery with the team logo is very well done and should hold up for a long period of time. 

Traditionally products with NFL logos on them are going to be priced quite a bit higher than non-logoed golf gear, but these are offered at a very fair price. 

Craftsman Golf Thick Synthetic Leather Golf Iron Headcovers

Best Golf Headcovers for Irons


  • Comes with the full set
  • High quality material
  • Easy to take on and off the club heads
  • Fair pricing


  • Golf iron headcovers can sometimes require a lot of time and effort to take on and off

Not all golfers want to use headcovers on their irons, but they can be helpful. If you have a type of golf iron that has a special finish on it or you just can’t handle the sound of your brand new irons hitting each other on a golf cart ride, iron covers can be a great idea. 

These golf headcovers for irons are made with a PU Leather, and the material used is quite thick. The club covers are designed to make sure that they stay on and that they protect your clubs from unnecessary knicks and damage. 

One of the really nice things about the Crafstman golf headcovers for irons is that they are also waterproof. If you play golf in the rain and then store your golf clubs, they can sometimes be subject to rust.

With these club covers designed to fit irons, you should not see the same issues when it comes to rust. 

Some players find the iron headcovers difficult to keep on the club heads, but the Craftsman seems to stay on well and hole up for quite some time as well. Overall, these are a good option to consider for a golf headcover for irons. 

Callaway Golf 2020 Vintage Headcover

Best Golf Headcovers for Women


  • Fits the driver well
  • Holds up well over time
  • Several color options available
  • Fair pricing
  • Should fit modern Callaway clubs


  • Has the Callaway logo on it; not every golfer wants the logo on the headcover

When you purchase a new Callaway golf driver, it is going to come with its own headcover. The problem is that this headcover may not match your bag, and it may not be your style.

The good news is that Callaway has other golf headcovers that will still fit the clubs but could be a better match for your golf bag. 

The newest headcovers from Callaway are the Vintage style. These are very classic looking golf headcovers, and they are form fitting to the club as well.

The headcovers are designed to fit any of Callaway’s latest club releases, so you should have no trouble if you swing with a larger driver. 

The Polyurethane construction helps to make sure that this golf heacover will hold up over time. There are several color options as well to make sure your golf accessories match with your golf bag.

Golf Headcovers Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea as to which headcovers are the best on the market let’s take a look at how you can decide which one is best for your game. Here are a few of the most common ways you can decide which headcover is the best option for your game. Once you find a great set of headcovers, you can keep them on your clubs for years to come. 


Headcovers come in a variety of colors, and some are going to match your golf bag, while others will stand out and be a unique splash of color on your golf bag. Many golfers use the headcovers as a way to bring some character to the bag or to show off a style or even an NFL team that they are a fan of. 

In addition, the color and design of the headcovers can also be a way to help you identify them. When you go to pull a club out of the bag, and all of your headcovers are unique, this can be a great way to choose the proper club. 

Many golfers like their headcovers to match their golf bags. This is often a good idea if you have a black or even a blue bag, as these headcovers will stay cleaner and in good shape longer if you purchase slightly darker colors. 


The sizing of a club head is going to be fairly universal. The only time that golfers run into trouble is when they find an older set of headcovers and try to get it to work for their fairly modern golf clubs. The older headcover style is not nearly as large as some of the new ones. 

The club head covers that you choose for your game should be large enough to protect not just the head of the driver but also part of the shaft. The shaft is exposed to the other club heads in your bag, especially the wedges and irons, and these can often hit the shaft of the longer clubs and make a slight dent or mark in the graphite. 

This is the last thing you will want to happen as any kind of damage like this can severely impact the way that the club head is able to perform. Overall it is very important to make sure that not just the club head but also the shafts of your golf clubs are adequately protected. 


Golf club headcovers can be made with a variety of materials. Some will be cotton, others will have leather mixed in, and some will even be the knit style headcover. With the materials that these club head covers are offered in, you can pretty much always find something to meet your needs. 

Material on a golf club headcover is beneficial when it is waterproof. Having waterproof headcovers means that your clubs will get an extra layer of protection from the elements as well. 

Overall the material of the club head cover can also impact the protection that it gives your clubs. This is important for the times when the headcovers are going to be used during traveling and when the clubs are on a golf cart. 


The headcover that you put on your golf club should protect it. The protection is there to ensure that your clubs are not going to get damaged, but it can also help when you are traveling. 

Golfers should pick headcovers that are a little thicker than standard so that they are ready to keep the club in great condition long term. Although a small scratch on a golf club may just be cosmetic when there is a full dent on the club, you will likely notice an issue with the overall performance of the club. 

Number of Headcovers

So many golfers ask us how many headcovers they need. This really depends on the club set makeup. If you have a drivers, several fairway woods, and hybrids, you may need more golf headcovers than a player that just has long irons in their set. 

The number of headcovers that most players need is around four or five. Again, many of the clubs that you purchase are going to come with their own headcovers. However, unless you buy matching golf clubs, the headcovers are likely going to be all different styles and designs. 


The pricing of a golf club headcover can vary from a very cheap and thin headcover to expensive custom made leather options that can be hundreds of dollars. The headcover you choose should be something that matches your style but also fits in with your budget. 

We want to make sure our golf clubs are protected however, at the same time it is not worth spending all of our golf funds to be able to get the nicest headcovers on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea as to what the best golf head covers on the market are, here are a few questions that people tend to ask about headcovers to make sure they purchase the proper one. 

Will All Headcovers Fit The Modern Driver Heads? 

If you are purchasing one of the new golf headcovers, chances are it will fit a 460cc club head. The problem is many companies make a unique style golf club head. If the size of the head is 460cc, but it is shaped more like a triangle than a circle, the head cover may not fit. 

The best thing to do is to read the fine print when buying golf club headcovers and make sure that you are getting a design that fits and looks great as well. 

Do My Golf Woods Really Need A Headcover? 

Modern day golf equipment is constructed with materials like titanium, and many of the club heads are hollow or close to hollow. This leaves the driver head or fairway wood head subject to some damage. 

When you ride around in the golf cart, your clubs will bang together. If this happens a few times, there will likely be no damage, but day in and day out, you could start to see some problems coming up with your clubs. 

The club head can chip or get independent, and the top part of the golf shaft can get damaged by the golf irons. If you plan on keeping your clubs for several years, then you really should protect them with a golf headcover.

The price you pay for golf club covers is going to be much better than the price you pay for a new driver head or hybrid head. 

Should I Keep Golf Headcovers On During My Round? 

One common mistake that golfers make is they take all of their golf clubs covers off and throw them in the basket of the cart. When they are finished playing, they put the covers back on. This does nothing to protect the clubs during the course of the round. 

One of the best golf tips we can share with you is to put your headcovers on after each of your shots. You bought these headcovers to provide your club with excellent protection; you may as well use them during the round when they are needed the most. 

Are Headcovers Necessary For Irons? 

As you have probably noticed, we have not discussed the head covers for irons in our list of the best golf headcovers. Most golfers that use headcovers are going to use them for their fairway woods, hybrids, and drivers. 

Typically speaking, these clubs are made with materials that can get damaged quite a bit easier. Therefore it makes sense to use a headcover that will protect the golf club. With most irons being made of steel, the chance of damaging a golf iron is much less. 

How Often Do I Need To Replace Headcovers? 

As long as your headcovers still fit your golf clubs, you can keep them in place for years to come. Headcovers are very commonly lost on the golf course, and this is why golfers are looking to replace headcovers. Most of the time, the headcovers themselves will hold up over time. 

It is typically a good idea to wash headcovers from time to time. Make sure to follow the directions on the headcover to ensure that it does not end up in the dryer and shrinking so that it no longer fits your golf clubs. 

Do Hybrids Need Headcovers? 

Hybrid golf clubs should have headcovers. With a hybrid golf club, you will typically have a titanium face like you do on a fairway wood or a driver. Therefore the club head needs to be protected from potential damage. Most of the name brand hybrids that are sold will come with a headcover. 

If you need to order a hybrid headcover, make sure you pay specific attention to the dimensions of the club head. Many golf companies have hybrids that look unique and will stand out from other options on the market. 

If you have one of these hybrids, a standard or traditional hybrid iron is not going to be the best overall choice. 

Are Knit Headcovers Good? 

Knit headcovers are a bit different than the standard headcover that ypcially comes with your golf set. If you are interested in knit headcovers you will need to ensure that you get something that is the right size and that you are aware of their positives and negatives. 

We love knit headcovers for the look that they give your golf club and the overall style that your bag will have. However, if you are looking for something that is the most durable and will hold up in any weather condition, knit headcovers are not the best choice. 

The knit headcovers can start to unravel and over time they may start to stretch out a bit. However, overall the style of the knit covers, the coloring and the overall look is something that will work out quite well for the average golfer.


There are some great options for golf head covers on the market. Hopefully, our list of the best golf head covers has helped you narrow down some of your choices.

We love the Craftsman Golf headcovers because they offer some versatility, a great fit, and buying options for the consumer.

If you don’t want to purchase an entire set of these head covers, you can just get one for the driver for now and see if it is a good match for you.

Regardless of the head covers that you choose, one thing that we can’t stress enough is the importance of protecting your golf clubs before, during, and after a round on the golf course.

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