Best Golf Shoe Bags of 2024: Expert Reviews & Top Picks

After all the years I have spent in the game, many newer golfers don’t understand the etiquette surrounding golf shoes. Golfers are very picky about the way the shoe change is handled.

When you arrive at a golf course, your golf shoes should be carried in a shoe bag to the locker room. Carrying the shoes without a shoe bag or stuffing them in your golf bag is certainly frowned upon.

Luckily by purchasing a shoe bag, you can avoid these etiquette issues.

Shoe bags are affordable and effective; the only problem is there are many of them to choose from. We have put together some of the best shoe bags on the market for you to choose from.

Best Golf Shoe Bags in 2024

Best Golf Shoe Bag: Adidas Golf Shoe Bag


  • 100% polyester, easy to clean 
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Easy to grab handle


  • No color choices

Adidas certainly knows a thing or two about golf shoes. The good news is that they also know how to make excellent golf shoe bags.

When you choose a golf shoe bag, you will want something that is affordable, durable, and also rather minimal. You don’t need something as large as a duffel bag just to store your golf shoes. 

The Adidas Golf Shoe bag is a 100% polyester, and it is very easy to hand wash should it get dirty. It’s important to know that golf shoe bags are certainly going to get dirty.

The Adidas Golf Shoe Bag is a front zippered pocket that will help golfers to make sure they can easily slip their shoes in. 

Another great thing about the Adidas Golf Shoe Tote is that it has a very easy grab and go handle. You can look at the handle on your golf bag if you like or carry it in an open hand.

Overall this is a golf shoe bag that gets the job done and will hold up for a long time. 

Runner Up 1: Athletico Golf Shoe Bag


  • Great for storage
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Fair pricing


  • A little larger than some golfers want

If you have lots of gear to store, the Athletico Shoe Bag can be a great way to get yourself organized. The best golf shoe bags are those that have some ventilation built-in.

Ventilation will help keep the golf shoes bag from smelling, mostly if you play a round in the poor weather. When wet shoes are put in a golf shoe bag, they will undoubtedly leave a smell behind. 

The Athletico is made with a durable 600D polyester. This polyester is built to be durable and very easy to wipe clean.

The fabric is the same that you will notice used in a golf travel bag. If you play other sports and have other uses for a shoe bag, the Athletico does a great job. 

In addition to the shoe pocket, the Athletico shoe bag gives you room for your tees, golf balls, and even a pair of socks. Having the extra storage can help keep your golf bag a bit lighter as well.

Runner Up 2: FootJoy Black Shoe Bag


  • Simple design 
  • High quality zipper
  • Dark color helps keep dirt away


  • Does not have any other pockets

If you have several pairs of golf shoes, chances are at least one of them is going to be a FootJoy shoe. FootJoy shoes are some of the best golf shoes in the game; it makes sense to transport them properly using a golf shoe bag. 

The FootJoy Black Shoe bag is one of the simplest models that they have on the market; however, it is a very good buy. There are no side pockets on the FootJoy black shoe bag. You will simply put your shoes in and out using the one zipper. 

The thing that we really like about the Footjoy Shoe bag is that it is not going to take up much space in your car, and you could almost fit this one inside your golf bag.

If you are a player who walks the course and likes to carry a simpler and more lightweight set up the FootJoy could be one of the best golf products for you. 

Best Golf Shoe Bag For Women: Callaway Women’s Up Town Shoe Bag


  • Comes in two colors
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Long lasting golf equipment


  • Priced higher than other golf bags

Women golfers need a solution for their golf shoes just as much as the men golfers. With a Women’s UpTown Shoe Bag from Callaway, you can keep your shoes organized but also look stylish.

This is one of the nicest looking shoe bags that we have seen on the market. 

With the Up Town Shoe bag, your shoes will be able to air out and dry after a round of golf. This breathability will help to keep odor down and make sure your shoes last quite a bit longer as well.

This shoe bag is built to last and has a very classy looking design. 

Women will love the choice of two colors for this golf shoe case. The material, color selection, and high quality zipper are certainly going to make this an excellent solution for a female golfer. 

Best Premium Golf Shoe Bag: Piel Leather Deluxe Shoe Bag


  • High quality leather
  • Faux fur lined inside 
  • Several color options


  • The polyester material is a bit more durable long term

The golf shoe bag is one of the more affordable golf accessories on the market. However, if you want something that is made from leather, you will pay quite a bit more.

The Piel Leather Deluxe Shoe Bag is an option that golfers who care about style and longevity will enjoy. 

This Piel Leather Deluxe is a full grain leather design made with top grade cowhide. You will find that the outside of the bag is very high quality and will work for dress shoes and golf shoes alike.

The only down side of the leather golf bag is the fact that you won’t get the mesh ventilation. Luckily the Piel Leather Deluxe has several grommets on the bottom that do give some ventilation and allow for airflow. 

If the leather on the outside was not enough, the fully lined faux fur on the inside may be enough to convince you that this is a premium shoe bag.

Although polyester material is durable, it certainly won’t have the same look as this impressive leather shoe bag.

Best Value Golf Shoe Bag: CaddyDaddy Golf Modern Golf Shoe Bag



The CaddyDaddy Golf Modern Shoe bag is a great choice for those that are looking for a very functional but affordable design.

As we know, golf accessories can add up in cost quite quickly. However, the nylon fabric construction of this CaddyDaddy certainly helps to keep the price down a bit. 

Inside the CaddyDaddy shoe bag, you will find an internal divider. The internal divider works to keep shoes from scuffing each other up.

This is great not just for golf shoes but for running shoes and dress shoes as well. Overall this is a sports shoe bag that also does an excellent job for the serious golfer. 

The CaddyDaddy has some mesh openings on the side of the bag that allows for better ventilation as well. The CaddyDaddy has three zippered pockets so that you will get some additional storage for your golf accessories.

It’s hard to go wrong with an option like this, especially if you are a fan of saving some money! 

Golf Shoe Bags Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf shoe bags on the market, it’s time to help you narrow down which ones are the best for you.

Obviously, you want to keep your shoes in excellent condition, but there are other essential functions on the golf shoe tote. 

Do The Rules Of Golf Require A Shoe Bag? 

With golf, you will have to deal with both etiquette and rules. Most seasoned golfers will tell you that etiquette can be just as important as the rules.

Golf is meant to be a very classy sport, and the idea of changing your shoes in a parking lot or walking them across a clubhouse is not all that professional or classy. 

If you can use golf shoes bags to keep your accessories more organized and looking cleaner, you will be more well-received, especially in a private country club setting.

So although the shoe carrier is not required in the rules of golf, you are probably going to want to consider one so that you feel comfortable playing at any course. 

Are Golf Shoe Bags Kept In The Car? 

A golf trunk organizer is kept in the back of your car to keep your accessories and products organized. The features of the trunk organizer are a bit different than the features of a sports bag shoe case. 

The shoe case is a more portable option, and you can bring it with you when you exit the car. The trunk organizer keeps your golf gear from rolling around the back of your car, but it does not leave the car.

When you head into the club house, you need a portable option to carry your shoes with you. 

Do You Need A Golf Shoe Bag for Spikeless Golf Shoes? 

Spikeless golf shoes are those that have no spikes on the bottom. The great thing about the spikeless shoes is that you can wear them on the golf course, and then you can wear them to work or the grocery store.

These shoes have features that many other golf shoes don’t have. 

The bag can keep your spikeless shoes in great shape, but you probably don’t need one if you only play with this sport golf type shoe.

You will most likely wear the shoe to and from the golf course and have no need to carry them in a shoe bag. Of course, having a shoe bag is not a problem, but it is likely not one of the most necessary accessories out there. 


As you can see, the golf shoe bag is one of the more straightforward golf accessories on the market. However, these products will keep your shoes in great shape and keep you looking classy the entire time you are on the course.

Overall the Adidas Golf Shoe Bag is the best on the market. This is a reasonably priced option, dark in color, and it has a high quality and long-lasting zipper.

The polyester fabric on the Adidas bag will hold up well over time. This is an accessory that you should not need to replace for many years. Buying a higher quality shoe bag will be a smart investment.


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