5 Best Golf Sunglasses (2024) – Are Polarized Good for Golf?

Although you may notice that many of the professional golfers are accustomed to playing without sunglasses, protecting your eyes from the UV rays is a very smart thing to do.

Golfers are exposed to the sun for many hours during a round, and having the proper safety protection for your eyes is essential.

Golf sunglasses also make it easier to track your golf ball and get a better look at setup and address as well.

We have put together a list of the best golf sunglasses on the market; we have options on our list for a number of different budgets as well.

Our Best Golf Sunglasses in 2024

Best Golf Sunglasses: Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses


  • High performing lenses
  • Great UV protection
  • Comes with carrying pouch
  • Make it easier to perceive depth


  • Priced a bit high

At the top of our list are the Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses. Callaway is a golf company through and through.

They understand what golfers need and the importance of protecting eyes while still allowing great vision to see the golf ball. 

The Callaway Sungear sunglasses come with a P2X lens. The lenses are specially built to allow in some light and make it easier to perceive depth. This makes a tremendous difference when it comes to chipping and putting around the green. 

The polarizing filter will make the glare much less noticeable as well. The Callaway Sungear are stylish looking glasses with a tortoise frame.

The carry pouch and hard case help to make sure you can keep these in your golf bag one round after another.

Runner Up 1: Oakley Oo9154 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Sunglasses


  • Comes with earsocks and nose pads
  • Secure and custom-like fit
  • Very clear vision and color with these lenses
  • UV protection
  • Available in lots of color options


  • Higher pricing

Oakley has been a top name in the sunglass world for many years. The Oakley Half Jacket 2 is a very popular pair of golf sunglasses.

Potentially our favorite thing about this pair of sunglasses is the fact that it will not block your vision of the ball when you set up to hit. 

Many sunglasses have a bottom band or rim that makes it difficult for the golfer to see as they approach the ball. The Half Jacket 2.0 has no rin on the bottom, and it truly helps make it easier to see the ball. 

Oakley uses the PRIZM Lens Technology to make color even bright and for there to be more contrast. You won’t have to take your sunglasses off to see where the fairway ends, and the fringe begins. 

Another area where Oakley stands out is the weight of the glasses themselves. You won’t feel fatigued, just trying to keep this on your face all day.

They are lightweight and can easily be worn for 36 holes without feeling uncomfortable or causing any issues.

Runner Up 2: Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses


  • Very secure but lightweight fit
  • Good contrast for overcast days
  • Nose bridge with pad
  • Sports sunglasses


  • Non polarized for golf
  • Only available in one frame color

Under Armour makes some sporty looking products for a large number of athletes. The Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses are no exception.

You will have quite a bit of comfort with this pair of sunglasses. They are fitted with the UA Auto Grip, which helps give golfers a secure fit. 

A secure fit on a pair of sunglasses is quite important as the feeling of sunglasses moving or adjusting during your swing can be detrimental. 

The lenses on the Under Armour sunglasses are designed to have better contrast and allow golfers to find the golf ball a bit easier. The high quality lenses are also going to block out harmful rays. 

The Under Armour lenses are not polarized lenses, but they do give golfers excellent depth perception and contrast. If you are worried about harmful UV rays and you want something that is high definition, you will enjoy the UA Octane Wrap.

Maui Jim Banyans Rectangular Sunglasses

Best Premium Golf Sunglasses


  • One of the best sunglasses for golf
  • Offers glare free vision
  • Lightweight frames
  • Neutral colors
  • Great for very sunny weather conditions


  • Priced at the top of the market

High quality sunglasses start to get a bit expensive. However, for players who want a pair of sunglasses for golf and after the round, the Maui Jim is our favorite choice.

These have the rimless bottom so that you will have no issues looking at your golf ball, and the lenses are some of the more impressive on the market. 

The Mauis feature a Polarized lens that will help to keep your eyes safe but also give you a really great view of the course on sunny days.

If you are tired of squinting every time you play golf, and you want something that allows you to see without changing colors, this is a great choice to consider. 

The Maui Jim sunglasses are much lighter than the Oakley or Callaway options. If your ears or nose get tired from sporting sunglasses, this is a great pair to choose from.

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Best Cheap Golf Sunglasses


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Very good pricing
  • Can be used for other activities


  • Not the best sunglasses for long term durability

Keeping a pair of golf sunglasses in your bag is a great idea, but spending a lot of money on backup sunglasses can be disappointing.

uckily there are options like these Torege Polarized Sunglasses that will be a very fair priced addition to the golf bag. 

The Torgee Sunglasses come with several different lenses that you can change so that you have the clearest view of the golf course that you can get. The Torgee is a very lightweight pair of glasses, and they have a sporty look as well. 

These are sunglasses that you can wear for a golf game, and you can also wear fishing or hiking as well. The Torgee are great for a variety of face shapes, and they will stay with you as you swing the club. 

In addition to being stylish and comfortable, the Torgee sunglasses are a great choice for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Overall this is an excellent value for a frame and lens that will keep you protected and comfortable on the golf course. 

O2O Golf Sunglasses

Best Golf Sunglasses For Finding The Golf Ball


  • Lenses help you see your golf ball
  • UV protection
  • Very good pricing


  • Not polarized lenses

With all the accessories and gadgets that golfers have, it should come as no surprise that there are golf ball finding glasses that you can purchase.

These sunglasses will filter out certain colors so that you can easily find your golf ball on the course. 

The O2O sunglasses have 100% UV 400 protection, and they block all harmful rays. The lenses in these glasses will filter light so that you can see grass, shadows, and the golf ball correctly.

Some golfers claim that these golf-specific lenses have helped them to play faster and more efficient golf. 

Regardless of whether or not the O20 Golf sunglasses filter out everything but the ball, they are still effective at blocking the sun. These golfing sunglasses are also offered at a very fair price. This is a pair worth keeping in the bag. 

Golf Sunglasses Buying Guide

As you can see, there are some excellent golf sunglasses choices on the market. Narrowing down the best ones for your game can be a bit challenging.

Here are a few things to consider when you are choosing golf sunglasses best for you. 

Why Do Pro Golfers Not Wear Sunglasses? 

Many golf professionals believe that sunglasses are not giving them the purest view of the golf course. This makes it harder for them to have a perfect view of exactly what they are facing on their next golf shot.

Another reason is that when you are swinging as fast as some of these professional golfers swing, there can be issues with the sunglasses moving during the swing.

This is much too high of a risk for a professional to take with some much money and fame on the line. 

Are Polarized Sunglasses Good For Golf? 

Polarized lenses are great because of the color that they can provide and how they can enhance the view of the golf course. The problem with polarized lenses is that they often hinder depth perception. Golfers need depth perception so that they can measure the distances of shots. 

Sunglasses with polarized lenses that also seem to alter the depth perception can make it so that golfers start to struggle with their ability to determine distances of both putts and chips on the course.

The best golf sunglasses are those that are recommended for a golfer. Most of these will not be polarized. 

Do Golf Sunglasses Need To Be Frameless? 

For most golfers, the best sunglasses are not going to have a bottom rim. The bottom rim is a going to potentially block the view of a golfer when they are setting up to hit the ball.

This is not the case for all players as it will depend on your setup and your height; however, it can become a problem. 

If your sunglasses have a thick bottom rim, you may want to consider getting something like the Oakley Half Jacket.

You will see how strong and durable glasses are, yet the bottom does not have a rim. This type of lens technology helps make sure that visibility is not altered in any way. 

Are Cheap Sunglasses Good For Golf? 

You have probably noticed that there is a large price variance when you look at golf sunglasses. If you play a lot of golf and spend quite a bit of time on the course, then it makes sense to pay a little extra money on these high performance lenses and frames. 

If you don’t really like wearing sunglasses but want to have a pair in case the sun is at a bad angle one day, the cheap sunglasses will do the trick. 


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding as to the best golf sunglasses on the market. There are certainly lots of high-quality lenses and great styles available.

The Callaway Sungear stands out as the best sunglasses for golf. They are built with UV protection, high performing lenses, and a durable and sporty frame.

If you want golf sunglasses best used for protection and performance, these Callaway are a great choice.

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