12 Best Golf Tees (2024) – Includes Long Lasting Ones

There are lots of different types of golf tees on the market. Finding the right fit for your game can be a little tricky.

Choosing between wooden tees and plastic golf tees can take a bit of trial and error. Some golf tees are going to add distance to your game and others that will help you get the perfect height.

Regardless of what you are looking for in a tee, we have put together some helpful information on the best golf tees on the market. 

Our Best Golf Tees in 2024

Best Golf Tees: Pride Professional Tee System


  • ow resistance tip
  • Long lasting
  • 3 ¼ inch long
  • Generates a lot of distance


  • Not biodegradable

The Pride Performance Professional Tee System sits at the top of our list for a few reasons. For starters, this is a low resistance tee, so you will have much less friction to deal with as you swing through the ball.

The plastic material of these Pride Performance tees is going to last you quite a while. 

Since you won’t be replacing this tee very often, you will get an excellent value for these tees. They are 3 ¼ inches long, so they work well for larger drivers but are also not difficult to push down into the ground if you need to use them for a fairway wood or an iron

The low resistance of the Pride Performance tees helps you get the distance that you need in your golf game.

The only thing you will want to do after hitting with one of these is to find it on the tee box. These golf tees will last for a long time, so it is worth finding them.

Runner Up 1: Champkey SDB Bamboo Golf Tees


  • Tee height marker to ensure perfect height
  • Biodegradable bamboo tees
  • Durable
  • Will help increase driving distance


  • Natural color can be hard to find in the grass

The Champkey SDB Bamboo Golf Tees are a great choice if you want something that is biodegradable. When you lose one of these tees, they are not harmful for the environment as they are made out of bamboo. 

Bamboo is also a soft enough material that you don’t have to worry about friction or losing any of your distance because of the use of the tee.

The Champkey SDB Bamboo golf tees also do a great job of eliminating side spin and giving you quite a bit more accuracy

The Champkey tees also have a marking system. The marking system is in place to help golfers understand how high they should place the tee for each specific club.

You can test how the different tee heights are going to impact the distance and accuracy of your drives.

Runner Up 2: Zero Friction Victory 5-Prong Golf Tees


  • Helps will alignment
  • Easy to adjust the length of tee
  • Less surface contact between the tee and the ball
  • Helps to promote longer distance


  • Generally priced a little higher

The Zero Friction Tour tees are some of the most well known golf tees on the market. The idea behind these golf tees is that the surface area that holds the ball is much smaller than traditional wooden tees.

This decreased surface area helps the golf ball to jump off the tee and travel much further. 

The Zero Friction Tour 3 prong tees are similar to the 5 Prong in that they are built to barely keep the ball on the tee so your driver can do all the work.

This is a plastic tee, and you will want to find them after you hit your golf shot. The Zero Friction tees are generally priced a bit higher than other options, but they are very durable plastic tees. 

The prong tees offer an additional benefit when it comes to aiming and alignment. You can aim one of the prongs directly at your target and use it as an alignment aid as well.

It is very easy to adjust the height of the Zero Friction tees, but they do come in a variety of length as well. 

Overall, you will find that the Zero Friction tees’ performance is going to be very similar to the pride professional tee system, with potentially a little less friction. 

Green Keepers 4 Yards More

Best Golf Tees for Distance


  • Low friction
  • Low spin
  • Lots of distance
  • Durable


  • Only sold a few in a pack

The Green Keeper tees are similar to the Zero Friction in that they believe in less friction and less contact between the ball and the tee.

The Green Keepers tees are very unique looking, and the ball will sit on top of a six prong tip. It almost looks as though the ball is sitting on a brush as opposed to the top of a traditional tee. Some people refer to these as brush tees.

Another great thing about the Green Keepers tee is that it also helps to reduce spin on the golf ball. The reduced spin helps to make sure that you can hit the driver straighter and get more distance from it as well.

You will notice that since these tees are made in a unique way, they are also sold in a unique way. You will only get a few of the Green Keepers Tee in a pack, but they will each last for over 100 drives.

As long as you can find this after your drive, this is one of the best choices for a golfer that is looking for more length.

JP Lann Step Down Golf Tees

Best for Beginner


  • Helps you tee up at the exact height you need
  • Great for beginner player
  • Biodegradable wooden tees


  • Wooden tees tend to break more easily than plastic

The JP Lann Step Down Golf tee is an excellent choice for a beginner. When you first start playing the game, it is hard to know exactly how high to tee the golf ball.

Making sure that you give your driver enough clearance is important. It is also just as important to make sure that the tee height is not too high for an iron shot.

The JP Lann Step Down tees are wooden tees that will be a bit better for the environment. If you happen to lose a JP Lann tee, it is biodegradable and will break down on its own.

The JP Lann is built to last for a number of swings, and they are very durable for wood tees.

If you struggle with knowing how high to tee the ball, there is no question that the JP Lann will help you get that part of your game figured out.

Once you understand how to tee the ball, you can switch to something that has a little less friction than these.

SAPLIZE Professional Bamboo Tees

Best Eco Friendly Golf Tees


  • Great pricing
  • Long lasting and biodegradable
  • Durable golf tees


  • These golf tees tend to break much more often than plastic tees

The Saplize Tees are an excellent choice for those that want something eco friendly. With all the golfers in the world, it is important that we do our part to keep golf courses in great shape.

This pack comes with 150 bamboo golf tees that are quite a bit stronger than traditional wooden tees. 

The Saplize tees are available in a few different sizes, so you can get them to work with your driver and woods or just the irons if you wanted.

The head of the tee is .4 inches in diameter, which is a great size for offering the perfect mix of balance and low friction.

Zero Friction ZFT Maxx 3-Prong 4″ Distance Golf Tee

Best for Large Driver


  • Long height for large drivers
  • More durable than wooden tees
  • Very low friction


  • Not great for iron shots

Golf drivers keep getting bigger and bigger. If you don’t tee your golf ball high enough, you will potentially be missing the center of the club face on the driver.

Tee height and tee length is an important factor that golfers should be paying attention to in their game. 

The Zero Friction Tour 3 Prong golf tees are 4 inches high. This is a very high tee, and you may see something like this used on the PGA Tour. These taller golf tees allow the golfer to line the center of the golf ball up with the center of their golf club. 

Since this is one of the zero friction tour 3 prong models, you also will deal with a lot less friction than a traditional wood tee.

These 3 prong golf tees claim to add about five more yards on your golf shot. The difference in the distance you get will largely depend on the type of golf tee that you are currently using. 

The Zero Friction tees are made with bio composite and recycled materials. This will help in the fight to keep all of these plastic golf tees from ruining golf courses in the years to come. 

Callaway Performance Tee

Best For Par 3


  • 5 Prong design 
  • Quality construction 
  • Works well with iron shots as it doesn’t break easily 
  • Comes in several colors to help find it
  • Environmentally friendly design


  • Not a mixed-height box

The Callaway Performance Tee is a 5 prong golf tee that is a great option for iron shots. In addition, you could use these tees for a long hole with a driver, but we found the Callaway Performance tee very easy to push into the ground for iron shots. In addition, the stability of the 5 prong design is quite good. 

Callaway makes all of its products specifically for golfers, and this durable design is no exception. The plastic tees have small ribs to ensure they don’t break as quickly as wood tees. In addition, environmentally friendly plastic will not leave you feeling bad if you leave one behind. 

As you can expect with all products from Callaway, the Callaway Performance Tee is USGA conforming and is set at a fair price. If you are new to the game or have been playing your entire life, this is a tee that can help.

Champ Zarma Fly Tee

Best For Stability


  • High-performing golf tee
  • Reinforced plastic for longevity
  • Comes in several colors


  • Priced a bit higher than other options on the market 

The Champ Zarma Fly Tee is our favorite option for stability. If you are tired of the golf ball falling off of those high tees for the driver, then Champ Zarma Fly Tee can help. This particular model is 3.25 inches high, and it features a 6-stabilization prong design. This means that golfers can have confidence that the ball will not go anywhere until it is struck. 

The Zarma Fly Tee comes as a 25 piece set, and there are several color options to choose from. All of the color options are high visibility so that you can use the tee over and over again. In addition, the durability will last about 5 times longer than a wooden tee. 

With the Zarm Fly Tee, you will notice that environmentally friendly materials are also acceptable at most golf courses with environmental rules in place. If you have a big driver head and want to tee it high and let it fly, the Zarm Fly can make this a possibility.

Pride Evolution Plus

Best Plastic Golf Tees


  • Plastic construction 
  • Color coded bars to fix the tee size 
  • 30 tees in a box


  • Some golf courses do not allow plastic golf tees 

The Pride Evolution Plus is the best plastic golf tees on the market. It should be no surprise that the Pride tees make more than one appearance on our list of the best golf tees. These professionally designed tees are eco friendly and have some of the best performance on the market. 

As with all other tees in the Pride line, expect to see the lines to help you pick the proper tee height. Even professionals use the Pride tees as they find them to be the least restrictive and more responsive tee options on the market. 

The large 3 ¼-inch size is a great choice for those that have a large driver and need to tee it high to get the sweet spot.

WHAMZ33 W Professional Wooden Golf Tees

Best Durable Golf Tees


  • Very fair pricing
  • Strong choice for environmentally friendly tees


  • No ability to move pin to the exact location

The WhamZ33 W Professional are some of the most durable golf tees on the market. The key to making these tees a bit stronger than others is to use solid bamboo. Bamboo is not just a strong material that allows for consistent use; it also improves overall functionality because of its lightweight performance. 

If you are a slower swing speed golfer and worried about friction on a golf tee, the WHAMZ33 W Professional can be a great choice. Golfers should be considerate of the golf course and the environment and ensure that they are using biodegradable materials. 

This comes in a 100 count box which is a good option for the money.

Green Swing Bamboo Golf Tees

Best Biodegradable Golf Tees


  • Very environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable 
  • Stable golf tee


  • Some golfers find them to be a little thick

The Green Swing Bamboo Golf Tees are the best biodegradable golf tees on the market. The bamboo material is strong and durable, and it is at the same time biodegradable. If you miss one of these tees when you walk off the tee box, the mower will likely destroy it, and the organic material goes back into the turf. 

One of the things that we like about the Green Swing Bamboo Golf Tees is that they were specifically created to help the environment. However, at the same time, they do an excellent job of helping players tee their ball to the proper height and hold the ball with some stability. 

This company seems to be growing fast, and golfers like these tees. Many golf courses are starting to require more environmentally friendly golf products, and the Green Swing Bamboo Golf tees can be a great choice.

Golf Tee Buying Guide

If you are unsure what type of golf tee is best for you, a few things to consider before making your purchase. There is no perfect type of golf tee, and you must find something that matches your game. 

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use 

Professionals really enjoy the Pride Professional tees. These tees do not offer must restrictions and allow professionals to generate the full amount of club head speed that they need to succeed on the golf course. 

Golf tees for professionals are typically not the more gimmicky tees like brush tees or martini tees. The majority of professionals stick with the classic style. 


Purchasing golf tees that don’t break easily will help you save some money, and it will be better for the environment. I personally go many rounds with just one tee. This, of course, is the more durable plastic material. 

Check with your local golf course and make sure there are no restrictions about the type of tee that they require you to use on the golf course. 


It’s good to have various tee heights to choose from. The larger tees, 3 inches and more, are great for a large 460cc golf driver head. However, they can be a little longer to push into the ground for the par 3 holes where you need to hit an iron shot. 

We recommended buying two different types of tees, a short tee, and a long tee. Having the option to use both can help you cut down on waste as well. Many long tees will snap easily when used with irons, but short tees tend to have more strength. 


Choosing a golf tee that is brightly colored will help make sure that you don’t lose as many golf tees. After you hit a shot on the tee box, always look for the tee you just hit and try to pick it up. This makes saving money more manageable, but it also keeps the golf course in better condition. Bright colors on your golf tee could come off onto your driver clubhead, but it won’t impact performance. 


Golf tees are just another added expense that golfers have to take on. There are plenty of options to purchase tees in bulk, and this is where you will get the best per tee price. Look for something that gives you 100 tees or more, and then be smart about how you look for them after each tee shot. If you do this, you may only need one box to get you through the season.


What Golf Tees Do Most Pros Use? 

One of the most widely used golf tees on the PGA tour is the Pride Professional Tee System. These tees are available in several sizes, and each of the sizes is color coded to allow golfers the perfect height that they need. 

The Pride Professional tees are wooden golf tees that are generally known for being better for the environment as well. The wood used in these tees is very lightweight, and the tees themselves are thin. 

When this system was first developed, the Pride tees were some of the thinnest tees that golf had seen. When you hold this next to a traditional wood tee, you will immediately see the difference and why these are considered to be lower friction wood tees. 

Golf professionals are usually very particular about their equipment, and they tend to purchase products that are more traditional when it comes to the game of golf. There is no question that the Pride tee system is a modern twist on a very traditional golf tee. 

Do You Lose Distance With A Rubber Tee? 

If you have been to a driving range lately, you know that there are usually lots of rubber tees. A rubber tee is used for a mat but not when you are playing on a golf course; the reason is that rubber tees can often create more friction and more spin as well. 

The rubber tee is best for a driving range that will experience quite a bit of use. As people hit golf balls all day long, the rubber golf tee is best for longevity.

Some rubber tees will have a spot at the top that allows you to put a wood tee in. For the most part, you will just place the ball on top of the rubber. 

If you were to compare your distances off a rubber tee or something like a Tour 3 Prong Golf tee, there is probably going to be a significant difference. The 3 prong is going to help you get some extra distance. 

Are Plastic Or Wooden Golf Tees Better? 

You will find that the choice between wooden or plastic tees is going to come down to preference. Some golfers find that they have better luck with the wooden tees than the plastic golf tees. What is potentially more important than the material of the tee is the height of the tee. 

Although colored golf tees can look quite unique and stand out when they are hit in the rough, you may want to think twice before you invest in them. The paint on the colored tees can sometimes get on your driver. 

This can be easy to remove, and other times you won’t be able to get it off. Using a more natural color tee or a black tee if you have a black club face could be a good idea. The paint will usually have no effect on the golf driver, but you may not want your club having the paint all over it. 

Does Height Of A Golf Tee Matter? 

The height of your golf tee is very important. If you happen to use a tee that is not high enough, you could end up missing the center of the club face on your driver.

The club is designed to have a sweet spot that will offer a player the most distance on their shot. When you choose to use a tee that is not the proper height, you are going to miss this sweet spot. 

Most people think that this refers to the height of the tee for the driver, but it matters for the irons as well. Golfers that are teeing up an iron on a par 3 often tee it up too high. They see the ability to tee the ball as an advantage and tee it at a height similar to a driver. 

With an iron shot off a tee, you should not have it far off the ground at all. Think of the tee as a way to keep the ball slightly off the ground. That is the only reason to tee the ball up slightly. Raising the tee too high will cause you to miss the center of the face of the club. 


With all the different tee choices out there, you may have to try a few before you find the right one for your game. The best golf tees on the market are the Pride Performance tees.

They come in many different heights, they offer low friction, they are durable, and they are made from plastic so that they will last for a very long time. This is all any golfer can ask for when searching for the best golf tees.

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