Best Golf Umbrellas in 2021

A golf umbrella can make or break a difficult weather day on the golf course. If you find that you are a golfer who will play regardless of the weather conditions of the day, then a golf umbrella is a smart choice to make.

Keep in mind that golf umbrellas also offer great protection from the sun. Keep this in mind if you are a golfer that likes to walk the golf course.

Here are our choices for the best golf umbrellas on the market in 2021.

Our Best Golf Umbrellas in 2021

best Golf Umbrella: Titleist Players Double Canopy


  • Handles both wind and rain
  • Uv protection
  • Has anti inversion
  • Double canopy design
  • Will last a long time


  • Priced a bit high

Titleist knows a thing or two about golfers and what they need. If you are looking for the best golf umbrella, it is not a bad idea to consider something made by Titleist.

The Titleist Players double canopy umbrella is a great choice to keep you out of the wind and rain.

The Titleist players umbrella has UV protection for someone that likes to use an umbrella to stay safe from the sun. The Titleist Umbrella is easy to carry and has an anti inversion system should you get caught in some really windy conditions.

One of the things we like the most about the Titleist golf umbrellas is that they hold up for many years.

You will notice if you spend enough time in this game that umbrellas are a product that tend to fall apart after a few years. This is not the case with the Titleist product.

Runner Up 1: G4Free Extra Large Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy design
  • Strong fiberglass shaft
  • Available in many colors
  • Lightweight


  • Auto open risks the chance of falling apart at some point

The G4Free is an extra large umbrella that is unique in the sense that it is square in shape. The total canopy is 62 inches, and it gives you lots of room for the umbrella to protect you from both the sun and the wind. 

This is a double canopy umbrella, which means that it will allow some wind to pass through instead of allowing wind to fly your golf umbrella inside out and down the fairway.

The G4 Free is available in many different color combinations, and it is made of durable fiberglass

We love the G4Free as an option to keep in your golf bag at all times. Since this umbrella’s total weight is 1.5 pounds, it is not going to bother you all that much to leave this one attached to the bag. 

Runner Up 2: Procella Large Golf Umbrella


  • Great sun protection
  • Opening and closing is easy
  • Several color options
  • Fits in push cart umbrella holder handle


  • Not the best for very high winds

The Procella Large Golf Umbrella is a great choice for those that like to walk the golf course and use an umbrella to help along the way. We can say that this is the best umbrella for attaching to a walking push cart.

The Procella is built to handle rain, wind, and the sun. 

This is a lightweight golf umbrella weighing in at 1.7 pounds. The handle is easy to carry and fits well into most umbrella holders on a golf push cart. The auto open on the Procella is easy to use and should hold up for years to come. 

One positive that many golfers had to say about these umbrellas is that they do a great job of keeping the temperature cool when you are under the umbrella.

When you live in a warmer climate and need a place to escape from the sun for a few minutes, the Procella is a great umbrella to consider. 

G4Free Golf Bag Flex Umbrella

Best for Protecting Golf Clubs


  • Easy to store
  • A unique way to keep golf clubs dry
  • Long shaft lets it sit over the golf clubs


  • Not a great choice when you are walking, best for golf cart

Sometimes you want an umbrella for protecting yourself, and other times it is to help take care of your golf clubs. The G4Free Golf Bag Umbrella is a simple and easy way to keep your golf clubs dry during some bad weather.

The umbrella shaft of this particular model will go directly into your golf bag along with your other clubs. The 360 degree direction canopy can be pivoted to properly block your clubs from the water.

This umbrella can be folded and stored in your golf bag, which is a really nice feature and addition.

Although this won’t work all that well for keeping you or your playing partners dry, as a way to keep your golf bag from getting soaked by the rain, it is a good choice.

Weatherman Windproof Umbrella

Best Premium Golf Umbrella


  • Can withstand high winds
  • Very large (68inches)
  • Made with high quality fiberglass shaft
  • Built to last for many years


  • One of the more expensive umbrellas on the market

A cheap golf umbrella tends to fold or lose its ability to manually open after just a few rounds. This is an unfortunate truth of a cheap golf umbrella.

The Weatherman Umbrellas are priced quite a bit higher than many of the other golf umbrellas on the market, but their high-end design truly is impressive. 

The Weatherman is a large 68 inch umbrella that is available in five different colors. Where the Weatherman truly stands out is that it works in both wind and rain

This umbrella is designed to withstand winds up to 55 miles per hour. Certainly, anything higher than this, and you will probably not want to be playing golf anyway!

The Weatherman is made of an industrial-strength fiberglass shaft, and that is partly what makes it so strong. 

The fabric is Teflon coated so that it keeps you dry but stays lightweight as well. It’s going to be hard to find a better umbrella than this, and it will make the poor weather golf rounds that much more enjoyable.

ACEIken Automatic Golf Umbrella

Best Cheap Golf Umbrella


  • Priced very fairly
  • Available in many different colors
  • Easy to open and close


  • Not as wind resistant as some other umbrellas

If you are unlikely to play golf in the rain, then a cheap umbrella just to get you from the course to the clubhouse can be a good idea. Y

ou may not be able to use this type of cheaper umbrella for a round of golf in the pouring rain and wind, but you can certainly use it to keep you dry. 

The ACEiken Golf Umbrella comes in a few different sizes, and each one is very fairly priced. It has an automatic open, and it is available in several different colors.

One of the really great features of the ACEiken is that it has SPF 50 protection to keep you safe from the sun. 

The double canopy design helps to make sure that this great golf umbrella has some decent wind resistance as well.

The ACEiken comes with a warranty, and for a low price umbrella, it can really help keep you dry and protected on the course. 

Under Armour Golf Umbrella

Best Golf Umbrella for Heavy Rain


  • Great carrying handle
  • One of the best golf umbrellas for heavy rain
  • 100% nylon choice


  • Not the best choice for wind

If you get caught in a very difficult downpour, the Under Armour is going to be a great golf umbrella to consider. This is a Nylon umbrella that has a very comfortable handle, and it does a great job of protecting a golfer from the rain.

If you are a walker or riding in the cart, you will be impressed with the capabilities of the Under Armour golf umbrella.

The Under Armour brand used its UA Storm 1 technology to help this model repel water away from the golfer at all times.

We love the style and the look of the Under Armour model as well. If you want to look stylish and be protected from the poor weather, this is a great choice to consider.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Best Travel Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy design
  • Rubber handle
  • Small in size
  • Not prone to turning inside out
  • Available in lots of colors
  • Keeps players from getting wet in moderate storms


  • Short handle

You have probably noticed that most of the best golf umbrella options on the market are those that have a long handle. The handle helps make it easier for golfers to manage the umbrella even in difficult weather conditions.

Sometimes you may just want a small, compact, and lightweight choice to leave in your golf bag should you need it. The Repel Windproof measures only 11.5 inches long and weighs less than one pound.

When you put this double vented canopy umbrella in your golf bag, you will probably not even know it is there.

However, when it starts to rain, you will be plaid you have this in your bag. The umbrella has a strong metal frame and a rubberized grip to make controlling this portable option all that much easier.

You can choose between several different colors, and you should have no issues with these umbrellas holding up over time.

If you like to walk the golf course and use an umbrella for sun protection, this is probably not going to be the best choice as its handle is not quite long enough to fit in your push cart.

Golf Umbrellas Buying Guide

Now that you have eight great choices for golf course umbrellas, you have to start to narrow down which one is going to be the best for your needs.

There are several features to choose from that you should be aware of before you make your final purchase. 

Is Automatic Open Important In Golf Umbrellas? 

Many golf umbrellas come with the automatic open features. This means that you will be able to press a button, and your umbrella will be ready to use.

These push button choices can be great, but they are also another problem that your golf umbrella could potentially have. 

If you use your umbrellas often, we recommend getting something that is manual.

You know that even with lots of use and wear and tear, you will still be able to open and close this model. With an automatic, you may lose your ability to use the umbrella after some time. 

What Is A Double Canopy Umbrella? 

A double canopy umbrella can be an essential choice for a golfer. With a double canopy, you get a vented area that allows wind to flow through without inverting the umbrella.

A vented double canopy usually makes the umbrellas a bit more expensive, but the feature and capabilities are better. 

If you are going to use your umbrella to walk the golf course, the double canopy helps make sure that the umbrella does not blow away as you walk.

The double canopy still offers great rain protection as you will not get wet through the vents on the umbrella. 

What Is The Best Size For A Golf Umbrella? 

Most golf umbrellas are going to be between 62 and 68 inch in length. This seems to be a versatile size when it comes to the coverage from both rain and wind that a golfer will get.

Anyone that has played golf in a really bad storm knows how important the size of the umbrella truly is. 

A good thing to remember is that with the larger canopy umbrellas, the size is going to be quite large, and you may end up finding these umbrellas are about as long as your golf bag.

If you do a lot of walking and carrying your bag, you will want to pay attention to the weight on the umbrella. 

What Is The Difference Between High Price and Low Price Golf Umbrellas? 

The biggest difference you will find between the low price and the high price umbrellas is the material used. The umbrellas with the fiberglass construction and water repellent fabric are probably going to hold up a bit longer, and therefore, they are priced higher. 

If you are an occasional golfer or a fair weather golfer, there is no reason to spend money on the high end gear. You will be more than fine using something that is lower in price that you may only take out of the bag a few times a year. 

Will A Golf Umbrella Hold Up In High Winds? 

Golf umbrellas are traditionally better than standard umbrellas for dealing with strong winds. Most of the rain storms on the golf course are going to be accompanied with some higher winds, and these umbrellas are made to handle it.

The question now becomes whether or not you want to play golf in hurricane-force winds! 


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of which golf umbrellas would be the best for your game. With our top choice, the Titleist Players Double Canopy Design, you get a full size umbrella that will last you for years to come.

If you are a serious golfer and you know you are going to spend a great deal of time on the golf course, regardless of the weather, the Titleist Players is a great choice to consider.

Although you may pay a few dollars more because of the fiberglass material, this is one of the best products for longevity. Hopefully, you won’t need your umbrella all that much, but if you do, the Titleist will have you covered.

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