8 Best Golf Gloves of (2024

A golf glove is an essential golf accessory. If you want to establish a great connection with your golf club and have light grip pressure and control over the club, a glove is the way to go.

Golf gloves can be hard to choose because there are so many different types on the market. Luckily we have done some work for you to help find the best ones.

As a former golf teaching professional, I can say without a doubt; there is a difference between a good and an excellent golf glove.

Here are our best golf gloves on the market in 2024

Our Best Golf Gloves in 2024

Best Golf Gloves: Titleist Perma Soft Golf Glove


  • Soft Cabretta leather
  • Good longevity
  • Satin reinforcement for durability
  • Available in many sizes


  • Few dollars more than other gloves

This is not the only time that you will see the Titleist name on our list of the best golf gloves. Titleist knows how important it is to have the proper connection with your golf club, and they make it possible with the best golf gloves on the market. 

The Perma-Soft glove is an option that will work for all hand sizes and all player levels as well. This is a tight-fitting and thin glove that will not take away any of your feel from the club.

You will feel as though you are still gripping your regular club but with some extra traction and comfort as well. 

As you know, a white glove can get dirty pretty quickly. Luckily the Perma Soft is made with a satin reinforcement on the cuff and the thumb. This helps to add strength and durability to the glove so that it holds up for a long time. 

You can purchase the Perma Soft glove in any size that you need, including cadet sizes. When you put the Perma Soft on the first few times, it is going to feel a bit tight; however, once you get used to it, you will enjoy this secure fit. 

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove


  • Breathable in the back of the hand
  • Moisture wicking wrist
  • Natural Fit


  • Velcro sometimes needs to be readjusted

The TaylorMade Men’s Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove comes in close to the top of our list as well. TaylorMade did a great job with this glove, making sure that you get both a tight fit and plenty of comfort as well. 

We like that the glove is breathable and allows for some airflow in the back of your hands. The wrist band on the TaylorMade glove also helps to make sure that any additional moisture around your hands is soaked up. 

The thickness of the TaylorMade glove is perfect for the golfer that needs a great grip but doesn’t want to lose any feel. It is made up of a 4 way stretch nylon that helps to reinforce the glove as well. 

Overall this is a quality glove that will last you through many rounds of golf. 

Runner Up 2: FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove


  • Gloves are made with high quality leather
  • Will hold up a long time
  • Does not decrease feel
  • A decent option for sweaty hands


  • Sometimes priced quite high

The FootJoy Men’s StaSof is an excellent alternative to the Titleist Perma Soft that took our top spot. This is a very soft feeling glove that will help keep your hand protected during your golf swing.

The StaSof is made with advanced performance leather that is supposed to help make the glove stay softer for a longer period of time. 

The StaSof comes with an all climate grip. Although this is not a glove that is made specifically for the rain, if you are playing in wet or humid conditions, it will work to help control moisture in your hand. 

One of the things that we like best about the StaSof is the fit technology. This is a glove that is easy to get on your hand and easy to take off when you want to keep your hands dry between golf holes. 

You can easily close the StaSof around your hand as the velcro is a large patch that comes across the entire back of your hand.

Many people like the StaSof leather gloves as opposed to the Titleist player’s gloves. The StaSof seem to hold up longer over time, and they are only a slight bit thicker than the higher end players options. 

For a high quality fit and a good leather construction, this is a glove that is worth considering.

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

Best Value Golf Gloves


  • Very fair pricing
  • Fit is secure
  • Easy to use closure tab


  • A bit thicker than some higher end gloves

The FootJoy Men’s WeatherSoft Golf Gloves are the best value on the market.

The WeatherSof is thick to help your hand stay protected from blisters, and the glove will not break down easily. If you are one of those golfers that always end up getting a hole in their glove, this is an option you should consider. 

The WeatherSof Golf Gloves help to provide an excellent grip, and they have an advanced performance leather in the palm patch. This helps the glove have a better feel but also more durability as well. 

The back of the glove is made with a breathable mesh material to help make sure that the glove is both flexible and will not make a player’s hand sweat more than it should while in a glove.

The WeatherSoft is made with a synthetic leather, so it tends to hold up a bit longer. 

The synthetic leather gloves tend to hold up better to washing as well. If your glove tends to get quite dirty, usually you can use some warm water and soap to get your synthetic leather golf gloves fairly clean. 

Overall you are not going to find a better value than the FootJoy WeatherSof golf gloves. They are available for a variety of hand sizes, and they are very easy on the bank account. 

Titleist Players Golf glove

Best Golf Gloves for Lower Handicappers


  • Very thin material
  • Good durability
  • Best performance


  • Does not work as well for those with arthritis or blisters on the hand

Most low handicappers are going to want to play without a glove when possible. If you look at the golfers on the PGA Tour, many choose not to wear a glove at all.

This is because they do not want any issues with the feel between their hands and the grip of the club. 

Luckily that is precisely where the Titleist Players Gloves come into place. These gloves are meant to keep your hands as closely connected to the grip of the club as possible.

The ultra thin grip is what makes these some of the most premium leather golf glove choices on the market. 

The Players Gloves have a satin reinforcement at the cuff and the thumb. This is to help make sure that the glove does not rip through while you are using it. If you are subject to holes in your glove, the Titleist is a great choice to consider. 

If the thought of wearing a golf glove makes you nervous, the Titleist is a perfect choice for you. In fact, you may find that the performance of this one helps you to improve your game.

Somehow knowing that the glove has your back from a connection standpoint can give you a bit more swing speed coming through the ball. 

BIONIC Gloves StableGrip Golf Glove

Best Golf Gloves for Senior Golfer


  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • Long term durability
  • Should result in more swing speed for a senior
  • Specialty gloves


  • Feel is not as good as a thin leather glove

Many senior golfers will find that as they age, the club starts to feel more difficult to hold onto.

This is usually due to the fact that the player is starting to develop some arthritis in the hands. It can also be because the strength of the hands is not what it once was. 

When you feel as though you don’t have a connection with the club than you will ultimately lose club head speed. This loss of club head speed will directly affect the distance that you can get out of a shot. 

For the senior golfer that wants to make sure they maintain both connection and a light grip pressure, the Bionic Gloves are a perfect choice.

Although the Bionic gloves are a bit thicker than other gloves on the market, they will help to make sure your hand is comfortable and secure. 

The Bionic comes with a Lycra material that is placed between the fingers. You will notice that this helps your hands feel as though they can move around the glove without being too stiff. The Lycra also tends to hold up well over time. 

Callaway Golf Opti Grip Golf Glove

Best Golf Gloves for Wet Conditions


  • Creates an excellent grip with a wet club
  • Good to have in the bag for poor weather conditions
  • The wetter it gets the better it works


  • Not good for an everyday leather golf glove

Whether it be a rainy day or simply a wet morning on the golf course, putting is pair of rain gloves in the bag is a smart idea. Rain gloves feature specific technology to help give your hands increased grip and feel even in very wet conditions. 

The Callaway Opti Grip are made with a microfiber suede full palm. As this part of the glove gets more wet it will also give you better connection with your golf clubs.

The fabric will also be very fast drying. In a matter of seconds after the rain stops your hands will feel as though they were dry. 

The best thing about these gloves is that golfers can continue to play through the difficult conditions without noticing a difference in their game.

Without the secure connection and performance of a rain glove it can be easy for a club to twist in a players hand. 

When this happens the shots that are produced are going to be very off course. You will not wear a rain glove as your typical glove ot get around the course, however having a pair in your bag is a smart choice. 

Best For Cold Weather: FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves


  • Keeps wind and cold away from the hands
  • Warmer than a traditional leather golf glove
  • Best golf glove for cold and wind
  • Always sold in pairs


  • Pull on fit can be difficult for someone with a very large hand

Golf gloves for cold weather should be able to keep your hands warm and still provide you a great connection with the club.

We all know how terrible it feels to hit slightly behind a shot on a day with difficult weather conditions. The club will vibrate in your hands and you will be reluctant to take another swing. 

A winter golf glove will help protect your hands from poor weather and make winter golf an option for those that though it may not be possible. You will notice that with these WinterSof Golf Gloves, you will still have a great connection with the club, but your hands will remain much warmer. 

Another great thing about the WinterSoft gloves is that they are made to be water resistant as well. If you are playing in a cold rain, you will want these on your hands. If you are willingly playing in a cold rain, you may want to pick another day to complete your round! 

Many people love that these winter golf gloves’ performance helps them increase the length of their golf season. When you can add a few weeks to either end of the season, simply by having the proper gear, it can be a brilliant choice to purchase these gloves. 

One unique thing about the FootJoy WinterSof gloves is that they have a longer cuff than most traditional leather golf gloves would have.

The cuff helps to go up to your wrist and keep the top part of your hand warm. You will pull these gloves on almost as you would a traditional winter glove. 

Golf Gloves Buying Guide

Now that you have some selections for the best golf gloves on the market, you can narrow down which one would be for you. 

Are Leather Golf Gloves Better? 

Most people consider a leather golf gloves to be better technology than something that is synthetic. As you start to investigate the glove market and find options that work for you, you will have to make your determinations. 

However, there are a few differences that are worth considering and discussing. The leather glove gloves tend to have a better feel and a bit more durability as well. As the glove ages, it stays in good condition and tends to stay softer than a synthetic leather glove. 

The synthetic leather golf gloves are made with thicker materials and tend to be easier to wash. If you want something that you can clean up after a round, you may like synthetic.

Also, with the synthetic leather gloves being thicker, they are usually a smart idea for players who are new to the game. If your hands still have blisters, these gloves will give excellent protection. 

Overall it is hard to say that the leather gloves are better overall than any other glove, but they certainly offer some excellent performance. 

How Long Do Golf Gloves Last? 

A golf glove can last for one round or thirty rounds. It depends on the type of golf gloves you are purchasing and how you are taking care of them. Make sure you purchase a glove that fits well so that it is not being stretched or ripped as you use it. 

It is also essential to make sure that your glove is allowed to dry at the end of the round. If you take a glove off of your hand and throw it in the golf bag, chances are it will be ruined the next time you head out to play. 

Let your glove dry, especially if you tend to have sweaty hands. The Cabretta leather and the synthetic leather both need time to dry before being stored.

Remember that when you wear a glove, you will still want to keep your grip pressure light. Don’t grip the club too hard, and your glove will hold up much better long term. By using the proper grip pressure you’ll avoid needing to deal with treating sore hands after a round.

Which Hand Should I Wear A Golf Glove On?

If you are a right handed golfer, you will need a glove on your left hand. If you are a left handed player, you will need one on your right hand.

Having a glove on the proper hand allows a player to grip the club with more control and stability. 

Sometimes you may see a player with more than one glove on. Traditionally more than one glove is work if the weather conditions are bad or someone has an issue with arthritis.

The two gloves can help to create a better grip and lower grip pressure as well.  

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What Company Makes The Best Golf Gloves? 

You will notice that both FootJoy and Titleist made our list several times. These companies tend to lead the way when it comes to the best gloves on the market.

They both make a glove that fits well, they offer a variety of leather options to choose from, and the durability is there. 

When you wear gloves, you will want it to feel like a second skin. The FootJoy and Titleist Cabretta leather options genuinely make you feel like this. Players of all handicap levels will agree that they give some of the best grips on the market. 

Do I Need To Wear A Golf Glove? 

Some golfers will say that they cannot play without a glove, and others will say that a glove has ruined their game. This has been a long-standing debate in the world of golf. You are either a player who likes gloves or one that finds them to be a nuisance. 

IF you are someone that struggles with a tight grip and you clutch the golf club, a glove could really help to improve your grip. Sometimes this little bit of extra tackiness or grab can make you feel more in control and less likely to toss the club. 

When you are having a hard time holding on to the club, you will potentially lose some swing speed as well. This can affect your scoring and ability on the course, so it is worth considering a glove at this point. 

People who are just getting into the game should also consider a glove. Gripping a rubber handle and swinging it at 100mph can be a little rough on your hands in the beginning. Having a glove to wear will make sure that you don’t get blisters. 

You can trust us on this one the last thing you want is to start the game with a bunch of blisters on your hand. You may find that your preference for wearing a glove changes through the years; however, most people find that a glove is a smart thing to wear when you play golf. 

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Hopefully, by now, you can see the importance of golf gloves and which ones may work best for your game. Some players have to try out a few different types of gloves before they find something that is the perfect fit.

Luckily with all the companies out there, the gloves selection is better than it ever has been. The Titleist Perma Soft stands at the top of our list because of the Cabretta leather construction and perfect fit.

This is a glove that will hold up over time and give you a nice secure feeling on your hand as well. The entire line of FootJoy and Titleist golf gloves are a great place to start if you are in the market.

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