Best Winter Golf Gloves of 2024

Serious golfers understand that the end of the golf season can be a bit depressing. Knowing that the clubs need to be put away due to cold weather is rather disappointing.

Luckily things like winter gloves can help you extend the length of your golf season. As a golf professional, I found that any winter golf that I could play would significantly impact my return to the game in the spring.

Getting rounds of golf in during the off season is essential to have a great start to the season.

Here are some of the best winter golf gloves on the market to get you through the winter months.

Our Best Winter Golf Gloves in 2024

Best Winter Golf Gloves: FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves


  • Priced fairly
  • Great for the cold and the wind
  • Will also work in wet conditions
  • Weather shield cuff to keep warmth in


  • Not as durable in the palm as some other options

It may come as no surprise that FootJoy makes it to the top of our list. FootJoy makes a variety of golf gloves and golf gear, and they truly know how to give golfers what they need.

This pair of winter golf clubs helps to make sure you have a secure grip even when your hands are freezing. 

You will notice that winter golf gloves are sold in pairs. In order to play effectively in the winter months, you need to be able to keep both of your hands warm.

Winter golf gloves will also come up the wrist a little higher than a traditional golf glove. This is just to help hold in some extra heat as well. 

The FootJoy Men’s WinterSof gloves are warm, but they are no so thick that they get in the way of your grip. These winter gloves are also designed to help block your hands from the bitter wind as well.

This is an affordable and high functioning pair of gloves that we highly recommend.

Runner Up 1: Callaway Thermal Grip Gloves


  • Sold as a pair
  • Will keep your hands warm
  • Good for wet and windy conditions as well


  • Does not keep wrists as warm as Footjoy

If the FootJoy gloves are not an excellent fit for your game, then it is worth taking a look at the Callaway Golf Men’s Thermal Grip Weather Golf Gloves. These are gloves that will work for you in both cold weather conditions and wet conditions. 

The inner lining of the Callaway Golf Thermal Grip is made with a fleece fabric. The fleece is both soft and warm and works as great hand warmers.

The outer shell of the Callaway Gloves is a microfiber material that dries quickly and helps to repel both water and wind. 

The Callaway Golf is easy to adjust when it comes to the fit, and you will feel very secure with these winter golf gloves on.

One of the advantages of this glove is the leather palm that will make the Callaway golf glove last for quite a long time. 

Runner Up 2:  Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves


  • Velcro closure
  • Thermal fleece cuff
  • Will keep you warm
  • Wind resistant


  • A bit thin in the palm

Mizuno is known for making golf gear that appeals to the low handicap golfer. These ThermaGrip Men’s Golf Gloves are some of the best winter golf gloves for those that appreciate feel and performance

The Mizuno Thermagrip gloves used 3D printing on the palm to help repel water and maintain traction even when there are wet conditions to deal with.

The cuff on the ThermaGrip is what makes this one of the best cold weather golf gloves on the market. 

When you look for the best winter golf gloves, you need to keep in mind water, wind and cold. Having a high cuff also helps to make sure that the glove is doing what it should and keeping the heat inside the golf gloves.

If you are a golfer that demands warmth and performance, the Mizuno Thermagrip is an excellent choice.

FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves

Best Premium Winter Golf Gloves


  • Moisture control
  • All climate grip
  • Help give a secure fit
  • Very soft winter golf glove


  • Priced higher than other choices on the market

The FootJoy StaSoft Winter Golf Gloves are not quite as fairly priced as some other choices on the market, but they are, without a doubt, a very high performing pair of winter golf gloves. One of our favorite things about these is how soft they are. 

When you play golf in the winter months, you will notice that everything feels still and hard, and your skin can get quite sensitive as well. The StaSoft gloves really help things feel as though the weather is warmer. 

The precision fit on these StaSoft Winter golf gloves helps make sure you get a comfortable yet secure fit. The all-climate grip is going to be good for dealing with wet conditions, wind, or even when your hands get a little sweaty during a round of golf. 

HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Gloves

Best Value Winter Golf Gloves


  • Great value
  • Keeps the hands and wrists warm
  • The best option for value


  • Does not do as well in wet conditions

Sometimes it is worth keeping a set of winter gloves in your bag whether you need to take them out or not.

Having them in the bag for a cold day is a smart choice, but it may mean you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this pair of gloves. The HJ Glove is a great choice to consider. 

This winter performance golf glove is offered at a fair price, will keep your hands warm, and allow you a much better grip on your golf club. The HJ has a leather palm that is built especially for cold weather conditions. 

We love the lined wrist cuff on these gloves because it really helps to keep the heat in your hands and not allow it to escape.

When compared to the Footjoy Wintersof Golf Gloves, the HJ Glove is a bit thicker. This is something that some golfers will like, and others will not; you have to choose something that works best for your golf game. 

Titleist Golf Hand Warmers

Best Golf Cart Winter Gloves


  • High warm levels
  • Thermal fleece inside
  • Great winter glove for the golf cart 
  • Water resistant outer shell


  • Can’t swing with these on your hands

If you play cart golf in the winter, you are going to have some cold hands. As you drive from one hole to the next, your hands will be very cold, and having a pair of golf cart winter gloves is a smart choice.

These Titleist Golf Warmer gloves are great when it comes to warmth. 

You won’t swing with these winter golf gloves on, but they will help keep your hands dry and warm as you move from one hole to the next.

For a golfer that is playing quite a bit in these poor weather conditions, this is a pair of gloves to keep in the golf bag.

Winter Golf gloves Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea as to the best cold weather golf gloves on the market, you have to narrow down which ones are the best for you.

Here are a few questions to consider when you purchase your winter golf gloves. 

Who Makes The Best Cold Weather Golf Gloves? 

The company most often associated with making the best golf gloves is FootJoy. FootJoy has centered its business around golf shoes and golf gloves. They know how to keep players dry and warm even in difficult conditions. 

One of the things we love most about the winter performance golf gloves that Footjoy produces is that they give a great grip in wet conditions. People often forget that just because it is cold does not mean that it will be dry on the golf course. 

In fact, cold weather and wet conditions go hand in hand. Getting a winter golf glove that is water resistant and helps to maintain a good grip even when it starts to rain (or snow) is imperative. 

Do Winter Golf Gloves Protect Against Wind and Wet Weather? 

Winter golf gloves should help you to improve grip in wet conditions, and they should be made with material that helps block the wind. Windstopper winter gloves help to keep hands warmer because they do not allow that bitter wind to get near the fingers. 

Pay close attention to the materials that a glove is made of and the design of the palm. These two factors are going to come into play when the weather gets ugly. A leather palm in a winter glove is going to help it hold up quite a bit longer. 

Do Winter Golf Gloves Go Higher On The Wrist Than A Traditional Golf Glove? 

Some of the winter golf gloves available will not have the velcro closure that you see on most traditional golf gloves. The reason behind this is the velcro closure is a way for heat to escape. With winter performance golf gloves, you want to keep as much heat in as possible. 

The best winter golf gloves go up and above the wrist to keep even more heat in at the top of the hand. This takes a little bit of getting used to, but the knit cuff should not get in your way when you swing the golf club. 

Keep in mind that winter golf gloves are not necessarily something that you keep on during your entire round. Use them when you need them and go back to your regular golf glove when needed. 


The best winter golf gloves are going to keep your hands warm and dry during your round of cold weather golf. Playing golf in the winter is possible as long as you have the best possible winter golf gear.

The FootJoy Wintersof Golf Gloves stand out as the best possible option for a player that cares about feel, warmth, and keeping their hands dry.

These FootJoy gloves are affordable, easy to get, a great fit, and will help block the wind. It is a smart idea to put a pair of FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves in the bag.


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