Best Golf Grips of 2022

When we play golf, our only connection with the club is the grip. If your hands don’t feel like they are properly on your club, you can’t expect to hit a good shot.

The best golf grips are the ones that feel natural every time you put the club in your hand. Luckily there are many options out there so you can find a perfect match for your game.

As a golf professional, once I found a golf grip that I loved, it was hard to ever change.

Here are some of the best golf grips on the market. If it is time to make a change in your game or you simply need new grips, there should be an option on this list for you.

Our Best Golf Grips in 2022

Best Overall: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align MultiCompound Golf Grip


  • Unique diamond texture
  • Align shows you exactly where to put your hands
  • Larger around bottom hand
  • Good mix of soft and rough
  • Does well in a variety of weather conditions


  • May be a little rough for some people

The Golf Pride Multi Compound grips have been at the top of many lists over the last few years. These grips offer the best feel, and they have plenty of great grip as well. You won’t ever feel as though you will lose control of the club, even in bad weather conditions.

The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align is one of the newest in this series of grips. You will still get the same functionality as having both a rough and smooth part of the grip, but the bottom of the grip is much larger.

Normally the lower hand on a golf club has a smaller circumference. The grips are usually tapered, which has been common for many years. The MCC Plus 4 Align adds four extra wraps at the bottom to help eliminate grip pressure.

When your hand can’t fully wrap around the bottom, it will have to hold on a bit looser and give golfers the ability to use their larger muscles in their swing.

Runner Up 1: Winn Standard AVS Dri-Tac! 5DT-DG


  • Soft grips that are very tacky
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Good for sweaty hands


  • Not as much grab as corded grips

The Winn golf grips are always known for being very soft. They have a much different feel than any other golf manufacturer.

The problem that many golfers had with the Winn grips is that sometimes the soft feel also was a little slippery. For golfers that wanted a lot of tackiness to their grips, the Winn were not always the best choice.

As soon as the Winn company released the Dri Tac grips, they became some of the best selling grips on the market.

The Winn Dri Tac offers the perfect mix of soft feel with plenty of tackiness as well. When you put your hands on these golf grips, you will almost feel as though they are sticky.

If you are playing in wet conditions, the Winn dri tac golf grips do a great job of giving you control despite the weather.

When it comes to performance, the Winn dritac golf grips will lower hand tension and help to keep your hands from getting blisters as well.

Runner Up 2: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip


  • One of the best grips in golf
  • Classic rubber grip
  • Long lasting material
  • Good mix of comfort and performance


  • Some like a more tacky grip

If you have bought a new set of clubs in the last few years, chances are it came with a Golf Pride Tour Velvets in place.

This is the most popular grip in golf, and it certainly stands out as being the standard grip that all other companies base their products off of.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet does a great job of providing comfort, soft feel, and non-slip capabilities. Most golfers will find that they are happy with this grip on their club.

Although you may eventually find grips that work better for your swing, most can play with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet.

These grips hold up well over time, can be washed to prolong their lives, and offer a standard round classic style.

Best Value Golf Grips: Champkey Victor Hybrid Golf Grips


  • Offered at a great price
  • Some of the best grips for beginners
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Holds up nicely for a cheaper grip


  • All weather protection is not as great as some other options

When you start shopping for golf grips, you will notice that there are a variety of grips at several different price ranges. Grips are made by many manufacturers, and some are better than others.

The Champkey grips offer a lot of value for the price that you pay.

These sets of grips are offered in a variety of colors, and they are going to feel very similar to a Golf Pride Multi Compound.

The Champkey Victor Hybrid grips are offered about half the price of other similar options, but they still hold up quite well. You may notice that they are slightly thinner than some other options, but they work just fine for the most part.

The Champkey Victor is a part cord part rubber grip, so it gives you control without ripping your hands apart.

Best Wrap Golf Grips: Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grips


  • Soft yet tacky
  • Durable material
  • One of the most popular wrap grips on the market
  • Available in different sizes


  • Not great for those with smaller hands

Wrap grips are similar to a standard rubber golf grip, except they will have ribs that travel down the entire grip. In years past, a wrap grip would actually be wrapped around the clubs. Today wrap grips are made in a single piece that is placed on the club like any other golf grip. 

The Golf Pride CP2 Wrap is a very soft and comfortable grip. The idea behind this grip is to help golfers who are struggling with pressure and comfort in their hands. The CP2 has quite a bit of shock absorption

The CP2 features a reduced taper in the lower hand. This is similar to the MCC +4 that we talked about earlier.

This helps to make sure that you can have a lighter grip pressure in your swing. If you are not a fan of the standard grip, you want something that is a bit different wrap golf grips could be a great choice for you. 

Best Cord Golf Grip: Golf Pride ZGrip Cord


  • Z pattern to establish better feel
  • Very firm grip
  • Strong cord throughout the grip


  • Will be rough on your hands

Many golfers find that a cord style grip is too rough on their hands. However, a large group of golf enthusiasts believe that the cord grip is the only thing that gives the proper traction and control.

If your swing speed is fast and you want to ensure that you have really great control over your club, the Z Grip is the way to go.

This is the firmest cord grip that Golf Pride sells. It has two layers and a heavy cord texture. You can get the Z Grip cord in both standard and midsize.

Just like many of the other golf pride grips, you should get some all weather control with the Z Grip in your hands. There is no question these are built for the serious player that wants control over the golf club.

Best Golf Grips For Arthritis: Karma Arthritic 13 Piece Golf Grip Kit


  • Perfect for golfers with arthritis
  • Easy to install
  • Complete kit
  • A very affordable set of jumbo size grips


  • Can be difficult for a small hand size

When arthritis sets in, golf can get a bit painful. You will want to make sure that your fingers will do quite a bit less squeezing than they do with a standard size grip.

You will notice that the best golf grips for arthritis will be midsize or jumbo size grips.

Another factor to look for in a grip for arthritis is something that is soft. If the grip is soft, it will promote lower grip pressure and potentially less pain for a golfer as well.

The Karma Arthritic golf grip kit is an excellent option for a quick and easy change to your clubs.

You can use this kit to complete the gripping job as it comes with Tape, Solvent, and a Vice Clamp. If you have always wanted to regrip your golf clubs on your own, the Karma is a great choice to consider.

Best Golf Grips For A New Golfer: Golf Pride MCC Align New Decade Golf Grip


  • Helps a golfer know where to put their hands
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent performance in all weather
  • Provides comfort and performance


  • Not the softest grip on the market

When you are new to the game of golf, there is a lot to learn. One of the most important lessons that any golfer needs to learn is properly placing your hands on a golf club. The grip is not a natural thing to most people, and it takes a bit of time to get it down. 

Luckily a golf grip like the Golf Pride MCC Align does a great job of teaching and helping a new golfer get their hands in the right place. The Align features a ridge along the back of the club that serves as a perfect place to let your hands sit on the club. 

This ridge is easy to work with, and it is only slightly extended from the grip. It is just enough to provide awareness without getting in the way of the golfer. The New Decade Multicompound golf grips are excellent for long term durability, and they are some of the most popular options in the game. 

If you need different sizes or colors, the Golf Pride Align come in many different choices. 

Golf Grips Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea as to which golf grips are the best on the market, you have to choose which one will be best for your golf clubs.

There are lots of different styles out there and knowing the differences is essential. 

Should I Use Midsize Grips? 

If your hands are larger than average, the midsize grips may feel more comfortable to you. Midsize grips are very popular as a putter grip, but to put them on all of your clubs, you must make sure your hands are a bit larger. 

When you put midsize grips on your clubs, it can get harder to release the club.

However, if you have a large or extra-large glove size, the midsize grip may feel much more comfortable. Chances are you will have much lighter grip pressure when you find a grip that fits in your hands. 

Do All My Golf Grips Need To Be The Same? 

There are lots of inconsistencies in the game of golf. From one day to the next, the weather will change, the course will change, and your body will change. Finding rubber grips that match across all of your clubs will help you develop a little bit of consistency in your game. 

We recommend that all of your irons, woods, wedges, and driver have the same grip on them. This will allow you a little bit of consistency when switching from one club to the next. 

What Is The Benefit of a Cord Style Golf Grip? 

Some golfers will say they can only play with a cord style, and others will avoid them at all costs. Cord grips are rubber grips that have a string that runs up through them. The string helps golfers get more traction with their clubs. 

Cord grips are very popular on the PGA Tour because they tend to work quite well for those with faster swing speeds. The downside of the cord grip is that it can start to rip at your hands a bit.

If you have been playing golf for a long time and your hands are used to being connected to a golf club, you may not notice any trouble switching to a cord grip. 

How Often Should I Change My Golf Grip? 

Golf grips should be changed out fairly often. If you don’t change your golf grip, you are going to have a hard time hanging on to the golf club as you get through impact. You can regularly clean your golf grips to ensure that you remove any grease or oil that may be stuck on the clubs. 

After many rounds of golf and a few cleanings, chances are your golf grips are going to be ready for replacement. We recommend changing your golf grips at least once per year.

The best golf grips on the market are designed to last for the entire season; however, you may need to change your golf grips twice in a season if you play golf every day. 

Sometimes you will notice that the grips on your six iron or four iron don’t deteriorate as quickly as something that is on your pitching wedge or seven iron. This is another reason that choosing one grip and sticking with it is a really smart idea. You can change out one grip at a time if needed. 


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding as to what grips could help your golf game. The best golf grips on the market may not feel right in your hands.

Choosing rubber grips that have the right surface texture, feel, performance, and quality can take a bit of trial and error. We know that you can’t go wrong with the Golf Pride +4 Align grips.

These grips provide durability and are thicker at the base of the grip for the lower hand to be more built up. If you have struggled with grip pressure in your game, these are a great option. 

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