Best Golf Grips For Big Hands in 2022

When choosing a new set of grips for your golf clubs, the grip size is the most essential factor to consider. When your hands can fit around the golf club correctly, you will have the ability to get the proper grip on the club and hit better shots.

For golfers with large hands, the best way to get the standard grip to work in the past would be to add layers of tape under the grip. This has changed, and now midsize and oversize grips are a popular and smart choice.

As a golf teaching professional, I have personally seen a change in grip size make a major difference for some golfers. Here are the best golf grips on the market for big hands.

Best Golf Grips For Big Hands in 2022

Best Golf Grips for Big Hands: Golf Pride Tour WRAP 2G Jumbo Grips


  • Tacky feel 
  • Jumbo size for bigger hands
  • Wrap style gives golfers better control 
  • Long term durability from the rubber 


  • When the wrap grips get wet, they are not always the best choice 

The Golf Pride grips are known for being some of the best on the market. Golf pride not only makes a variety of grips, but they make choices that will hold up over time. The Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo is a perfect choice for those that have big hands. 

The material of this 2G is very tacky, yet, at the same time, the grip is soft. The rubber compound helps players feel as though they have extra control over their golf clubs without having to grip the club harder. 

The Tour Wrap 2G comes as one piece, and it is a simulated wrap grip. This gives you much more durability as well.

Those with larger hands often tend to be players with quite a bit of strength, and a grip that can hold up long term will be a better choice. 

Runner Up 1: Lamkin Crossline Jumbo Golf Grips


  • One of the best known grips from Lamkin
  • Oversized grip designed specifically for larger hands 
  • Surface texture makes it easier for a player to control 


  • Will lose tack quickly if you don’t clean it

All of the golf grip companies tend to have a grip that stands out as their best overall choice. For Lamkin, that is the Crossline golf grip.

As golf pride is known for its Tour Velvet, Lamkin is known for its Crossline. This is the Lamkin Crossline Jumbo that tends to be a perfect fit for players with large hand sizes. 

The thing that sets the Lamkin Crossline apart is the unique pattern on the grip. The pattern allows golfers to have better traction and less tension on the grip.

As we have talked about many times before, the lower you can keep your grip pressure, the better it will be for your swing speed and consistency. 

With the Lamkin Crossline, you will find that regardless of your swing speeds, you will easily be able to control the golf club.

Lamkin grips hold up in all weather conditions, but they need an occasional cleaning to remain tacky long term. 

Runner Up 2: Winn DriTac Oversize Golf Grips


  • Can get oversize and midsize in this grip
  • Available in a few colors
  • Very tacky feeling
  • Allows for less grip pressure in the swing 


  • It won’t hold up as long as some of the rubber grips 

The first two grips on our list were rubber golf grips. It’s only fair to also provide a polymer option for the golfer that needs a different type of texture for their hands.

The Winn DriTac is perhaps one of the most popular golf grips in the game. This grip is soft, tacky, and still allows the players with a large hand size to have a more secure grip on the club. 

We like the Winn DriTac grip regardless of the weather conditions as well. Even when the grip gets a little wet, it is still going to be relatively easy to keep a good hold on the club.

The non-slip performance allows players with an overlapping grip to still have the control they need. 

In years past, Winn has had trouble creating grips that are long lasting and high performing. The polymer material would start to fall apart after a few months.

However, the grips today are much more high functioning. The Winn DriTac holds up well and is available in a few different colors. 

Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips

Best Value Golf Grips for Big Hands


  • Cheap price 
  • Works for any grip style
  • Easy to get on the golf club
  • Good choice for those regripping their own clubs


  • It won’t hold up as long as Golf Pride or Winn

Replacing an entire set of golf grips can get a bit expensive. One way to save a good deal of money is to do the regrip project yourself.

However, there are other ways that you can save money, and that is buying a slightly cheaper golf grip. The Champkey brand is a good one to choose if you are looking for a deal. 

Although the Champkey STP Comfortable Golf Grips are a bit cheaper than other options on the market, they are a good value. These grips come in a variety of grip sizes and colors, and they feel similar to the Winn Dri Tac grips. 

The outer layer is made with an STP Technology. This stands for Soft Tack Polyurethane. The material does quite well helping players keep their hands in place on their clubs.

In addition to this high functioning material, the texture on the grips helps a golfer to find a comfortable spot for their hands.

Golf Pride Set of 13 MCC Multi-Compound Plus 4

Best Premium Golf Grips for Big Hands


  • Premium construction 
  • Allows for lower grip pressure
  • Large diameter grip 
  • The left hand and right hand have the same width 


  • Higher pricing than other grips

If you only want to put the best of the best on your golf clubs, then the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 is the best choice. These grips are available in the Jumbo or the Midsize for the players that have larger hands. 

The lower hand on the golf grip is usually going to have a much narrow part of the golf club to wrap their hand around.

With the MCC Plus 4 the lower hand has the equivalent of 4 extra wraps of tape. This makes the grip feel as though it is the same size all the way through. 

The result is that the right hand (for right handed players) does not squeeze the club so hard and tries to control it.

If you purchase these grips, you also get the benefit of the multi-material construction. This has a half cord, half rubber compound feel, and it is something you will really learn to love for your game.

What to Look For When Buying A Golf Grip for big Hands?

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf grips on the market; let’s look at some of the questions that players tend to ask about their grips and the proper sizing. 

What Grip Style Is Best For Big Hands? 

The golfer that has big hands tend to do best with the overlapping grip. Since their hands are bigger, they can fit around the club a bit easier and get more control over the club.

Interlocking grips like the one Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use tend to be for players that have small hands. The interlocking grip gives an extra layer of confidence over the club that helps players manipulate the club’s face. 

Is An Oversized Putter Grip The Right Choice? 

Regardless of your hand size, the oversized putter grip tends to be a good choice for many player’s games. The oversized putter grip allows golfers to keep their wrist motion to a minimum.

Many players that tend to flip their hands at the ball instead of keeping them in control will do well with the oversized putter grips. 

How Many Wraps Of Tape Do Golfers With Large Hands Need? 

Years ago, before there were golf grips in all different sizes, some players would put tape under their grips to build them up to fit their larger hands.

Although tape is still used to manipulate the size of the golf grip, the different grip sizes have made things a bit easier. 

Adding two or three wraps of tape under the grip is going to build it up and make it a better fit for those with big hands. 


Choosing the right grip size is essential. The best golf grips for big hands are the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2 G. The 2G works for overlapping grip, interlocking grip, and even a ten-finger grip.

It gives players complete control over the club with no feel of slipping your hands. The grip is also naturally tacky and will keep the golfer’s hands in place as they play.

You can’t go wrong with a Golf Pride product like this one.

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