Best Golf Grips For No Glove Golfers in 2022

Not all golfers enjoy playing golf with a glove on. Sometimes a glove will make a player feel a bit less connected to the club, and it is not the ideal feel.

If this describes you and you want the more natural connection to the golf club, there are some grips that will help you.

As a golf professional many people ask if it is necessary to wear a golf glove. As long as you are using good grips on your clubs and you keep them clean, golf gloves are not a necessity.

We have pulled together some of the best golf grips for no glove players.

Our Best Golf Grips For No Glove 2022

Best Golf Grips For No Glove: Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord Golf Grip Bundle


  • Cotton fibers keep your hands from slipping 
  • Great for a variety of weather conditions 
  • Allows for constant grip pressure 
  • Built for golfers that are serious about feel and connection 


  • Can tear up  your hands after long practice sessions 

The most important thing for golfers that don’t wear a glove is choosing golf grips that have lots of traction. The best possible technology when it comes to really grabbing your hand are cord grips.

The Golf Pride Z Grip is a great option that will give golfers much more control than a non-cord grip. 

Of course, the only downside to a cord is that sometimes it can tear up your hands. Chances are, if you are a golfer that is shopping for grips for no glove, you are pretty used to your hand having a few calluses. 

We really like the texture of the Z Grip. In addition to the cord, there is also a dash pattern around the entire grip. This just adds another layer of control for a player without a glove.

Even if you have trouble with sweaty hands, the performance of these corded grips will still be there. 

Runner Up 1: Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Cord Black Golf Grip


  • Cotton fibers and rubber compound
  • A great mix of performance 
  • Works with and without gloves 
  • Available in many different colors


  • It offers more versatile performance than other rubber grips

Not only is the Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound one of the best grips for no glove, but it is also a great option when you have a glove on.

This is one of the most popular grips in the game. You will have a cord type feel on part of the club that gives you control in wet weather. The other half of the grip is built for comfort and performance. 

One of the great things about the Multi Compound grips is that they are available in many colors. You can find a combination and size of this grip that will work for the game of any golfer.

Grips golf pride makes are always going to be high quality and durable as well. 

The overall feel in this very popular grip from Golf Pride is firm yet responsive. This is a golf grip that you are going to end up wanting on all of your clubs. 

Runner Up 2: Winn Set DriTac Standard AVS Golf Grip


  • Better shock absorption, no need for a glove
  • Works well in a variety of conditions 
  • Soft and comfortable feel 
  • Sticky like finish to the grip


  • Tend to wear out a bit faster than other golf grips 

Winn golf grips have long been known for their comfort. If you want to hold a grip that feels soft on your hands and allows for some shock absorption, this is the grip that can do it.

Years ago, the people that didn’t like the Winn accused it of being slippery. 

This has undoubtedly been changed with the release of the Winn DriTax golf grips. The DriTac grips have plenty of stick to them, and they will feel almost as though they are attached to your hands. The DriTac grip allows for a unique feel on both the upper and lower hand. 

Dri Tac grips are designed to handle all weather conditions. The polymer material grips do not get overly slippery even when a rain cloud moves in.

The grip size is standard, but you can purchase the Dri Tac in many different sizes. Truly this is one of the more unique golf grips on the market.

Golf Pride Grips Tour WRAP 2G Jumbo Golf Grips

Best Wrap Grip For No Glove


  • Nice wrap style with room for the whole hand
  • Sold as a set of grips to replace all clubs 
  • The lower part of the grip is thinner than upper part


  • Not the best choice in the wet weather conditions 

For golfers that don’t like smooth traditional rubber grips, the wrap style could make more sense. With a wrap grip, it will look as though the material has been wrapped onto the club.

In reality, the grip comes in one piece and will slide on with a bit of grip solvent. 

The Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G makes a good choice for the no glove player because it has plenty of room for your hand to make connection with the grip.

The wrap style creates some natural crevices that your hand can fall into. In fact, with a glove on, your hand won’t have as much vroom to settle into this grip. 

Due to the Tour Wrap 2 G’s natural makeup and build, the grip tends to be very tacky. When you touch a dry hand to it, the grip will almost feel sticky.

When the conditions on the golf course get a bit rougher, you have to try and protect the grips from getting wet. Although they dry quickly, they tend to struggle to hold that tacky feeling.

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grip

Best Value Golf Grips For No Glove


  • Tacky outside
  • Comfort
  • Additional patterns to increase traction 
  • Great pricing 


  • Outer layer can wear through for those that grip the club hard

As you will notice the cost to replace one grip is not all that expensive. However, as you look at replacing the grips on 13 clubs the price starts to increase considerably.

Luckily Super Stroke has started to replease some really high quality golf grips offered at very fair prices. 

Although the Super Stroke brand is best known for it’s putter grips, and the tour players using them, the iron grips are quite good as well. The SuperStroke Cross Comfort is a great option that will have a tacky but soft feel to it. 

This grip is going to be very similar to the Winn Dri Tac but it comes at a fraction of the price. The outer layer of the cross comfort grip is a Polyurethane material that helps to increase the comfort.

This is especailly important for those without gloves on their hand. In addition, Super Stroke placed an X Pattern on the grip that helps to add even more traction.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Grips for No Glove?

Now that you have a better idea of the best grips on the market, it is time to take a look at which one would be the best for your game.

Playing without a glove does not need to be a decision you make overnight, however it’s important to consider the impact that it is going to have on your game. 

Is A Golf Glove Necessary? 

A golf glove can help a player have better control over their golf club. WIth a golf glove many players are able to lower their overall grip pressure so that they don’t have to grab the club as tightly.

Golf gloves can also help to secure the club in a players hand when the weather conditions start to get a bit rough. 

Some golfers feel as though the glove causes them to lose the feel or connection they have with the club. If this is how you feel, than the cord grip or something with a lot of tacky feel

What Are The Benefits To Wearing No Glove? 

The biggest benefit to taking your golf glove off, is that you will feel as though you have more control of the club.

The direction connection between the hand and the grip makes players feel like they can do more with their golf shots, especially in the short game area. 

For those that are new to the no glove concept, it pays to start in the short game and continue from there. See how your game feels without using the grip in the short game and make the switch to the short irons from that point. 

Should A Golf Glove Stay On For the Entire Round? 

Most golfers take their glove off to putt. Since putting require so much control of the club to keep distance and speed in check, you will probably not want the glove on during the time you spend on the putting green

Golfers that like gloves will keep it on for most of the other shots in a round. The concept of wearing a glove or not wearing a glove will come down to feel and preference more than measurable performance and stastics. 


Hopefully you now feel more comfortable with the grip selections out there for people who don’t want to wear a glove. Many manufacturers make these products to work with and without a glove on your hand.

The Golf Pride Z Grip Cord are going to be the best golf grips for no glove. They give the exact balance of traction, feel and comfort that a player needs.

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