5 Best Golf Grips for Senior Players: 2024 Guide

As golfers age, they tend to experience a bit more difficulty keeping control of the golf club. Hands will become less flexible and can experience a bit of arthritis too.

Many seniors feel as though they can never get their hands in the proper position on the club.

As a PGA Professional, I can tell you that the players who had the most success used a midsize grip or a shock absorption grip that helped make their golf shots feel a bit better.

Golf grips for seniors come in many different styles and colors, and we have the rundown on some of the best on the market.

Best Golf Grips For Seniors in 2024

Best Golf Grips For Seniors: Golf Pride Multi Compound Golf Grips


  • Several textures 
  • It comes in a few colors
  • Anti Slip grips 
  • Shock absorbing


  • The Multi Compound grips tend to be a bit expensive 

If you have been searching for the best golf grips for a bit, chances are you have seen the Multi Compound featured on a few lists. The introduction of the Multi Compound golf grips into the market helped to revolutionize the world of golf grips. 

The Multi Compound stands out because they are multi-texture grips. The rubber is combined with other materials to make these grips non slip and shock absorbing.

Another great thing about the Multi Compound is that the upper part of the grip is cord style. This allows you some extra traction without having to grip the club tightly. 

The midsize multi compound is the size that we would recommend for senior golfers. The larger size helps to decrease grip pressure and gain a bit more clubhead speed.

Overall this is a high quality grip that is going to last and consistently deliver performance.

Runner Up 1: Winn EXCEL WRAP Oversize Black Golf Grip


  • Very comfortable
  • Tacky
  • Easy installation but feels like a true wrap 
  • A good option for fatigue and arthritis 


  • Gripp material will deteriorate quickly if you grip too hard 

If the Multi Compound is not quite soft enough for you, the best alternative would be the Winn Excel Wrap. Although this looks like a true wrap that works its way around the club, it comes as one piece that is installed on the club. 

The first thing that you will notice about the Winn Excel is that it is soft yet ultra tacky. Your hands will feel as though they naturally stick to the grip, which will make sure your grip pressure is quite a bit lower. 

The shock absorption on this grip is second to none. If there is any pain in your hands, you will find that these grips are the best option to eliminate that rough vibration you can feel at impact.

Those that struggle with arthritis and fatigue of the hand are going to enjoy the benefits of the Winn Excel. 

The only downside to these grips is that if you are gripping them too tightly, they will deteriorate rather quickly.

Runner Up 2: SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip


  • Fair price 
  • Will fit a variety of hand size
  • Grips are made for all weather conditions 
  • Soft grip


  • Grips feel very thin in the lower hand, may want a midsize grip

SuperStroke Golf grips are most well known for the high end thick putter grips. The Super Stroke Cross Comfort is a tacky polyurethane grip that you can put on any club. The benefit of this grip is that it is soft and tacky at the same time. 

If you know that you have a tendency to grip the club a bit too hard in your golf swing, the Cross Comfort can certainly help.

Another great thing about the SuperStroke cross comfort is that it has additional patterns and designs that help keep hands in place as you swing. 

Inside the soft outer cover of the Cross Comfort, you will find a rubber inner core. This inner core gives just the right firmness to make sure that golfers can get the distance and control that they need. 

Another great thing about the SuperSoft grips is that players that don’t want to spend a lot of money on a set of grips will find that these are a great deal. You can put an entire set on, quite a bit cheaper than the Multi Compound golf grips. 

Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips

Best Value Golf Grips for Seniors


  • Large size helps to reduce grip pressure 
  • Non slip pattern 
  • Rubber blend compound


  • Not a brand name grip, may not last as long as some others 

One of our benefits of the SuperStorke grips was the pricing that you pay. You can keep the price down quite a bit by going for a grip without a premium cost on it.

One thing you may have to avoid when trying to save money is the brand name golf grips. Majek is a value brand golf grip that makes an excellent option for seniors. 

The 13 Piece Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour golf grips are a non slip grip that works well for providing comfort and playability.

The oversize grips are a good choice as they will not require a senior golfer to have to bend their hands all that much when they grip the club. 

If you are worried about golf grip sizes, you can always measure your hands to ensure that they are the proper size. Seniors can get away with a little bit of a larger grip, especially if the club they are playing is a bit offset.

Karma Arthritic Golf Grip Kit

Best Golf Grips for Seniors With Arthritis


  • Great for golfers with arthritis
  • Feel like a cushion on the club 
  • It comes as a set of 13 grips 
  • Great for players with a slow swing speed


  • Not as soft as the polyurethane surface

If your hands have arthritis, then the Karma Arthritic is the best possible grip to have. With these grips, golfers can keep their hands comfortable and still get the club face square.

Not all seniors have arthritis, but they may start to experience some hand pain. Players with hand pain are also going to benefit from the larger arthritic golf grips.

This is an entire set of 13 grips so that you can make sure you have consistency across your entire set. Some players try to replace the grips on one or two golf clubs; however, this is not a great idea.

Making sure that all clubs are similar in size is going to help for consistency in the game.

The Karma Arthric rubber grip is high performing and built to last. The surface texture keeps a senior golfers hands in place and allows for a bit more club head speed.

What to Look For When Buying Golf Grips for Seniors?

There are some great golf grips options for seniors. Years ago, there would be a standard grip, and the player would have to conform to it using grip tape and alternative swing methods.

Today, you can play your own game and use this adaptive equipment to make life easier. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your new golf grips. 

What Kind of Grip Should Seniors Use? 

Most golf grips are rubber grips. The best golf grips for seniors are the ones that will feel the best on their hands. Most of the time, this means something soft and good at absorbing the shock of impact.

All golfers have felt that jolt when they hit the ball a little off center or slightly behind the ball. With a tremendous senior grip, that poor shot won’t hurt so badly. 

Another thing that seniors can look for is a grip that is slightly larger than standard. With a larger golf grip, the seniors will not have to bend quite as much to put their standard grip on the club.

At the end of the day, this will likely decrease the hand pain that players will experience. 

Should I Regrip All Of My Golf Clubs? 

If you are planning to regrip your golf clubs, you should purchase an entire set of grips. Making sure that you do all of the grips at once will give you much more consistency in your game.

This consistency is important because of all of the factors in the game of golf that are not consistent.

You will be playing with different conditions, a different mindset, and very likely a different swing each time you head out to the course. It makes sense to keep your grips a constant size. 

Are Oversized Golf Grips Good For Seniors? 

Oversized golf grips are good for seniors; however, they can sometimes make it difficult to release the club.

If you struggle with hitting slices from time to time, you will find that the oversized golf grips could make the problem worse. Simply use a slightly offset clubface or an adjusted stance to straighten out your shots. 


Hopefully, you now feel ready to purchase a set of grips for your clubs. As a senior golfer, you must take all the advantages available on the market.

The Golf Pride Multi Compound is a perfect choice because of its feel and all-weather performance. This is a grip that will hold up even if you are playing golf every day of the week.


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