6 Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands (2024 Edition)

If you are a player whose hands get sweaty on the course, it can be challenging to maintain a great grip on the club. To avoid hitting a stray shot or accidentally letting go of the club, there are some excellent grips on the market.

We highly recommend choosing something that is an all-weather design and has specific technology designed to combat water.

As a PGA Professional, I can assure you that any money you invest in your golf grips will be money well spent. Great grips can help you play some of the best golf of your life. 

We have picked the best golf grips for sweaty hands on the market and detailed them for your review.

Best Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands in 2024

Best Golf Grip for Sweaty Hands: Golf Pride MCC Plus4


  • All weather design 
  • Has cord like feel without hurting the hands
  • Allows those with sweaty hands to lower their grip pressure 


  • Multi Compound golf grips tend to be some of the most expensive

Not only is the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 one of the best golf grips for sweaty hands, but it is also a golf grip that all players will enjoy. The MCC Plus 4 is designed to give players more control over their golf club without increasing grip pressure. 

Most standard golf grips are tapered. The butt end of the club is thicker than the bottom end because of the natural configuration of the shaft.

With the MCC Plus 4, the area under the lower hand is built up about four wraps. This helps to make the club feel more consistent with the entire length of the grip. 

This consistency makes it easier for players to ease up on the club and encourage a slightly lower grip pressure. The lower grip pressure and more confidence in the connection to the golf club ultimately lead to more power. 

Great grips can help you play some of the best golf of your life. 

Runner Up 1: Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip Bundle


  • Very tacky design 
  • Holds up in all weather conditions 
  • Great non slip performance 


  • It doesn’t hold up as well long term 

Many of the most popular grips on the market are rubber grips. Rubber tends to be durable, and the rubber material is usually easy to get a good grip on.

However, some companies have done quite well with the polymer material on the grip. The Winn Dri Tac grips are made with a polymer material that offers golfers both comfort and performance. 

These DriTac grips have a certain amount of stick or tack to them that makes them feel as though they won’t slip out of your hands.

Golf grip manufacturers have worked tirelessly to get this polymer material to be able to last over time. The DriTac holds up well and performs when you need it. This is genuinely a grip for sweaty hands. 

The DriTac is available in a standard grip size but also in midsize and jumbo. The non slip performance makes it one of the best grips around. You can get the Winn DriTac in several different colors to compliment your golf club shafts and club head. 

Runner Up 2: Lamkin UTx Cord Solid Golf Grip


  • Lots of traction
  • Works well in all weather 
  • Lamkin grips are known for long term use


  • Not sold as a set of 13 grips 

The Lamkin UTX Cord Solid Gray is an excellent choice for golfers with sweaty hands. One of the things about having sweaty hands is that sometimes you need to choose a rougher grip.

The Golf Pride Multi Compound New Decade has a mix of cord and traditional rubber. However, the Lamkin UTX is a full cord grip. 

With full cord grips, the cotton fibers in the grip tend to pull on the hand and help to make sure the connection stays solid through the swing.

This is a multi layer grip that workes well in all weather conditions and has some shock absorption technology as well. 

Lamkin has used the Advanced Cohesive Elastomer material when creating this golf grips set. It helps to make sure that even though it is a rubber cord grip, there is a certain amount of tackiness to the grip.

For a multi texture, high performing golf grip for sweaty hands, this Lamkin is a great choice. 

SuperStroke TX1 Golf Grips

Best Value


  • Half cord design 
  • Increased traction across entire surface of grip
  • Advanced rubber material 
  • Very fair pricing 


  • Longevity may not be as good as other brands

Putting an entire set of grips on your clubs can get a bit costly. If you want to avoid the higher prices, the Super Stroke brand may be a place to look.

Although this company makes some very high end putter grips, the Super Stroke TX1 golf club grips are offered at a very fair price. This is a half cord design with a cord on the upper half and a rubber lower half. 

The materials used on the grip are soft, and they are tacky as well. You won’t have to squeeze this grip hard, even when your hands are a bit sweaty. Playing in warmer weather, you will be glad you have the cross traction pattern that these grips have. 

Super Stroke did everything they could to make the entire surface of this grip a good choice for those with sweaty hands. For the price you pay, this is an excellent option for a new set of grips. 

SAPLIZE Golf Grips

Best Cheap


  • Unique design 
  • Many colors available
  • Good comfort


  • Not as tacky as some other models 

Saplize tends to make some golf grips that model the Winn golf clubs’ grips or the golf prie options on the market. However, these anti slip grips are for people looking for something unique and quite high performing. 

You will quickly find that the Saplize grips are priced a little lower than some others on the market. This usually makes them a better choice for golfers who play casual golf.

If you spend every morning and afternoon on the golf course, the durability and quality of the Saplize may not be enough for you. 

The Saplize grips pattern is very simple, and there are arrows that may help golfers that struggle with where to put their hands. The thing that really makes the grips stand out is the superior rubber formulation that was used to create the grip. 

The rubber is abrasion resistant anti-slip, and it even does a decent job with shock absorption. You can get the Saplize grips in a variety of different colors, and it comes as a complete repair kit.

If you feel as though your sweaty hands are causing you to have a insufficient connection with the golf club, the Saplize could help. 

Lehui High Traction Rubber Golf Grips

Best Midsize


  • Low pricing
  • High traction design 
  • Good shock absorption 
  • Soft quality rubber


  • Lesser known brand name 

If your hands are a bit larger, this midsize option from Lehui could be a great choice.

This is considered to be a high traction grip. There is an advanced scale on the grip that helps to remove moisture and keep you comfortable and dry as you play.

In addition, this midsize golf grip is also made with a soft quality rubber and will help absorb shock if you should hit a less than ideal golf shot.

Since this brand is working on growing a name for itself, you can also get the grips at a very fair price. This is certainly an option worth considering. 

What to Look For When Buying Golf Grips For Sweaty Hands?

Hopefully, you now feel better able to make a golf grip choice with the options that we have provided.

There are quite a few good choices out there, and it is important to ask yourself a few questions before moving forward with your grip purchase. 

Should Golfers With Sweaty Hands Wear Gloves? 

When you have sweaty hands, the best way to maintain your connection with the club is to wear a glove. The glove helps to make sure that you keep control throughout the entire golf swing.

Even wearing a thin glove is going to help make sure that you don’t experience a slip. When the club slips in your hands, it can end up creating shots that go anywhere. 

Do I Need An Entire Grip Kit To Regrip my Clubs?

Although you can always replace one grip at a time, purchasing a golf grip bundle helps to save money and make your clubs feel more consistent.

Without a bundle, you may have three or four different grips on your clubs, and this can be difficult when trying to create consistency in your game. 

Is A Cord Grip Good For Golfers With Sweaty Hands? 

Cord grips tend to give players a high level of traction. Therefore these grips are a good choice for those that have sweaty hands.

However, the downside to cord grips is that they can rip at your hands a bit. If you have sensitive skin or are new to the game of golf, you may want to think twice about the cord.

Our top choice, the MCC Plus 4, is a half cord design which is a very good alternative. 


Hopefully, you now know which of these grips is going to be best for your game. The New Decade Multi Compound Plus4 stands out as the best overall choice.

With this grip, you won’t have to worry about your hands slipping, even if you get stuck playing golf in the rain. People that have tried this grip can’t believe what it has done for their grip pressure and control of the golf club.

Certainly, this is one that is worth trying.

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