9 Best Putter Grips 2024: Expert Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The putter is probably the most important golf club in your bag. Making sure that you are comfortable with all aspects of your putter is essential.

Choosing a proper putter grip means finding a balance between the size and the feel of the putter. The new jumbo size golf grips are becoming very popular, but it is good to understand why that is.

Take a look at the best putter grips on the market and how to choose the right one for your game.

Our Best Putter Grips in 2024

Best Putter Grip: ODYSSEY White Hot Pro Putter Grip


  • Priced fairly
  • Standard size putter grip
  • Great traction
  • Will work on Odyssey and other putters


  • Not the more popular Jumbo size

Odyssey is the leader when it comes to putters. They have led the market for many years, and each season they come out with new and innovative designs.

The putter head and shaft of the Odyssey putters are all made from premium materials, but the putter grips are high performing as well.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter Grip offers the perfect mix of feel and performance. With this grip on your clubs, your hands are not going to slip. However, the grip also has a soft feel.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter grip is excellent for all putters, not just those made by Odyssey.

This particular model is not an oversized grip, so you will have to build up the tape underneath if you have larger hands. Overall for the price, the feel, and performance, this is a grip worth considering on your putter. Infact the Odyssey Putter’s – Odyssey Eleven is also one of the top rated putters.

Runner Up: Golf Pride Tour Putter Grip


  • Classic putter grip
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Can get oily, should wash often

If you read our grip reviews, we talk quite a bit about the Golf Pride grips. Golf pride sets the standard when it comes to all golf grips.

They make basic golf grips that are affordable, tacky, and long lasting as well. Most people find that they hardly have to replace a Golf Pride Tour Putter Grip.

The Golf Pride Tour is something that is probably on a putter you already have in your bag. This is one of the most popular golf grips on the market, and a large part of that has to do with the durability.

The only downside to the Golf Pride Tour Putter grip is that it tends to get a bit slippery if you get oils and dirt on it. Don’t hesitate to wash down your Golf Pride grips when necessary. They will last much longer.

Winn Excel 2020-VSN Golf Putter Grip

Best Putter Grip For Soft Feel


  • Polymer material for a softer feel
  • Tacky feel
  • Available in many sizes and colors


  • The polymer tends to rip easier

The Winn Golf grips are always the softest on your hands. That is certainly no exception with the Excel 2020-VSN. This grip is made with a polymer material that helps it feel softer and easier to control than the some of the rubber grip options out there.

The Winn Excel VSN comes in a variety of sizes and colors as well. You won’t have trouble finding one that will work for your game.

As far as patterns are concerned, the Winn Excel grip keeps things rather simple. Some golfers want a clean look to the grip so that it is not distracting in any way.

Another great thing about the Winn Excel is that you can get it in the traditional size, midsize and jumbo lite. Regardless of your hand size or putting style, there is a soft Winn grip for you.

FLAT CAT Tak Putter Grip

Best Non Slip Putter Grip


  • Tacky
  • Non slip technology
  • Larger than standard putter grip
  • Flat face for less wrist action


  • Rubber is not as great as the polymer when it comes to grip pressure

The best putter grips will have some type of non slip capabilities. When you grip a putter, you won’t want to feel like you have to grip it hard to keep it stable.

Having loose hand pressure but still allowing the club to remain stable at impact is very important. In fact, one of the main reasons to change out your golf putter grip is because it has lost some of its tackiness.

The FLAT CAT Tak Putter grips have some of the best non slip capabilities out there. We also love the flat design that helps golfers square up the putter face. If the front of your putter grip is flat and straight, your putter head is also going to be square.

The Flat Cat has a unique rubber wrapped foam core that helps provide some extra feedback as well. The putter grip is undoubtedly larger than a standard size grip, but many golfers find that this helps them keep their hands and wrists out of the putting stroke.

If you want a grip that keeps your hands stable, your club face square, and the putter on line, the Flat Cat is a great choice to consider.

SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip

Best Oversized Putter Grip


  • No taper
  • Oversized grip
  • Used on the PGA Tour
  • Helps to keep wrists in control


  • Ensure that a lightweight golf grip is best for your putter style

The oversized golf grips are getting more and more popular. In years past, people would try the midsize putter grip to keep their wrists out of their putting stroke.

It was so effective that many are no switching to the oversized putter grip. These oversized putter grips continue to get larger and larger, and the Super Stroke tend to lead the way. 

The SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 is a lightweight grip that is not going to throw off the weighting of your current putter. It is important to pay attention to the type of putter technology that you have and make sure that a lightweight golf grip is the best choice. 

The Fatso is a no taper grip, so you will feel a consistent size the entire way down the grip. This certainly helps if you have a claw putter grip or you want to keep constant grip pressure. Superstroke used their cross traction surface texture on this putter. 

The cross traction makes sure that regardless of the weather conditions, you will have a good handle on your grip at all times. The outer layer of the Super Stroke is made with a very tacky material

SAPLIZE Golf Putter Grip

Best Pistol Putter Grip


  • Great price
  • Pistol grip style
  • High quality putter grips
  • Tacky texture
  • Midsize


  • Not all golfers like pistol style grips

Pistol putter grips are a very traditional putting grip. With a pistol putter grip, your hands will have a ridge in the back to allow them to fit into place.

Where a traditional putter grip is more round, the pistol will have the backing in place to help you line your hands up and make sure your grip is exact.

The Saplize Golf Putter grips are known for being more affordable for golfers, but they offer quite a bit of quality as well. The Saplize features a tacky surface coating to help make sure that your hands do not slip, even if the weather gets bad.

The Saplize is also a lightweight grip so that it won’t throw off your putter’s overall weight.

One thing that we love about the Saplize is the number of different colors and designs that you can purchase this putter in. If you are a golfer that likes to customize how your clubs look, this is a great option for the price.

SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Best Putter Grip For Women


  • Oversized but lightweight
  • Great option for women or those with larger hands
  • Comes in several colors
  • Long lasting


  • Expensive putter grip

Women traditionally have smaller hands than men, and it makes the idea of a supersized putting grip a bit more complex. However, there is no reason that women can’t use these beneficial golf grips to help their golf games.

The SuperStroke Slim 3.0 is a great choice for the female golfer because it is a little smaller than the 5.0 but still provides the same great benefits when it comes to wrist action.

Although this grip comes in a variety of colors, the pink and white will match many putters designed for females.

The SuperStroke 3.0 putter grip is priced quite a bit higher than some other options on the market, but it provides a lot of great technology for the price. The outer layer on the slim 3.0 putter has the tacky texture that the other SuperStroke putter grips have as well.

If you have heard the hype regarding the Superstroke but are worried about the size of your hand, the 3.0 putter grip is a great choice.

Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip

Best Cheap Putter Grip


  • Very low pricing
  • Easy to change
  • Comes in several different colors


  • No jumbo size option, just the midsize

The Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter grip is just about the cheapest putter grip that you will find on the market. This is a great benefit for the golfer that thinks their putter grip may need a change but doesn’t want to pay a lot out of pocket. The Karma Dual Touch Midsize putter grip is fairly priced, but it has good performance as well. 

With this putter grip, you will get a durable rubber material that will stay in good shape for quite some time. This is a midsize golf grip that will help players that struggle with keeping their hands out of their putting stroke. 

Overall this is a great way to test if your putter grip has been impacting your overall ability on the putting green. The more confident you can feel in your putting grip, the better your performance will be on the golf course. Sometimes all it takes is a new putter grip to get you there.

Arm Lock Putter Grip

Best Arm Lock Putter Grip


  • Perfect for arm length putting
  • Longer in length than traditional grips
  • It helps players obtain more consistency


  • More expensive than a traditional golf grip

The Arm Lock Putter Grip is the best putter grip for the golfer that likes the Arm Lock technology. With this Arm Lock putter grip in place, players are able to keep their hands and wrists entirely out of their golf putting game and utilize the stability of the golf putter that they have in play. 

The Arm Lock Technique is one that is growing in popularity, and in order for players to be able to utilize this type of technology and performance in their game, they must have a stable and supportive golf grip. The Jumbo size grip is 17 inches long, which is about seven inches longer than standard for a golfer. 

Whether you are new to the arm lock idea or looking to replace your current grip, this is a great putter to consider using for your next round of play.

Putter Grips Buying Guide

Finding the right putter for your game is hard enough. Then when you finally get something that works, you will be stuck finding the perfect putter grip as well. There are hundreds of putter grips on the market for players to choose from, and sometimes picking one for your needs can be really overwhelming. Luckily there are a few things that you can look for to help you narrow down which one is going to be the right one for your needs. 

Putter Grip Size 

The size of the putter grip is one of the most important considerations for a golfer to consider. Most players are leaning towards the thicker grip because of the way that it helps control the wrist and hand movement in the swing. However, not all golfers will benefit from a thicker grip. 

If you have small hands and feel as though you can’t maintain that much control of the club, it’s important to have a standard size putter grip. In addition, there are options for midsize and jumbo putting grips, and you have to pick one that ends up being the best overall size for your game. 

Putter Grip Style 

There are several different styles of putter grips, but one of the most common lately is the one for the arm lock technique. If you are going to be using an arm lock style putting stroke, you won’t be able to use a standard putting grip on your golf club. 

Instead, you must have a grip that runs down a longer portion of the shaft so that your arm has a place to rest on the way down. This putter grip style is typically a bit more expensive, but it is an option that many people find to be a good choice for their game. 

The putter grip style you choose will also have to match the feel and the precision that you are looking for in your putting game. 


Although you may not think that this is an important consideration, for many players, it is. When you have a putter grip that is a color that matches with your club head, the overall look of the putter is much more impressive. 

Sometimes it can bother a golfer if the putter grip and the putter head do not match. This ends up causing some negative thoughts towards the putter and can decrease overall confidence. The color of your golf putter grip is a good thing to think about, but it probably doesn’t need to be the only consideration. 

Also, remember that many golf putter grips come in a variety of colors; you may just have to custom order something. 


The pricing of a golf putter grip is typically going to be anywhere from $5 to more than $40. The thicker grips that are more of a supersized options are going to be priced closer to the $40 range. The standard putting grips that are a bit lower in price will be around $5. Many of the lower-priced putting grips are thinner and just basic rubber grips. 

If you play a lot of golf, it is good to think about the quality of the grip you are purchasing. If the quality is not there, you could end up with something that needs to be replaced after each season. 

If you take care of a putter grip and wash it from time to time, you should have no problem getting a few seasons out of a single grip. 


The shape of a putter grip is important to consider. The shape is typically either round or more of a pistol style with a flat spot on the front of the putter grip. Some of these grips are tapered, so they are thicker at the top and thin at the bottom. Others will be the same thickness all the way through the club. 

Overall the shape of a golf club putter grip is important as it could impact your overall putting stroke and the way you square the club up at impact. The shape of a golf putter grip may take you a while to decide on. You will sometimes have to decide on the shape of the putter grip without feeling it and there could be a bit of trial and error involved with this. 


Some putter grips like a Winn style putting grip are going to have a very soft and almost cushion like texture. However, there are other putter grips that are more rough to the touch and have a design that will grab at your hands a bit more. 

The texture of the putter grip can vary, and it will impact the feel that you have on the putting green. Most of the time, the texture of the putting grip should be a little tacky so that you feel as though your hands are never going to slip from the club. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As you can see, there are quite a few variations when it comes to putter grips. Knowing which one is the proper fit for your game can be a little difficult. Some golfers want a paddle front grip; others look for pistol grips.

There are also options for midsize, oversized, and standard putter grips. Here are a few questions to consider before making your final purchase. 

What Does An Oversized Putter Grip Do? 

An oversized grip helps a golfer to use their larger muscles in their putting stroke. When you putt with your shoulders as opposed to your wrists, it is much easier to control the stroke. The larger muscles are stronger, and because of that, they can be trained to be more consistent. 

When you have a thin putter grip, your wrists will be locked into place, and it makes it difficult to flip them at the ball. With the oversized grips, your hands will be along for the ride while the arms and the shoulders do most of the work. 

This is something that all golfers strive for. Some can accomplish it with a standard grip, but most find it much easier to do with an oversized grip in their hands. An oversized putter grip is also useful if you have an alternate putting stroke like a claw or cross handed grip. 

What Is A Taper Grip? 

A taper grip is one that is thick at the top and more narrow towards the bottom. The tapered grip is a traditional putter grip. However, many of the new options on the market are going to not have the taper feature. 

Some players find that when the grip is the same size from the top to the bottom, it is easier to manage grip pressure. When putter grips are wider, it is hard to grip them quite as tight. If you struggle with grip pressure, it may be a good idea to choose a putter grip that is the same thickness throughout. 

Do The Best Putter Grips Need To Be Tacky? 

When you look for new grips for your golf clubs, it is essential to find something that is tacky and has plenty of traction. Many players question whether or not this is as important when it comes to a putter grip. 

If you talk to professional golfers and teachers, they will explain how significant the impact position is in the putting stroke. If there is any kind of unnecessary movement at the impact, the golf ball will not roll the way it should. 

Having a putter grip that has a non slip or tacky technology built in will help to ensure that the ball won’t skid off the club face. This is especially helpful when the weather conditions can get bad. 

Can I Change A Grip On A Counterbalanced Putter? 

Many of the Super Stroke grips claim to be lightweight. If you are playing with a counterbalanced putter, it is essential to understand how a new grip can affect your game.

With a counterbalanced putter, the putter grip has to be a certain weight, or it will throw off the weighting in your putter. 

A putter grip that is too heavy can also make it so that your putter is no longer counter balanced. For golfers with counterbalanced putters that want to change their putter grip, it is best to have a professional do it. 

The putter should be weighed to make sure that the weighting in the club and the grip are balanced. 

Does The Weight Of The Putter Grip Matter? 

The weight of a putter grip will make a difference. You must ensure that the weight of your putter is not going ot impact the overall weight of the putter in a negative way. Choosing a weighted putter grip that will help to ensure that your putter is properly counterbalanced is essential. 

Sometimes this will require going to a golf club fitter to ensure that the putter grip is the right weight and that it will properly swing on the desired club path. The overall weight of a putter is an important consideration when playing on certain green speeds. 

As green speeds get faster, you will actually want more weight in the putter head. Although this seems counterintuitive, it is something that you will want to consider.


Choosing the best putter grips can sometimes be more complicated than a grip for your irons. Feel is such an essential part of the short game that the grip you choose must provide the best feel.

The overall best putter grip is the Odyssey White Hot Pro. This is a classic style grip that offers excellent traction, weighting, and comfort.

If you are catching on to the Super Stroke golf grip craze, they are indeed best when it comes to an oversized option.


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