Best Tacky Golf Grips in 2022

Any golfer will tell you that there is a difference between sticky and tacky. Sticky gives you the idea that a golf grip is going to make a mess of your hands and glove.

On the other hand, the tacky golf grips will do a great job of keeping your hands connected to the club. Anytime your hands start to slide or slip on the club, you lose control.

As a PGA Professional, there was nothing I feared more than losing control of the golf club, especially at a high rate of speed. Tacky golf grips will help you control what you are doing and hit better quality golf shots.

Best Tacky Golf Grips in 2022

Best Tacky Golf Grips: Winn Dritac Standard Golf Grips


  • All weather feature
  • Polymer material holds up well long term 
  • Does not tear apart your hands
  • Fair price for the quality offered 


  • There are now quite a few DriTac styles it can be difficult to choose the right one 

The Winn Dritac grips are the best tacky golf grips on the market. Not only do these grips provide the control and traction that a player needs, but they also last for a very long time.

Winn makes some of the most durable and long lasting golf grips on the market. 

The Winn grips are going to function quite well in any weather condition. If the grips should get wet the all weather feature makes sure that they still maintain their tackiness and they won’t slip from your hands. 

The Winn Dritac is a popular golf grip that are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The polymer material does not fall apart the same way that previous Winn golf grips have struggled.

If you use a glove or don’t use a glove, the Winn grips can support the way you control the golf club. 

Runner Up 1: SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grips


  • Lots of traction
  • Comfortable grip 
  • One of the best value golf grips 
  • Decent shock absorption 


  • It doesn’t tend to hold up as long as the DriTac

You may be familiar with the SuperStroke putting grips that you have seen exploding on the market are most likely the putter grips.

Superstroke manufactures the large putter grips that players can use to control wrist movement. When it comes to the rest of the clubs in the bag, SuperStroke produces some great options. 

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip is going to be very similar to a Winn Dri Tac. This grip has plenty of stick but comfort as well.

With the X surface texture the grip has plenty of room for a player’s hands to fit in and fill the space on the grip. 

Essentially this means that you will have more control over the club on both long and short shots. If you feel as though the club can get away from you at times, the tapered effect on the lower hand will give you some extra control. 

Runner Up 2: Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grips


  • Rubber compound wrap grip 
  • Larger lower hand for better grip pressure 
  • Decent shock absorption 


  • Sometimes these grips can be a bit more expensive than others

Golf Pride is the number one producer of golf grips. They make some of the best golf grips on the market, and this CP2 wrap is no exception.

With the CP2 wrap, golfers will get a comfortable and soft grip with plenty of traction. Regardless of the grip size, you need Golf Pride will have an option for you. 

The detailed texture on the CP2 wrap is partly what makes these grips so much easier to hold onto. In the lower hand, you will notice that the CP2 wrap has a reduced taper. This is similar to the MccPlus4 model.

This is done to help lessen the grip pressure on the lower hand. Players can’t grip as tight, so it makes it easier to control pressure.

The technology and features in a CP2 make it an excellent option for those that play a lot of golf. The grip will hold up well over time and remain tacky for many rounds. 

SAPLIZE PU Material Golf Grips

Best Tacky Golf Grips for the Price


  • Very low cost 
  • It holds up quite well on golf clubs over time 
  • Good shock absorption 


  • Doesn’t have as much comfort as the premium grips

Regripping golf clubs can start to add up. When you look at the price of a single grip, you will not consider it a lot to spend.

However, when you look at the price of a golf grip bundle, it can sometimes be as much as purchasing a new golf club. Luckily that is where Saplize comes in. 

Saplize makes some of the best tacky golf grips on the market for the price. You can get these grips at about half the price of other grip options.

The polyurethane outer layer is what makes the Saplize grips so tacky. You will still get a firm feel but have a much easier time controlling the club with these grips in place. 

On the grip itself, you will notice a unique pattern that is designed to help add more anti-slip features to the grip. We like the pattern and the way it gives you some extra support, even if you choose not to wear a glove. 

Tacki-Mac Knurled Wrap Standard Golf Grip Kit

Best Tacky Golf Grips for Large Hands


  • Impressive non slip pattern
  • Some of the best tack golf grips for larger hands 
  • Unique texture to hold the club in place


  • It can be a bit difficult to install

When a company uses the word “Tacki” in their brand name, you can imagine that they understand the importance of a tacky grip.

The Tacki Mac Knurled Wrap are some of the best rubber compound non slip golf grips on the market. You will find that the texture and the pattern of these grips will give you a much better feel and control over the club. 

The Tacki Mac is available in several sizes, and they even make grips designed specifically for those that have arthritis. Golfers struggling with arthritis tend to need jumbo size golf grips to get their swing to be a bit less painful. 

The Tacki Mac grips are fairly priced, and they will give you more confidence in your ability to keep a firm handle on the club the entire time you are swinging.

Tacky Golf Grips Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of the best tacky golf grips on the market, lets answer a few of those essential questions about golf grips.

Considering the grips are the only connection we have with our golf clubs, this is an important decision to make for your game. 

How Do I Get My Golf Grips To Be More Tacky? 

If you already have golf grips, but they give you a bit of trouble, you should first start cleaning them. There are a few accessories on the market that will help you scrub your golf grips without ruining them.

This is a bit easier to do when working with rubber grips, but it certainly is a great place to start. 

A good cleaning with a bit of soap and water is usually going to work best to get golf grips tacky again. The cleaning removes any dirt or oil that has been stored in the grip, and it restores it back to its original condition. 

If you find that even after a good cleaning of your rubber wrap or cord, you can’t get the grip to feel sticky, it may be time for a replacement. Just like other golf products, grips have a lifespan. 

Why Are Tacky Golf Grips Better? 

Tacky golf grips are going to give you control over your swing and the speed that you have. WIthout that tacky feel in the grip, the club can start to twist and turn as you use it.

Certainly, this movement can end up causing some shots that do not go towards your target. The golf grip is a factor that you must get right if you want to have the best performance in your game. 

Do Tacky Golf Grips Come In All Grip Sizes? 

Sometimes more important than the grip itself is the size of the grip. If you play with a grip that is not the right size, it is going to make it difficult for you to get your hands in the proper placement around the grip. 

Luckily tacky golf grips come in all sizes, allowing your hands to flow correctly, and leading to straighter shots. 


With the number of tacky golf grips on the market, it can be a bit difficult to narrow down which ones are the best. The best tacky golf grips that we found were the Winn Dri Tac.

Winn led the way with the tacky but soft feel, and they still offer the most premium options. Most importantly, the Winn grips tend to hold up quite some time, so you won’t be doing quite as much regripping. 

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