Best Golf Hats for Big Heads in 2024: Comfort, Style, & Fit

Playing golf can leave your head exposed to quite a bit of sun. Wearing a hat makes it easier to see what you are doing on the golf course, and it can ultimately help keep your head a bit cooler as well.

Regardless of why you need a hat, it can sometimes be hard to find one for golfers with big heads.

As a PGA Professional, I can tell you that there are some great golf hats on the market, and there are others that will just be in the way as you play. Here are some of the best golf hats for big heads.

Our Best Golf Hats For Big Heads in 2024

Best Golf Hat For Big Heads: PUMA Evercat Dillon 2.0 Stretch Fit Cap


  • Stretch fabric
  • Two percent spandex
  • Available in X Large Size
  • Variety of colors to choose from 


  • Now moisture wicking

At the top of our list is the Puma Men’s Evercat Dillon Stretch Fit Cap. This is a perfect golf hat for big heads because of the stretch material of the fabric.

The hat is available in a large or x-large size, and it will still give you room for movement. 

Part of the reason that this hat stretches so well is that it is made up of two percent spandex. The spandex helps to make this a comfortable but easy fit for a golfer.

We love that there is plenty of color selection in these hats, and it gives a very simple and classic design. 

If you enjoy the PUMA brand and want to stand out and look great on the golf course, this comfortable golf hat will do the trick.

Runner Up 1: Mizuno Tour Delta Golf Hat


  • Has spandex material
  • Fitted, offered in X Large size 
  • Long lasting logo 
  • Moisture wicking sweatband 


  • Limited color selection 

If you know a lot about the game of golf, you know that Mizuno is a premium manufacturer that makes golf products for the most serious players.

Those players need sun protection just as much as anyone else, and that’s where Mizuno comes in with their Tour Delta Hat

The Tour Delta is a hat that is built for the golfer. It has an eight percent spandex design that gives it plenty of stretch and makes it a smart choice for one of the best golf hats for big heads.

The Tour Delta is available in the X Large so that you can get an option that will fit your head properly. 

Probably our favorite feature of the Tour Delta is the three layer multifunction sweatband. This is one of the best options for keeping heads cooler on the course.

Even if you have a big head, the Mizuno will handle the sweat that can come off of it. This is a great looking and high performing golf hat for serious players.

Runner Up 2: Under Armour Microthread Golf Mesh Cap


  • Available in very large sizes
  • Mesh construction for breathability 
  • A durable and long lasting brand 
  • Absorbs sweat 


  • Depending on the color selection, the price can get a bit high

Under Armour knows who to make some of the highest performing golf products for the game. This impressive product, the Men’s Microthread Golf Mesh Hat, is a perfect golf hat for covering your face and still accommodating a big head. 

One of the first things you will notice about the Men’s Microthread is that it is a mesh material that allows golfers plenty of breathability through the back panels.

In addition, the sizes available include an XXL. Not many brands offer this XXL large for a big head. 

The overall stretch construction of the Golf Mesh Cap makes it a comfortable golf cap. Under Armour also tends to have one of the best color selection choices among other brands.

If you are serious about golf fashion and need a specific color, the UA product lineup will have it for you.

Titleist Tour Performance Golf Visor

Best Visor for Big Head


  • Antimicrobial hat
  • Helps control moisture
  • It works well for a big head with adjustable closure
  • Lots of breathability 


  • Not the best from a sun protection standpoint 

Some golfers feel as though caps or bucket hats tend to get in their way as they are playing the game. A good alternative can be a golf visor.

The great thing about the visors is that they can cover the face; they won’t do much for covering the ears and neck, so golfers will have to adjust accordingly. 

The Titleist Men’s Tour Performance Visor is a very well-known option in the game. This was a visor built specifically for golfers, and you will see that from its impressive features.

The hook and loop closure in the back of the hat is highly adjustable, allowing golfers to adjust to larger sizes. 

The Titleist Men’s Tour Performance’s antimicrobial features help make sure you can use this cap year after year. Simply put the Titleist Visor in the wash from time to time, and this could be your new go to option for a day on the course. 

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Women’s Matchplay Golf Hat

Best Bucket Hat for Big Heads


  • Protects both face and neck 
  • Polyester performance fabric 
  • It dries quickly and has a comfortable stretch 
  • Block 98 percent of UV radiation 


  • Coolibar products tend to have a rather high price 

If your ultimate reason in looking for a hat for your golf game is sun protection, then the Coolibar UPF 50+ is the perfect solution.

Not only is this hat available in an XXL size, it is a very high performing addition to your golf equipment and gear. 

The elastic closure at the top of the hat will make sure that even the largest heads have plenty of room in the XXL golf hat.

The fabric is a very lightweight and breathable polyester that will dry fast and leave players no time to feel any sweat on their heads. 

If you find this hat is, in fact, a bit too big, the drawcord in the back allows for a more custom fit. Overall for a moisture wicking, great looking golf hat Coolibar wins the category easily.

Getting protection from UV rays while out on the course is essential. 

What to Look For When Buying Golf Hats for Big Heads?

Hopefully, these best golf hats for big heads have helped you feel as though there are products out there that will fit you.

Sometimes finding these options for big heads take a bit of research and some product feedback from other users. Here are a few other things that you should consider before making your final purchase. 

Do Bucket Hats Fit Big Heads? 

Golf bucked hats will fit big heads as long as you pay close attention to the sizing and fit. Some of the best golf bucket hats have a ring at the top that is in no way adjustable.

However, if you choose something that is available in sizes and then has adjustability, you should have no issues getting it to fit. 

Our choice for the best bucket hat, the Coolibar, comes in an XXL large and has an adjustable band for even more room. 

What Is The Best Type Of Golf Hat To Wear? 

The best type of golf hat will vary from player to player. The most common is the cap-type hat as it is readily available and tends to be worn both on and off the golf course.

Visors are popular among better players, but they don’t offer the proper protection from the sun. 

The best option for your health is a bucket hat, but these can also be a bit difficult to get used to. If you can adjust to wearing one, you will be doing quite a bit for your skin. 

Is Wearing A Golf Hat Necessary?

There are certainly more benefits to wearing a golf hat than disadvantages. You will get protection from the sun, and you will have an easier time seeing your golf shots.

In addition, the golf hat also helps to keep moisture from your head on warm days. It’s hard to find too many bad things to say about wearing a golf hat. If you spend a lot of time on the course, it is an accessory that you need to keep within close reach. 


Now that you are an expert in the best golf hats for big heads, it’s time to go pick out which one you will wear this season. The PUMA Evercat Dillon Stretch stands out as the best hats for big heads.

This is a lightweight and high performing hat that comes in the larger sizes for big heads. In addition, the hat is made with a stretch material that gives players plenty of room for their large heads.

Get yourself protected from the sun today before you head out to the course.

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