7 Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope in 2024

Rangefinders with a slope function are known for giving players a very accurate yardage to the pin.

They can take the golf course’s natural contours into consideration when giving players a yardage, and therefore the club selection process is quite a bit easier.

As a PGA Professional, I used to enjoy trying to figure out these yardages for myself. However, when you see the accuracy that these rangefinders provide, it’s hard to argue against their effectiveness.

Adding a great rangefinder with slope to your bag can help save you a few strokes. Here are the best golf rangefinders with slope on the market

Our Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope in 2024

Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope: Bushnell Tour V5 Shift


  • Tested and favored by PGA Tour players
  • It gives extremely accurate distances
  • Easy to use 
  • Good stability for those with a shaky hands


  • The best Bushnell golf rangefinders are also typically very expensive 

It should come as no surprise that the Bushnell is the option at the top of our list. With a Bushnell, you can always count on quality. Some of the best laser golf rangefinders are made by Bushnell, and they continue releasing new models. 

The Tour V5 shift is one of the newer releases, and its slope measurements are very accurate. One of the great advantages to the Bushnell is the ease of use and the ability to turn the tournament mode on when needed.

You can practice and prepare for your tournaments with slope mode on and then simply adjust when the time comes. 

The Pinseeker technology will alert you when you are close to zeroing in on the pin. This is a helpful technology for those that have an unsteady hand.

The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift has a magnetic cart mount that will keep the V5 within reach at all times. 

Runner Up 1: Nikon Coolshot 20i GII Golf Laser Slope Rangefinder


  • 5 year waterproof warranty 
  • High quality engineering 
  • Great accuracy within 100 yards 
  • Single or continuous measurements 


  • The unit is a bit larger than some of the others on the market

The Nikon Coolshot 20i GII Golf Laser Rangefinder is the best alternative to the Bushnell. With all of the high end camera technology that we have seen from Nikon, it is no wonder that they have developed a highly qualified lens for giving you golf yardages.

This particular model has a range of over 800 yards and an accuracy within one yard

The closer you get to the pin, the more accurate the Nikon gets. In the dual display, you can see both a straight line yardage and the slope yardage. This is one of our favorite features of the device. 

Playing with the best golf rangefinders can make it easy for players to forget how to figure out their own yardages. Getting to see both the distance and the slope calculated distance gives a golfer the ability to learn how slope impacts yardage. 

In addition, the Nikon has the First Target Priority technology. This means that the rangefinder helps you search for the pin.

If you thought you might struggle with a laser rangefinder compared to a GPS, the Nikon could make you feel otherwise. 

Runner Up 2: Callaway 300 Pro Slope Laser Golf Rangefinder


  • Really good accuracy 
  • Solid rangefinder for the money 
  • Some compensation technology is very accurate 


  • It doesn’t read quite as quickly as the Bushnell 

Callaway has their hand in a bit of everything golf related. They made sure to produce this laser rangefinder with slope with plenty of durability and longevity.

One of the things that you will notice right away is that the accuracy on the Callaway is very good, even from long distances. Callaway claims that from 1000 yards away, you will get accuracy to within a yard

Not that you will need a yardage from this far away, these rangefinders can give you quite a bit of confidence in the number that you get. 

Pin Locking Technology and Pulse Confirmation ensure that you can both see and feel when the rangefinder is located over the target.

This is one of the best golf rangefinders if you are looking for more than one distance at once. The Callaway 300 Pro Slope features the ability to see three or four yardages at a time. 

Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder

Best Value


  • Slope technology is very accurate
  • Water resistant 
  • Free lifetime battery replacement 


  • Range is not as long as other rangefinders 

Golf equipment is expensive, and the golf rangefinder may feel like it is just another way to spend a few hundred bucks on your golf game. Although the rangefinders are quite a bit of money, they are generally worth it.

If you take care of a golf rangefinder, it will last for quite some time. The Precision Pro Golf NX7 is a rangefinder that gives you good performance at a fair price. 

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 has an ergonomic and durable design that will be sure to last you several seasons.

One of the things that keep the price down on this rangefinder is that it won’t give you distances quite as long as some other models. If you don’t hit the ball more than 600 yards, you won’t find this to be too much of a negative! 

The view through the Precision Pro Golf is very clear and easy to see. Even those who have vision issues should not have a hard time getting their yardage using the Precision Pro Golf NX7.

This rangefinder has 6X magnification and free lifetime battery replacements which will help you save even more money long term. 

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

Best Premium


  • Slope with Elements technology 
  • Visual Jolt 
  • Very durable housing
  • Some of the best accuracy in the market


  • It comes at a very high price 

Although the Tour V5 shift has reached the top spot on our list, there are many other Bushnell rangefinders on the market.

One of our favorites is the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder. This is as premium and as expensive as the rangefinders will get, but it is also one of the best on the market. 

In addition to having the traditional Bushnell slope technology, this model features the new Slope with Elements technology.

This rangefinder is capable of taking temperature and barometric pressure into account when giving you your yardage. This is the first of its kind, and it makes the slope mode even more accurate than ever before. 

The new visual Jolt technology allows you to both see and feel when you are over the pin. This makes this one of the best golf rangefinder models for those with a difficult time zeroing in on the pin. 

The Bushnell Pro XE comes in a fully waterproof metal housing that protects it from those that are using it round after round.

If you are serious about your golf game and you want a golf rangefinder that will be better than a caddy at giving you a yardage, the Bushnell Pro XE is worth the investment. 

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

Best Cheap


  • Very cost effective
  • Has slope mode that can be turned on and off
  • It comes with a one year warranty 


  • Not the more durable casing
  • May not last for many years 

We already gave you our selection for the best value golf rangefinder on the market; now we are going to look at the best cheap model. Cheap is a bit different than best value.

With this model, you are going to get a lower price, but you will sacrifice a bit when it comes to performance and longevity. However, if you need a quick fix for a golf rangefinder slope model in your bag, this is a perfect choice. 

There are truly no other rangefinders with this much capability in the price range. Having the ability to turn the slope mode on and off is an impressive benefit. You will have accuracy from 650 yards and in

There is a pin seeking type of technology feature in this model, but it doesn’t work quite as well as some of the other choices. If you don’t have a steady hand, these may not be the best golf laser rangefinders for you.

The good news is that the product comes with a one year warranty; for the price that it is offered, it’s hard to complain about the overall quality and the functionality that is offered. 

Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder

Best For Shaky Hand


  • It comes with a 2 year warranty 
  • Built for outdoor use, water resistant casing
  • Pin Vibration technology 


  • Accuracy is not quite as tight as a Bushnell

When trying to lock in on a pin, your hand needs to stay relatively steady. If the hand moves around a lot, it will bounce off of different targets and end up giving you some inaccurate yardages.

To help combat this, some vibration technology and a fast reading rangefinder are the smartest features to look for. 

The Blue Tees Golf Rangefinders are not the newest on the market, but they will give you some fast distances, and they are built with accuracy in mind. The vibration lock allows players to feel when their hand is over the target and ready to read the yardage. 

The case of the Blue Tees rangefinder is durable and made for the outdoors. You won’t have issues with this product long term.

One of our favorite things about these Blue Tees rangefinders is that they are small and fit really well in your hand. If you are annoyed by the burden of carrying a rangefinder around the course, you will not mind keeping the Blue Tees with you. 

Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Best Grip


  • Accuracy is quite impressive
  • A lower-priced model with accurate slope measurement 
  • Brighter view than previous models


  • Does not have magnetic technology

The Profey golf rangefinder with slope is an excellent option for those that are looking for accuracy and value in a very fairly priced rangefinder. The Profey is known for its accuracy and clear picture, even though it is not one of the higher-end rangefinders on the market. We love the ergonomic design and the way this can fit in your hand with no issue. 

With the Profey Rangefinder, you can get a 6x zoom so that even from far distances, the accuracy is quite good. The slope technology will give you the true distance between you and the hole with any increase or decrease in height accounted for. Players that are looking for more confidence in their golf game will find it with this tool in place. 

Profey makes it easy to find the target with Flag Lock technology. In addition, you will get a carrying case and a one year warranty with your purchase. If you have been on the fence about a rangefinder with a slope, this could be a great option.

Garmin Approach Z82 Rangefinder

Best Combo Rangefinder GPS


  • Most premium name in the industry 
  • Has 41,000 courses already been downloaded 
  • Accuracy to within ten inches


  • Very high pricing

The Garmin Approach Z82 golf laser rangefinder is one of the best options on the market for the techy golfer that loves digital golf gadgets. The Garmin Approach Z82 is a combination golf laser rangefinder and GPS. However, unlike other hybrid options on the market, this Garmin Approach Z82 allows you to get all the information at once. 

When you look through the scope of the Garmin Approach Z82, you will get your exact distance to the pin using the laser rangefinder technology; however, there is also information about the front, back, and middle of the green and some other hazard locations nearby. The full color Map view of the golf course can help ensure that you are getting the exact distances you need. 

The slope measurements from Garmin are very accurate, and there is even a way to calculate the way the wind is going to impact your golf swing. When you show up to the golf course, Garmin will be ready to go with the course you are playing that day already loaded up. The Garmin Approach Z82 is a smart investment for a golfer that likes to have a lot of information about the shots they are going to hit.

What To Look For When Buying Rangefinders With Slope? 

We gave you the best rangefinders on the market; now, you have the difficult task of narrowing down which one of these is going to be the best for your golf game. Luckily there are a few key considerations that can help to make this decision quite a bit easier. Learning what sets one rangefinder apart from another will help. 

Turn Slope On And Off

With a golf laser rangefinder, you should be able to turn the slope both on and off. As great as slope measurements can be, they are not legal in a golf tournament. When you are playing in a tournament, the slope reading can give you too much information, which makes it unfair when competing. 

Therefore it is a good idea to choose a unit that is very easy to turn the slope on and off. In addition, turning the slope on and off needs to be visible at times. In some golf tournament situations, you will need to show that your slope is turned off on your rangefinder

There are several rangefinders on the market that will have a small indicator on the outside that will show the slope has turned off. Competitors will appreciate knowing that you are using legal technology in the golf event. 


All golf rangefinders are going to advertise themselves as being accurate. However, some are absolutely more accurate than others. The newest, most impressive models on the market are now accurate to inches as opposed to feet. If you can imagine years ago when a rangefinder would say that it is accurate to within two or three yards, to the latest models that are accurate to within ten inches, the technology has come a long way. 

Although accuracy is an excellent indicator of which rangefinder to buy, you should mostly focus on the accuracy within a 400 yard range. Some golf rangefinders are going to claim that they are accurate to 1000 yards. Maybe we are the only ones, but when was the last time you hit a shot 1000 yards into a green? 

We would much rather have a rangefinder that is accurate from 150 yards in than one with good long range accuracy. The long range accuracy does not help golfers all that much. 


Many rangefinders come with a case that makes it easier to protect the unit. When you are using a rangefinder on the course, however, you will need a place to put it as you are playing one hole to the next. The case does not do much to protect it from one hole to the next, as you would have to keep putting it away and taking it back out. 

Many golfers purchase a rangefinder holder that will attach to the cart. Others will look for a model that has magnetic technology that helps it stick to the metal bar on the cart as you make your way around the golf course. 

Regardless of how you like to pay for the course, you will need a secure place to store your rangefinder from one round to the next. A case is an excellent option for protecting the lens and the internal features of the laser rangefinder. 


The pricing of a golf laser rangefinder is typically anywhere from $75 to $600. The lower-end rangefinders do not always have a slope (although the ones on our list do). In addition, the lower-end rangefinders are not always as accurate. For most average golfers, the level of accuracy from the laser rangefinders on the market is quite good and will not really matter much from a low-end to a high-end option. 

Laser rangefinder technology can change from year to year, but not in the same way that a golf club can. If you purchase a high end and higher quality rangefinder, you should be able to get many years of use out of it without having to reinvest. 

The pricing of laser rangefinders has stayed the same for the last few years. If you invest a few hundred dollars, you will get some really impressive technology. 

Ease of Use

Some rangefinders are easier to use than others. A laser rangefinder is often a bit more difficult to use than a golf GPS unit. With the golf GPS you will not have to worry about finding a target and narrowing down the pin, instead you just automatically get a distance for the front, middle, and back of the green. 

Some laser rangefinders will take into account for a shaky hand; others will have a very clear scope to make it easier to see. We find that the Nikon laser rangefinders are some of the easiest to use simply because they are going to allow golfers a very clear and steady image to see through the scope. 

A rangefinder is a great tool, but there are some people who have vision or steadiness issues that will struggle with the ease of use of a rangefinder. Keep this in mind when you make your purchase. 

Battery Life 

The battery life of a laser rangefinder should be quite good. The only time we had trouble when testing a rangefinder was when we worked with the combo units that have both rangefinder and GPS technology. The battery life of these starts to deteriorate quite a bit quicker than some others because of the functionality. 

If you are using a rangefinder without a rechargeable battery, make sure to keep an extra with you during your next round. If your battery on your rangefinder goes down, you will have a quick replacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can purchase a golf rangefinder with slope and make a smart buying decision. Here are a few other questions you should consider before making your final choice. 

Is Slope On A Rangefinder Worth It? 

Rangefinders with slope tend to cost a bit more money than a traditional golf rangefinder. This leaves many people to question whether or not these types of rangefinders are worth the price.

For a golfer who is newer to the game and has a hard time figuring out how slope affects the yardage, this feature can be a good thing to have. 

For golfers that play a lot of different courses from week to week, it also makes sense to get a rangefinder with the slope functionality. The rangefinder will help you stay more accurate on courses you don’t know. 

Lastly, those that play in tournaments and prepare for a tournament will enjoy the benefits of a rangefinder. Having the ability to turn the golf rangefinder off and put it in tournament mode will make things much easier on the great player. 

Golf rangefinders with slope are not legal for tournament play. The rangefinder can still be used as long as the slope function is turned off during play.

For some tournaments, you may have to show that your rangefinder has been switched out of the slope mode. 

Some rangefinders have a switch on the outside of the rangefinder that lets you see the slope has been turned off. This is good for tournament situations. 

What Is Slope Compensation On A Rangefinder? 

Slope compensation simply means that the golf rangefinder has been adjusted to compensate for the golf course’s elevation change.

If a green is elevated 10 feet, it is going to take a bit more distance to get the ball there. The same elevation changes are going to impact the distances if the green is located lower as well.

Essentially any change in elevation will have a significant impact on the distance that you need to hit the ball, and it makes sense to do this adjustment. 

For those that have a golf rangefinder without slope, you will get a distance to the pin, but there are no adjustments made to the yardage to compensate for the slope. 

Do High Handicappers Need Slope On A Rangefinder? 

Many high handicappers wonder if slope technology is going to benefit them. With a laser rangefinder, the slope technology is very accurate and can tell you exactly what club you should be hitting to your target. Higher handicappers need to learn a bit more about the golf course and the way the slope will impact the shots that they hit. 

Therefore for a golfer that is looking to lower their scores, a laser rangefinder with slope can really help. The slope on the rangefinder can teach players about what clubs to hit on the golf course and can make playing away from your home course quite a bit easier to manage. 

Higher handicappers will benefit from a rangefinder that will allow the slope to be turned both on and off. 

How Do I Turn Slope Off? 

Luckily the best golf rangefinders with slope will allow golfers to turn the slope both on and off. When you turn the slope off for a golf tournament, you will get an accurate number to the pin, it will just not take into consideration the way the pin is sitting above your angle or below your current angle. 

Almost all laser rangefinders with a slope will have a button or a setting that allows players to turn the slope off. When you turn the slope off, you will no longer need to worry about the rangefinder being legal for a tournament. 

Most laser rangefinders will have a setting that allows you to see that your slope is no longer on and that you can easily make the adjustments you need to your game that you would normally use the slope functionality for. Playing golf without the slope setting is not all that difficult and can teach you a lot about your game and the distances you hit each club.


Hopefully, you now feel ready to get yourself one of the best golf rangefinder options on the market. The Bushnell Tour V5 stands out as the best overall option.

The Bushnell is very accurate, even from far distances, and it helps players to zero in on the pin.

When you have found the golf pin, the Tour V5 alerts you. With the durable case and magnetic feature, you won’t need to replace this Bushnell golf rangefinder for years to come.


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