Best Iron Shafts in 2022

Great golfers will tell you that golf shafts are more important than golf club heads. Although for most amateur golfers this can be hard to understand, it is the absolute truth.

Finding the perfect golf shafts for your irons can be a bit of a tough battle.

As a professional golfer, once I found a shaft that worked for my game, I stuck with it for years. However, finding that shaft, to begin with, took a bit of research.

Luckily, we have done most of that research for you. Here are the best irons shafts on the market.

Best Steel Iron Shaft: Project X Rifle 6.0


  • Great energy transfer between shaft and ball 
  • Best golf shafts for technology 
  • Incredible distance for the stronger player
  • High quality golf shafts that will last for a very long time


  • Not the best golf shafts for the slower swing speed golfers that need distance

A steel golf iron shaft is built for the golfer that likes control. Typically speaking, golf shafts made of steel are the best golf shafts for those that have higher swing speeds and a bit more power in their swings

The Project X Rifle 6.0 set comes with steel shafts that will work with the 3-PW. When a set is sold like this, you will get to skip the fitting and trimming and simply install them with full confidence in the swing weight. 

Project X Rifle shafts are made with very advanced features to help flatten out the ball flight and send the ball on a more penetrating angle. Essentially this leaves the golfer better able to get the distances they need in their swing. 

Best Graphite Iron Shaft: UST Mamiya Recoil 80 Graphite Iron Shaft


  • Mid weight and mid launch
  • It comes as a full set cut to standard length
  • Recoil technology for extra yardage


  • Graphite shafts are always more money

If you are a golfer that enjoys graphite golf shafts, the UST Mamiya Recoil 80 Graphite is a great option.

This is a mid weight shaft that is going to work for a wide range of players. If you need a mix of distance, soft feel, and forgiveness from your iron shots, this shaft is a great choice. 

One of the most important benefits of a UST Recoil shaft is the spring like recoil technology. You will essentially feel as though you can get the golf ball to bounce off these golf shafts. If you like distance, this is the exact feel to look for in the best golf shafts on the market. 

With a mid launch profile, even if you have a slightly faster swing speed, you will find that the UST provides just the right trajectory. 

Best Iron Shaft for High Swing Speeds: True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT X100


  • Sold as a set of eight shafts
  • Progressive design 
  • Great feel 
  • Long term durability


  • Need a fast swing speed to swing these golf shafts 
  • Shaft flex is very stiff in this model

Golfers with high swing speeds tend to need a heavier golf shaft. The True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT X100 is a great choice. This set gest a bit heavier when you move from the long iron golf shafts to the short iron. 

The increase in weight helps players get more control in their short game. True Temper has always been known for making high quality shafts for the better player.

You can get plenty of distance, lots of launch, and a superior feel with a Dynamic Gold AMT in your clubs.

Best Iron Shaft for Distance: Fujikura PRO Series 95i Graphite Iron Shaft


  • Great feel 
  • It comes as a set with all necessary pieces to install at the right length s
  • Premium materials used in the composition 
  • Slightly heavier weights for higher MO


  • Pricing of Fujikura shafts tends to go a bit high

Some golfers seek accuracy in their golf shafts, and others seek distance. If you’re a player that wants to hit your irons a long way, then the Fujikura Pro Series 95i Graphite could be an excellent choice for you.

This is one of the best irons shafts on the market when it comes to lightweight speed and performance

The Fujikura Pro Series is just a little heavier than a typical graphite shaft. These extra weight can help increase the distance without changing the flex of the shaft.

The materials used, combined with the shaft’s ability to flex and torque, make this a perfect choice for distance.

Best Iron Shaft For Seniors: KBS MAX Graphite Iron 55 Senior Flex Golf Shaft


  • Best iron shafts for slower swing speeds of a senior golfer
  • Higher launching
  • Plenty of distance 
  • Easy to control 


  • Shafts tend to be a little less accurate than the steel options

Senior golfers tend to slow down a bit when it comes to swing speed. Of all the players that I taught, senior golfers were always my favorite.

There are small tips and tricks that seniors can use to help get swing speed back, and choosing the right iron shaft is a big one. 

The KBS Max Graphite Iron 55 Senior is lightweight, easy to launch, and helps golfers to control spin.

If you think that your game has been slipping and equipment could do the trick, these KBS Max golf shafts are the way to go. Senior golfers don’t always need to try harder to get the distance they want; they simply need to be smarter about it. 

Iron Shafts Buying Guide

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the best iron shafts on the market. We highly recommend each of the options on our list and know they will help golfers of all abilities. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your new golf shafts. 

How Does Shaft Weight Impact Performance? 

There are more parameters to choosing a golf shaft than just the material and the flex. It is also important to consider the weight of the shaft. A heavy golf shaft is going to keep the ball flight down. 

For golfers that have trouble controlling the flight of the ball and the ball gets a bit too high in the air, the heavy shaft is a smart choice. For players that struggle with swing speed and launch, the lighter golf shafts should be considered. 

How Do I Choose An Iron Shaft? 

To choose an iron shaft, you are likely going to want to go for a club fitting. A club fitting will help you decide which of the shaft is best suited for your game. When a launch monitor can tell you exactly how far the shots are going and their spin and performance, it is easier to settle on the perfect shaft. 

Iron shaft decisions will often come down to the weight and flex of the shaft. Ensure that you know how far you hit the ball and what your swing speed is to make sure you get the right shaft in your irons. Since the irons take up such a large portion of your bag, you want to make the right choice. 

Should I Replace All The Golf Shafts In My Irons? 

Golf is an unpredictable and challenging game. If you are not playing with golf shafts that are consistent from one club to the next, you may start to struggle. It is best to replace all of your shafts so that they are matching. 

Chances are your irons and wedges will be the same shaft, and then your drivers and woods will also be the same shaft. The weighting may change, but you will want the same material and flex so that you have some consistency in your game. 

Golfers that have one brand of shaft in their seven iron and another in their eight iron are only making the game more difficult. If you break a golf shaft in one of your irons, be sure to replace it with the same thing whenever possible. 


The best golf iron shaft on the market is the Project X Rifle in steel and the UST Mamiya in graphite. You will find that you get the distance, accuracy, and forgiveness that you need between these two options.

It’s a smart idea to know your swing speed before purchasing your next set of golf shafts. The swing speed can help you make a better decision.

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