Best Graphite Shafts For Irons in 2022

Golf irons make up the majority of clubs in your golf bag. If you are playing with irons that are not built to support your game, you will start to run into some issues.

As a PGA Professional, I can tell you that many golfers do not understand the importance of the shaft in their irons. Steel shafts tend to be heavy and a bit more difficult to control if you are a slower swinging golfer.

Graphite shafts are the perfect solution. With so many graphite shafts on the market to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming.

We have put together some of our favorite choices for the best graphite iron shafts on the market

Best Graphite Shaft For Irons: Project X Catalyst 60 Ion Chrome Graphite Iron Shaft


  • New ISO 6 material technology 
  • Maximizes consistency 
  • Very symmetrical 
  • Lots of power for a lightweight shaft 


  • Ensure that the parallel tip .370 will work with your clubs

The Project X Catalyst 60 Ion Chrome Graphite is the best graphite shaft for an iron. The Project X Catalyst is one of the premier iron shaft choices on the market, and it is used by many major manufacturers as the stock shaft in their sets. 

Some of the things that set the Catalyst apart are the consistency and the symmetry. Many of the graphite shafts on the market have imperfections because of the materials used to create these clubs.

With the Catalyst 60, you won’t have to worry about that. All of the weak spots have been accounted for to make this a very high performing golf shaft. 

Ultimately the Project X Catalyst is a bit like getting all of the benefits of graphite golf shaft mixed with the stability of steel. 

Runner Up 1: Fujikura Vista PRO Iron 50i Graphite Shaft


  • Proprietary shaft construction
  • Longer hang time than an average graphite shaft 
  • Best graphite shafts for those seeking extra launch 


  • Come in one length will need to trim for your iron sets

The Vista Pro Iron 50i graphite shaft is the perfect graphite golf shaft for the golfer with a mid swing speed looking for more loft and longer hang time on the golf ball.

These golf shafts are lightweight and can help any golfer get their shots to fly longer and higher

The Vista Pro is available in four different weights and a few different flexes as well. If you are looking at upgrading shafts but feel stuck with some of the weights you are being offered from other companies, this an excellent graphite shaft to consider. 

Fujikura is without a doubt one of the best graphite golf shafts on the market for the average golfer. We love that they have made one of their premium shafts available in an option for both men and lady golfers. 

Runner Up 2:  Aerotech New SteelFiber i80 Iron Graphite Shaft


  • A great option for golfers switching from steel shafts
  • Works for a variety of swing speeds 
  • Great choice for slower swing speeds that still want control of their shots


  • Higher ball flight than some higher swing speeds may need

As we have mentioned, there are some great things about both steel and regular graphite golf shafts. The Aerotech golf shaft company has combined these great things into a graphite shaft with all the stability of a steel shaft

If you are a golfer that is switching from steel shaft to graphite iron shafts, this is a great option to consider. When the Steel Fiber shaft first came to market, there was nothing else like it at the time. 

If you are worried about what the change to graphite could do for you, then go with these best graphite shafts from Aerotech.

UST Mamiya Recoil 440/450/460 ESX Graphite Iron Shaft

Best Value Iron Graphite Shaft


  • Fair price for the technology offered
  • High quality materials 
  • Spring effect in the walls of the shaft 


  • Golf club shafts built mostly for slower swing speed players

Although the UST Mamiya Recoil is not the cheapest option on the market is one of the best values that we have seen for a graphite iron shaft.

If you have an average swing speed and are looking to get more distance and higher MOI, the recoil technology is something to consider. 

These irons shafts are designed for maximum distance and optimal spring effect. Essentially when you need to transfer energy from the shaft to the golf ball, the shaft does the work for you. 

You can get the UST Mamiya Recoil in a variety of flexes and a few different weights, although the average shaft weight will be around 67grams. Keep this option in mind as one of the best golf shafts on the market

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red AM2 Senior/Amateur Flex Iron Graphite Shaft

Best Premium Graphite Shaft For Irons


  • Great golf club shafts for moderate swing speeds 
  • High launch 
  • GOod distance even in the long iron


  • Priced higher than other shafts 

The best premium graphite shafts for irons are the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Red. These golf shafts are very versatile and have some of the best feel on the market.

One of the things that we like the most about the Mitsubishi shaft is the ability to order it in any length that you need

The Tensei AV is built for a moderate swing speed golfer, and the shaft is known for having a tighter and thinner weave. Overall these are very lightweight shafts and will help players get more control and distance

The only downside to the Mitsubishi Tensei is something that we see with many iron shaft options from this company, and that is the pricing.

The prices of Mitsubishi shafts tend to be a bit higher, yet most people will say that they feel and performance make them well worth the price. 

INTEGRA SUPERLITE Graphite 50 Gram Distance Iron Shaft


  • Lighter weight shaft
  • Offered at a very low price
  • Easy to launch


  • Not the highest quality shaft

If you don’t have much money to spend, but you need an entirely new set of graphite shafted irons, you will see that the pricing can get a bit outrageous.

For a graphite design tour shaft, you could spend more than you would for a brand new set of golf clubs from some manufacturers. 

Essentially if you are unsure about whether or not the graphite shafts are the best for your game, it may make sense to choose something like the Integra Superlite 50 Gram.

These shafts are cheap, and you can get quite a bit more club head speed with something this lightweight.

Graphite Iron Shafts Buying Guide 

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of some of the graphite golf iron shafts on the market. Making the change to graphite shafts can be a big decision for some people.

If you are unsure as to what is the best option for you, here are a few things to consider. 

Should I Have Steel or Graphite Shafts In My Irons? 

Steel shafts are known for control, and the graphite iron shafts are known for distance. This is generally how people decide which shaft is better for them. 

However, these lines are starting to blur a little as steel shafts get lighter and more reactive and graphite shafts get more stable and easier to control.

This is going to come down to the  feel that you are going to want in the club. 

The steel shaft will typically give you a heavier club, but this is good for a higher swing speed player. Try to base your golf iron shaft decision on the speed of your swing and also the types of iron shots that you like to hit. 

What Flex Graphite Shaft Should I Use? 

The flex of the iron shaft set should be directly related to your clubhead speed. If the shaft is the right fit for your game, you will notice increased clubhead speed, and the shaft will naturally promote higher ball flight. 

Higher swing speeds need a stiffer golf shaft. Lower swing speeds need something with more flex. It is a good idea to have your swing speed measured before you decide on the best shaft for your golf game. 

Are Graphite Iron Shafts Better For Distance?

Graphite shafts tend to be easier to swing faster. Since the graphite material is a bit lighter, you will have an easier time getting lots of distance, but the tight shot dispersion may be a bit harder.

If, however, you are a golfer that struggles with distance, the graphite iron shafts will be the best for your game. 

This comes down to a simple scientific factor of just being able to swing a lighter golf club faster. Graphite shafts are a smart choice if you are a person looking for a golf club that will gain you more distance.

If you are worried about control, look at something like the Steel Fiber shaft to give you the control you need. 

I have already preferred steel shafts because of the ability to feel and get feedback from the shaft. However, the newer graphite shafts that are able to offer more stability and feedback are truly changing the game. 


The best graphite shafts for irons are the Project X Catalyst. More and more players are finding that the Catalyst is a good choice for players that want more distance and lots of stability.

Graphite shafts are starting to be produced with just as much stability as steel shafts, making them easy to control and work. If you are new to the world of graphite shafts in your irons, this is a perfect place to start. 

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