7 Best Golf Pants (2024) + Are Golf Pants Required?

Golf tends to be a classy game, and even in the summer, golfers will sometimes wear pants. A golfer dressed with a great pair of pants and coordinating shirt certainly will look like they are ready to score low.

As a PGA Professional wearing golf pants is second nature. However, some things set apart the great golf pants from the not so great.

If you are in the market for golf pants, we have the ultimate guide for you. We have gathered some of the best golf pants on the market and a few things to consider before purchasing your next pair.

Our Best Golf Pants in 2024

Best Golf Pants: Under Armour Showdown


  • Keep you dry
  • Comfortable fit
  • Many color options
  • Stretch waistband
  • Sweat wicking material


  • The pocket design is not the best

Under Armour makes the best golf pants on the market right now. These pants will work in almost any weather condition.

If it is a warm day on the course, the moisture wicking fabric is going to help you stay completely dry. These pants also have enough weight to them that they work well for spring and fall golf as well. 

This is a straight leg fit. With the straight leg, you get a modern look, but you won’t be uncomfortable wearing something that is very thin or slim. In addition, you won’t deal with the baggy let of a more classic golf pant. 

We love the Under Armour pant color selection as it allows you to choose between more traditional colors and a more modern look. You can wear the same pants but be able to customize your outfit. 

The stretch engineered waistband allows golfers to have much more mobility and comfort when they are playing.

Golf pants that restrict the swing in any way can cause players to hit a bad shot here and there. Avoid that by choosing the Under Armour pants that have the best of everything. 

Runner Up 1: IZOD Men’s Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pant


  • Moisture wicking
  • Made with a performance fabric 
  • High comfort pants
  • Straight fit for a modern yet classic look


  • Slightly heavier fabric than others

The IZOD Men’s Swingflex Straight Fit Pant is an excellent option for a pair of golf trousers. Izod makes quite a few pairs of pants that are built specifically for golfers. With the Swing Flex 4 Way stretch fabric, you will not feel any restrictions while you are playing. 

Although this is a straight fit pant, it has a very classic look to it. The moisture wicking fabric does a phenomenal job of keeping your pants dry and pulling moisture away from your body. If you happen to get caught in a rainstorm, we found these to be very fast drying golf pants. 

Our favorite feature of the IZOD Swingflex pant is the UV protection. Golfers are getting better about protecting their skin and their head when they play.

However, you need to protect the areas of your body that are covered by fabric as well. With a UPF-15 UV protective technology, this fabric will keep you safe and dry. 

Izod is a golf brand that you can trust when it comes to durability and longevity as well. 

Cutter & Buck Cb Drytec 50+UPF Moisture Wicking Bainbridge Sport Pant

Best Premium


  • High levels of comfort
  • UPF 50+ fabric
  • Moisture wicking 
  • Machine washable 


  • Pricing is a bit high

The Cutter & Buck golf pants are a premium choice for the golfer that is looking for a high performance golf pant. These pants have moisture wicking, excellent sun protection, and are relatively easy to take care of. 

Cutter and Buck is a golf brand that understands what golfers need in the best golf pants and golf shorts as well. The CB Dytec is 88 % polyester and 12 % spandex. This gives golfers some room to move around as they swing. 

You will notice that the materials a pair of golf pants are made with will significantly impact the pant’s performance.

If you want something that holds up long term, it must be machine washable but also have the durable materials and fabric incorporated into the pant. 

With a UPF 50+ fabric and the mostly polyester design, these pants look great and perform the way a golfer needs them to.

The only problem is that they are a bit pricey. It’s going to be hard to find another pair of golf pants with this much technology for a lower price. 

Haggar Active Series 5-Pocket Tech Pant

Best Slim Fit Golf Pants


  • Stretch pants with 2” of stretch 
  • Good use of pockets
  • Built for being active and moving around 
  • Ver professional looking finish 


  • As with any slim fit, pant golfers will need to watch the fit around the thighs and calves

Haggar is a golf apparel brand that is well known for using high quality materials. These Active Series Slim Fit pants, are an excellent choice for the golfer that needs a more modern look.

If this style of pant fits your body type, they will look great. The clean and modern look is something that you will see the guys on the PGA Tour wearing. 

There are a few things that we love about these pants, but the best might be the easy care. These are entirely machine washable, and they come out of the wash looking great. With a quick iron, you are ready for the course. 

There is a fifth pocket in this tech pant that helps you keep all of your golf gear organized while on the course.

Between the impressive fit, the extra pockets, and the excellent materials, these are a pair of pants that you will want to wear each time you go out. 

Adidas Ultimate Regular Fit Golf Pant

Best Golf Pants For Hot Weather


  • Machine washable
  • Moisture wicking stretch fabric 
  • The shirt stays tucked in 
  • Three way stretch 


  • Not too many colors available

The most crucial feature in a pair of golf pants for hot weather is the moisture wicking fabric. If you are going to play in the warm weather, your pants will likely get wet.

This is standard and something that most golfers expect. However, a pair of pants that can dry quickly and keep you from feeling uncomfortable is essential. The Adidas is a perfect choice for this. 

These Golf Ultimate Pants have a stretch waistband that will make sure you stay comfortable and can move around easily.

The Adidas Golf Ultimate Men’s pants feature a gripper that will keep your shirt in while you are swinging. Golfers that have fast swing speeds tend to have trouble keeping their shirts tucked into their pants as they play. 

Playing golf in the hot weather still requires pants for some players. In tournament situations, pants may even be required. If you know you need to play, but it is hot out, these Adidas Ultimate Men’s pants are a great choice. 

Amazon Essentials Slim-fit Stretch Golf Pant

Best Value Golf Pants


  • Very fair value for golf apparel 
  • Side pockets and back pockets 
  • Stretch fabric for added comfort


  • Not a very high performance fabric 
  • Long term durability is not as good 

Like almost everything else golf related, some pairs of these golf pants can be quite expensive. Luckily Amazon Essentials makes a pair of golf pants for the golfer on a budget.

These slim fit stretch golf pants are available in a few different colors, and they have a classic look to them. For the golfer that does not play all that often, these are a perfect solution. 

The fabric used in these pants adds a bit of stretch, and they are very comfortable as well. You won’t have a hard time getting the range of motion you need to hit great shots.

There are four pockets on these pants so that you can keep your scorecard and a few tees with you at all times. 

With a value type golf pant, you will not get the same quality materials, but this is undoubtedly a pair of pants that will get the job done. 

PUMA Women’s 2020 Pwrshape Pant

Best Women’s Golf Pants


  • Modern style and performance 
  • Great colors to choose from 
  • Impressive materials and high-quality apparel 
  • Sold in general sizes


  • No belt loops

Finding a great pair of golf pants for a woman golfer can be a bit difficult. Women’s golf pants are not sold quite as broadly as a man’s golf pant. However, these PUMA Women’s 2020 Pwrshape Pants are a perfect solution for the female golfer. 

This PUMA PwrShape pant has a smooth and slimming effect for the female golfer. With a 4 way, stretch fabric, golfers will remain comfortable and still able to get their full range of motion in their golf swing. This is a very breathable pant, so it works for the days when the weather is quite warm as well. 

In addition, the PUMA Pwrshape is also a moisture wicking fabric, so it will pull away any sweat and keep the golfer dry.

Many women won’t think to look at PUMA for golf clothes; however, these pants truly offer everything the female player needs.

In addition, they are available in some great colors. This is a pair of pants that will help to make your golf game quite a bit more fun. 

Golf Pants Buying Guide

By now you should have a very good idea of the best golf pants on the market. We kept comfort, budget, and performance in mind when we made our choices.

Now you have the difficult task of narrowing down which of these pairs of golf pants is going to be the proper fit for your golf game. Here are a few questions to consider prior to making your final purchase. 

What Is Special About Golf Pants? 

Golf pants are a bit different from typical pants. The best golf pants are going to make it so that a player can get around the golf course being comfortable and having the performance necessary to play a great round. When golfers are restricted by the apparel they are wearing, it will impact their game. 

The best golf pants have lots of stretch to them. Players will be able to take their full swing at whatever speed they would like, and they will not be restricted by the pants that they are wearing. 

In addition, golf pants must have some performance and technology to them. Pants that can keep the sun rays from damaging a player’s skin are a great choice. Golf pants that will allow for sweat to be wicked away and dried quickly are certainly going to help golfers feel more comfortable. 

Lastly, golf pants have a great pocket design. When you start playing golf, you will notice that there is quite a bit of juggling that you need to do.

From holding the scorecard, pencils, tees, and ball markers to tending the pin, your hands need to be free. The best golf pants have smart pocket designs to help players. 

Are Golf Pants or Golf Shorts Better? 

Some golfers are very traditional about the game. They believe that to spend time on the golf course, you should be wearing pants. Other golfers think that as long as you are following the dress code for the course, it does not matter if you are wearing shorts or pants. 

As a PGA Professional, I enjoyed wearing pants. I think the best golf pants on the market give a more polished and professional look than golf shorts.

However, when it is 95 degrees out, and you are in the middle of a five-hour round, there is no question the golf shorts are more comfortable. 

Those who think that golf pants are too hot to wear in the summer have likely never tried something with high tech fabric. The better fabric golf pants will not make you warmer, even when playing on those hot days. 

Are Flat Front Pants Better for Golf? 

For many years the pleated golf pants were the only way to go. This was the look that all golfers wanted, and it gave a classic professional golf look.

However, things have changed. Some golfers have realized that the pleated pants actually get in the way of their swing. The large pleats tend to crowd a golfer a bit as they go through the impact position.

This has led to an increase in the popularity of the flat front golf pants. Flat front pants have much less fabric than the pleated pants. They give players a clearer line into the ball, and they have a more modern and fashionable look. 

Finding the best golf pants can take a bit of time, and you may find that the classic fit works better for your body. However, the slim and straight leg flat front pants are the direction and style that many golfers are headed in. 


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the best golf pants on the market. Whether you are looking for a classic fit, straight fit, or slim fit, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The UnderArmour Showdown pants are some of the best golf pants that you will find. These polyester pants come in a wide range of colors, have some great styles, and will work in a variety of weather conditions.

With the Under Armour pants, you also get plenty of pocket space and sweat wicking fabric to keep you dry as you play the course.

Having a few of these pairs of these golf pants in your closet will leave you prepared for any day on the golf course.

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