8 Best Golf Shirts (2024) – Includes For Both Men & Women

Part of playing great golf can also mean looking great. We all know that a collared golf shirt is necessary to access a golf course, but there is so much more to golf fashion than just that.

Golfers that are looking to be comfortable and stylish will have plenty of excellent golf shirt choices on the market. As a PGA Professional, I have always been quite particular about my golf shirts. Certain golf brands just do a better job than others.

We have pulled together some of the best golf shirts on the market. Keeping both budget and performance in mind, these are shirts that will absolutely help you look and play better.

Our Best Golf Shirts in 2024

Best Golf Shirt: Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo


  • Provides a player with easy movement and rotation 
  • Available in many different colors
  • Fair price for a high performance polo 
  • Easy fit that will not be too tight


  • Not available in prints in this style

The best golf shirts on the market are the Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo. This golf apparel stands out from the crowd because of the fit, the color selection, and the material that it is made with. The Under Armour truly offers everything that is necessary for a men’s golf shirt. 

Whether you spend your time on the golf course or you wear a polo to work, these Under Armour Men’s Tech shirts will work. The material is design to wick away sweat, and it will dry very fast. The anti-odor technology also keeps the shirt smelling fresh, even as you approach the eighteenth green. 

Some of the Under Armour golf apparel will have a very modern and slim fit; however, these golf shirts are cut a bit fuller. You won’t feel restricted in your swing.

The material is very lightweight and it dries really fast. Whether you are playing in the rain or enjoying a warm day on the course, you will be comfortable and dry. 

These Under Armour golf shirts are available in many colors and will be enough to provide you with the functionality and style you need for any golf course.

Runner Up 1: Three Sixty Six Golf Shirt for Men


  • Lots of color options
  • Lightweight and breathable 
  • Long lasting golf shirts
  • Modern looking collar 


  • Some colors have limited size availability

The Three Sixty Six Golf Shirts are not the most well known golf shirts for men on the market, but they should be.

These golf shirts come in a variety of colors, and the polyester and elastane mix makes them a great combination of high-performing and durable as well. 

The four-way stretch performance fabric helps golfers have enough room to complete their golf swing the way they need to. You will never feel as though the Three Sixty Six Golf Shirt has you restricted from completing your turn. 

In addition, all of these golf shirts are equipped with moisture wicking fabric. Sweat will be removed from your body, and the shirt will dry very quickly. Regardless of the weather conditions you are playing in; this is a great shirt to have.

Runner Up 2: PGA TOUR Men’s Airflux Short Sleeve Solid Polo-Shirts


  • Classic looking polo shirt design
  • Plenty of freedom of movement
  • Equipped with sun protection 
  • Can wear on and off the course


  • It does not have much stretch to the fabric

The PGA Tour Brand is known for being one of the only apparel brands built specifically for the golfer. You will know when buying one of these shirts that it is built for a person to play golf.

This is their Airflux Solid shirt, and it is an excellent option for both style and performance. 

The Airflux comes equipped with a UPF 50 protection that will help to keep harmful UV rays from getting to your skin. Just as important as moisture wicking technology is making sure your skin stays protected from the sun. 

The DriFlux moisture wicking fabric makes this a good option for summer golf. The most golfer will tell you that playing in a sweat soaked shirt is exhausting and extremely uncomfortable.

The PGA Tour golf shirts also offer great freedom of movement to help players that have large golf swings. For a shirt, you can wear on and off the course, give this one a try.

TravisMathew Men’s The Zinna Polo

Best Premium Golf Shirt


  • High quality fabric 
  • Premium feel and professional look 
  • Moisture wicking


  • Does not contain UV Protection

Travis Mathew is one of the newer golf apparel brands that does a tremendous job with fashion and performance. This company has quickly started to offer some of the best golf shirts on the market. 

Our favorite thing about the Zinna Polo is the fabric. The Zinna is made with the premium fabric that is wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking, anti-odor, and it can stretch. Essentially everything that you could want in a fabric for a golf shirt is packed into this particular option. 

The materials used to make these golf polos include 64% Pima cotton and 36% polyester. This combination helps to make sure you are comfortable and dry while you play the golf course.

Although you won’t get quite as many color options with a Travis Mathew shirt, you will get a premium look and feel that you don’t get with other brands. 

For a high quality golf shirt that does not need to be dry cleaned, the Travis Mathew is one of our favorite options.

COSSNISS Men’s Dry Fit Golf Polo Shirt

Best Value Golf Shirt


  • Great for golf wear and off the course
  • Performance type fabrics 
  • Comfortable fitting with freedom of movement
  • Very fair pricing  


  • Not technically a moisture wicking fabric 

If you are a golfer who wears golf clothing every day, the apparel pricing can start to add up. Luckily there are brands like this Cossniss Dry Fit shirt that will help to keep the price down.

You will love the smooth polyester fabric and the heather like color on this impressive polo shirt. 

Since this is considered to be one of the athletic type polos, you will have no issue with the fabrics in the heat. In fact, Cossniss even recommends this style shirt for working out and running as well. 

The Cossniss shirt is long enough to tuck in, which is a very important factor for golfers. Swinging the golf club and having to tuck your shirt in each time gets a bit frustrating.

Overall for the colors offered and the fabrics this shirt contains, it’s hard to beat the value. 

DRI-Equip Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polo

Best Golf Shirt For Women


  • Designed for a women’s golf game
  • Can work on and off the course 
  • Fabrics designed not to pull


  • Not a well-known golf apparel brand

Many times women golfers have a hard time finding the best polos on the market. The problem is that companies tend to focus on either style or performance.

Very few companies can make golf shirts for the player that wants to look good but be comfortable as well. 

The DRI-Equip Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf polos are a great choice. These shirts are 100% polyester, have great comfort and plenty of moisture wicking technology. If you happen to sweat or get wet with this shirt on, it will dry within just a few minutes. 

The collar at the top of the shirt is one of our favorite features of this women’s golf shirt. Although it still has a classic three-button color, it has a more modern button design.

You will find this women’s golf shirt available in many different colors and practically any size you want. 

Under Armour Boys’ Performance Golf Polo

Best For Juniors



  • UV protection 
  • Available in several colors 
  • Modern and comfortable designs
  • Quality golf wear 
  • Anti-odor technology


  • Sizing can be a bit off

Kids don’t need too much golf equipment to get started in the game. However, making sure that they at least have a golf shirt is essential. Most golf courses will require a collared shirt, regardless of the age of the child. 

The Under Armour Boy’s Performance Golf Polo is a perfect golf shirt for a young golfer. All of the great things that you will find in the shirts for the adults will be incorporated into this smaller product for kids. 

Our favorite feature of this shirt is the UPF 30 protection. With the UV protection, you will have to worry a bit less about your child’s skin while they are on the golf course.

These shirts hold up well, and they are not restricting in any way. Chances are, the junior golfer will want to wear these on and off the course. 

Nautica Solid Stretch Cotton Pique Polo Shirt

Best Cotton Golf Shirt


  • Machine washable 
  • Classic looking shirt for the more traditional player 
  • Still allows for freedom of movement 
  • Come in a variety of colors 


  • It doesn’t do the best job of keeping moisture away

As you have probably noticed, the performance fabrics lead the way to the best golf shirts on the market. However, this does not mean that golf gear all has to be made with these performance fabrics. There are still plenty of great cotton shirts on the market. 

The Nautica Cotton Pique polo is known for being one of the better golf shirts offered in the cotton material. If you are looking for something that will work on the golf course and off, this is a perfect choice. 

The classic look and the polo color will give you a very classic look that will be accepted at any golf course. We have found that the cotton golf shirts are also the best golf shirts for playing in the cooler weather.

Although they don’t have the moisture wicking technology, they stay quite a bit warmer in the cool weather. 

Players that want a timeless and classic golf look will enjoy this Nautica polo. 

Golf Shirt Buying Guide

The best golf shirts on the market can help you score lower and perform better on the course. All golfers should care about what they wear and how they feel during a round.

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf shirts, it’s time to narrow down the one that will be best for your game. 

What Features To Look For In A Great Golf Shirt? 

A golf shirt is not always just a typical or standard polo. A few features are essential to make sure that the shirt can allow a golfer to swing and get the rotation and speed that they need.

At the same time, golf shirts need to be comfortable and dry for a player. Here are some key aspects to look for in a great golf shirt. 

  • UV Protection – keep yourself protected from the sun 
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Stretch material to allow room for rotation 
  • Quick drying material
  • Long enough to stay tucked in 
  • A durable collar that will hold up over time
  • Machine washable 
  • Solid colors to pair with those crazy golf pants! 

Do Golf Shirts Need A Collar? 

Golf polos have a collar because most courses will require that a golfer has a collared shirt on. This has been a standard in the game of golf for many years. We don’t see this changing anytime soon as the best golf shirts all have collars. 

The golf dress code has been significantly debated through the years. Some believe that it is taken a bit too seriously. Others think that some of the golf clothing has gone in the wrong direction, and it is not as classy as it once was. 

At most golf courses, if you show up with a t-shirt on, you will be asked to find a collared shirt to wear. Golfers need to be prepared that they may have to leave the course if they are not wearing a shirt with a collar.

For women, the rules are a bit different.

Most courses will require that the shirt either have sleeves or a collar. This rule is in place to allow for a little more fashion and style for the female golfer. 

What Does Moisture Wicking Do? 

Moisture wicking fabric helps keep sweat and water away from the body. The fabric allows a player to sweat and get wet, and then it pulls the water away and dries the shirt quickly.

If you are playing in the winter months, this may not be all that necessary; however, it is a must in the summer. 

Moisture wicking fabric is mostly found in clothing that has more of a performance type look to it. Golfers will have a hard time finding a cotton shirt with quite as much technology as the performance-based moisture wicking golf shirts. 

Another great thing about these moisture wicking polo men’s golf shirts is that they can be used on and off the course. If you are going to a summer BBQ and don’t want to stand outside and soak your shirt, these shirts are a great option. 


There is a lot of work involved in finding a great golf shirt. Many golfers will find a design that works for their game and then purchase one in every color.

We can certainly understand this. The Under Armour Tech men’s golf shirt is the best overall golf shirt on the market. The design, the fabric, the color selection, and the pricing truly make this shirt stand out from the other golf products out there.

You will love the performance of this Under Armour shirt so much that you can wear it off the golf course as well. It’s hard to find a tech type shirt like this with a classic and comfortable fit, but the Under Armour brand nails it with the Tech polo.

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