Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather in 2024

Playing golf on a warm sunny day is an experience we all wish for. When the temperatures start to increase, things can get a bit uncomfortable.

For a large portion of my golf career, the time was spent at different country clubs in South Florida. Standing on the driving range in the hot sun all those days will take out even the toughest of golfers.

The one thing that really helped to make the temperatures more bearable is having the proper gear. Finding the best golf shirts for hot weather can be a little frustrating.

With the number of options out there, you will have quite a bit to sort through. Luckily we have done most of the work for you. Here are some of the best golf shirts for hot weather.

Our Best Golfing Shirts for Hot Weather in 2024

Best Golf Shirt for Hot Weather: Under Armour Men’s Polo


  • One of the most comfortable hot weather shirts
  • 100% polyester material 
  • Three button placket 
  • Machine washable
  • Available in many colors 
  • One of the most respected brands in the golf industry 


  • More of a sporty look than a traditional golf polo look

The three most important things to look for in any golf attire for warm weather are moisture wicking technology, quick-drying fabric, and anti odor materials.

The Under Armour Men’s Polo is capable of offering all three things. This is a popular shirt both on the golf courses and off. With the number of colors available and the comfort it provides, the Under Armour is one of the best golf shirt options on the market. 

The textured fabric of the Under Armour golf shirt helps to make it light, comfortable, and breathable. You will find that the Under Armour will wick sweat right off of your body, and at the same time, it will dry quite quickly. 

If you find that you are not looking too good as you reach the 18th green, the Under Armour shirts can help. You will look good both on the 1st tee and the 18th green with this impressive technology in place. 

Runner Up 1: Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Short Sleeve Polo


  • One of the first polo shirts to help golfers in hot weather 
  • Sweat wicking fabric
  • It offers some sun protection 
  • Very lightweight material 
  • Anti odor


  • Nike check is often very visible on this Nike shirt

Many years ago, before all of these golf brands started coming out with shirts that will keep sweat away and players cool, Nike introduced their Dri Fit shirts.

The Dri Fit design is for golfers that want to play on the warmest days but stay as comfortable as possible. 

The Nike shirts are designed to provide lots of comfort, but most importantly, the mesh fabric keeps players cool on the golf course.

When playing on those hot days, the high temperatures can make players get dehydrated rather quickly.

This is a concern, and a golfer can get very sick. 

With the Nike technology working to keep you cool, your summer golf experience will be a much more positive one. 

Runner Up 2: Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Short Sleeve Polo


  • Modern styling with button placket
  • Comfortable golf polos
  • Wicking materials 
  • Quick drying 


  • No UPF sun protection

The Three Sixty Six Golf Shirts for men are not the most well known brand in the industry, but they offer a ton of performance and comfort in the hot weather.

The Three Sixty Six Golf Shirts are made with polyester and elastane. They are lightweight, breathable, and are going to last you a very long time. 

The four way stretch incorporated into the feel of the shirt helps it have a more loose fit that will not restrict the golf swing in any way.

In addition to the stretch, this shirt has a moisture wicking fabric. The proper fabric will make all the difference in keeping a player both dry and comfortable. 

One of the things that golfers like most about this shirt is that for the price, it works for a great everyday shirt as well.

You can purchase the Three Sixty shirts in a variety of colors and styles and always have something available to be ready for a round in the warmer weather.

Amazon Essentials Slim-fit Quick-Dry Stripe Polo Shirt

Best Cheap Golf Shirt for Hot Weather


  • One of the best shirts for hot temperature for the price 
  • Moisture wicking properties
  • Very quick drying
  • Classic striped design works well for any golf course dress code


  • Material will not last long term like other brand name golf apparel 

As most golfers have become aware, the pricing for golf equipment tends to be quite high.

If you want to avoid some of these higher numbers and get cheaper shirts to help make the game more affordable, the Amazon Essentials Quick Dry Stripe is a great choice. 

This shirt is going to come in at a price that is considerably lower than others on the market. The unique stripe design makes it a great choice to go with some solid shorts.

The thing that makes the Amazon Essentials the best choice for the hot temperature is the quick drying technology. 

You can get a bit sweaty playing golf, and having sweat wicking technology to help make sure that you don’t stay wet is very important.

In addition to the shirt keeping the sweat off of you, they also come with some UPF protection from the sun. UV protection is essential on your skin as well as on your golf clothes. 

Pin High SwingDry Tech Shirt

Best Hot Climate Shirt for Style


  • Stretch fabric 
  • Moisture wicking materials
  • Protects against UV rays 
  • Wrinkle free even on those hot days


  • Bold patterns may be too much for some conservative players

For a long time, golf fashion was considered to be a bit boring. People wore the same pleated pants and solid colored shirts.

If you are looking for something that is anything but the norm, the Pin High golf shirts are a great way to go. Not only do these shirts come in a variety of colors, but they come in some great summer golf styles as well. 

The Pin High shirt is made with a lightweight technical fabric that is sweat wicking and anti wrinkle. Even if your shirt starts to get a bit wet, it won’t look like a wrinkled mess on you when you are finished with your golf round. 

The UV Protection on this short sleeve golf polo shirt offers up to SPF 45+ coverage. Even with all of these performance benefits and cooling features, the Pin High golf shirts are still machine washable.

It’s hard for a brand to pack this much technology into golf polos, but Pin High has done it well. 

What To Look For When Buying Golf Shirts for Hot Weather?

There is no question that some shirts will work well in warm weather, and others are going make the situation worse.

If you are looking for some tips on how to choose the best golf shirts for hot climate, here are a few things to consider. 

Can You Wear a Long Sleeve Shirt In Hot Weather? 

Some players are confused by all of the choices for long sleeve golf shirts in the warm weather. The concept behind the long sleeve polo shirts is that they give players excellent protection from the sun.

Chances are you will spend about five hours in the direct sunlight during the course of a round. If you want to avoid damaging your skin, the long sleeve golf polo is a very smart choice. 

Does the Color of The Golf Shirt Matter When It Comes To Hot Weather? 

It is best to wear light colors when you are playing in the hot climate. You will not feel the fabric of the shirt heat up quite as much when you are wearing whites and light blues as opposed to black shirts.

Another hidden benefit of the light colors is that they don’t tend to show sweat quite as much. 

What Is The Best Material For a Golf Shirt In The Hot Climate? 

Most of the best performance polos for golf weather are going to be polyester with a bit of stretch material in place. It is rare to find a cotton shirt that has been optimized for the best possible performance in the heat. 

The cotton shirts don’t breathe how they need to for players to get the comfort they need on the golf course. In addition, cotton takes a long time to dry. When you are stuck with a wet shirt all day on the golf course, it can put a damper on your game and performance. 


Hopefully, these best golf shirts for hot weather and golf clothing have helped you narrow down your selection. The best overall option is the Under Armour Golf Performance Polo.

With the anti odor technology, a large variety of colors, and sweat wicking fabric, the Under Armour has everything a golfer needs for a warm day on the golf course. 

The only problem with the Under Armour is that you are going to want one in every color.


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