Best Waterproof Golf Shoes in 2024

Many golfers think that waterproof golf shoes are built for rainy days on the course. However, these shoes can offer plenty of benefits beyond the rainy days.

You will find that anytime you play golf in the morning, your feet may end up soaked after just a few holes. As a PGA Professional, I have made the mistake of wearing the wrong pair of golf shoes a few times.

At this point, waterproof golf shoes are all that I purchase. You won’t have to plan the weather or watch where you step.

You can simply walk through your round knowing your feet are protected. Here are the best waterproof golf shoes in the golf world.

Our Best Waterproof Golf Shoes in 2024

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes: Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoe


  • Premium look and feel 
  • Full grain leather uppers 
  • Features to improve comfort and waterproof technology 
  • 10 Cleat traction pattern


  • Don’t come with a specific waterproof warranty 

When a golf manufacturer makes a tour-level golf shoe, you can imagine that it must have some waterproof features.

The Adidas Men’s Tour 360 Boost 2.0 is a high-performance shoe designed for tournament and casual play. This shoe will keep you protected from the elements and looking good at the same time. 

The Adidas Tour 360 Boost features an energized cushioning and comfort effect. Each time you step down, you will feel the foam built into the midsole of these all weather shoes.

The premium leather upper has a Climaproof technology that makes sure the shoe stays dry even in poor weather conditions. 

The reason this shoe makes it to the top of our list is the cleat pattern and traction that you will get. When you are playing in wet conditions, the possibility of your foot slipping a bit is very real.

With the Tour 360 Boost, you won’t have to worry about that. There is a 10 cleat pattern on the bottom that are strategically place to improve stability and grip. These are a pair of waterproof golf shoes that you can count on. 

Runner Up 1: FootJoy DryJoys Tour


  • Comfortable fit
  • It comes with 2 year waterproof warranty 
  • Classic looking waterproof golf shoe 
  • One of the best waterproof golf shoes for walking in the morning dew


  • Not as many style choices with this pair

The most recognized name for waterproof golf shoes has almost always been the FootJoy DryJoys. With DryJoys, you will best waterproof golf shoe technology on the market.

The good news is that these shoes are not built just to keep your feet dry; you will also get lots of performance and comfort

The DryJoy is a very classic looking golf shoe, built with leather linings in the heel. You will notice that as durable as this shoe feels, it is also very lightweight. Therefore this is a shoe that you could count on for walking the golf course as well. 

A thicker insole on this shoe helps increase the comfort and cushioning in the shoe’s bottom. FootJoy calls this their Fit-Bed insole, and it provides a shock-dampening type feel when walking with these shoes on. 

Perhaps the most important thing about the waterproof FootJoy shoes is the fact that they come with a 2 year waterproof warranty. If you find that your shoe is letting water in, simply let FootJoy know, and they will handle it for you. 

Runner up 2: New Balance Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe


  • Foam compound for better responsiveness
  • Underfoot cushioning 
  • Soft feel as you step
  • Very fair priced waterproof golf shoes


  • Not very many color choices

New Balance makes some of the best running shoes and athletic shoes on the market. They certainly understand the importance of waterproof golf shoes.

This New Balance Men’s Striker is one of the best selling waterproof golf shoes on the market. You will get comfort, a dry foot, and lightweight technology all in one. 

The New Balance is a very lightweight shoe considering the fact that it is one of the best waterproof golf shoes on the market.

You will notice that with many waterproof golf shoes, the technology makes the shoe quite heavy. The New Balance uses an engineered upper to give support but keep the overall weight of the shoe down. 

In addition to waterproof technology, comfort is just as important. That is why this shoe is one of the most comfotable waterproof golf shoes int he market.

You will feel as though you are wearing a New Balance sneaker; however, you get the performance of their impressive waterproof golf shoes. 

ECCO Biom G3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe

Best Premium


  • One of the best models for comfort and stability 
  • BOA closure system for a better fit 
  • Biom Natural Motion technology lets a player feel close to the ground 
  • Yak leather construction 


  • One a few color options

When shopping for golf shoes, you will quickly notice that the best waterproof golf shoes are going to be the most expensive on the market.

However, after having been caught in a few rain storms without waterproof golf shoes, these products are worth every penny you pay. Not only is it uncomfortable to play in the rain with wet shoes, but it is also really bad for your feet. 

The Ecco Men’s Biom golf shoes come with Gore Tex Waterproof technology. When it comes to keeping things dry, GoreTex is the way to go. You will not feel any water penetrating this golf shoe as you make your way around the golf course. 

In addition to the Gore Tex performance, you also get the BOA Closure system with the Ecco shoes. This helps to make sure that you get a perfect fit on your foot. Sometimes part of keeping your foot and socks dry is making sure that the shoe fits around your foot properly. 

Another impressive feature is the BIOM Natural motion technologies. These help to make sure that your foot stays close to the ground and moves as it should with the turf as you walk.

Finding the best waterproof golf shoes sometimes means finding a feature that lets your foot feel as natural as possible. For the ultimate stability, comfort, and water protection, the Ecco Men’s Biom Waterproof Golf Shoes are a perfect choice.

Skechers Go Golf Torque Waterproof Golf Shoes

Best Value


  • Waterproof protection 
  • Very fair pricing
  • A great lightweight shoe for walking in wet grass 
  • Guarantee from Sketches to be waterproof


  • More of a sneaker looking golf shoe

As we have mentioned, the best waterproof golf shoes are quite expensive. The performance and technologies needed to keep a foot dry certainly add to the shoe’s overall cost.

If you want something that is affordable, lightweight, and has lots of cushioning, the Skechers is a great choice. 

This shoe features the H2GO waterproof protection, meaning that there is a protective membrane keeping water and wet grass from getting to your foot.

The style of these Skechers shoes is going to be a bit like a pair of sneakers, with added features to protect your foot from wet conditions. 

This shoe is an excellent choice for walking the golf course. You will notice that the shoe feels very lightweight, and it has quite a bit of cushioning. Each time you step, it feels a bit like you are walking on a pillow. 

With the Skechers Go Golf, you also get plenty of stability when you swing. There are six replaceable spikes on the bottom of the shoe that will make it easy to keep these shoes in great shape for years to come.

FootJoy Fj Flex Xp Golf Shoes

Best For Walking


  • Waterproof mesh is lightweight and effective
  • Some of the best waterproof golf shoes for walking 
  • Very comfortable and breathable golf shoes 
  • Versatile traction on the bottom of the shoe
  • Fair pricing 


  • It does not protect the way Gore Tex or Dry Joy technology does

When walking the golf course, a great pair of waterproof golf shoes is essential. Most of the time, your round of golf will start in the morning, and the grass will be wet from morning dew and potentially golf course sprinklers.

If you play the first hole and your foot is soaked, you will have a long day on the course. 

The FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex XP is an excellent option for golfers that are walking the course. The waterproof mesh outer of this shoe is extremely lightweight.

This means as you spend five hours walking the golf course, the Flex XP will keep your feet dry and full of energy as well. 

On the bottom of this golf shoe, you will see the Versa Trax outsole. This outsole allows for stability when you take a golf swing and confidence as you walk from one hole to the next.

For a very reasonably priced pair of golf shoes, this FJ Flex XP offers some of the best waterproof technology on the market. 

Waterproof Golf Shoes Buying Guide 

Finding the best waterproof golf shoes can be a bit difficult. There are many companies that claim to be waterproof, but instead, the shoe is only water resistant.

Water resistance helps to keep some water away; however, it won’t completely keep your feet dry.

Here are a few other important questions to consider when purchasing the best waterproof golf shoes. 

Should I Get Waterproof Golf Shoes?

Some golfers that cancel their round when a gray cloud is in the sky don’t see a reason to purchase waterproof golf shoes. We can certainly understand that playing in the rain is not ideal. 

However, the majority of golfers that look for waterproof technology are those that play early in the morning. 

When you have to deal with morning dew and leftover water from the sprinklers, your shoes will get very wet. In fact, if you are wearing a non waterproof mesh style shoes, your socks will be soaked in a matter of minutes. 

The price of waterproof golf shoes used to keep many people away. However, as technologies have changed, the pricing is becoming fairer.

Golfers are finding that they can get tremendous performance and fit from a reasonably priced waterproof shoe. 

What Is A Waterproof Guarantee? 

A waterproof guarantee is an insurance that a golf shoe manufacturer gives. When people purchase a pair of waterproof shoes, they want to make sure that the shoe will actually work when it is tested on the course. 

A waterproof guarantee usually gives a golfer one to two years of play with the warranty or guarantee in place. This means that if water happens to enter the golf shoe, you can send them in for a replacement or a repair. 

The guarantee is something that Adidas and Footjoy are very well known for. When you make a waterproof golf shoe purchase, consider the warranty. Sometimes the price of a shoe will be impacted by the guarantee, but it will likely be worth it. 

How Long Do Waterproof Shoes Last? 

As we mentioned with the waterproof guarantee, most will allow for one to two years of protection. Some waterproof golf shoes are treated with a protective coating that will only last for a few years.

You may find that the shoe still does a great job of keeping water out when you have owned them for three or four years. 

Most people that purchase a pair of waterproof shoes can expect two years with the shoe. If you play a few times a week, you may only get one year out of a pair of shoes; however, most should make it for two. 

Golfers that only play a few times per year can easily get three to five years out of a pair of shoes. Essentially the more golf you play, the more often you will need to replace your golf shoes.

Playing golf two times per week and finding a pair of shoes that lasts for two years is a very good value. 


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more informed about the waterproof technology that you can get from a pair of golf shoes.

The best waterproof golf shoes on the market are the Adidas Tour 360 Boost. This is a shoe that you can wear for every round you play.

You will get comfort, stability when you swing, and excellent stability. If the weather happens to be rough that day, this shoe will keep your foot dry.

We love this shoe because of its all-around performance, not just for the waterproof technology. This is an option that will keep you purchasing Adidas golf shoes for many years to come.


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