Selecting the Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet in 2024

The best women’s golf shoes need to have excellent stability, lots of comfort, and fashion as well. One of the issues that many women will run into is finding golf shoes that will accommodate wider feet.

Sometimes the more fashionable a women’s golf shoe gets, the worse it is for a golfer with wide feet.

As a PGA Professional that has worn women’s golf shoes my entire life, I can tell you that some are definitely a smarter purchase than others.

We have pulled together the best women’s golf shoes for wide feet

Our Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Wide Feet in 2024

Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Wide Feet: FootJoy Women’s Fj Leisure


  • Excellent traction to help improve balance and stability 
  • Lightweight mesh helps give your foot plenty of room 
  • Waterproof technology allows for a one year warranty
  • Available in a few different color choices 
  • Tons of breathability


  • Not a very classic looking golf shoe

The Women’s FJ Leisure golf shoes are a perfect fit for wide feet. Since this is a golf shoe that is built for comfort, it is very easy to get a wider foot to fit in the shoe.

The great thing about FootJoy women’s golf shoes is that they also provide tremendous traction. If you are walking the course or are just a fast swinger, this golf shoe will have your back. 

The Women’s FJ Leisure is made with a lightweight mesh in the upper area. We have found that the shoes that contain a bit of mesh are much easier to fit a wider foot in. The mesh tends to stretch just a bit better than a leather shoe. 

Since this is one of FootJoy’s waterproof shoes, you will get an entire year of ownership without having to worry about your foot getting wet.

The only negative that we can say about the Women’s FJ Leisure is that it looks a bit like a sneaker. If you want something a bit classier looking, this is probably not your best choice.

Runner Up 1: New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl


  • Keep your feet comfortable 
  • Mesh provides an extra wide space for your foot
  • Spikeless technology for on and off the course use 
  • Plenty of breathability


  • It does not have water resistant technology

The New Balance company does a great job making shoes for a wide range of sports. If you are in the market for something that will work on a wide foot, this spikeless golf shoe is a great choice.

Again, this New Balance features the same breathable mesh upper that allows your wider foot to fit inside with ease. 

Since this is a spikeless shoe, it also gives golfers quite a bit of comfort as they take each step. If you have ever felt that a spiked golf shoe felt a bit uncomfortable, this spikeless golf shoe will give you the comfort that you need. 

Inside the shoe is a very comfortable inlay that can be removed if your foot needs more room. The Ortholite insole will be cool and comfortable and work for golf 12 months of the year.

With the New Balance, you will not get the same waterproof technology as other shoes; however, you will get an easy fit, a rubber sole, and plenty of performance. 

Runner Up 2: Callaway Women’s Del Mar Golf shoe


  • Affordable golf shoes for wide feet
  • It keeps your feet wet and dry 
  • Microfiber leather and mesh mix for comfort and breathability 
  • Durable outsole


  • Not available in many colors

Our top two choices have a bit more of a sneaker type look to them. These shoes are built to be golf footwear, but they have a much more athletic feel to them.

The Callaway Women’s Del Mar shoe is a leather shoe that comes with Opti-Dri Waterproof technology. The shoe has a very modern look to it, and these shoes come on and off with ease. 

The Callaway Women’s Del Mar is a spikeless golf shoe, so you won’t have to worry about changing when you are finished with your round of golf. If you care about comfort and price, this is an excellent pair of golf shoes. 

The sole of the Callaway is extra thick, and that helps to make it feel as though it has lots of cushion and comfort under the step. Your foot will stay cool and dry while wearing the Del Mar.

The Del Mar women’s golf shoes are available in wide sizes and standard widths to make sure that you can get the exact fit you need.

The only real downside of the Callaway golf shoe is that it does not come in a wide variety of color choices. 

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe

Best Premium


  • Made with premium yak leather
  • Adjustable BOA closure system for a perfect fit
  • Low profile shoe, has a classic look to it
  • Will keep your feet well protected from water 


  • Priced higher than other shoes on the market

For a premium golf shoe for women with wider feet, the Ecco shoes are a perfect choice. The BOA closure system helps ensure that golfers can get an exact fit for their foot.

As you twist this closure system, the shoe will open and close to accommodate any size foot. 

Another great thing about the Ecco Women’s Biom Hybrid is that it is made with Gore Tex waterproof technology.

Gore Tex is the ultimate choice when you need to protect yourself from the elements. So not only can you get a custom fit with the Ecco Biom, but you can also make sure that your foot stays dry. 

This show is made with a Yak leather that is strong and lightweight at the same time. These are spikeless golf shoes that have a unique pattern to help golfers remain stable and balanced as they swing.

Although you will undoubtedly pay more for the Ecco golf shoes, you will have them to use for many years. 

Adidas Women’s Tech Response

Best Value


  • High rebound cushioning 
  • Easy adjustability for a wide foot
  • Breathable technology 
  • Lightweight cloudfoam feel 


  • Poor color selection

Some golf shoes have a very narrow look to them, and others are a bit more rounded. The Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf shoes have more of a wider rounded outsole.

This feature will help women with wider feet have no trouble getting their foot in and staying comfortable once it is in place. 

One of our favorite features of the Adidas Tech response is the cloud foam sock liner. This sock liner provides extreme comfort and a lightweight feel to the shoe as well.

Shoes for wide feet will sometimes only accommodate a thin sock; having this extra liner in place can certainly help for better feel. 

The low profile Thintech synthetic sole allows a golfer to be closer to the ground and feel better connection when they make their shots.

Adidas does quite a bit when it comes to athletic type shoes; you will find that this technology is quite impressive and worth the price you pay.

We consider these the best value because of the fair price for the high quality offered. 

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sport Relaxed Fit

Best For Walking


  • Naturally wide golf shoes
  • Spikeless and durable 
  • Affordable shoes for wide feet
  • Explicitly built as a walking shoe


  • Not considered to be a fully waterproof golf shoe

If you are a golfer that likes to walk the golf course, your golf shoe choice becomes even more important. In all the rounds I have played, I always have certain pairs of shoes that will work for golfing and those that will work for cart golf.

You will put so much more pressure on your foot during a round of walking that it is important to choose something comfortable and breathable. 

The Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sport Relaxed Fit shoe is the best walking golf shoes for wide feet. You will find that these shoes have a lightweight and athletic feel, and they are built as very wide golf shoes.

Although the sizes are standard, you will quickly notice the way the material stretches to accommodate wide feet. 

These Go Walk Sport are considered to be a comfortable fit shoe. Skechers realizes that the best women’s golf shoes for walking give support but also plenty of comfort as well.

Walking the golf course is so good for your mind and body; having a great pair of shoes that will make the day even easier is essential. 

What To Look For when Buying Women’s Golf Shoes for Wide Feet?

Now that you are more familiar with some of the best golf shoes for wide feet, it’s time to narrow down which ones will be best for your game.

Understanding the difference between shoes that are good for wide feet and those that are better for narrow feet is essential.

The best golf shoes on the market have a lot of great features and technology that are certainly worth taking advantage of. 

What Makes A Golf Shoe Better For Wide Feet? 

Two major factors are going to make a golf shoe better for wide feet. For starters, the shoe has to be built as a bit more of a boxier design. The wider look will accommodate the foot a bit better and give golfers the room that they need inside the shoe. 

The other features that you will need in golf shoes for wide feet is a specific material. Some materials do not stretch, and they can be very restrictive to a wider foot. Golfers that wear shoes like this will end up with foot pain and blisters as well. 

A wide foot will need mesh or fabric that can expand easily and make the shoe a bit wide. Sometimes simply choosing a wide size is not going to be enough. 

Are Spikeless Women’s Golf Shoes Better? 

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming increasingly popular. With spikeless golf shoes, women have the ability to wear their shoes both on and off the course. This makes it much easier to travel from the course to home without a shoe bag or a stop in the locker room. 

Some of the best women’s golf shoes on the market are made with spikeless technology. The only downside to spikeless shoes is that the traction is not always quite as good as the spiked shoe.

Unless you have very fast swing speeds and struggle to stay in balance, you should not notice any issues switching to a shoe without spikes. 

Sometimes the wide golf shoes have a more stable bottom than the narrow golf shoes, This combined with the spikeless traction pattern should be enough to help women stay in balance. 

Is A Golf Shoe Closure System Better Than Laces? 

The golf shoe closure system that you see on some of the FootJoy and Echo shoes will allow players to adjust the shoe to fit their foot exactly.

The same can technically be accomplished with standard laces; it may just take a bit more time and attention. If you want the ability to turn a dial and have your shoe fitting perfectly, then the closure system makes a lot of sense. 

For the golfer with wide feet, this type of technology is something that does make sense to purchase. 


Women with wide feet should have had a hard time finding the best golf shoes for their game. Many companies are aware of the importance of both shoe size and fit; they work to ensure that their shoes will accommodate golfers will all different sized feet.

The FootJoy Women’s Leisure seems to be the best golf shoes for the woman with wide feet. These shoes are built for comfort and stability, and they are very easy to accommodate the player that needs more room in their shoe.

In addition, the FootJoy waterproof warranty helps to make this a smart purchase for long term durability.


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