Best Golf Bags For Push Carts in 2024

If you think any old bag will do while using a push cart, you are mistaken. Some golf bags work really well with a push cart, and others are a nightmare.

If you want to get a nice walk around the course without fighting with your golf bag, we have some great choices for you.

The best golf bags for push carts have lots of storage, are lightweight in design, and, most importantly, they fit correctly on the push cart.

Our Best Golf Bags for Push Carts in 2024

Best Golf Bag for Push Carts: Sun Mountain 2020 Teton


  • Great styling
  • Individual slots for clubs
  • Pockets to store everything you need
  • Three colors available
  • Weights five pounds


  • Priced higher than some other options

Sun Mountain is truly a leader when it comes to golf bag construction and design. The brand new Teton Golf Cart bag is a perfect option for playing golf using a push cart.

The bag comes with a single strap that makes it easy to maneuver, and it has a ten-inch top. 

There are plenty of forward-facing pockets on the Teton to get to all of your accessories. The Teton also has 14 individual full length dividers to help you protect your clubs.

Making sure that your golf clubs are protected even while on the push cart is very important. You will be going over many bumps and areas of uneven turf, and the 15 way divider on this really helps. 

The Teton comes in three different colors and gives you seven large pockets to store all of your gear. If you combine the Teton with a great golf push cart, there will be no reason to take a golf cart ever again.

Runner Up 1: Callaway Chev 14


  • Great weighting
  • Perfect size for a push cart
  • Protects golf clubs
  • Cooler pocket


  • A bit bulky to carry

Falling just shy of first place is the Callaway 2020 Chev 14 Cart bag. This is a new release from Callaway, and it is the perfect size for a golf push cart.

Some golf cart bags get so large that you really need a golf cart to drive them around. Luckily with the Chev 14, you are only dealing with a 4.6-pound bag

The 14 way top extends down the entire length of the bag. When it comes to pockets, you will get many different types, including a water-resistant velour lined valuables pocket and two full length apparel pockets.

All of the pockets that you need quick access to are located on the front of the golf bag. 

The Chev 14 is a great looking design, and it’s even better looking if you have some Callaway golf clubs to put inside it. One of our favorite features is the cooler pocket that will help keep your water chilled while you get some exercise in.

Runner Up 2: Izzo Golf Gemini


  • Velcro glove holder
  • Free personalization
  • Lots of storage
  • Charge electronic devices
  • Perfect size for push carts


  • Colors and styling are very modern

Izzo is another company like Sun Mountain that is known for making some really great golf bags, but they are not as well known in the golf industry.

This Izzo Golf Gemini Cart bag is the perfect size for a push cart, and you will not believe the features that it has installed. 

In addition to the 14 way divider, the Izzo comes with three magnetic pockets. The magnetic pockets are getting more popular on golf bags, and they are just so much faster and easier to use than the zippered version.

You will also get two water resistant valuable pockets

Potentially, the coolest thing about this golf bag is that it comes with a backup charger for your electronic devices.

We all know that you want to turn those devices off while enjoying your round, but you may as well charge them with the lithium ion power pack.

Titleist Lightweight 14

Best for Better Player


  • 14 way top
  • Dedicated putter well
  • Beverage pocket
  • 11 pockets


  • Simpler design than other bags

Lower handicap golfers tend to want less features and more simplicity. When it comes to a golf bag, we really can’t blame them.

All the bells and whistles are not always necessary, and sometimes it can cost you time just trying to find everything you need to get started for your round. 

Luckily the Titleist Golf Lightweight 14 Cart bag is a great choice for the better player. It has a classic-looking design, fits well on the carts, and is available in several different colors.

The Titleist also comes with a strap loop that will easily tie it onto push carts. 

You can remove the ball pocket on the Titleist golf bags to have it customized with your name. This is truly one of the best golf bags if you want something functional and simple all at the same time.

Orlimar Golf CRX Cooler Cart Bag

Best Cheap Golf Bag for Pushed Carts


  • Good amount of pockets
  • Towel ring
  • Removable cooler


  • Does not have full length dividers

We have just briefly touched on it, but stand bags do not work well on golf push carts. Golfers are left having to choose a cart bag, and unfortunately, some of these can get quite expensive.

It is nice to have a value option like this Orlimar Golf CRX Cooler Cart Bag

This is a 9.5 inch top bag with a 15 way separator on the top. The bag only weighs 4.5 pounds so that you will miss a few features like the full length dividers.

Outside of that, you will get nine zippered pockets and a removable cooler that is actually quite large. 

The Orlimar has a velcro glove attachment and an umbrella holder as well. If you need a bag that is functional and affordable, this is a great choice.

TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

Best Premium Golf Cart for Push Carts


  • Clean looking and sleek
  • Available in several colors
  • Lots of pockets
  • Easy access to clubs and equipment


  • Premium pricing

The TaylorMade Car Lite Bag is a bit pricier than our other bags, but it has lots of features that you may find worth paying for. This is a 5 pound bag with 14 club dividers and eight pockets.

It is available in some very sleek colors that make it look as modern and clean as the rest of the TaylorMade lineup this year. 

The front facing packers are very easy to use and access when the bag is on the cart. This bag also comes with the True Cart Strap pass through. This makes sure that you can easily attach the bag to a push cart or a golf cart. 

The design of this bag is quite nice as they took into account golfers that want to walk with their clubs and those that want to throw it on a cart as well. The TaylorMade bags are versatile, and they are long-lasting as well.

Founders Premium Cart Bag

Best Golf Bag With Cooler For Push Carts


  • Molded 14 way top
  • 9 Zippered pockets
  • Cooler pocket with drain


  • A bit bulky, better with a heavy duty push cart

The Founders Premium Cart Bag is a great option for those that are looking to ensure they can stay hydrated on the golf course. Hydration is very important and if you don’t have a way to keep your drinks cold, you may struggle to walk the full 18 holes with full energy. 

With the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag there is a 14 way top that has a ton of pockets and organizational features. In addition, the cooler pocket has a drain so that golfers can ensure their bag does not stay wet and create mold or mildew long term. 

The Founders golf bag is a bit more affordable than other large golf cart bags on the market. It is also quite large. If you own your golf cart and can keep the golf bag on from one round to the next, we really like the FOunders golf bag. There is also integrated side grab handles that make it quite a bit easier for golfers that are worried about getting the bag in and out of the car.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Bags for Push Carts?

These are six of the best golf bag for push cart options that we could find. The problem now is going to be choosing, which is the best golf bag for your game.

Luckily there are a few questions that can help narrow things down for you.

Cart Bag vs. Stand Bag

When you play golf with a push cart, you can use both a stand bag and a cart bag. The cart bag is a lot larger and will hold a ton of golf clubs and gear. The stand bag is lighter and will make it easier to push your cart around the golf course. 

You will need to realize what is more important to you as a player, do you care about having a lot of gear, or do you want to ensure that you are not fatigued at the end of your round. The cart bag and stand bag are typically offered at around the same price. 

Golfers that have a hard time moving a bag around will want a stand bag because of the ability to lift it on and off the golf cart. The stand bags are also functional when you want to switch from playing using a push cart to walking the golf course. 


The price of a golf bag for a push cart will vary depending on the type of product you are purchasing. There are times when a stand bag can be more than a cart bag and vice versa. Golfers looking for a reasonably priced option should look at models that are a year or two old. 

If you are concerned with the pricing of a golf bag, it makes sense to purchase something that is higher in quality. The high quality bags can last longer, they may not fade as fast, and you won’t have the need to replace them quite so often. 

A little more money spent up front could save you a lot of money in the end.


When you walk the golf course with a push cart, your golf bag is going to be very exposed to the sun the entire time. Because of the angle and the way the bag sits on the cart, it is important to ensure that you pick a golf bag that will not fade or deteriorate over time. 

Many golf bag manufacturers are now making bags with UV-resistant fabric. This fabric will help ensure that the bags stay in excellent condition for a long period of time, and always look good. The colors that are best for this are typically a little lighter as they are not as impacted by the sun. 

If you are particular about how your golf bag looks and the impact that the sun will have on it, you may want to consider purchasing an umbrella that covers you and the bag. The umbrella is a great way to increase the amount of shade surrounding you and keep the golf bag looking great for a long time. 


A golf bag can hold a wide range of accessories and golf clubs. However, some bags have better storage than others. You will have to consider what it is you need in your golf bag and where you want to hold it. 

When you don’t have the cart to keep your headcovers, your drink, the extra golf ball etc, try to think about where in the bag this gear can go. One of the great things about the golf bags with forward facing pockets is that golfers can easily access all of their gear on the front part of their bag. 

The storage of a golf bag is important for all players to consider when walking the course and when riding the course. 

Bag Accessories and Features 

A golf bag typically has quite a few features and accessories. The accessories help players who are trying to improve their storage and organization on the course. Some of the things we look for in a golf bag for a push cart include a storage pocket for a rangefinder and even a towel hook. 

The bag has to have some room for you to store your gear and equipment if you want to get through a round of golf with everything you need. Also, look for a pocket that allows you to keep your valuables in place. This pocket is typically velour lined, and it ensures that you are going to have a place to put all of your jewelry, rings, and money clip while you play. 

In addition, we also look for the grab handles on the bag. It can take a bit of effort to load the bag on and off the golf cart, and because of that, you will want to have some handles in place that allow for easy lifting and lowering of the bag. 

Club Protection 

Walking the golf course with your clubs is a bit less destructive for them than riding the golf course. However, there are still issues with walking when the clubs bang into each other and cause damage. Therefore it is a good idea to look for a golf bag that has club dividers. 

We like the full-length dividers, and when there are more than seven of them, that is ideal. GOlf bags that have the 14 full length dividers are really going to be the best choice. This ensures that when you go over bumps and experience issues with uneven terrain your golf clubs are properly protected. 

Club protection is especially important if you have golf clubs that have graphite shafts. The graphite can start to break down over time, causing issues with the overall performance of the club. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a good idea to consider a few of the following questions before you purchase the best golf bags for push carts. The number of options out there makes it important to ask these questions prior to purchasing.

Why Are Stand Bags Not Good For Push Carts? 

Since a stand bag will not sit flat on the cart bag because of its stand, you will get a bit of a bumpy ride. The bag tends to move around and, at times, can slide around on the push cart.

The stand bags also do not usually have as many club dividers as the cart bags. This will leave your clubs susceptible to some wear and tear over time. 

What Weight Golf Bag Is Good For A Push Cart? 

Since you will really need a cart bag for pushing your clubs around the course, you will probably end up with something about five pounds in weight.

This is not heavy, and by the time you put the clubs and everything else in, you will be looking at twenty to twenty-five pounds of weight.

Of course, there are those who tend to overpack, but most golfers should be able to keep their bags around these weights. Walking with a twenty or twenty five pound golfers bag is not all that difficult. 

How Do You Attach A Cart Bag To A Push Cart? 

You will want to purchase a golf bag for cart use. It will have a strap on the front that will allow the bag to be facing outwards while it is on the cart. A bag must face this way, or you will not have access to your gear. 

When purchasing a push cart, try and pay attention to how the base of the cart is built. You will want something with a wide base that can support the weight and size of a lightweight cart bag.

Sometimes the smaller push carts are designed more for a stand bag, but again, stand bags are not ideal for walking the golf course. 

Should Push Cart Bags Have 14 Way Dividers? 

It’s truly up to you how many dividers you want your golf bag to have. The important thing is to make sure that there are at least a few full length. The full length is what protects your clubs from grip and shaft wear over time. 

When walking the course, you will go over quite a few bumps and hills, and all of that time, the golf clubs are rubbing together.

If you play a few times a week, you will see damage start to occur. As long as your bag has a few full length dividers to keep clubs separated, you should be just fine.

Is It Easier To Take A Push Cart or Walk The Course? 

A golfer that wants to walk the course has the option to use a push cart or to carry their own golf bag. Both of these options are good, but many golfers find that their level of fatigue from carrying their golf clubs is just too great. Instead, it makes sense to use the push cart and save yourself a bit of the trouble. 

The good news is that these push carts are lightweight, easy to steer, and still allow you to get your exercise in without causing an injury.

Why Is Walking The Golf Course Beneficial?

Any exercise fanatic will tell you that walking the golf course will help to improve your overall health and well being. Being on the golf course and getting about a 5 mile walk in is really good for your health. Many golfers are having a hard time staying in shape as they get older, and the ability to walk the course and experience it outdoors is a great way to stay in shape. 

In addition to the walking being good for your health, it is also a great way for players to focus more on their game. When you walk, you tend to think about what you are doing a bit more. This focus and attention that you will pay on your shots will help you shoot lower scores. 

Overall walking the golf course is one of the best changes you can make in your game in 2022. Think about starting with nine holes and then continuing to 18 as you start to get more comfortable with the nine.


These bags that we reviewed are all so good that you won’t be able to make the wrong choice. The Sun Mountain golf bags tend to stand out from the crowd because of their classic design, attention to detail, and overall lower weight.

The Sun Mountain products are always fairly priced, and they generally outlast the equipment you put in them. 

Grab a lightweight cart bag today because walking the golf course is the way the game was supposed to be played.

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