7 Best Sunday Golf Bags of 2024: Lightweight & Efficient

Sunday golf bags are a great choice when you don’t need to lug around your entire golf bag.

Golfers are starting to realize that they don’t need all of their golf clubs and all of their gear at all times.

Sunday golf bags are usually less expensive and very lightweight and easy to manage. We have put together our favorite choices for the best Sunday golf bags.

Our Best Sunday Golf Bags in 2024

Best Sunday Golf Bag: Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag

Key Features

  • High quality 
  • Keeps clubs separated
  • Bag will last a long time


  • Fairly priced considering all it offers
  • Very lightweight
  • Has three dividers for clubs
  • Good back strap to evenly distribute weight


  • There is not a wide range of colors available

At the top of our list is the Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Golf Bag with Stand. We put this Cobra bag at the top of the list for several reasons. 

For starters, the bag only ways three pounds; it has almost all the features of a standard golf bag at less than half the weight. You also get a perfect strap to make this a carry bag that is better for your back. 

Stands for golf bags help to keep the Sunday bag off the ground. In fact, that is the one major downside of the Sunday bag laying it in the grass and getting wet.

If you occasionally play cart golf and want something that works on a cart, this Cobra is a great choice. 

The top is a three-way top with full-length club dividers. Your clubs will stay separate and protected in the Cobra bag.

There is a nice sized fleece lined valuable pocket and a mesh beverage pocket as well. You can think of the Cobra Sunday Bag as a miniature version of everything a full-size golf bag has to offer. 

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag

Key Features

  • Has a short stand to keep the clubs off the ground
  • Keeps all fourteen clubs if desired
  • Lightweight and easy to manage


  • Very lightweight bag
  • Has short stand to help keep clubs off the ground 
  • The engineered base for using on the golf cart 


  • Priced higher than other Sunday golf bags

When you add a stand to a Sunday Bag, it typically gets a bit heavier, and many players feel it defeats the Sunday Bag’s purpose.

However, TaylorMade has figured out a solution to that by putting in a short stand. The short stand on this TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag keeps your club heads up off the ground but hardly adds any weight to the bag itself. 

With the Quiver, you will have room to keep all fourteen clubs, but most golfers will want to sore around ten or so clubs in this bag. The Quiver is specifically designed to make walking the golf course quite a bit easier. 

Another great thing about the Quiver is that with the engineered base, you can quickly switch from walking to riding.

Many Sunday golf bags are going to be challenging to use on a cart and not offer enough protection. With the TaylorMade Quiver, you will have the ability to walk or ride. 

Overall this is a Sunday Bag with a short stand giving it much greater functionality and performance. If you want a quality product that protects your club’s long term but allows you to walk the course effortlessly, this is it. 

Runner Up 2: Champkey Lightweight Stand Bag

Key Features

  • Very fair value
  • Can be a good choice for travel
  • Holds around 8 clubs with ease


  • Holds 6-9 clubs very well
  • Easy to carry
  • Nice styling


  • Stand will not hold up if you put too many clubs in

We have mentioned several other Sunday bags that are less than three pounds; however, the Champkey is the lightest on the market. The Champkey comes in at just under two pounds, which is pretty remarkable for a golf carry bag. 

What makes the Champkey even more impressive is that it is also a stand bag. You can carry about 6-9 clubs with the Champley, and that makes it an excellent choice for a beginner or a trip to the driving range. 

There are five pockets on this bag, and it comes with a single shoulder strap. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to the height that you want.

If you only carry around the 6-9 recommended clubs, the strap holds up quite well. If you try and push it to handle 12-14 clubs, the strap will not hold up.

Sun Mountain Sunday Bag

Best Premium Sunday Golf Bag

Key Features

  • Most premium brand name for golf Sunday bag
  • Great looking option
  • Brings back the traditions of the game


  • Classic style
  • All leather
  • Premium construction
  • Four full-length dividers


  • Very expensive

The Sun Mountain Sunday bag takes everything we said about these types of golf bags being more affordable and throws it out the window. This golf bag is much more expensive than a traditional golf bag, but it has some wonderful features. 

The Sun Mountain bag is a bit of a throwback to the Bobby Jones days when golf bags were simple and clean looking and made with leather.

Four full-length dividers in this golf bag help prevent golf clubs from experiencing any damage. 

The three pockets on the side will help you stay organized and keep all of your valuables from being damaged during the course of a round as well.

The Sun Mountain bag has an adjustable single shoulder strap and a few strategically placed handles at the top and the bottom of the bag. 

This is a bag that you could put all of your clubs in if you wanted. If you want classic styling and a bag that stands out from everything else on the market, this is a great choice to consider.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Best Value Sunday Golf Bag

Key Features

  • One of the lowest pricing options on the market 
  • Lightweight
  • Additional pocket for water bottle


  • Very low pricing
  • Has excellent features for a cheap golf bag
  • Lightweight stand


  • Stand won’t hold up if you load the golf bag up

If you want to try out the Sunday golf bag concept, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Orlimar Pitch and Putt is a great choice. This is a very affordable golf bag that has all the essentials that you need with a Sunday type golf bag. 

Our favorite thing about the Orlimar is that is has a lightweight stand. If you don’t want to lay your clubs across the grass, this is a good choice. There is also a water bottle carrying pocket on the top side of the bag. 

Just because you want to keep things lightweight doesn’t mean you want to get dehydrated. Having a convenient and accessible spot to carry the water is great.

You will notice that the top of the Orlimar has a divider so that your clubs are not all rubbing against each other. Certainly, this won’t function as a 14 way top in a full-size cart bag, but it does the trick.

Titleist Carry Golf Bag

Best Sunday Golf Bag for Lower Handicapper

Key Features

  • Great choice for the lower handicap player 
  • Single shoulder strap for ease of use
  • Durable and non fade fabric


  • Simple but high quality
  • Includes four pockets
  • Very lightweight
  • Full-length apparel pocket


  • No stand for golf bag
  • Not great for carrying more than just a few clubs

Low handicappers like the Titleist name for a number of reasons. Their products are usually geared toward the person that is serious about their golf game. That is certainly the case with the Titleist Carry bag

The Titleist bag comes with a single should strap, it has four pockets and it is made of high-quality material. We think this is one of the best Sunday bags for when you are heading to the driving range. 

When at the driving range, there is really no need to bring your entire bag with the 42 ball markers, umbrella, ball retriever, etc.

Usually, players just want to bring four or five clubs with them. Leaving those clubs lying on the turf at the range is not the best idea. 

When you use a Sunday golf bag at the driving range you don’t have to worry about your clubs sitting on the ground, and you can save yourself from lugging around excess gear as well.

FLYMEI Sunday Travel Bag

Best Sunday Golf Bag for Travel

Key Features

  • Has a cover to keep clubs protected
  • Zip up and put away when done 
  • Affordable overall choice


  • Has several pockets
  • Will zip up around the clubs when done
  • Available in an option for both men and women
  • Very affordable


  • Not a great golf bag for cart

Are you headed on a trip and don’t feel like damaging your golf bag? 

Do you have a cart bag that won’t fit in a traditional travel case? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the FLYMEI bag could be a great choice for you. This option will come in a black or a pink color, so it works for both men and women. 

You can take the should strap on and off the bag and overall the bag is very lightweight. This option would work for a beginner who wants to bring a few clubs around a course or a junior or senior that just needs an option to get a few holes in. 

There is a top to this bag that will zip when you are on the go. All of the accessory pockets also zip closed to keep everything in place for travel. 

If you don’t want to carry the FLYMEI with the shoulder strap, there is also a comfortable handle that gives you the support you need to travel with these Sunday bags.

Overall the FLYMEI is a very affordable option and it serves an excellent purpose to travel without bringing all of your equipment with you.

Sunday Golf Bags Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of the best Sunday golf bags on the market, you may want some more information about the Sunday bag.

These are a great addition to your golf equipment, but they won’t work for every player. 

How Much Does A Typical Sunday Bag Cost? 

Sunday golf bags usually cost around $100. When you consider that most cart bags are usually around $200 or more, the Sunday bag is much more affordable.

One of the main reasons Sunday bag costs more money is because it is smaller. It certainly won’t accommodate all of your golf gear, and for that reason, it costs quite a bit less. 

Can A Sunday Bag Have A Stand? 

Yes, a Sunday bag can have a stand, although traditionally, it just has a strap, and it lays on the ground.

Since Sunday golf bags have been getting more popular, so has the stand that goes on them. The problem with laying the Sunday bag in the grass is that it gets wet, and it will fade and wear out quite a bit quicker than a stand bag. 

How Many Golf Clubs Does A Sunday Bag Hold? 

Some Sunday golf bags are built to hold about six clubs, and others can keep almost all of your clubs. The average golfer wants to get about eight clubs in the Sunday bag. 

You have to remember that when stuffing a bunch of extra clubs in your golf bag, it will get much heavier. Carrying a single strap Sunday golf bag with fourteen clubs in it is going to be more complicated than just using a traditional carry bag with the double strap. 

If you are trying to stuff all of your equipment into a Sunday bag, don’t purchase one. These are intended to be for those days when you need a few clubs and a few balls, for an everyday golf bag packed with stuff look for a traditional golf carry or stand bag. 

Do Sunday Bags Still Have Pockets? 

Sunday golf bags have plenty of pockets; they just won’t accommodate as much as a traditional golf bag.

Most Sunday bags will have a valuables pocket and a place to store balls and tees as well. Some will have a full-length apparel pocket, but that is not seen as often.

You will have more than enough room to keep the things that you need to play a few rounds of golf in your golf bag. 

What Are The Most Important Features In A Sunday Bag? 

If we have sold you on the idea of getting a Sunday bag there are a few features that you should think about and decide on prior to purchasing. 


Some bags have room to put a sweater or a few hats, and others will only have space for several golf balls. Be realistic about what you need to fit in your golf bag.


It’s important to remember that this bag will very likely be lying on the ground at times. Although a white bag may look nice, it won’t stay white for long when on the ground. Generally speaking, a darker color works better for this type of bag. 


Choosing a heavy Sunday bag completely defeats the purpose. You should find something that is about three pounds or less. Especially if you will be carrying this on your shoulder the heavier bags don’t work well. 


Some bags come with a stand, and others will not. You have to decide if this matters to you. The one tip of advice we have is that these stands are not very sturdy. If you plan on trying to stuff all 14 of your clubs in your Sunday bag, the stand will not hold up. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Now that you have an idea as to which golf Sunday bags are the best on the market let’s answer a few questions; fort golfers often ask about these clubs. Having a great Sunday Bag can make golf more enjoyable and easier for those that don’t like to deal with a lot of stuff. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about golf Sunday bags.

What are Sunday golf bags?

A Sunday golf bag is a great choice for those that want to play a round of golf with just a few golf clubs. Sunday bags are considerably smaller than traditional golf bags, but they allow for ease of use. 

The Sunday golf bags hold seven to nine golf clubs, and they will not allow for as much storage of accessories. With a Sunday golf bag, you are going to have to condense what you bring on the golf course, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the functionality.

Can you travel with a Sunday golf bag?

A golf Sunday bag can be good for travel, but you must make sure that you are properly protecting the Sunday Bag. When you invest in a Sunday bag, you will see that they are lighter in weight and they do not hold as much gear. This means that in a travel situation, they can get crushed; just invest in a good travel cover, and it should be fine.

Why do they call it a Sunday bag?

A Sunday golf bag is designed to be used on a Sunday afternoon to get a few golf holes in. It makes sense to use a Sunday golf bag if you have access to a pitch and putt golf course or can head out to play a few holes in the late afternoon.


Sunday golf bags are becoming increasingly popular in the world of golf. People want to be out on the golf course and walking around, but they don’t want to hurt their backs and struggle with a heavy cart or stand bag. 

The best Sunday bag on the market is the Cobra Ultralight. Cobra makes a wide range of great golf products where they really think about what it takes to be a golfer. You have all the pockets, comfort, and organization you need with the Cobra.


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