8 Best Cheap Golf Balls 2024: Quality Meets Affordability

When you set out for a round of golf, chances are you have hundreds of dollars in equipment, golf clothes, shoes, and then you have to pay a greens fee.

This is quite a bit of expense, and it doesn’t get any better when you start losing golf balls.

For some golfers, all of these expenses are going to add up to be too much. The best way to deal with this can be to purchase some cheap golf balls.

Cheap golf balls will at least lower one of the many expenses, and some of them have plenty of performance. 

Our Best Cheap Golf Balls in 2024

Best Cheap Golf Balls: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls


  • Great for mid to high handicap players
  • High ball speed
  • Good spin around the greens 
  • Low compression core
  • Ionomer cover


  • Hard to find the yellow golf balls for the lower price

The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls have continually made their way to the top of the cheap golf balls lists. The Srixon is known for giving players an incredible feel around the greens while still providing a great value.

This is one of the best golf balls for the money.

The Srixon Soft Feel has a 344 dimple design that is used to try and get players a bit more ball speed than other golf balls on the market. This is a two piece ball that works for those that even have a low swing speed.

The Srixon has an Energetic Gradient Growth Core, which helps players get the distance they need off the tee, great ball flight, and greenside control. This is a lot of performance to pack into a golf ball that is low priced.

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade Noodle Easy Distance Golf Balls


  • Straighter flight technology 
  • Long distance but soft feel 
  • Best cheap golf balls for many years running
  • Durable cover


  • Low greenside spin

The TaylorMade Noodle golf ball has been on the market for quite some time. The idea behind the Noodle is that it is a long golf ball that also feels soft around the greens.

The Noodle does an excellent job for a 3 piece golf ball when a player gets near the green. 

The Noodle features an impact propulsion core that helps make it one of the longer golf balls with a low compression core. The Noodle is a distance golf ball, and it has a dimple pattern built for longer carry. 

The Noodle has always been one of the best value golf balls that have ever hit the market. With the feel and the performance, this Noodle will likely be around for a long time to come.

Runner Up 2: Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls


  • Great for slow to mid swing speed 
  • Two piece construction 
  • Smart Core
  • Low drag dimple design 
  • Sold in a 24 ball pack


  • A little hard

The Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls come in a pack of 24, so you will have plenty of golf balls to use. The Wilson Smart Core golf balls are a great choice for distance, and they are also offered at a very fair price. 

The Smart Core is technology that is going to help a golfer get some extra distance on their shots. Overall the cover is hard, and it will help your golf ball roll quite a bit down the fairway. The ionomer cover helps to add a little bit of durability and feel as well. 

Overall, this will be a golf ball with low spin off the tee, plenty of distance, and offered at a fair price. The only major problem that you will get with the Wilson Smart Core is that the spin around the green is not all that great. 

Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

Best For Higher Handicappers


  • Fast ball speed
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Soft Ionomer cover around the greens


  • Some golfers feel that the Pinnacle golf ball feels too hard off the tee

Higher handicappers are going to be the golfers who lose the largest amount of golf balls. The best cheap golf balls for higher handicappers will come in 15 or 24 ball packs.

Although the pricing may seem a little higher, it is worth seeing how many balls come with the box. 

The Pinnacle golf balls have always been known as some of the best cheap golf balls. Pinnacles are typically quite hard off the tee and will fly a long way. However, when you get closer to the greens, the Pinnacles usually feel rather soft. 

The core of the Pinnacle balls is what helps them get their distance. This is a high energy core that has really fast ball speeds.

The Ionomer cover on the Pinnacle helps to make them durable but also gives that classic soft feel around the greens.

You won’t get the spin that you would get from a three or four piece ball, but it should be just enough for the higher handicappers game. 

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Best for Lower Handicappers


  • Long, straight, and soft
  • New cover is durable and high performing
  • Low compression
  • Fast ball speeds


  • Not as high spinning around the green as many lower handicappers would like.

Most of the golf balls built for the lower handicap players are going to be very expensive. The lower handicap golfers demand performance and low spin from the tee and great feel around the greens. 

This is a lot to put into cheap golf balls, and this is why you often see that the pricing gets relatively high, and three and four piece balls are marketed towards the lower handicappers.

The Callaway Supersoft is the best cheap ball for lower handicappers because they feel like a premium ball for a very low price. 

The Supersoft features the HEX aerodynamics like many of the Callaway golf balls. This Hex pattern helps the ball stay on a much straighter flight through the air, and it helps it react to spin around the greens as well. 

Supersoft golf balls have a new Trigonometry cover formulation that is low compression and has very good greenside control.

Lower handicappers are going to have to pay a bit more to get everything they need in a ball; however, if budget is a concern, the Supersoft is a great choice.

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

Best for Average Golfer


  • Great for golfers with average swing speeds
  • Cheap golf balls for the distance they provide
  • Low drag pattern 
  • React Core for higher ball speed 


  • A little harder than something like the Srixon

The TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls offer some of the best value for the average golfer that needs a cheap golf ball. Although the distance plus is cheap golf balls, they will offer a tremendous amount of performance. 

The Distance Plus is made with a 342 dimple pattern that is intended to get the ball through the air and stay on a straight path.

With the low spin off the tee, this high performance pattern, and the price, you will be pleasantly surprised with the TaylorMade Distance Plus. 

Although this is a ball that could work for a variety of golfers, we like it best for the average player. Most average golfers want a cheap golf ball, so they don’t add to their golf expenses, yet they also need some extra distance and forgiveness in their golf game. 

Callaway Supersoft Magna Golf Balls

Best for Seniors


  • Built for slower swing speeds
  • Larger than normal golf ball 
  • HEX pattern for better ball flight
  • Very easy to see
  • USGA conforming


  • Low spin around the greens

One of the things that make golf difficult for some seniors is being able to see the golf ball. As we get older and eyesight starts to get less sharp, seeing the golf ball can become a concern.

Luckily the new Supersoft Magna can help this problem. The great thing about the Magna is that they are also cheap golf balls. 

The Supersoft Magna is an oversized ball, but it is still considered to be a legal golf ball by the USGA. The Magma is engineered in a way that it is going to look larger than a traditional golf ball. This makes it easier to hit and better for a senior’s golf game. 

The cover on the Magna is the same trigonometry cover that you will find on the traditional Supersoft. The HEX pattern is also the same to help reduce drag and get a better lift and longer distance. This is a two piece golf ball that will help to improve a senior’s golf game. 

Wilson Sporting Goods Tour Velocity

Best for Women


  • Good short game control 
  • Wilson is a strong bad for women’s golf products 
  • Long lasting golf balls
  • Comes in a 15 ball pack


  • Not high spin balls for short game performance

The most important factor for a woman when choosing golf balls is to get something that will work for a slower swing speed.

The majority of women golfers struggle to get as much swing speed as the male golfers. The best cheap golf balls for women will have lots of ball speed and a decently soft feel around the greens. 

The Wilson Tour Velocity is a 15 ball pack designed specifically for a woman’s golf game. The cover on the Velocity is quite hard, which helps golfers to get a lot of distance and roll. 

When it comes to greenside performance, the Wilson Tour Velocity utilizes a mid compression core. This core helps to get some spin for the golfers that want it around the greens.

However, if you are a lower handicap female golfer, you will want a ball with a bit more speed and versatility than this Tour Velocity. 

One of the things we like best about this ball is that it is white. Women’s golf balls are almost always pink, and we don’t feel as though the pink color gives a golfer the best visibility when on the golf course.

Overall this is a great choice for a wide range of women golfers with moderate swing speeds.

Cheap Golf Balls Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of the best cheap golf balls on the market, it’s time to figure out which is the best for you.

Although we have put our top picks into different categories, it makes sense to have a little more background information before buying the best golf balls on the market. 

Are 2 Piece Golf Balls The Cheapest? 

The 2 piece golf ball tends to be cheaper than a three piece. The reason behind this is the materials that are needed to make the golf ball. Since the three piece uses more advanced technology than the 2 piece construction, it is more expensive golf equipment. 

The majority of golfers can play with a 2 piece golf ball and have no issues. The tour level golf balls that have more than two pieces are going to usually have a softer feel and have more spin around the green. 

The more pieces a golf ball has, the more layers of performance that it can have, and therefore it is something that players are comfortable using.

Golf balls tend to add up in price rather quickly. It is going to be very hard to find a three piece ball that will fit in the cheap category of balls. 

Does It Affect Your Game To Play With Cheap Golf Balls? 

Many lower handicap players insist on playing with something like the Pro V1x by Titleist. This is one of the higher performing balls on the market, and there is no question; it is better than some other balls out there.

However, unless your game is capable of noticing the difference between these balls, it may not matter which ball you are playing with. 

For instance, a 25 handicapper may go out to play with a Pro V1x and a Pinnacle and shoot the same score on each ball. However, there are other players that will notice the Pro V1x saved them a few shots as they made their way around the course. 

You will have to experiment a bit to find the best ball on the market for your game. Chances are you will end up with something in the mid price range. Having a balance between feel and price is the smartest way to go. 

What Is The Best Golf Ball For An Average Golfer? 

Even though the Callaway Supersoft balls showed up on our list of the best cheap balls, it is also one of the best overall golf balls. Average golfers need the ability to hit the ball a long way and make sure that they don’t get high spin off the tee

High spin can cause a slice to get considerably worse, and it can cause a ball to back up in the fairway as opposed to rolling forward. The Supersoft is an excellent choice for a combination of low spin from the tee and soft feel around the green. 

The compression rating on the Supersoft is also quite low, making it a good choice for the low to mid swing speed golfers. 

Are Used Golf Balls Any Good? 

When cheap balls are discussed, it makes sense to consider used balls as well. Used balls will usually come in a bulk type purchase and be a mix of a few different brand manufacturers.

In a container of used balls, you may get some Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and even some older Nike balls. 

For new golfers or a player who tends to lose a lot of balls during the course of a round of golf, the used balls are a great choice. However, the trouble is going to be the consistency. 

The game of golf has so many unknown factors. The weather changes, your swing changes, the course changes it can be hard to add in a golf ball change as well.

Keeping things consistent and playing with the same balls week in and week out could help you get more consistency in your game. 

For the price, the used balls are a great deal; however, they are probably not going to provide the best consistency of performance. With a game of so many variables, it is smart to try and keep some things from changing each round. 


By now, you should have a very good understanding of the best golf balls on the market for the price.

Cheap golf balls can be an excellent idea for average to high handicap golfers that tend to lose quite a few balls during the course of a round of golf. If you are looking for a tour level ball, chances are it will be a bit more expensive.

The Srixon Men’s Soft Feel stand out as the best overall cheap golf balls. They have everything from long distance off the tee to a soft feel around the greens. They offer the perfect combination for all skill levels offered at a very fair price.

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