Best Cold Weather Golf Balls in 2022

Having played the game of golf for more than ⅔ of my life, I can’t say there are too many weather conditions that keep me off the golf course.

However, not being prepared for the proper weather will undoubtedly impact your ability to score and to play well.

As a PGA professional, I saw way too many amateur golfers head out to the course without being adequately prepared.

Although you may be aware of clothing and gloves for cold weather, there are also cold weather golf balls.

Our Best Cold Weather Golf Balls in 2022

Best Cold Weather Golf Balls: Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls


  • Very soft feel
  • Distance golf ball 
  • Consistency, durable cover


  • It won’t have the same greenside spin as other Titleist golf balls

The Titleist TruFeel Golf balls are the best overall choice for the cold days out on the golf course. Although this may not be the ball you choose to play all year, when it comes to winter golf balls, the TruFeel is a perfect choice. 

Titleist golf balls are traditionally known for having higher ball speed and lots of great feel. That is certainly true with the TruFeel balls.

This is a two piece distance ball, which is going to come in handy in the colder weather. The soft feel on the Titleist TruFeel also helps them to have better greenside control.

Another great thing about the TruFeel is that they are priced very fairly. The cover of the ball has an alignment line that you can use to help you while putting.

The alignment line is very similar to the Callaway Triple Track. If you want consistency and cold weather performance for a very fair price, the TruFeel golf balls are a perfect choice.

Runner Up 1: Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls


  • Long and straight 
  • Higher launch 
  • One of the lowest compression on the market
  • Trigonometry cover formulation for better greenside feel


  • Higher swing speeds sometimes struggle with the very low compression

One of the most essential things about golf balls for cold days on the course is that they are low compression.

Chances are you will have a harder time compressing the golf ball when it is cold outside. Your body will be moving slower, and your interaction with the ball and your club is not going to be the same as a warm day. 

The Callaway Supersoft features the traditional HEX aerodynamics that Callaway puts on most of their golf balls. This hexagonal dimple pattern helps to reduce drag and get a higher ball flight.

When playing in the cold, this is a great feature to have. It’s harder for a golf ball to cut through the cold air than it is to get through on a hot and humid day. 

When playing on a cold day, you also have to consider the feel. So many rounds that I have played in the cold have almost felt painful.

When your hands hit the ball in the wrong way, you will feel a very uncomfortable rattle. Playing with a 38 compression golf ball is certainly going to help make the experience a bit more fun!

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

Runner Up 2: Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls


  • Works well even for faster swinging players in the cold 
  • High ball speed 
  • Soft feel golf ball 


  • Only offered in the one color

Wilson Golf balls make a wide range of products for the high handicapper to beginner. Since they specialize in this area, Wilson does a great job with low compression golf balls.

If the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, low compression is the way to go. 

The Wilson DUO Soft has a great combination of soft feel, low compression, and plenty of distance. This is a two piece ball that gives golfers great consistency and value as well.

Overall you will be impressed with the engineering of what is generally considered more of a value type golf ball. 

The best golf balls for cold weather need to be soft around the green, or you won’t be able to get any spin. Spin in the colder temperatures takes a bit more effort, but with the responsive cover on the Duo Soft, you may be able to get the spin you need. 

Titliest Pro V1 Golf Balls

Best Premium Cold Weather Golf Balls


  • Good greenside spin rates
  • Medium compression balls 
  • Four piece construction


  • Premium pricing

The Titleist Pro V1 is probably one of the most well known golf balls in the game. Although the Pro V1 is still going to be a medium compression ball, it has a soft feel.

The soft feel helps you get the performance around the greens that you need, and you can do what you need to with this ball in play. 

Many fast swing speed players need to consider going to the Pro V1 for rounds in the winter. The cooler weather is going to make it harder to compress the ball, and the Pro V1 is a great alternative.

Although you may not get the same ball speed and spin that you will get with the Pro V1x, this is still a great winter golf ball. 

Part of what gives the Pro V1 it’s amazing performance is that it is a four piece golf ball. Each layer of the ball contributes to a low spin, less drag, and more overall speed.

Since playing in the winter can involve leaves and maybe even a little snow, look for the Pro V1 in yellow. Since this is a more premium priced golf ball, you won’t want to lose it. 

Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Balls

Best Value Golf Balls


  • Low compression core
  • Very low driver spin 
  • Durable cover
  • Good greenside spin


  • Two piece construction

Remember that when we talk about the value, we like to consider performance and price, not just price. However, the Wilson Staff 50 Elite is a great golf ball for the colder weather, and they happen to be priced extremely fair as well. 

Playing golf in the winter, you will have to deal with a drop in the temperature range but also some winter winds. A golf ball that has lower compression but also a dimple pattern that produces less drag is essential.

It’s good to do this research before heading to the course. Trust me; when you get into the winter weather conditions, you will not want to find out you have the wrong golf ball. 

Playing golf in the colder weather is not ideal, and it can be quite uncomfortable; with this 50 compression golf ball, you can get plenty of distance but also a softer feel around the greens.

One of our favorite features of the Wilson Staff 50 Elite is the low spin off the tee. You will get that extra roll on the cold hard ground that you wait all summer for!

Callaway SuperHot Bold

Best High Visibility Golf Balls for Cold Weather


  • Available in several colors
  • Good distance golf ball 
  • Medium compression 
  • Durable cover


  • Not the best for the slower swing speed player 

When I played golf in college, we played in any weather condition. This meant that we had to finish some rounds when the snow started to fall. Certainly, the game takes on some new challenges when you are playing in true winter weather. 

However, many winter days on the course are windy and not all that sunny. With that being the case, it is essential to play golf with an easy to find ball.

The Callaway Superhot Bold is an excellent choice because you get lots of distance, and you can choose from several different colors. 

This is a three-piece golf ball, so you will also get some greenside feel in addition to your distance. The colder weather conditions are a good match for this Superhot golf ball.

Another great thing about this three piece ball is that you can keep the ball flight down if you want to.

Read our Callaway Superhot review.

Cold Weather Golf Balls Buying Guide

You should now have a good idea of which golf balls are going to be the best when the cold air moves into town. We give you credit for still getting out there and enjoying the game when the weather takes a turn.

Here are a few questions that golfers tend to ask about golf and the colder weather. 

Does Cold Weather Affect Golf Balls? 

Colder air is denser than warm air. When the golf ball tries to get through the air in cold temperatures, it struggles. There is more resistance and drag, and golfers will lose distance.

This is why some players need to consider using a different golf ball based on the temperature they are playing in. 

One trick that golfers should consider is keeping their golf balls indoors the night before they head out to play. Keeping your golf ball in freezing temperatures may affect the distance you can get until the ball warms up a bit. 

Are Low Compression Golf Balls Better In Cold Weather? 

Low compression golf balls are better in colder weather. When the ball gets colder, it is hard to compress, and golfers’ swings start to slow down as well.

With a lower compression golf ball, you can get more distance even when the temperature takes a dive. 

For golfers with slow swing speeds, make sure to choose something soft as well. Golfers that have higher swing speeds can just look for more of a distance ball with a soft cover.

This should be enough of a change to help them get the performance they need in the colder weather. 

What Temperature Is Too Cold To Play Golf? 

Some golfers are braver than others when it comes to the temperatures that are acceptable for playing golf. Many golf courses will make you wait until there is no frost on the course before you can head out.

The general rule of thumb or generally accepted temperature cut off is right around 40 degrees. 

If you can find a day with 40 degree weather, and you have the proper golf gear, chances are you are going to have a much better day on the golf course.

Playing below 40 degrees can be challenging. Make sure that you allow yourself a bit of room when you see that your scores are a few shots higher. 

Typically greens do not run as smoothly when you are playing in the colder weather. Since they are dormant, the grass can’t replace itself as well, and you could be dealing with some bare or rough spots. 


Hopefully, you now feel a bit better about the choices for golf balls in colder weather. We are golfers, and we fully understand the desire to want to expand your golf season.

However, find a cold weather ball with distance forgiveness and spin is an essential part of teeing it up in the winter. The Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls are the best overall choice for when you are playing in the cold.

These winter golf balls have a durable cover, low spin from the tee, and low compression. As always, Titleist golf balls also come with plenty of great greenside feel.

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