7 Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls of 2024: Expert Review

Golfers who are genuinely obsessed with the sport will admit that there are just not enough hours in the day to play all the golf they need.

This is where glow in the dark golf can come in handy. Playing golf at night provides an entirely different experience.

Although it will be nothing like your typical round on a Saturday morning, glow ball golf can be quite a bit of fun. The most important part of night golf is having the proper golf balls.

Without the right glowing golf balls, you will lose your ball after just a minute or two of play. Here are the best glow in the dark golf balls on the market.

Our Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls in 2024

Best Glow In The Dark Golf Balls: R&L Glow Golf Balls


  • Fly like a real golf ball
  • Charges easily in the sun 
  • Very bright
  • Can recharge with a UV Flashlight


  • Will lose its ability to glow after some time

The R&L Fluorescent golf balls sit at the top of our list because they are a great value, and they are very easy to use as well. The R&L will recharge quickly with the sunlight, and they are very bright when you are ready to use them on the course. 

If you don’t have time to put the R&L out in the sun before your round, you can use a UV flashlight to charge them as well. In fact, it may be worth bringing the flashlight along on your round in case your golf ball starts to lose a bit of its brightness. 

The great thing about the R&L golf balls is that they are regular golf balls, and they do not have LED’s inside. This makes the ball perform a bit more like a traditional golf ball. LED golf balls are sometimes a great option, but they can be a little hard. 

You will notice that the R&L tends to shine for very long periods of time, and this is attributed to two layers of fluorescence.

The lower layer helps to brighten the top layer so that you can always find your golf ball. Overall these are great light up golf balls for your next round of night golf.

Runner Up 1: GoSports Light Up LED Golf Balls


  • Comes in four different colors
  • Stays light for ten minutes
  • Very bright LED lights


  • Limited flight golf balls

The GoSports Light Up LED Golf Balls to come in a 12 pack, and they are an excellent choice for a glow golf event. With the GoSports Light Up, you will not get the same flight as a typical golf ball, but that can be a good thing. 

Many times when you play golf at night, you will play on shortened holes that allow you to stay safe and keep an eye on your golf ball. The great thing about these GoSports balls is that they have a ten minute timer

If you are playing around with a group of people, the last thing you want is to lose your LED golf ball because the LED light is switched off.

With the GoSports, you won’t have to worry about that, as ten minutes is quite a long time after impact to find the ball. 

The batteries in these GoSports Light Up are going to last for about 35 hours total. This allows you plenty of time to get some night golf in. 

Runner Up 2: THIODOON Led Golf Balls


  • Not flashing
  • Comes with six colors
  • Long battery life
  • No need to charge


  • Feel is not as great as some other choices

The Thiodoon Golf Golf Balls are one of the top selling night balls. These are very easy to use, glow very brightly, and they are not flashing.

Some people find the flashing golf balls are a bit difficult to focus on. Something with a constant light can be a bit more appealing. 

With the Thiodoon, you will not need a charger or a UV flashlight. This is a golf ball that reacts as soon as you hit it. The package comes with six different color golf balls so everyone can play without mixing up who is hitting which golf ball. 

The battery in the Thiodoon is going to last about 40 hours, which is a good amount of time for a glow in the dark golf ball. If you never have player glow in the dark golf before, these glow balls are going to be a good choice to get you started. 

Crestgolf Led Glow Golf Balls

Best Premium Glow In The Dark Golf Balls


  • Stays lit for a long time
  • Easy to find on the course
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Great for a group that wants to play night golf together


  • One of the more expensive glowing golf balls

The Crestgolf LED Golf Balls are for those that are serious about their golf at night. These are going to be priced higher than some other options on the market, but they will last a long time and they are quite durable as well. 

The Crestgolf are a three layer golf ball so that they have feel and performance, and at the same time, they can protect the LED light that is inside the ball.

The total life of the LED inside the Crestgolf is about 50 hours. This is quite long for a glow golf ball. 

Inside there are four LED lights that help to make this one of the best night golf balls. They are extremely bright and easy to follow as the ball travels through the sky as well.

The golf ball keeps a constant light for eight minutes. This is a long time and helps to make sure you won’t lose these easily. 

Lite4Nite Glowing golf balls

Best For Feel


  • The best feel of glow in the dark balls 
  • Good for short game practice
  • Can use for a long time


  • Need to purchase a charger separately 

If you what your night golf balls to feel like regular golf balls, then you may need to consider the Lite4Nite Glowing golf balls.

This is a pack of one dozen golf balls. You will notice that golf balls that have a better feel are going to be more expensive than others. 

What is great about the Lite4Nite balls is that you can charge them and use them over and over again. These Lite4Nite have been used by PGA pros and have found that they will not limit your ball flight in any way.

The only downside to this ball is that you will need to purchase a charger separately. The charger works in about 45 seconds to get these golf balls charged and ready to go. 

WINOMO Luminous Night Golf Balls

Best Value Glow In The Dark Golf Balls


  • Very bright glow
  • Similar features to a traditional golf ball
  • Can be used many times


  • Only comes in a three pack 

As you will quickly come to realize, golf balls with a bright fluorescent glow are going to be quite expensive. There is no such thing as a fluorescent or night golf ball that is cheap.

Some are more affordable than others, but they are generally all a bit expensive. 

The Winomo is a great night time golf ball for those that want to get started and see if night golf could be a good fit for them.

This is an LED golf ball that will stay light for eight minutes after being hit. Each time you hit it, these led balls are going to light back up again. 

One of the things you will like about Winomo LED balls is that it has a very bright glow. Although this golf ball will not feel exactly the same as a traditional ball, it has many of the same features.

You should be able to get some performance when using the Winomo.

Battle Pulse Glow Golf Balls

Best Longevity


  • Comes with 6 golf balls
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Fifty hours of battery life


  • Only comes in a six pack 

The Battle Pulse Glow Golf balls are a great solution for players that are looking for an LED ball built to last. The Battle Pulse has a 50 hour lifespan that will make it a more practical choice for those that play a lot of glow ball. We like that the Battle Pulse is relatively affordable, considering that it is such a long-lasting golf ball.

This pack of golf balls comes in a red, blue, orange, white, pink, and green color selection and will make it easier to play golf with a group of friends. Each time that you hit the ball, it will stay glowing for a total of 10 minutes. This is considerably longer than others on the market.

The golf ball itself is a three-layer ball that has a very strong inner light. This is an LED golf ball, so that ball flight won’t be exactly like a traditional golf ball, but the overall performance is approved by the USGA. In fact, golfers have no trouble getting the ball to fly high and far enough that it makes for an excellent fun round of play.

What To Look For When Buying Glow In The Dark Golf Balls?

Now that you have some of the best golf glow in the dark golf balls on the market to choose from, it’s time to understand what to look for in a glow in the dark golf ball. As you can see from our list of the best golf balls for playing at night, there are some distinctive differences from one golf ball to another. Understanding these differences and then choosing what is best for your game will ensure you are happy with your purchase. 


As you will see glow in, dark golf balls come in various colors. There are some companies that sell a white traditional golf ball, but most of the time, the colors are brighter so that they will stand out a bit more on the golf course. 

It can be difficult to see golf balls on the course at night, and the bright colors really stand out from others. The color that we find the easiest to see is red, orange, and even the bright green. If you have a hard time seeing golf balls during the day, make sure you pay close attention to the color you purchase for night time play. 

LED vs. Flashlight Activated

There are two basic types of glow in the dark golf balls. The first is the LED golf ball that is activated when you hit the ball. Once you make contact with the ball, it will stay lit up for about six to ten minutes. Many of these golf balls flash to help you identify where they are and pin down their location a bit quicker. 

In addition, there are also glow in the dark golf balls that come with a flashlight. These golf balls are going to be a bit more labor intensive, but they will fly similar to a traditional golf ball. The flashlight activated golf balls require a player to shine a UV Flashlight on the ball for a few minutes before hitting it. 

These golf balls can be recharged quite a few times and will help players that are on a budget looking for some extra longevity from a ball. There is really no reason a UV golf ball should go bad as long as you store it properly. Therefore you will need to replace it much less often. 

The LED glow in the dark golf balls are by far the most popular, but if you are worried about the way they impact ball flight, you can switch to a UV activated flashlight type golf ball. 


Glow in the Dark golf balls do not last forever. In fact, they really only last for a certain number of hours. The cheaper glow in the dark golf balls will last for approximately 30 hours, whereas the more expensive and longer lasting tend to have more than 50 hours of lifespan.

It is easy to calculate about how long your golf ball is going to last. When you strike the ball, you will only have the light on for a certain period of time. If the time that is advertised on the ball is ten minutes and the longevity is 30 hours, you can do a quick calculation to see about how many hits you can take with the golf ball and still get some use out of it. 

The bigger issue golfers have with longevity is losing a golf ball. If you happen to miss the fairway with a shot, make sure to start looking for it rather quickly, you will only have a certain period of time before the flashing stops, and you may not find your ball. 

Light Time

Some golf balls will stay lit after impact for 6 minutes, and others will last for 10. If you know you are not a quick walker, or it takes you some extra time to find your golf balls, the light time is really important. Look for something that is above 8 minutes, especially if you are playing with a group of friends. By the time you get to look for your ball, too much time could have passed, and you may not find it. 

The light time on a golf ball is something that all golfers need to pay close attention to when they first start playing golf at night. 


The price of glow in the dark golf balls is higher than it is for traditional golf balls. This is kind of a novelty item that is not used all that often. Therefore it makes sense that the pricing would be a little higher and that golfers would have to spend some extra savings on this golf ball. If you are instead looking for a golf ball that is cheap, you may want to look more at the UV Flashlight golf balls. 

Although these golf balls are a bit less convenient, there are times that their functionality can make sense, and there is really no reason that these golf balls can go bad. Sometimes looking for LED golf balls when they are on sale or calling a company to buy bulk for an event can make sense for golfers that find they really love glow-in-the-dark golf. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea of the best glow in the dark golf balls on the market, it’s time to clear up some misconceptions about these golf balls.

As a golf professional, I can tell you that glow golf gets expensive rather quickly. You will want to make sure you play courses without water hazards when you head out for a round of golf at night.

Here are some other great tips about glow in the dark golf balls and golf at night. 

Do Glow Balls Travel as Far As Real Golf Balls? 

If you are heading out on the golf course to play glow in the dark golf, you might have to give up on some of your current golf goals.

Glow in the dark ball is not going to travel quite the same as your regular golf balls. Glow ball is intended to be fun, and you can’t always work on your performance in the same way. 

Most of the fluorescent glow balls are going to be quite hard to keep clubs from breaking the LED or glow stick in the middle of the ball.

Enjoy being on the course at night time but don’t worry so much about your score or your typical ball flight. 

How Long Do Luminous Golf Balls Stay Lit?

Depending on the battery and the type of balls that golfers are using, the ball will stay lit for about five to ten minutes.

This amount of time should be enough for golfers to find their ball if it has traveled off the intended path. 

How Long Do Glow In The Dark Balls Last?

Glow in the dark balls will usually last for around 30-50 hours. If you purchase something that can be charged or requires batteries, you may be able to replace them.

However, the glow in the dark balls that have the LED light inside them will have a certain life, and then they will die off. 

The features of these glow in the dark balls are great, and most people find that they will be able to use the product for many rounds before having to purchase new ones. Unless you are practicing and playing night time golf each week, the 30-50 hour range should be fine. 

Make sure to follow recommendations on where to store the glow-in-the-dark golf balls when not in use, sometimes there are recommendations that can increase their longevity and effectiveness.

Are Glow In The Dark Golf Balls Rechargeable? 

Depending on what time of glow in the dark balls that you purchase, you may be able to recharge them. Some balls will charge using UV light.

This means that you can leave them out during the day to collect UV light, or you can bring a UV flashlight with you for your night game. 

Many people find that these types of glow in the dark balls are not going to be as bright as some of the LED light golf balls.

Are Glow In The Dark Golf Balls Worth It? 

The glow in the dark golf balls are typically quite a bit more expensive than traditional golf balls. Many golfers wonder if it makes sense to use these golf balls as they are going to increase the costs of your next round of golf. However, if you want to play golf at night, this is a way to get it done. 

Glow in the dark golf balls are more expensive because of the technology that they use. Although we don’t always recommend purchasing a ton of these and becoming a night golfer, having some for a few rounds of fun can be a great idea. 

In addition, the glow in the dark golf balls on the market are limited flight, so they may not travel as far and get into as much trouble as a traditional golf ball. This means that you should be able to use it for quite some time. Keep a close eye on where your glow in the dark golf balls are, and you may end up never needing to replace these all year long. 

Do Glow In The Dark Golf Balls Travel As Far As Regular Golf Balls? 

Most glow in the dark golf balls are considered to be limited flight golf balls. With a more limited flight golf ball, you will not need something that travels all that far. In fact, the best thing you can do is find a golf ball that has a long lifespan and a bright coloring for when you need to use it. 

This can help to ensure that you are ready for any situation and that you will enjoy your round of glow in the dark golf. This is not a time to be practicing for a tournament or to be worried about the spin you are getting on the golf ball. Instead, think of this glow in the dark golf as a way to have fun with your game and see what you are capable of. 

In the end glow in the, dark golf is more of a game than the actual sport. We see people use these golf balls with friends or even as a fun way to finish the 18th hole when it starts to get a bit dark out. 

Why Are Glow In The Dark Golf Balls Often Sold In A 6 Pack? 

Many of the glow in the dark golf balls that you see on the market are sold in a 6 pack and not in the full dozen that we normally see. This is typical because golfers do not play nearly as much glow ball golf as they do traditional golf. Therefore you don’t really need 12 of the glow in the dark golf balls. 

The balls are also a bit more expensive because of the motion activated LED light. Therefore it is in the player’s best interest to pick a golf ball that is affordable, and when there are twelve in a pack, glow ball becomes a bit too expensive for some players. 

Some companies will sell these golf balls by the dozen, but you may want to consider sharing with friends if you purchase a twelve pack.


Taking your golf game into the night can be quite a bit of fun. You will enjoy getting to see the golf course from a completely different angle. LED light up golf balls are going to make the game possible and entertaining as well.

The R&L Glow Golf Balls are a great choice to get you started enjoying the game at night.

They are a fair price, are easy to charge, and are long-lasting. These features will allow you many rounds of golf at night before you need to replace them. Once you find a glow-in-the-dark golf ball that is a good fit for your game, stick with it and continue to use it. The functionality from one brand to the next changes, and it is best to have something that is a good fit for your game.

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