Best Golf Balls For Distance in 2024: Expert Reviews & Tips

The large majority of golfers in the game will want to get more distance. Distance will make the golf course easier to play as you won’t have to hit such long shots into the green.

If you feel as though getting a few extra yards off the tee could have a bit impact on your game, a distance golf ball is the way to go.

We have pulled together five of the best distance golf balls on the market and some helpful information to help you narrow down your selection. 

Our Best Golf Balls For Distance in 2024

Best Distance Golf Balls: Callaway Supersoft


  • Best golf ball for distance
  • Dimple pattern to reduce drag 
  • Very fairly priced golf ball 
  • New Trigonometry cover helps for better feel
  • Offered in a Magna size that is easier to see and work with 


  • Very fast swing speeds will do better with a four piece golf ball

The Callaway Supersoft sits at the top of our list for the best distance golf balls. This is a two piece ball that will have low spin off the tee and very fast ball speed.

The Supersoft is a golf ball that works well regardless of your golf swing speed, and it helps to keep the ball straight as well.

The dimple pattern on the Callaway Supersoft is the traditional Hex Aerodynamic that Callaway puts on all of their golf balls. The Hex pattern provides an interesting feel and a better spin rate for most shots off the tee.

For golfers who still want their distance golf ball to have a decent feel around the green, the Trigonometry Cover formulation on these balls will help with the feel.

Although it is hard to expect distance balls to perform around the green the same way a feel golf ball would, the Supersoft offers a good mix of performance, especially for the value.

Offered in a Magna size that is easier to see and work with, especially for senior golfers.

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

Runner Up 1: Vice Tour Golf Balls


  • Long distance and low dispersion
  • Extra dimples for less drag and more stable flight
  • Smooth feel at impact 
  • 3 piece design


  • Low spin for short game

One of the reasons that the Vice Tour makes it near the top of our list is that it is a three piece design.

Many of the distance golf balls in this price range will be a two piece. We love that the core on this is the Soft Energy Speed Core; it gives you the distance without feeling hard. 

The Vice Tour golf balls are a low compression ball built for the mid handicapper. When you need something that feels soft coming off the club face but still has tons of distance, this ball will do it.

The 392 aerodynamic dimple design helps to reduce drag in the air as well. 

Overall the Vice Tour Golf Balls will work for a variety of swing speeds to get maximum distance off the tee. 

Runner Up 2: Top Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls


  • Distance Dimple Technology 
  • Ionomer cover
  • 2 Piece construction


  • Hard feeling

Top Flite golf balls are known for being cheap and being able to travel a long distance. When you play with a Top Flite XL, you will not be able to have the soft feel that you need around a green, but you can certainly get distance off the tee. 

The Top Flite 2020 XL Distance Golf Balls are built for getting players high ball speed. The cover of the Top Flite is made with an Ionomer cover that helps to reduce spin and increase roll.

Inside the Top Flite, you will find a highly resilient core that is easily compressed by golfers of all swing speeds.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Best Premium Golf Bals For Distance


  • Great distance
  • Low long game spin
  • Soft feel around the greens


  • Usually priced a bit high

The Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are not just some of the best for the distance; they are some of the best on the market, period. Golfer with mid to low handicaps that have a decent amount of club head speed will enjoy what the Pro V1 has to offer. 

If you are looking for a distance ball that also has an excellent feel around the greens, the Pro V1 is a perfect choice.

When you are on the green, you will notice that the ball has a drop and stop type feel. It will hit the green and remain exactly where you wanted it too. 

This is one of the best golf balls in the game, and it happens to be one of the best distance golf ball options as well. 

TaylorMade Rocketballz Golf Balls

Best Value Golf Balls For Distance


  • Softer core
  • Low spin on the driver
  • Helps golfers hit higher shots


  • Not great for greenside spin

The TaylorMade Rocketballz are some of the best distance balls for those that want to keep their budget in check. These are sold in a three dozen pack for less than the price of one dozen golf balls from some other manufacturers.

You will find that the Rocketbalz golf balls are going to have a high ball flight and be rather easy to compress. You won’t have an issue with this ball and spin from the tee.

Around the greens, the Rocketballz feel very soft, but they don’t have the best spin as well. The Rocketballz are certainly not premium golf balls, but they are a great choice for average golfers looking for extra carry distance.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Balls for Distance?

When choosing the best ball for your game, there are a few essential considerations that you should make.

Here are some important things to understand when you make your choice about the best golf ball for your game. 

Are Two Piece Golf Balls The Best For Distance? 

You will typically find that a two or 3 piece golf ball will probably be your best choice when it comes to distance. These balls usually have a very high energy core that will be used to promote quite a bit of distance for the golfer. 

The only probably with some of the 2 piece golf ball options on the market is that they are not going to be the best golf ball for feel around the greens. You will have to accept that with fewer layers, you may get fewer performance attributes. 

Does The Dimple Pattern On A Golf Ball Matter? 

When purchasing a new golf ball, you may notice that the dimple design and pattern is talked about quite often. The dimples will vary from one golf company to another.

Where the Pro V1x will have one dimple pattern, the Callaway Supersoft will have another. These designs are built to help reduce drag, increase ball flight, and help players perform better. 

As an average golfer, you will not need to concern yourself too much with dimple design, but it is something to be aware of. 

Is A Urethane Cover Best For Distance? 

A golf ball can have several different types of covers. The most popular right now are the urethane covers and the ionomer covers. The urethane covers can be very high for distance, but an Ionomer cover works well for the short game.

You will have to decide which is more important. The soft outer cover should not take away too much of the performance from the strong inner core. 

Do High Handicappers Need A Distance Golf Ball? 

Regardless of your handicap, it makes sense to play with a golf ball that has attributes that will help your game. If you are a higher handicapper, generally speaking, a distance ball with a soft feel is going to be the best choice. 

For lower handicappers, it is important to take into consideration both distance and spin. Lower handicappers will try and spin the ball much more often, and the spin rate needs to be taken into consideration. 

Are Soft Golf Balls Good For Distance? 

Some soft golf balls can be very good for distance. The most important thing is to make sure that your swing speed is a good fit for the ball’s compression.

If you are playing a low compression ball but swing the club really fast, you may find that you are leaving distance on the table. 

However, if you are a slower swing speed playing with a higher compression golf ball, you will probably not get your full distance either. If you match the compression to the swing, you will be much better off. 


As you can see, the top distance balls have a lot in common. They are all going to have a high energy core and low spin off the tee. The great thing about the majority of distance golf balls is that they are going to be fairly priced as well.

The Callaway Supersoft stands out as the best golf ball in the category.

You will notice that it has a dimple design that will help keep the ball straight, a cover built for a soft feel around the greens, and durability to last you through several rounds with just one ball.

It is hard to complain about all of these features in a golf ball.

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