Best Golf Ball For 10 Handicap

Playing with the right golf ball is an essential part of being a great golfer. When you have the wrong ball in play, things like ball flight, distance, roll, speed, and even more can be impacted. As a former PGA Professional, I was very particular about the golf ball that I played with. It took me quite some time to find the ball that was the perfect fit for my game. This is because it is difficult to choose from all the amazing choices on the market. Golfers with a 10 handicap should carefully choose which ball they put in play. We have picked out some of the best golf balls on the market for your game; there is an option on this list for all budget levels and swing types.

Best Overall Golf Ball for 10 Handicap Golfer: Titleist ProV1


  • High end golf ball for the average golfer
  • Long distance capabilities
  • Softer feel around the greens
  • Increased short game feel and performance
  • Low spinning from the tee
  • Works well with average to above average swing speeds


  • One of the more expensive golf balls on the market

The Titleist ProV1 golf ball is the best golf ball for the 10 handicapped golfers. The Titleist Pro V1 has long been known as one of the best golf balls ever created, and for a good reason. If you have ever played a round with these golf balls, you can see how their tee and the green performance is simply different from other golf balls on the market.

As we have mentioned, the best golf balls for a 10 handicap player will need low spin from the tee but soft feel and higher spin around the greens.

Many golfers don’t realize how much distance they are losing by playing the wrong golf ball. In addition, players tend to struggle with their ability to spin a ball around the green simply because they have the wrong golf balls in place.

If you are looking for that solution that combines all areas of the game and makes certain skills much easier to obtain, then the Titleist Pro V1 is the choice to go with.

Titleist makes both the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. These golf balls are somewhat similar, but the Pro V1x will be for the highest swing speed players. Golfers will notice that the Titleist Pro V1 allows for a very penetrating trajectory that can be controlled.

The better you get at golf, the more control you will want over your golf ball.

There is only one downside to this best golf ball on the market, and that is the pricing. Compared to other golf balls in the game, the Titleist Pro V1 can be expensive. However, for the quality golf ball technology and incredible feel, most will find it well worth it.

Best Premium Golf Ball for 10 Handicap Golfer:TaylorMade TP5x pix Golf Balls 2021


  • Low long game spin
  • Great short game capabilities
  • Design on outer cover for better focus
  • Inner and outer core is built for long-distance
  • Consistent flight


  • Designs on the golf ball can take a bit to get used to

As you will notice, most of the best golf balls on the market are going to have four or more pieces. However, one of the only 5 piece golf balls out there is the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball. WIth the TP5x, the technology that was packed into the golf ball is almost hard to believe or understand.

A TaylorMade TP5x pix golf ball has more performance than an average golfer can even benefit from. First of all, you will notice that the dimple design is unique. The dimples are shallower, and they help reduce the amount of drag you get on the golf ball.

In addition, the dimples are also steeper, so you can hit this ball high when you want to. The cover of the TP5x has some images on it that are there to help you focus and to line the golf ball up when necessary. The Clearpath alignment system is something that TaylorMade puts on the golf ball to help make greenside performance much easier.

Golfers that are switching to the TP5x are noticing higher ball speed and soft feel around the greens. The outer cover of the ball is also quite durable.

As you can imagine, with a 5 piece golf ball, the slower swing speeds may have trouble with compression. It’s important that you use a ball that still fits in with your swing speed, even though this TP5x performance may be something you want to take advantage of.

Best Value Golf Ball for 10 Handicap Golfer: Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls


  • Very fair pricing
  • Similar performance to Pro V1 golf balls
  • Four piece golf ball
  • More spin around the greens
  • Can work for average swing speed and above
  • High durability golf balls


  • May not have the same distance from the tee as the Pro V1

The Vice Brand has really changed the way that golfers think about expensive golf balls. Essential Vice golf balls are high quality golf balls sold directly to consumers to help reduce the overall pricing. The new Vice Pro Plus is an ideal golf ball for a faster swinging 10 handicap golfer. If you are looking to save money, Vice Pro Plus can help.

When you get serious about golf ball shopping, you will notice that anything with 3 pieces or more is typically going to be quite expensive. The Vice Pro golf ball has four pieces, yet it is priced lower than some 3 piece options on the market.

The concept behind the Vice Pro Plus is that you can get very long distances and more spin around the greens, even when your golf ball is not expensive.

Lower ball flight trajectory helps players with faster swing speeds with ball control. If the Vice Pro Plus is not the best for your swing speed, the Vice Pro Golf ball is just as good but has slightly lower compression.

Around the greens, the Vice can grab and stop wherever you need it to. In addition, the Vice Golf balls are available in several colors as well. Although we can’t say that the Vice is as good as the Pro V1 golf balls, the similarities are quite impressive, and the low price makes them worth a try.

Best Distance Golf Ball for 10 Handicap Golfer: Callaway ERC Triple Track


  • Increased spin control around the green
  • Brand new golf ball technology
  • Easy to line the golf ball up around the golf course
  • High ball speed


  • 3 piece ball may not offer as much greenside performance

The Callaway ERC Triple Track golf balls are a new addition to the market and a great option for the 10 handicap player that is seeking distance. Not all lower handicap golfers are capable of getting high ball speeds and distance. However, your distance could increase significantly when you put a golf ball like the ERC Triple Track in play.

In addition to being designed to be the longest golf ball in the Callaway line up, the ERC also has a very soft feel around the greens. Players will find that the high-energy speed core will help the ball jump off the club face. Making it a great Golf Ball for Seniors.

Another unique technology featured in the Callaway ERC Triple Track is the alignment lines on the ball’s outer cover. You can use these lines as you make your way around the golf course to help perfect your angle and your aim on the green and the tee box.

Golfers notice that the wedge shots they are hitting into the greens are capable of much higher spin levels, making this golf ball a new favorite in the 10 handicap range. Callaway puts a lot of time and works into the premium golf ball technology they produce; the ERC Triple Track is an option you will likely fall in love with after a few rounds.

Best Golf Ball for 10 Handicap Golfer With Lower Swing Speed: Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK


  • Hex Aerodynamics and reduced drag
  • Impressive cover technology
  • One of the lowest compression golf balls on the market
  • High ball speed
  • Multi-material construction
  • Very fair pricing


  • Only a 2 piece golf ball

We have mentioned that premium golf balls with higher compression ratings and more greenside performance can really make sense for the high swing speed player. Most of the time, the better golfers are assumed to have faster swing speeds. Although this can be the case, it is not true for all 10 handicapped golfers.

If you are a 10 handicap golfer that needs a lower compression golf ball, it can be hard to find premium choices. Most of the best golf ball options are going to be four pieces or more and higher compression.

Luckily the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls can work quite well for a 10 handicap golfer with lower swing speed. Although the Supersoft is only a two-layer golf ball, it has very low compression and a few other important benefits for the 10 handicapped golfers.

The Supersoft golf ball features a new Hybrid Cover that makes it incredibly durable and low spinning from the tee. However, because of this new material and the other features of the golf ball, the performance around the green is just as good.

The greenside performance will be both soft and controllable with the Supersoft golf balls in place. These balls are available in a variety of colors, and they are very affordable as well. If you are a 10 handicap golfer with a slower swing speed, this is an excellent option to consider.

Best Golf Ball for Greenside Spin: Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls


  • Durably but highly reactive outer core
  • Known for lots of distance and increased ball speed control
  • Ability to find a perfect match with Bridgestone golf ball fittings


  • Not as low spinning from the tee as other golf balls

Bridgestone holds a unique place in the golf ball market. The Bridgestone company is the brain behind the golf ball test. Essentially if you want to, you can go for a golf ball fitting to see which Bridgestone golf ball will be the best for your golf game. With many golf balls to choose from, the Bridgestone golf ball fittings are quite valuable to attend and will be well worth your time.

The Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls are going to be a popular choice among the 10 handicapped golfers. The Reactiv Urethane Cover is something that helps the outer core of the ball perform from the tee and around the greens. Having this combined with the Dual Dimple Technology gives players quite a bit of ball control.

The Tour B RX golf balls are known for having incredible distance from the tee, but it is the performance of the high speed inner core, matched with this Reactiv cover, that gives them great greenside performance.

Most 10 handicap players understand the importance of being able to stop a golf ball exactly where needed on the green. Getting the ball on the green is not nearly the same as getting it close to the pin; Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls bring this increased accuracy back into the game.

Check out our review of the Best Bridgestone Golf Balls for more information.

Buyers Guide

Now that you are an expert on all the best golf balls on the market, it’s time to figure out which one is best for you. Understanding a few basic concepts about these golf balls will ensure that you put the right golf ball into play. Here are some of the most important concepts to consider about the golf ball you play.


Golf ball compression is a number that records how difficult it is to compress a golf ball. The higher the compression of the ball, the harder it is to hit. This means that a golfer with a high swing speed should be considering a high compression golf ball.

For golfers with a slower swing speed, the low compression golf ball makes more sense. If a golf ball does not have the proper compression, when you try and hit the golf shot, you will lose quite a bit of distance.

Many golf balls will show what their compression is and the swing speeds they are recommended for.

Number of Pieces

Golf balls can have anywhere from 2 to 5 pieces. Although we may see golf balls in the future with more than 5 pieces, this seems to be where the technology maxes out at this point. If you want a lot of performance from a golf ball, more pieces are important.

Premium golf balls tend to have three or more pieces. The result is performance from both the tee and the green. Most golf balls with 4 or more pieces will give you a low spin from the tee and a high spin around the green.

There are two downsides to a golf ball with a large number of pieces. The first is that they are more expensive, and the second is that the compression is almost always higher.

Brand Name

Many golfers wonder if the brand name of the golf ball matters. Although it can be more of a personal preference, most will agree that the brand name does play into this equation. There is no question that some of the best golf balls in the game come from companies like Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway, and TaylorMade.

However, there are newer companies on the market like Vice and Volvik that are breaking through with great golf ball technology. Don’t let the golf ball brand completely limit you. However, sometimes choosing a brand name that will offer several options can help you find your new golf ball much easier.


Golf balls can range from anywhere around $15 a dozen to over $50 a dozen. For those that are losing golf balls a lot, the cheaper golf balls with a soft feel will be the best choice. However, a golf ball for 10 handicap players is probably going to be a bit more expensive.

Most 10 handicap golfers have higher swing speeds, and therefore they need something with low spin and a soft feel. A good golf ball for both of these features tends to be quite expensive.

Sometimes when you find the best golf balls for your game, it can save you a bit of money if you purchase them in bulk. Spending a bit extra on a few dozen at once could lower the price per dozen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are a 10 handicap, you understand how important golf ball technology is. Finding a good golf ball that fits all your needs from tee to green can be tough. Let’s look at a few of the questions that golfers tend to ask about the most popular golf balls on the market.

What Golf Ball Should A Low Handicapper Use?

Low handicappers are going to be best suited with a 4 piece golf ball. Although an expensive golf ball may not make sense for the higher handicap golfers, premium balls will perform much better for the low handicapper.

Low handicappers need short game spin, consistent flight, and just the right hardness to produce the most distance. A cheaper ball will likely not check all the boxes for a low handicapper.

Does The Golf Ball Really Matter?

The golf ball that you play will make a difference in your game. If you need to prove this concept, simply take three different golf balls from three different manufacturers and head to a putting green.

After taking just three putts, you will understand exactly what we mean about why a golf ball makes a difference in your game. Each putt that you take will likely feel completely different, making it apparent that the difference between golf balls matters.

Of course, you can do this same experiment from the tee, but most players will find it easiest to see and feel the difference around the greens.

Do 10 Handicap Golfers Need Expensive Golf Balls?

Most 10 handicap golfers will find that a premium golf ball does help them get the durability, long distance, and impressive feel around the greens that they need. If you can find a cheap golf ball that fits all of your needs as a player, that is great. However, most will find that a premium golf ball for the 10 handicap golfers game is the best choice.


Finding the right golf ball for a 10 handicap can be a little difficult. This is really the point in a golfers game that technology and equipment start to make a very large impact on overall performance. If you have made it to the 10 handicap level, you must be careful to choose the proper golf ball. The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is the best overall choice for the 10 handicap players. With this impressive Titleist Golf ball, players can get all the performance necessary to hit long and straight shots. However, in addition, the spin and feel around the greens are unmatched. You can’t go wrong with the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball for the 10 handicapped golfers.

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