7 Best Golf Balls For High Swing Speed in 2024

Golfers that have a high swing speed have a tremendous advantage. When you have a lot of swing speed, all you need to do is learn to control it, and you will end up with lots of distance and great results.

As a golf professional, I have witnessed so many golfers with high swing speeds playing with the wrong golf balls.

When you have high swing speeds, you need a ball that allows you to take advantage of that speed to get better ball flight, distance, and great greenside spin as well.

If you have a high swing speed and need help finding the proper golf ball, you are in the right place.

Our Best Golf Balls For High Swing Speed in 2024

Golf Ball for High Swing Speed: Titleist Pro V1x


  • Consistency stays at the top of the list for higher swing speeds
  • Best golf balls for greenside control 
  • Easy to spin 
  • Ball flight will be mid to low


  • Always a premium priced golf ball

The Titleist Pro V1x is a golf ball built and customized for golfers with high swing speed. If you are a faster swinging golfer, you need something that is higher compression.

The Pro V1x has a compression of 100, and it helps higher swing speeds get the distance they deserve with a higher swing speed. 

The interesting thing about the Pro V1x golf ball is that it has remained the top golf ball for the high swing speeds for many years.

The great thing about this ball is that even with a high swing speed, when you would normally hit the golf ball a bit too high, the Pro V1 x helps you keep the ball flight down a bit. 

Titleist has always talked about their golf balls having drop and stop control on the green. For golfers that think they aren’t good at spinning their golf shots, the Pro V1x is a perfect choice.

These golf balls will help you convert those greenside swing speeds into lots of extra spin and control. 

If you have been playing the game a long time and have yet to try the Pro V1 x golf balls, now is the time to give it a shot. 

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade TP5 X Pix


  • Better alignment 
  • Good visibility 
  • Tour level performance 
  • Tri fast core


  • Some find the pictures distracting

The TaylorMade TP5 X Pix is a unique golf ball built for players that can generate high swing speeds. The TP5 X Pix is a five layer golf ball that gives players lots of visibility and easy alignment as well.

This is a golf ball that the world of golf has never really seen. 

Golf balls for higher swing speed players need to have a very durable outer cover. The TP5x comes with a durable dual spin cover but provides lots of spin around the greens.

The 322 seamless dimple pattern also makes it so that there is less drag as this TP5 X Pix gets through the air. 

The pictures on the TP5 X allow for better visibility and some help in the short game as well. Around the greens, it is helpful to know if your golf balls are turning end over end.

With the TP5x Pix, you will be able to see how your golf ball is turning on the shorter shots. 

When I was playing professionally, I would mark my golf balls so that I could see how they were flying. Today with the Pix, the marking is done for you. This is a benefit that high swing speed players should be aware of. 

Runner Up 2:  Bridgestone Tour B RX


  • Extra distance
  • Seamless cover technology 
  • Gradational compression core


  • Lots of Bridgestone choices, it can be hard to narrow down the best one for your game 

The Bridgestone Tour B RX golf ball is a tour level high end ball that would be an excellent choice for a high swing speed player.

The Bridgestone Tour B RX has a brand new Reactive Urethane cover that is a bit more responsive than a traditional Urethane cover. 

One of the great things about the new Reactive cover is that it can essentially tell what club you are hitting with and adjust its performance accordingly.

If, for instance, you are hitting a shot with your driver, the Bridgestone Tour B RX will be a low spinning shot. If, however, your golf ball is up by the green and you are playing with a wedge, you can get lots of spin.

This type of versatility in a golf ball is a perfect match for the high swing speed. 

The Tour B RX has dual dimple technology that helps golfers get better trajectory, less drag, and lots of distance. The Tour B RX is a premium priced ball that will help players get performance from the tee and the green as well. 

Vice Pro Plus

Best Value


  • Very fair pricing for a tour ball 
  • Excellent greenside control 
  • Four piece golf ball


  • Not a matte finish, slightly shiny finish

If you haven’t already noticed, many of the best golf balls for high swing speed players are going to be priced higher than balls for low swing speed players.

The reason behind this is that durability, and spin performance can be expensive. The covers used and the internal golf ball makeup are certainly quite a bit more expensive to manufacture, and therefore the overall price of the ball is higher. 

Luckily with the Vice Pro Plus, you can get great speed and distance for a more fair price. The Vice Golf Pro Plus is a four piece ball with a low spin off the tee and high spin around the greens. T

hese are mid to high compression balls, ready to help high swing speeds convert their speed into distance. 

The Vice Pro Plus is designed for lower ball flight. Higher swing speed players tend to balloon some of their shots, and these balls will undoubtedly help to knock the flight down a bit. 

Callaway Chrome Soft

Best Premium


  • Low drag
  • Optimum trajectory 
  • Four piece golf ball


  • Callaway Chrome Soft are usually priced relatively high

Callaway golf balls utilize a unique HEX dimple pattern that helps players get a more consistent ball flight.

The core on the Callaway Chrome soft is a graphene infused dual SoftFast core. The core is going to help increase speed and distance and make the Chrome Soft one of the fastest golf balls on the market. 

The thin outer cover helps to increase the distance that the higher swing speed players can get. The only issue with the thin cover is that it can cut a bit too easily.

However, all the years I have spent teaching the game, only the fastest of swing speeds will cut golf balls on a regular basis. 

The cover is made with an Ionomer blend. More and more golf manufacturers are using Ionomer covers because they offer higher energy transfer. In addition, the Ionomer covers have very soft feel. 

Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

Best for Greenside Feel


  • Extra interior Ionomer layer 
  • Premium feel 
  • Good spin around the green
  • Low driver spin 
  • Low pricing


  • Not as technologically advanced as something like the TaylorMade PIX

The Maxfli Tour Golf balls are a unique option that are affordable and high performing around the green. Maxfli golf balls have always been one of the best values on the market.

Although Maxfli offers golf balls for all golfers, the Tour Golf Ball is best for the golfers with higher swing speeds. 

The Maxfli ball is a center of gravity balanced ball that helps to reduce side spin and give golfers much higher ball speeds. If you feel as though your higher swing speed is not converting to more distance off the tee, the Maxfli Tour could be what you need. 

A large core covered by a cast urethane cover also makes this a premium feeling golf ball. The Maxfli Tour only has 318 dimples, which is a little lower than some of the other best golf balls on our list.

However, the dimple pattern will most certainly help for a stable flight. 

Vice Golf Tour White

Best for Women With Higher Swing Speeds


  • Three piece golf balls 
  • Great durability 
  • Helps to increase ball speed 
  • Closed alignment line for easier putting


  • Spin rate off around the green is a little low 

In the world of golf, it is often assumed that all women golfers have a slower swing speed. This is just not the case. There are many women golfers that have high swing speeds.

Women with high swing speeds that don’t play with a golf ball built for their speed are going to leave a lot of distance on the table. 

The Vice Golf Tour is a three piece ball with a Surlyn cover. The golf ball is one of the best when it comes to durability and cut resistance.

If you are a female golfer that is missing out on ball speed by playing with a very low compression ball, these tour balls are a perfect choice. 

Although the Vice Golf Tour White is not specifically market to women for their golf game, it is a perfect choice. Women golfers will get lots of speed, plenty of great ball flight, and an alignment line to make sure they have their golf ball on track. 

Women golfers with a high swing speed need to think about golf balls that are outside of what is normally considered standard for women golfers. 

high Swing Speed Golf balls Buying Guide

Having seen many students play with the wrong golf ball for their game, I can tell you that without a doubt, the golf ball you choose matters.

Finding the ball hat is a good mix between distance and soft feel can take some time and a bit of research as well. 

What Is Considered A High Swing Speed Player? 

An average swing speed golfer is a golfer that swings around 90 mph. If your speed is closer to 100 mph, then you probably have a fast swing. Some golfers that swing around 90mph find that they do best with a mid to high compression golf ball. 

Golfers that have speeds closer to 80mph or less than you may be better off with one of the lower compression balls. You will notice that if your swing speed is not matched properly to your golf balls’ compression, you will lose distance. 

Higher swing speed players that use a low compression ball will feel as if the ball is dead, and they can’t get it to go far enough.

Slower swing speed players that are playing with a ball that has higher compression won’t be able to compress it. This will lead to a lack of distance and less spin, as well. 

How Can A Golfer Test Their Swing Speed? 

The first part of making sure that you are playing with a golf ball is the proper compression for your game knowing what your swing speed is.

In the years past it was difficult to figure out your swing speed. You would have to go to a high end fitting center or wait for a demonstration day at a local golf club. 

In today’s world of golf, you can get data about your golf swing in the comfort of your own home. With portable launch monitors, golfers can get ball flight performance and swing speed measurements every day if they choose. 

Although it is not necessary to continually test your golf swing speeds, it is always essential to have a general idea as to where you stand. Playing with golf balls with attributes that match your swing speed will help you pull off better shots. 

Why Do Players With High Swing Speeds Need Lower Ball Flight Golf Balls? 

A lot of the golf equipment that comes to market each year is going to be built to help players get higher ball flight. High ball flight generally leads to more distance.

However, the higher swing speed golfers are very good at compressing and launching the ball. 

When these players combine their ability to get high launch with the new high launch equipment, they end up with shots that “balloon.” A golf ball that continues to travel up at the wrong trajectory will lose distance and be very frustrating for golfers. 

Looking for a ball that has a dimple pattern to lower ball flight is an example of what the higher swing speed players need. The four and five piece options typically have this feature, and it certainly is worth considering. 

Why Are Golf Balls For High Swing Speed Golfers More Expensive? 

Typically speaking, higher compression golf balls are more expensive. Players with these fast swings need the higher compression golf balls.

Typically if you have a lot of speed, you also have to be careful that you don’t cut the golf balls that you are playing. 

With the combination of higher quality materials and the multi player golf balls, the pricing starts to increase. If you want to make every shot count, it’s worth the money for the better golf balls. 


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the best golf balls for high swing speeds. Golf players that have more than a 90 mph driver swing truly need to consider tour balls when they purchase equipment for their game.

The Titleist Pro V1x is the best golf ball for high swing speeds. It has a durable cover, lots of greenside spin, and tons of distance off the tee.

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x have been known as the best golf balls for better players for many years. Although they are priced much higher than other choices on the market, the performance will be unmatched. 

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