Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers In 2022

The mid handicappers or the average golfers will have the most difficult time picking out a golf ball to play.

The majority of the golf ball options on the market are directed towards mid handicappers. This group makes up the largest number of amateur golfers.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow down the best choices. We have put together a list of the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Our Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers In 2022

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers: Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls


  • Lots of distance off the tee
  • Medium compression golf balls 
  • Great feel for the average golfer 
  • Great short game control


  • Only a 2 piece construction

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are the best golf balls for mid handicappers. With the Tour Soft, you will get plenty of distance, feel, and control as well.

Titleist is the number one game in golf, and with the Tour Soft, you get a lot of performance for quite a bit less money than the Titleist ProV1. 

The Tour Soft is a more recent design from Titleist, and it has a reformulated core to help increase ball speed. If you are a golfer who struggles with the distance the Tour Soft can help you to get a lot more yardage. 

The Tour Soft golf balls are only a two piece golf ball, but the cover on the ball is a thinner 4CE grafted cover that allows for quite a bit of spin.

The dimple design pattern is a 342 cuboctahedron that allows for a much more penetrating ball flight. The Tour soft is also available in both white and yellow. 

For a mid handicapper, the Tour Soft is going to feel like a premium golf ball, offered at a very fair price. 

Runner Up 1: Vice Golf Tour White Golf Balls


  • 3 piece golf ball
  • Designed for a wide range of handicaps
  • Lots of control and consistency 
  • Low spin off the tee


  • Slightly harder feel than other 3 piece golf balls

The Vice Golf Tour White golf ball has quite a bit of performance for the price that it is offered. This is a low compression core golf ball with a Surlyn cover.

Vice is a newer company than Titleist or Callaway, but they have made some serious advances in the golf ball industry, especially for the average golfers.

With the compression rating on the Vice, you can be a slower or mid swing speed golfer and still feel as though these are a great fit. 

The Vice Tour White also has an alignment line that will help you aim your golf shots a bit better. This extra feature can help a lot of mid handicappers that struggle with getting the ball in the hole!

One of the things we like best about the Vice Golf Tour is that it is a very predictable ball. You will quickly learn how the Vice is going to react, and you can prepare for it accordingly. 

Runner Up 2: TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls


  • Lots of distance and feel
  • Lower compression core
  • Soft Ionomer cover


  • Lower spin around the green

TaylorMade Project S golf balls are an excellent choice for the mid handicappers. The TaylorMade comes with a dual distance core that will help to increase the overall speed that a golfer can get.

The compression of the Project S is 60, which make these very low compression balls. 

The Project S is going to help eliminate side spin from the tee and still leave a little spin for around the greens. The outside of the Project S is a soft and resilient polymer.

One of the things that turn golfers away from a speed and distance ball is the harder exterior; luckily, this is not an issue with the Project S. 

Another great thing about both the Project S and Project A is that they offer an excellent value for a wide range of skill levels. The high lift 342LDP dimple pattern will help those golfers that can’t get the ball flight that they need.

When higher handicappers can’t get the ball up high enough, they struggle to get the ball to stop on the green as well.

Cut Matte Yellow Golf Balls

Best Value Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers


  • Great pricing
  • Matte cover
  • 3 piece golf ball 
  • Soft short game feel


  • It does not have much spin around the green

One thing that should come into play when you choose a golf ball is the price. Depending on the level of your game and how committed you are, spending large sums of money on a golf ball may not make sense.

This is when you should start looking at some of the Cut Golf Balls

The Cut Golf balls feel like a premium ball, but they are offered at a very low price point. This is a three piece ball, and it is a yellow matte color. The matte helps to make sure that there is no glare when you are playing. 

From the tee, the Cut Golf balls are low spin, but around the greens, they will help to get you some soft feel. If you tend to slice the ball, you will like that the Cut doesn’t offer very much side spin on your shots. 

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers That Slice


  • Very fast ball speed
  • Low driver spin
  • Helps to keep a golf ball straight


  • Not much spin on the putting green

A slice is potentially the most frustrating miss in the game of golf. Just when you think you have your drive going straight, it starts to take that turn towards the right.

Fixing a slice is hard, and it takes quite a bit of time; however, choosing a golf ball with some straight flight technology is a good idea. 

The Bridgestone e6 Speed will help golfers get lots of distance and accuracy as well. The Bridgestone is a lower compression ball, but it comes in an optic yellow color.

The E6 Speed has a very high initial velocity, and it will keep your ball moving towards the target quite quickly. 

The e6 Speed comes with a delta dimple design. Bridgestone worked with Delta to find something that will travel through the air with very little drag.

Clearly, Delta knows a thing or two about that, and they came up with an excellent option for moderate swing speeds.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Best Mid Handicappers Golf Balls for Soft Feel


  • Hex aerodynamics 
  • Soft ball for mid handicappers
  • Good performance from the tee


  • Not the best for higher swing speeds 

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are some of the longest and straightest on the market. You will be very surprised by the performance you get from the Supersoft for a great price.

This has quickly become one of the more popular golf balls in the game. 

The Supersoft golf ball has a HEX aerodynamic pattern that helps to reduce drag as it travels through the air. The HEX pattern has some great performance, and it is used through many of the Callaway golf balls on the market. 

Regardless of your skill level, you will find that the Supersoft is great for any skill level but especially the mid handicapper golfer. 

The reason the Supersoft is so soft is that they have a Trigonometry cover formulation. The cover is a lower compression and allows for a much better feel and spin around the greens.

The only real downside of the Supersoft is that they are a 2 piece ball. Generally speaking, the long term performance for a higher swing speed player is a bit lower on the 2 piece ball. 

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

Mizuno RB Tour X

Best for Stopping On The Green


  • Four piece golf ball for a fair price
  • C Dimple pattern for less drag
  • Urethane Cover


  • Not as well known as Titleist brand for golf balls

The Mizuno golf clubs have been known for their high end performance for many years. Players know that they can get extreme precision and feel from a Mizuno iron. However, there are many mid handicappers that have no idea that Mizuno even makes golf balls. If you are one of these players, you may want to start paying attention to the new Mizuno RB Tour X and all that it has to offer. 

The Mizuno RB Tour X golf ball is a four piece ball that has tremendous spin around the greens. If you are a player that struggles to stop the ball when it hits the green, the RB Tour X can be a perfect solution. 

In addition, the outside cover of this ball is a Urethane cover that is soft and responsive. The ball feels really good and is easy to work around the greens. There is a pretty significant spin difference between the RB Tour and the RB Tour X. If high greenside spin is your ultimate goal, then the RB Tour X will be the best overall choice.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Best For Short Game


  • Very fair pricing
  • Urethane cover
  • Softer feel but plenty of distance


  • Only three pieces

The Vice Pro Soft golf ball is the second Vice golf ball to make it on our list of the best golf balls for mid handicappers. In fact mid handicappers should take a look at the entire lineup of Vice golf balls and see what could be a good match for their game. With the technology and feel that this company offers, you will likely be very impressed with the overall performance of the Vice brand. 

In addition, the Vice golf balls are always priced better than other options on the market. This particular model is a 3 piece golf ball that has a great feel and responsiveness around the greens. We have found that many mid handicappers with slower swing speeds have found the performance they need from a golf ball in the Vice Pro Soft. 

You won’t have to have a very high swing speed to get this ball to stop in place on a green; in addition, the finish is improved for durability and visibility. You will have no issues incorporating this Vice Pro Soft into your game and immediately seeing the performance benefits that it has to offer.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Best For Low Spin 


  • Premium golf ball technology 
  • Soft greenside feel
  • Low long game and iron spin


  • Greenside control is good, but not as good as the Pro V1

The Titleist AVX golf balls are very similar to the Pro V1 golf balls, except they are designed for very low iron and driver spin rates. Some players may wonder what the lower spin will do to help the game, and the answer is quite simple. When the golf ball has a lower spin, it will often fly straighter and roll considerably more. 

The low spin golf ball hits the ground and then continues to spin forward. With the higher spin golf balls, you may notice that your drive stops or that you are actually backing your irons up too much. Most of the time, the lower spin golf balls help the golfer with high swing speeds and some inaccuracy in their performance. 

The idea is that with a low spin golf ball, there will be less side spin on the ball, and it becomes easier to get the golf ball to fly straight and continue to roll for quite some time. Many people notice that the AVX is longer than the Pro V1, but this is often caused by the extra roll that you can get with this club in place.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers?

Now that you have all the best golf balls for mid handicappers, it’s time to pick which one is right for your game. The truth is that even though some golf balls work for various players, there is no one right golf ball. Some golfers find golf balls that are high spinning to work well for their game, and others will perform best with the low spin. The key is to find a match that works the best for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Number of Pieces

The number of pieces a golf ball has is typically between two and five. Most players will do really well with a three or four piece golf ball. In fact, the golf balls for mid handicappers are almost always in this range. 

The three and four piece golf balls have a performance from the tee and around the greens. You can get the distance that you want when you are hitting your driver, but the spin you need when you are hitting a chip with your sand wedge. 

If the difference in price is just a few dollars from a three piece to a four piece golf ball, you may want to consider the four piece just because of the additional performance that you can get. Overall mid handicappers have a large variety of swing speeds, and that is why in addition to the number of pieces, specifications like compression need to come into play as well. 


The compression rating essentially tells us how difficult it is to compress a golf ball. This means that when you get to the impact position and the golf ball compresses to a smaller size. The golf ball compressing means that it will eventually expand back to its original position, and this is what increases ball speed and overall performance. 

Compression ratings for golf balls are often published, and sometimes they are just categorized as low or high compression golf balls. The general rule of thumb is that a high compression golf ball will be better for a high swing speed player with lots of power. 

The low compression golf ball tends to be a better fit for the slower swing speed golfer that needs the help when it comes to distance. You can’t purchase a golf ball based on compression alone, but you can use it to help you decide which one is going to be a better fit for your game. 


Spin needs to be considered both from the tee and around the greens. The spin from the tee is best when it is low. Lower spin can decrease the risk of hitting a slice, and it can help give players a few extra yards of roll. The lower spin from the tee tends to be a good fit for all players, regardless of their swing speed. 

The spin around the greens is best when it is mid to high. The higher spin levels will increase the overall ability to stop the ball and spin it on the green. High spin golf balls can even help golfers back the ball up when it stops on the green. 

Spin rates being high will likely cost you a few extra dollars. The higher spin rates are usually created with advanced technology that costs a few extra dollars for players. 


The price of a golf ball should not be your only consideration, but it does become very important for most players. When you think about all of the expenses that go into a round of golf, the pricing is a significant consideration. However, sometimes the better golf balls can last longer and provide a better performance, making them worth the extra money. 

Golf balls can be used for several rounds. Don’t assume that twelve golf balls will only last for twelve rounds, as this is entirely untrue. Most golfers will try to get at least six or seven rounds out of a dozen golf balls. 

If you are a serious player that wants to improve your game, spending anywhere from $30 to $40 on a dozen golf balls is about the range you will need to be in. Some companies will allow for a lower price per dozen if you are purchasing golf balls in bulk. Once you find a ball that works for your game this is a good way to save money. 


Many golf balls for mid handicappers are available in different colors. The great thing about the colored golf balls is the fact that they are easy to find and can be focused on while you are playing your round of golf. 

The best colors for visibility are often the yellow, green, and orange golf balls. When you decide to choose a ball like this for your game, you can easily identify which one is yours and make sure that you can find your ball even if you get into the thick rough. 

The color of the golf ball is more of a personal preference. We can’t fully say that a colored golf ball is going to be better for you than a non-colored golf ball. 


Feel is the way the golf ball reacts when coming off the club face. For those that want a great feel in their golf ball, they often mean something that is a bit softer around the greens. However, some golf balls can get so soft that they almost feel mushy at impact. 

The feel of the ball is also impacted by the cover material. Most of the better golf balls for mid handicappers have a urethane cover that will feel soft in the short game but still have enough firmness to let a player feel as though they are in control. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing which are the best golf balls on the market is essential. However, knowing which ones are the best for your game is even more important.

Our top pick was the Titleist Tour Soft, but there are other options on our list that could be a better fit for you. Let’s look at some of the things a mid handicapper should consider before purchasing a golf ball. 

What Is Considered A Mid Handicapper In Golf? 

If your handicap tends to travel up and down a bit, you may not be sure if you fall in the mid handicapper category.

Generally, a mid handicapper is a golfer who is anywhere from about a 10 to a 20 handicap.

If you are over a 20 handicap, you are considered to be a higher handicapper. Anything less than 10 is a single digit, which is considered to be a low handicapper. 

Is Distance Or Feel More Important For The Mid Handicapper? 

Most mid handicappers are going to find that the distance ball is a better fit than something for feel. At the mid handicap level, it is very important to get the ball as close to the hole as you can.

Getting the ball closer to the hole and trying to get a shot with a wedge or nine iron into the green instead of a six or seven iron is an essential thing. 

The feel and the spin around the greens would be a feature of a ball that is made more for the lower handicapper. The low handicap golfer needs this kind of performance around the greens to keep their scores as low as possible. 

Mid handicappers should, however, look for a golf ball that has a soft outer cover. With a soft outer cover, the golf ball will feel better around the greens.

Golfers will have an easier time judging distances and the way the ball is going to roll as well. As your game gets into the lower handicap range, switch to a golf ball that has a better feel. 

Just because you are a mid handicapper does not mean that you will automatically have a slow or fast swing speed.

Mid handicappers will have a wide range of swing speeds, and it is important to choose a golf ball that matches your swing speed well. 

Traditionally speaking, a golfer with a faster swing speed is going to need a higher compression golf ball. With the higher compression golf ball, they will have more resistance against their club head speed, and they will be able to get lots more distance. 

With a slower swing speed, the low compression golf ball allows golfers to get the distance that they need. Lower compression golf balls compress with much less effort.

The mid handicap golfer with the slower swing speed should see several more yards when they use something that is low compression. 

Are Two Piece or Three Piece Golf Balls Best For The Mid Handicappers? 

Three piece golf balls usually have more capabilities when it comes to spin, greenside feel and launch, and distance from the tee.

A two piece ball is going to be a better value most of the time. Two piece golf balls are usually known for their distance and will appeal to a long hitter’s playing style. 

For those that are trying to work on dropping out of the mid handicapper range and into the lower handicapper, the best golf ball is going to be 3 pieces.

The extra spin and feel of a tour ball like this will certainly help to lower scores and improve performance.

Does The Golf Ball Matter? 

There is plenty of debate as to whether or not the golf ball you play with really matters. However, when you get to the mid handicap range, there is a significant difference in the performance you can get from one golf ball to another. At this point in your game, it makes sense to start investing in a better golf ball. Although the difference may only save you a shot or two on each round, this can add up over time and help you move from the mid handicapper range down to the lower handicapper range. This is something that most golfers would be thrilled about.


Hopefully, our review of the best golf balls for mid handicappers has helped to narrow down the many choices that you have.

We chose the Titleist Tour Soft as the number one option because of the soft feel around the green and the tee’s incredible distance.

This is a golf ball that you can use as you make your way from the mid handicap range to the lower handicap range.

With the soft cover, you can get spin around the greens and a very straight ball flight as well. Overall this is a great golf ball for any handicap player but especially the average golfer.

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