Best Golf Balls For Slice: 2024‘s Top Picks Reviewed

Slicing the golf ball is a very difficult and annoying miss. Most golfers are fairly desperate to fix a slice, and we certainly can’t blame them.

Slicing is a miss that is very popular among new golfers and higher handicappers. There are lots of things that can be done to fix a slice, and one of those things is playing with a low spin ball that helps to correct it.

We have put together our favorite golf balls for fixing a slice. There is sure to be an option on this list that will make the game of golf a bit more fun again!

Our Best Golf Balls For Slice in 2024

Best Golf Balls for Slice: Polara Ultimate Straight


  • Great for a severe slice
  • Low spin
  • Alignment technology and capability 


  • Priced a bit higher than other golf balls

The Polara Self Correcting golf balls have made it to the top of our list for the best golf balls for fixing a slice.

The Polara is a two-piece golf ball that is built for a golfer that can’t quite get their golf shots straightened out. Although Polara does not have too many golf balls on the market, this particular model they have done a great job with. 

One exciting thing about the Polara golf ball is the arrow that you can point directly to your target when you line up. This arrow is intended to help golfers line up but also to get these low spin golf balls to be struck properly. 

The Polara is, of course, not magic golf balls. You can absolutely still slice a ball when you have the Polara in play; however, the results should be less amplified. This is a perfect ball for golf players that have a real hard time straightening their drives out. 

This is not one of the cheapest golf balls on the market, but you will get your money’s worth if you are able to keep this golf ball in play and stop losing balls down the right side of the course! 

Runner Up 1: Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls


  • Lower compression balls
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Great for mid to low swing speed
  • Affordable golf ball


  • Two piece golf balls don’t have the best feel

The Maxfli StraightFli Golf Balls are an excellent choice for those that slice the golf ball. Essentially your slice could be caused by adding too much side spin to the ball.

With the StraightFli, you won’t have to worry quite as much. After lots of testing and engineering, Maxfli created this golf ball that is 20% straighter than previous Maxfli golf balls. 

One of the things that help the Maxfli produce this straighter ball flight is the 374 large and small dimples strategically placed on the ball. The dimples are alternating in their pattern, and they are giving golfers straighter flight and better launch as well. 

This is a two piece golf ball that will only increase the lower spin technology. The Maxfli StraightFli is also a very affordable choice for a new golf ball.

If you are a slicer and you are tired of seeing that ball make a turn, give the Maxfli StraightFli a shot. 

Runner Up 2: OnCore Avant Golf Balls


  • Low spin golf balls
  • Great for the average player 
  • Surlyn cover helps add some feel


  • Not an ultra-low compression core

The OnCore golf balls are certainly not the most popular golf balls on the market, but they are a great golf ball for slice correction.

The OnCore is specifically designed for golfers to get lots of distance, tremendous feel, and a mid compression core. The mid compression makes this a great choice for those that have a slightly high swing speed

The soft cell core on the OnCore golf ball is what helps it have a much lower spin off the tee. This is absolutely a distance ball, and it will give you the roll and the performance that you need. The cover on the OnCore is a surlyn material. 

The surlyn material helps to make this one of the lower spinning balls on a tee shot but allows for some soft feel around the green as well.

If you have a very slow swing speed, a low compression ball could be a better choice than this mid compression option. However, for the average golfer looking to eliminate a slice, the OnCore is one to consider. 

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft

Best Cheap Golf Balls For Fixing A Slice


  • Ver low pricing
  • Best golf ball for value
  • Low spin
  • Iothance soft cover for feel


  • Not great for high swing speed distance balls

The TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls have been on the market for quite some time. These are distance golf balls that are designed to be soft around the greens too. The soft Iothane cover on the Noodle makes them both durable and better for feel around the greens. Making it a great golf ball for beginners.

The reason that the Noodle is a good ball for correcting a slice is the low spin and the dimple pattern. With the dimple pattern on the noodle, you will get some excellent ball flight and decreased drag as well.

Overall these golf balls are known for having less side spin even on the shots that you don’t strike all that well. 

The Noodle golf balls have always been affordable, but they are some of the cheapest golf balls on the market. This is another thing that makes them a great choice for those that slice.

Sometimes when you hit a lot of shots to the right, you will end up losing a golf ball or two during a round. 

Callaway Supersoft

Best Golf Balls For Long Distance/Anti Slice


  • Hex aerodynamics 
  • One of the best golf ball options for low compression 
  • Great for a variety of swing speeds


  • Not designed primarily to reduce a slice

One of the worth parts about a slice is the distance that you will lose. When the ball starts turning towards the right, it will not increase distance.

Generally, when a golf ball is hit with a slice side spin on it, the ball will not have been hit in the center of the club face. 

Therefore golfers that need a golf ball to help fix their slice also need something with distance performance.

The best golf ball for that is going to be the Callaway Golf Supersoft. This is one of the lowest compression balls on the market, and it has tremendous distance performance. 

The Supersoft is affordable, available in lots of colors, and has an ionomer cover that will hold up for more than one round of golf.

Although the Supersoft is not a tour ball, they are going to have the low spin and the higher ball flight that slicers are going to need.

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS

Best Premium Golf Balls For Slice


  • Low long game spin, high short game spin 
  • Three piece ball 
  • Great feel


  • Premium pricing on this golf ball

The Bridgestone Tour B XS is a great golf ball for the faster swinging player that hits the occasional slice.

This is more of a premium ball that is going to give you some great feel in your golf game but still help when the long game gets out of hand. 

The Tour B XS does a great job of giving you spin around the greens but keeping the spin off the tee very low. The reason the B XS can help to reduce slice situation is partly because it is a three piece golf ball. 

For those that have the budget and want an extra feel and performance around the greens, the Tour B XS is going to be a great choice to consider.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Best Premium Golf Balls For Slice


  • Long distance golf balls 
  • Increased greenside spin and control 
  • Softer feel


  • Expensive golf balls

The Titleist AVX Golf Balls are some of the best low spin golf balls in the premium category. If you have tried playing the Pro V1 or Pro V1x and felt as though it was just too much spin, the Titleist AVX could be a great golf ball to consider playing with. 

The major difference between the AVX and the Pro V1 is that the AVX is a lower spinning golf ball. In general, the AVX has a softer feel than many other balls on the market and allows for a great spin around the greens. Finding a golf ball that allows for less of a slice off the tee and more spin around the greens is a great option.

Volvik T2

Best Golf Balls For Visibility


  • Significantly reduced glare 
  • Available in several different colors 
  • Softer core


  • Greenside spin is not great

The Volvik T2 is one of the best golf balls on the market, not only for reducing a slice but for being able to find your golf ball should you slice it. This is a golf ball that you are never going to miss as it comes in Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green. The impressive colors are all a matte color to help reduce glare.

Players that use the Volvik T2 are going to enjoy the ionomer cover that helps it have a decent spin around the green, even after the low spin the ball provides from the tee. We also like the fact that the Volvik T2 helps golfers increase the launch that they get.

TaylorMade Project A Golf Balls

Best For Mid Handicapper That Slice


  • Dual distance core 
  • Seamless dimple pattern 
  • Aerodynamic ball flight design


  • Not great for iron stop ability

The TaylorMade Project A golf balls are a unique design that falls in between a budget golf ball and a premium golf ball. Project A features a Dual Distance Core and a seamless dimple pattern. 

When you put Project A into play, you will instantly know that there is more speed and less drag. The extra ball speed and improved aerodynamics can help the golfer that is having a hard time hitting the golf ball straight.

In addition, the TaylorMade Project A golf balls feature a stiff outer core that helps to get rid of a bit of that slice spin that you may come across when teeing off. Slicing the ball is not only going to happen from the tee; it can happen from the fairway as well, and the TaylorMade Project A will help protect you.


Best New Release For Golfer That Slice


  • Brand new design 
  • Alignment line 
  • Reduced drag


  • Not as well known of a brand name

The PGM Golf VS is a new golf ball that was recently released to the market. With this high-performing design you will get a higher ball flight and a much lower overall spin rate. The idea on this golf ball is to help players control their spin from the tee but be able to hit a chip shot that actually stops on the green.

With the PGM Golf VS in play, you will notice that there is an increase in the overall durability that you get from the golf ball. The better durability and improved consistency make this an excellent choice for those that are looking to branch out from the major manufacturers.

Wilson 500 Straight

Best Value Golf Balls For Fixing A Slice


  • Very fairly priced golf ball 
  • High energy core 
  • Cut proof cover


  • Only a two piece golf ball

The Wilson 500 Straight golf balls are the best value golf balls for fixing a slice. This is a simple and affordable two piece golf ball that helps players reduce the spin that they are getting from the tee box. With a lower spin, you can get a ball to fly straighter and increase the overall speed at the same time. 

Wilson takes great care in creating products for both high and low handicap golfers. This means that you will be able to get tremendous durability out of this ball. When you purchase a dozen golf balls but can use them for thirty or more rounds, it helps increase the overall value you get.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Hopefully, you now feel as though you have some great choices for a golf ball to help improve a slice. Although golfers still need to ensure that their golf swing is as efficient and effective as possible, it helps to have a golf ball that will ensure a straighter golf ball flight. In the end, a slice is a golf shot that is extremely frustrating and can cost you strokes, it’s best to avoid it when possible. 

Will a better golf ball reduce a slice?

A low spin golf ball that is equipped with a more straight flight dimple technology can help to reduce a slice. Some golf balls are made to be higher spinning so that they work well around the green. 

The higher spin golf balls increase the ability a golfer has to spin the ball and ensure that the ball’s flight is higher and holds its line through the air. Investing in a better golf ball typically pays off. 

What Causes a Golf Ball to Slice?

A golf ball will slice when a side spin is put on it that causes the ball to curve. The sidespin is typically caused by a golf club path that comes over the top. If you slice the golf ball, chances are you coming into the impact position with an open club face, and your golf club is above the plane. 

When a golf ball slices, it can also be from playing with the wrong equipment. Some golf equipment is better suited for the golfer with a faster or slower swing speed, and that is why matching equipment to your swing speed is so important. 

Can Standing Too Close to the Golf Ball Cause a Slice?

Standing too close to the golf ball can cause a slice, as well as hitting behind the ball. Sometimes when you stand too close to the ball, you can almost feel like your hands get stuck at impact, and it forces the club head open. This is going to result in a slice and a shot that goes out to the right. 

Is There a Golf Ball That Helps With Slice?

Any golf ball that features a straight flight golf ball technology, easier alignment lines, and a low spin feature from the tee will do quite well when it comes to slice reduction. These golf balls are becoming more and more popular, and you should have no trouble finding them. 

Sometimes these golf balls will cause you to lose a bit of spin around the greens, but it still should be effective enough to get you the distance that you need and the straighter ball flight.

What To Look For When Buying Golf Balls for Slice?

Now that you have a better idea of what the best golf balls are to help fix a slice, you need to start narrowing down, which could be the best for your golf game.

Here are a few things you should consider when you are purchasing a golf ball to help fix your slice. 

Is A Two Piece or a Three Piece Golf Ball Best To Fix A Slice? 

This is a difficult question to answer because there are benefits of both the two and three piece golf balls. If you play with a two piece golf ball, chances are the ball will have a much lower spin.

The low spin will be off the tee and around the greens as well. 

Of course, this low spin around the greens is going to be difficult for some players to adjust to and can cause some extra shots in the short game.

The three piece golf ball is going to be able to provide some lower spin off the tee and potentially some lower spin around the greens as well. 

The three piece ball offers excellent benefits, but it comes at a higher price. So, therefore, you can make the argument that either the two piece or the three pieces can work as long as you feel comfortable with the price and the quality of the ball. 

Will A Golf Ball Help Fix A Slice? 

Golf balls and golf clubs are not magical. They will not completely fix a slice without you having to put a bit of effort in as well. When you want to fix a slice, you need to also learn how to square the club up and hit straight shots

However, playing with the wrong golf ball can undoubtedly make a slice much worse. When you play with a ball that spins quite a bit or is higher compression, you could end up slicing the ball worse than you have in the past. 

Keep this in mind and try to always look for a ball that is a lower spinning option. Lower spinning golf balls also tend to roll a lot further and provide golfers with some extra distance. That is something that is hard to complain about!

Similarly we have put together a list of the best golf drivers to fix a slice

Should I Play With A Colored Golf Ball? 

Golfers who slice the ball will do well playing with a colored golf ball. Let’s face it when you start slicing; you are going to start losing quite a few golf balls.

Typically speaking, your shot will fly out far for quite some time and then make a sharp turn to the right. 

This sharp turn is when it becomes harder to keep an eye on the golf ball. Watching the sliced shot will help to track it, but you may need some extra help. The colored golf ball can stand out a lot better in thick rough, or in the leaves surrounding a tree as well. 

Most golfers are finding that they have an easier time tracking the colored golf ball while it is in the air as well. If you would like to start lowering your overall golf ball costs, this can be a great way to do it. 

Many of the golf balls that were on our top list are available in several colors. The yellow, orange, and lime green seem to stand out the best.

Stay away from the blue, red, and black as they can be a bit more challenging of an adjustment when you go to the colored golf balls. 


Slicing the ball is frustrating but fixing a slice is one of the most rewarding experiences in the game of golf. If you have ever been someone who slices, you know that products that can fix a slice are well worth the money. 

The Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls are not the cheapest on the market, but they are designed specifically to help a golfer that slices the ball.

With the special alignment lines and the very low spin, these balls are designed to provide both distance and forgiveness to a wide range of players.

We are impressed with the performance of this ball and the very low side spin rates. Don’t give up hope on hitting the golf ball straight; the right combination of equipment is out there for you!

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