Best Golf Balls For Women in 2021

Women golfers generally have slower swing speeds than men golfers. This leads to a slightly different need when it comes to golf balls.

The best women’s golf balls are going to be those that help to promote distance without taking away the feel around the greens.

If you have trouble getting the ball flight you want or the spin around the greens you need, it could be related to the golf balls you are playing.

Here are the best women’s golf balls on the market

Best Golf Balls For Women in 2021

Best Golf Balls For Women: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


  • Low spin
  • Long-distance
  • High ball flight
  • Available in many colors


  • Not the softest golf balls around the green

Some golf balls are built specifically for the women’s golf game, and others are made for golfers of either gender. The Velocity golf balls are built for both men and women.

They have a variety of features that are going to work well for women golfers and help them get more distance and trajectory as well. 

The Velocity golf balls are built to help players with slower swing speeds get the longer distance. Most female golfers say that the major thing holding their game back is the distance they can hit their shots. 

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls help to give a player better ball flight, faster ball speeds, and low spin in the long game. The combination of these attributes absolutely bridges the gap in the distance.

What we love about Titleist golf balls is that you will still have the ability to stop the ball on the greens, even though the balls are low spinning from the tee. 

Overall this is a great golf ball to consider, and it is available in many different colors.

Runner Up 1: Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls


  • Very consistent feel
  • Long-distance golf ball
  • High launch off the tee 
  • Very fair pricing
  • Available in two color options


  • Soft feel for two-piece balls 

The Bridgestone e6 Lady golf ball is a golf ball designed specifically for women golfers. We love the feel of the Bridgestone and the fact that it still has lots of distance capabilities, even being a softer feeling golf ball. 

One of the things that Bridgestone does best is creating golf balls that are a very specific fit for a player. You can go on the Bridgestone website and complete a ball fitting.

By entering information about your game, Bridgestone will tell you exactly which ball is going to work for you. 

The e6 Lady is a two-piece golf ball that has some improved aerodynamics from previous releases. The compression rating is low, which is excellent for women golfers.

Overall this is one of the best options you will find for affordability, lower compression, and feel around the greens.

Runner 2: Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls


  • High launch angle 
  • Some of the best golf balls for visibility 
  • Soft ionomer cover


  • It was not engineered specifically for women.

Volvik Crystal golf balls have been around for several years now, and they continue to bring affordability and feel to the golf ball market.

The Volvik golf balls are considered men’s golf balls, but they can certainly work for both men and women. 

The Volvik Power Soft golf balls come with a ton of ball speed and very low spin rates off the tee.

The Volvik golf ball has a dimple design that is built to keep the golf ball on its path as it flies through the air. If you ever feel as though your golf ball waivers in flight, this Volvik Power soft can fix that. 

The Volvik golf balls for women are appealing to the female golfer because they have great color options as well. The glossy color on the balls helps them have excellent visibility, even if you happen to hit it in the rough.

As far as women’s golf balls are concerned, these Volvik will give you greenside control and ball speed as well.

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls

Best Premium


  • Low spin balls
  • Soft gradational core 
  • Optic Yellow coloring is easy to see 


  • Price a bit higher than other women’s golf balls

The Bridgestone Lady Precept women’s golf balls are going to be a little more money than some other ladies’ golf balls, but you will see the performance benefits that they offer. The Lady Precept is the softest ladies’ golf ball on the market. 

If you are a player that feels like you have to choose between distance or feel the Precept can fix that for you.

This is a three piece golf ball that has a two piece cover. Anytime that you move to a three piece golf ball, the feel is going to be quite a bit better. 

The Bridgestone Lady Precept has a soft gradational core that makes this ball have a low compression core. There are two color options on this Precept, but we have to say the Optic Yellow is the best choice. 

The Optic Yellow is much easier to see than other golf balls, and it will help you focus on your golf shots a bit easier as well.

This Bridgestone is easier to hit than previous Precept models, and it is engineered for distance and performance.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Best Value


  • Great value for women golf balls
  • Best golf balls for feel and distance 
  • Good for low to mid swing speeds


  • Two piece construction is not as good as a three piece

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is not designed specifically for women golfers, but they are a perfect choice for women’s golf balls.

The Callaway Supersoft is a distance golf ball that is also soft around the green. Many times when you hit a distance ball, it will be hard around the greens and difficult to spin. This is not the case with Supersoft. 

The biggest thing that sets the Callaway Women Golf Balls is the low drag Hex aerodynamics. The dimple pattern allows for reduced drag and longer carry distance.

The Hex pattern is well known across all of the best Callaway golf balls. 

The cover on the Supersoft has a Trionomer cover and is lower compression as well. The Supersoft is also an excellent choice for a female golfer that does not want to spend a lot of money on golf balls.

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

Wilson Tour Velocity Women Golf Balls

Best Women’s Golf Balls for Beginners


  • Low compression rates
  • Great distance for female golfers 
  • Best golf balls for women just starting 


  • A bit of a harder feel

For a new player, the price you pay for golf balls should be a consideration. When you look at something like the Callaway Supersoft golf balls, you will get good value, but it is still not in the lowest price range. 

With the Wilson Sporting Goods Tour Velocity, you get specific performance for lady golfers mixed with a very affordable golf ball.

The Wilson Tour Velocity is a lower compression golf ball with a focus on short game performance. 

The dimple pattern on the Tour Velocity is an aerodynamic design, and it helps golfers with a slower swing speed to get the ball to travel through the air a bit easier.

The Tour Velocity has a bit of a harder cover than some other two piece construction golf balls. This is partly because of the price point, yet they still make a great solution for lady golfers.

TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Balls

Best for Lower Handicap Women Golfers


  • Durable cover
  • Not as low compression
  • Better spin around the greens


  • Compression rate too high for slow swing speed

Some golf balls for women are built specifically for low swing speed players. However, not all women golfers are going to need low swing speed balls.

The best golf balls for women who have a lower handicap or faster swing speed will probably be men’s golf balls. 

The TaylorMade Tour Response is an excellent choice for the best golf balls for women who go after the ball with a bit more speed.

When you look at a better performance golf ball like this, the price is going to increase, but so are the features and characteristics. 

The Tour Response has an excellent feel, durability, and slightly higher compression rates as well.

The Tour Response golf balls are not geared toward the beginner golfer and are going to be a better fit for a female that has been playing for a while.

When you can feel lady golf balls are not spinning enough on the green for you, the Tour Response is a great step up.

women’s Golf Balls Buying Guide

Now that you have a better understanding of the best golf balls for women, it is time to start to narrow down which balls would be the best for your game.

Here are some commonly asked questions about women’s golf balls that are worth considering before you purchase. 

What Is The Difference Between Men’s Golf Balls And Women’s Golf Balls? 

Most of the difference between men’s golf balls and golf balls designed for female golfers is marketing. Balls marketed to women golfers are very often going to be pink and in a pink or purple box. 

When you look at the ball’s compression rating and other characteristics, you will find that there is not much difference.

Men’s golf balls that are marketed towards lower swing speed players will be almost identical to the women’s golf balls. 

Are Women’s Golf Balls Easier To Hit? 

If you have a slower swing speed, chances are the women’s golf balls are going to be a bit easier to hit. This is because compressing the golf ball is difficult to do when you don’t have enough speed. 

The downside of some of these distance golf balls built for lower speed players is that they don’t always have the best feel.

Finding the proper balance between feel, performance, and value is significant. 

What Does A Low Compression Core Mean? 

A lower compression core will help a golfer that needs more distance in their game. Compressing the golf ball helps a golfer get a higher moment of inertia and more jump off the club face of the club. 

The majority of women golfers are going to want something with a low compression core. Finding a low compression ball that also has a durable and soft cover is the perfect combination. 

Is A Two Piece Or A Three Piece Ball Better for Women Golfers? 

You probably noticed that we had both two and three piece golf balls on our list of the best balls for women golfers.

The two piece balls are usually cheaper and better for getting distance. The two piece ball tends to be lower spinning and better performing off the tee. 

The three piece golf ball is more expensive, but it will have better performance around the greens. With a three piece golf ball, you will find that you can stop the ball faster and spin the ball more as well.

Most three piece golf balls can help with distance as well. Each layer of the ball adds more performance to the ball. 

Some golf balls have four and five piece but most of these won’t be marketed to women. The four and five piece golf balls are typically for faster swinging players. 


A golf ball can make a very big difference in the game of a player. When you play with a great golf ball, it can amplify all of the things you can do with your golf clubs.

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are the best golf balls for women on the market. When you add these balls to your game, you will notice an almost instant difference in distance, feel, and performance.

The Velocity will give you a better launch, lower spin off the tee, and it all comes at a fair price. It may take testing out a few different balls designed for women to get the proper fit for your game.

Once you find a great golf ball, stick with it!

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