Best High Visibility Golf Balls of 2024

In case you haven’t noticed, colored golf balls are taking over the market. A colored golf ball is easier to see, better for focus, and can even make golf a bit more fun.

If you have been wondering if there are performance differences between white and colored balls or if a colored golf ball makes sense for your game, take a look at the options we have put together.

These are the best colored golf balls on the market across several different categories. 

Our High Visibility Golf Balls of 2024

Best High Visibility Golf Balls: Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Colored Golf Balls


  • Very easy to see on the course
  • Comes in a mixed color box 
  • Will help maximize distance
  • Matte finish


  • Not the best for higher swing speeds

The Vovik brand has made a name for themselves by making high visibility golf balls. Each of their product options has a color coating that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The great thing about the Volvik is that they are more than just a color; the golf ball itself is also high performing

The Vovik Vivid Matte is a 3 piece ball that has a matte color paint on it to help it really stand out from the crowd. The Volvik balls are a good choice for a wide variety of players but mostly the mid to high handicap with slightly slower swing speeds. 

The Volvik is a mid compression golf ball with an 80 compression rating. The dimple pattern on the Volvik is built to help the ball have better control in the air and stay on its line as well.

With the soft outer core and the high energy inner core, you should get all the performance you need with the Volvik. 

The Volvik is available in Pink, Yellow, Green, Red, and an assorted color box.

Runner Up 1: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls


  • Higher performing ball available in several colors
  • High launch angle 
  • Great long game performance


  • Two piece golf ball

Titleist golf balls are always some of the most traditional style golf balls on the market. When you think of a Titleist, you may think of a white golf ball.

However, Titleist has jumped on the high visibility golf ball train, and they have started to make their top performing golf balls in colored versions. 

The Titleist Velocity is a great golf ball for players with a mid handicap and mid swing speed. This is one of the lower priced golf balls in the Titleist line, but it has some great performance benefits. 

The Velocity is a distance golf ball and has a very low spin off the tee. You will be able to get very high ball flight, low spin, and still have the ability to stop your iron shots. The higher ball flight is accomplished because of the dimple design. 

When it comes to color options, Titleist will still stay reasonably conservative, and they are going to be orange, pink, green, and white. We like the orange option the best as it is a very vivid color and really stands out on the course.

Runner Up 2: Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls


  • Three piece golf ball 
  • Aerodynamic design 
  • Available in red and yellow 
  • Sold in a 15 ball pack
  • High ball speeds


  • Not the best spin around the green

If distance is your preference, this is a piece of golf gear you will want to keep in your bag. The Callaway Superhot Bold is all about ball speeds.

If you are lacking ball speed for any reason, these high visibility balls can help you get your distance back. 

We love that the Superhot is a matte finish as they will not be overwhelmingly shiny when playing on a sunny day. This Superhot bold is available in Red and Yellow, and it is usually available in a 15 ball pack. 

The Superhot uses the Hex Aerodynamics again to help keep the drag low for players that need and want that piercing ball flight.

This is a three piece golf ball so that you will get a bit of extra performance around the greens; however, this is mostly a distance ball, so the spin around the greens will not be quite as impressive.

Srixon Soft Feel Brite Matte Color Golf Balls

Best Value


  • Great price for the technology that you get 
  • Available in white and color option 
  • Great feel around the green 
  • Low compression


  • Only available in two colors

The Srixon Soft Feel are some of the best golf balls for amateurs on the market. Srixon luckily also makes these high performing golf balls in two Matte color options.

The bright green and the bright red colors really help to make your golf shot stand out while you are playing the course. 

One of the things that make the Srixon so great is the Energetic Gradient Growth Core. This is a high performing core that you don’t always see in a simple two piece design like this.

The core helps golfers get a high launch, low spin off the tee a lot of great feel as well. 

Part of the reason players like the feel of this ball is the Ionomer cover. The cover is soft, and with a compression rate of 60, it works well for those that have slower swing speeds.

For a two-piece ball, the Srixon has some of the best greenside spin on the market.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Best Premium


  • Very easy to see
  • Great feel around the green for high visibility golf balls 
  • Surlyn and Urethane combination for performance


  • Priced a little higher than other options

The Vice Pro golf balls are an excellent premium choice for a colored golf ball. Vice makes the Vice Pro in a neon lime color, and it is highly visible.

In addition to the Vice Pro being neon lime, it has a lot of other critical performance attributes. 

This is a premium golf ball that even experts will agree has similar performance to a Titleist Tour golf ball. The cover on the Vice Pro is made from a very thin cast urethane. This material allows you to have plenty of spin around the greens. 

Under the cover is a surlyn layer that helps golfers reduce some of the spin off the tee. The core is a high energy core that allows for a ton of distance and explosion from the tee box.

Overall this is a distance ball with a lot of other great benefits around the green.

TaylorMade 2020 Tour Preferred5 Pix 2.0 Golf Balls

Best For Tracking Ball Flight


  • 5 piece balls
  • Pictures instead of just colors
  • Great distance and soft feel


  • Priced high

Sometimes when it comes down to high visibility golf balls, it is about more than just the color of the ball. Colored golf balls are easy to see, but the new TaylorMade Pix 2.0 golf balls can offer quite a bit of performance as well.

With the Pix ball, there are actually pictures on the balls. The pictures are done in such a way to help make sure that golfers can see how the ball is flying and rolling.

When you make a great putt on the green, the ball should roll end over end. With the Pix golf balls, you can really see this happening.

The Pix also make a unique pattern or look as they are traveling around the golf course. When the ball is spinning at high rates, you can see the patterns, and the ball will be much easier to track.

In addition to the high visibility of this ball, it is also extremely high performing.

The only golf ball that TaylorMade makes with five pieces is the Tour Preferred 5 Pix 2.0. The five layers help to give golfers a feel around the green, mixed with distance from the tee.

Although these golf balls are good for a variety of skill levels, we like this best for the faster swinging players.

High Visibility Golf Balls Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of the best-colored balls on the market, you will need to start narrowing down, which could be for your game.

There are some additional considerations to make when you decide on a colored golf ball as compared to a white ball. 

What Is The Easiest Color Golf Ball To See? 

There have been quite a bit of studies done to see what the easiest colored balls are to see. The yellow golf ball continues to stand near the top along with the lime green color as well.

The highest visibility golf balls are going to be yellow, orange, white, and lime green. 

Other colors that you will find include pink, blue, red, and sometimes purple as well. The red and the blue don’t tend to stand out quite as well, although some have quite a bit of luck with the red colored golf ball. 

Depending on your vision, the visibility might be different for each person. Another thing that will affect the high visibility golf balls is the sunglasses that you wear.

If you are wearing glasses that are tinted in any way, they make change the way the colored balls look. 

Are Colored Golf Balls Worth Using? 

In the past, a high visibility golf ball was considered to be for the higher handicap golfers. Golfers that could not find their golf balls chose the colored balls so that they could try and keep their scores a bit lower. 

As time went on, the better golfers started realizing that there could be some advantages to the high visibility golf balls.

When the better golf ball companies like Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade started producing their top-performing golf ball in high visibility colors, the idea really took off. 

A colored ball can help a golfer stay more focused on their golf shot, find the ball in a deeper rough and see better contrast while on the greens.

Although a white golf ball can also do these things, golfers are finding the game a bit easier with a colored ball in play. 

Another great thing about choosing a unique golf ball color is that it will stand out from the other golfers you play with. If you use a yellow golf ball and everyone else is using white, you will always know where your golf balls are. 

Do Golf Pros Use Colored Golf Balls? 

Most touring professionals are not going to use colored golf balls. These pros have played for so many years using a white ball, and they are very accustomed to it. Bubba Watson does use a pink and sometimes green ball when he plays. 

Golf professionals are allowed to use yellow golf balls, pink golf balls, really any other color they would like. The only rule about colored golf balls that is in place is that you must start your round and finish it with the same color. 

For instance, if you start with a yellow golf ball, if you lose one during the round, you will need to replace it with another yellow golf ball.

You may see more golfers starting to play these easier to see balls as time goes on; however, for now, it is limited to a select few players. 

Are Colored Golf Balls The Same Price As White? 

A colored golf ball is going to be the same price as a white golf ball. When a manufacturer makes a colored ball, it is just a matter of using a different type of paint to create the desired finishes.

The actual performance and structure of the golf ball will be the same. 

Does Golf Ball Color Impact Feel? 

Golf ball color will have no impact on feel. This is why it is essential when you choose a colored golf ball to consider the type of ball more than the color.

Although you will want to choose something that will be easy to see, the construction of the ball is more important.

Choose a ball that fits in your price range, has the desired performance capabilities, and has the higher visibility that you need. 


If you are thinking of making the switch to high visibility golf balls, it is certainly worth a shot. You may find that you lose less golf balls and therefore spend quite a bit less money on golf balls throughout the season.

Remember that the color of the ball is not going to impact the performance, so you need to purchase a ball that works for your game.

The Volvik Vivid stands out as the best overall golf ball for visibility. You will have no problem tracking the ball, and you get plenty of distance and greenside feel as well.


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