Best Low Compression Golf Balls in 2022

Lower compression golf balls are built to help the slower swinging player get the ball speeds they need.

When the concept of a low compression ball became popular, it was one of the greatest breakthroughs for the average golfer.

Having taught so many students that lack swing speed and power, I can honestly say the low compression golf ball makes a difference.

We have put together some of the best low compression golf balls on the market.

Our Best Low Compression Golf Balls in 2022

Best Low Compression Golf Balls: Callaway Supersoft


  • Great distance and feel 
  • It comes in several color options
  • One of the lowest compression golf balls on the market
  • Soft cover


  • Still a two piece golf ball

The best overall low compression golf balls are the Callaway Supersoft. With a compression rating of 38, it’s going to be hard to find something with a lower compression than this.

The great thing about the Supersoft is that it is also a great choice for those that have some extra swing speed. Golfers with a wide range of handicaps will benefit from the Supersoft. Especially the beginner golfers.

As with all Callaway golf balls, the Supersoft features the HEX Aerodynamics pattern. This pattern will help to improve overall distance by reducing drag.

In addition to this extra distance that you will get, the soft Trigonometry cover gives some great feel. 

The Supersoft is low compression golf balls that are available in many different colors, and they even come in the new Magna version. The Magna is a slightly large sized Supersoft that is a great golf ball choice for the senior player.

Read our Callaway Supersoft review.

Runner Up 1: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls


  • Fair pricing
  • Good distance off the tee
  • Tremendous feel when chipping and putting
  • Low compression golf balls


  • Not the longest golf ball on the market

The Srixon Soft Feel is one of the most popular golf balls on the market. The Soft feel offers lots of distance to the golfers with a slower swing speed, but they also have a tremendous amount of feel on the short game shots. 

The cover on the Srixon Soft Feel is very thin and if offers a tremendous amount of spin and soft feel. If you are a golfer who feels like you need help in the short game department, this is a ball that can make a difference. 

In addition to being one of the better low compression golf ball options around the green, the Srixon soft feel is also a great choice from the tee.

Golfers will love the 338 speed dimple pattern that gives the Srixon very low drag and more overall distance. For an affordable and high performing, low compression golf ball, this is a perfect choice. 

Runner Up 2: Maxfli SoftFli Matte White Golf Ball


  • Faster ball speeds
  • Good control around the greens
  • Great for a very slow swing 
  • Senior golfers should consider the Maxfli


  • Not the same feel as tour golf balls

The Maxfli SoftFli have a compression rating of 35, which puts them pretty low on the compression list. A high compression golf ball will be closer to 100 compression.

As you can see, the Maxfli Softfli is a lower compression golf ball. 

The core on the Maxfli offers a lot of ball speed and a low spin rate. This means that if you are looking for distance off the tee, you are going to have lots of luck with the Maxfli SoftFli.

There are 332 dimples on the Maxfli, and it helps to decrease the drag and increase the overall distance you can get with this golf ball. 

The Maxfli Softfli is a low compression golf ball with a very soft ionomer cover formulation. Around the green, you can get some great speed as well with the Maxfli SoftFli. For slower swing speeds, this golf ball is a great choice. 

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

Best Value Low Compression Golf Balls


  • Very soft core
  • Good distance
  • Long lasting golf ball 
  • Very fair price


  • Not much spin when chipping or approaching the green 

The great thing about the low compression golf ball is that it is usually pretty reasonably priced. Golf ball manufacturers know that most players who will look for this ball are going to be higher handicapper or average golfers that need an affordable ball. 

The Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite is very reasonably priced and has a compression rating of 50. This is a perfect compression for the average swing speed golfer. The Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite has an explosive core and a very soft feel. 

Inside the golf ball is a core that is 22% softer than the competition. This core helps to lower the compression but also gives this golf ball some extra responsiveness around the greens.

The flat bottomed shallow dimples are going to create much less drag as you send this Wilson golf ball flying. If your swing speeds are a bit slower and you have been looking for a lower compression golf ball, this is a perfect choice. 

Titleist TruFeel

Best Premium Low Compression Golf Balls


  • Softer feel 
  • Lots of distance from the tee
  • Very consistent and long term durability


  • Not as much distance as high compression balls from Titleist

Titleist is not known for making the lowest compression golf balls on the market. Although Titleist gives you a tremendous amount of control around the green, they usually are not the best option for the slower swing speed.

If you have a slow swing speed, there is a Titleist golf ball that you can use. 

The Titleist TruFeel has the lowest compression ratings of any of the Titleist golf balls. For a slower swinging player, you can get lots of distance and plenty of feel around the green as well.

The high compression Titleist golf balls tend to be a better feeling ball, but the soft cover on the TruFeel makes it a great choice around the greens as well. 

Titleist golf balls are known for offering great long term durability for the price as well.

Although the Titleist golf balls tend to be priced a bit higher than some other choices on the market, you will know that their capabilities are about as high as it gets. 

Wilson Duo Soft

Best Ultra Low Compression Balls


  • Great for the slowest swing speeds
  • Soft golf balls
  • Very low compression rating 


  • Not great for average swing speeds

If you are serious about finding a low compression ball, the Duo Soft is about as low compression as it gets. This is the lowest compression rating golf ball that the world of golf has seen.

Although we don’t believe this is the best golf ball for all golfers, it is perfect for slow swing speeds

The compression ratings on the Wilson Duo Soft are less than 29. This is a two piece ball that has plenty of distance from the tee.

The Duo Soft also has a softer feel around the greens. With a low compression golf ball like this, you can’t expect too much spin around the greens.

What to Look For When Buying Low Compression Golf Balls?

Now that you have a better idea of the best low compression balls on the market, it is time to help you narrow down which of these could be the best for your game.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the low compression golf ball and the reason it may make sense to put some in your golf bag. 

Who Should Use A Low Compression Golf Ball? 

Golfers that have very slow swing speeds should consider the low compression golf balls. These balls allow the club’s club head to compress the golf ball and get players the distance they need.

Distance in golf is all about ball speed. If you don’t have clubhead speed, you can’t get ball speed. 

Some golfers can work on their swings continually but still not be able to gain extra swing speed. Swing speed can be a physical thing for some players.

If this describes you, then the low compression golf balls could be your ticket to some extra distance. 

Do Low Compression Golf Balls Go Further? 

Low compression golf balls will go further for those that can benefit from them. For a higher swing speed golfer, the golf ball compression should be a little higher.

If you are a faster swinging player, the higher compression ball will give you much more distance. 

Essentially a higher swing speed player can compress a harder golf ball, so they should. Compressing the harder ball and allowing it to release and give them extra distance will undoubtedly help them get more yardage. 

If a slower swinging player tries a harder golf ball with a high compression, they will notice a loss in the distance. So a low compression golf ball can help you gain distance, but only if your swing speed is the proper match. 

Are Low Compression Balls Always 2 Piece? 

The majority of the ultra low compression golf balls are going to be two pieces. This is because it is easier to make a softer golf ball when you are working with less pieces.

The soft core can be combined with a soft Urethane cover, and the ball will be very low compression. 

When switching to the three piece golf ball, you will get some high spin rate around the green. Players that need more performance around the green as opposed to distance off the tee, the higher compression will be the best golf balls. 


Hopefully, you know, feel like you have a better handle on the best low compression golf balls on the market. There are many options to choose from.

Finding a balance between price, performance, distance, and feel can be quite difficult. Luckily the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are the best lower compression balls on the market. 

The Supersoft has a very soft cover and a high energy core. The compression rating on the Supersoft is 38, making it one of the lowest on the market.

This high performing Callaway golf ball is available in several colors, and it is offered at a great price as well. If you think that a lower compression golf ball could be a solution for your game, the Supersoft is a perfect choice.

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