Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Golf Ball Comparison

Callaway makes a wide range of golf balls for almost every player on the market.

In all my years as a PGA Professional, I will say that the Hex aerodynamic dimple pattern has always stood out as an impressive and excellent feeling technology.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft Review

In addition to the Hex pattern, Callaway has gotten very talented with the performance they can put into a value golf ball in the last few years.

If you are not sure if the Callaway Chrome Soft or the Callaway Supersoft is the best fit for your game, we have all the details you will need to decide. 

Callaway Chrome SoftCallaway Supersoft
Number of Pieces4 Piece 2 Piece
Golf ball TypePremiumDistance
Player ProfileMid to Low HDCPMid to High HDCP
SpinHigh Spin around GreenLow Spinning
FeelFirm from the tee, soft around greensFirm off the tee, a bit rubbery around the greens
ProsPerformance from the tee and around the green
Very durable outer cover
Efficient energy transfer
Can stand up against high swing speeds
Soft Urethane Cover
Very low price
Soft feel for a two-piece ball
Very good at helping players get high ball speeds from the tee
Low compression 
ConsExpensive golf ball 
Not the best choice for the slower swing speed player
Spin around the greens and from the fairway is not great
LinkCallaway Chrome SoftCallaway Supersoft

Callaway SuperSoft vs. Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The features and benefits of the Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft will overlap in some categories. However, there are certain things that will make each golf ball stand out.

Let’s take a look at these performance features and which ones are most important for your game.

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Construction 

The Chrome Soft golf ball is four pieces, and the Supersoft is two. Anytime you see a large difference in the number of pieces a golf ball is constructed with, you will notice that there is also quite a bit of performance difference between these two balls. 

Two-piece golf balls are typically lower compression, and they feel quite a bit different. The more pieces a golf ball has, the more it appeals to a better player.

When golf balls have more than two layers, they are able to offer benefits for the faster swing speed player. 

We like to think of it where a ball with four pieces has enough technology to be a good solution from both the tee and the green.

The two-piece ball is more of a solution to help players who lack ball speed and launch from the tee. 

Winner: Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Greenside Spin 

Have you ever felt like you had a very hard time getting the ball to spin when it is on the green? Many amateur players feel like they continually try to produce spin on a golf chip shot, and they are unsuccessful. 

Although it does take some skill and performance to be able to spin the ball, sometimes it has everything to do with the equipment that you are using.

A premium golf ball will help slower swing speeds be able to spin the ball around the greens. A distance ball is not an excellent choice for a greenside spin. 

The Callaway Chrome Soft has an incredibly soft feel around the greens, which works quite well for the lower handicap player trying to improve their short game.

After a while, you will see that all of the scoring occurs in the short game, and it is essential to have the proper equipment. 

Winner: Chrome Soft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Distance

A two-piece golf ball with a solid inner core will almost always provide more distance than other golf balls. If you have been working on your driver swing speed but can’t quite get the yards that you need from the tee, the Supersoft is the golf ball to go with. 

In addition to the incredibly long distance and low compression, the Supersoft also has low spin. This means that even after you send the ball down the fairway, it will roll for quite some time. 

A low compression golf ball also makes it easier for a slower swing speed player to get the proper launch on their shots.

We have come to learn that the longer the golf ball stays in the air, the further it is going to travel. Therefore high launch usually translates to more distance for a golfer. 

If your primary goal in finding a golf ball is distance, then the Callaway Supersoft is going to be a great choice. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Performance and Feel 

When you choose a golf ball, typically, you are not going to look just for distance on long shots, there will have to be wedge spin, and short game feel features to the golf ball as well.

Typically speaking, higher swing speeds with lower handicaps are going to be able to notice the most difference between two golf balls. 

New players that are still worried about making contact with the golf ball likely won’t have to worry so much about the spin numbers or carry yardage of a ball. 

When it comes to overall performance and feel, the Callaway Chrome Soft is going to beat out the Supersoft. Although the soft trionomer cover on the Supersoft is beneficial, it won’t quite provide the short game spin that the Chrome Soft ball does. 

Therefore the Chrome Soft tends to have a better all-round performance than the Callaway Supersoft ball. From tee to green, the Chrome Soft stands out as a more premium option. 

Winner: Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Value

We all know that golf is not a cheap sport. The more you play, the more expensive it gets. Greens fees start to add up, and then you are having to pay for golf balls and other equipment.

Eventually, some players decide that the pricing is going to have to be the determining factor in the golf balls that they choose to play. 

Certainly, this is understandable, and this is where the Callaway Supersoft golf ball is going to win out over the Chrome Soft. The Supersoft is one of the best-priced golf balls on the market.

In fact, when you look for a ball that can produce straight shots, help in reducing driver spin, and still provide an incredibly soft feel around the green, you won’t find too many other options in this price range. 

If you are a lower handicap player that can feel and see the difference between two different types of golf balls, then invest in the Chrome Soft. 

However, if you are going to feel sick to your stomach each time a Chrome Soft heads into the pond or the woods, don’t be disappointed with the performance the Supersoft golf ball can offer. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Launch 

Most amateur players need help to get the ball up high enough in the air. The slower your swing speed is, the harder it is to launch the golf ball.

This is where the Supersoft can help. The compression and the dimple pattern on the ball are designed to reduce drag and increase the launch. 

In addition, the low spin will help to ensure that the ball has reduced drag and travels through the air at a higher and stronger ball flight. 

If you are playing the Chrome Soft ball, chances are you are not as worried about the high launch capabilities. Since the Chrome Soft is a harder golf ball, golfers need a faster swing speed and are probably already hitting the ball relatively high. 

Looking for more launch from a golf ball is possible, but you will likely have to find the lower compression golf ball to make it happen. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Cover Material 

The cover of the Callaway Chrome Soft is a Urethane material that we typically see used in higher-end golf balls. The urethane cover helps provide a better feel, a more reactive spin coming from the club face, and an impressive overall feel. With a urethane cover, also expect that the golf ball is going to be quite durable; even those with very high swing speeds will be able to swing at this ball at full speed and see impressive results. 

The Callaway Supersoft features a Trionomer cover material. This is a new material that combines quite a bit of durability with an overall soft feel. Some golfers prefer the feel of a mushy type golf ball on the greens, especially when playing on fast greens that are a bit fast. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Number of Pieces

The Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball, and the Callaway Chrome Soft is a four-piece golf ball. The four pieces will increase the compression of the Callaway Chrome Soft and make it a better option for the fast swing speed golfer. If you swing the club really fast and compress a golf ball, it ends up going further and higher. 

With a two-piece golf ball, the performance around the greens is not typically as good. The golfer may find that the ball rolls out as opposed to stopping where you need it to. This is especially the case when hitting shots out of the rough. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Drawbacks

While we are evaluating all of the positives and differences between the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Callaway Supersoft, it’s important to look at the negatives of these golf balls as well. There is no perfect golf ball, and being aware of what the drawbacks are can certainly help you avoid a problem before it becomes an issue in your game. 

The biggest drawback that we find with the Callaway Supersoft is the fact that it does not spin around the greens and can feel a bit soft or mushy at impact. 

With the Callaway Chrome Soft, there is a big drawback in the price of the product. If you are a budget-conscious golfer, expect to cross this one off your list. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Spin From The Tee

The performance from the tee that most golfers are looking for is low spin. If you can put a small amount of spin on the ball from the tee, you can expect that it will roll a long way. 

The great thing here is that both the Chrome Soft and the Supersoft have low spin from the tee. Your overall results will be a golf driver that lands in the fairway and then continues to roll forward as it makes its way toward your target. 

The Chrome Soft has a slightly higher spin than the Supersoft, and for very fast swing speed players, the Chrome Soft X may be necessary to help control ball flight. Each of these golf balls has enough performance to be considered a good piece of golf equipment; the key is to find the one that works best for your needs. 

Winner: Supersoft 

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Golf Ball Type 

All golf balls have a category or a type that they can be categorized by. Some golf balls are considered player golf balls or distance golf balls, but the golf ball type that most players tend to look for is a mix or all-around performance golf ball. 

The Callaway Supersoft is a distance golf ball. You will find this is the case with most two-piece golf balls as they try to help golfers get the best overall distance and performance off the tee, with not as much regard for the greenside shots. 

The Callaway Chrome Soft is considered a premium golf ball, and this will significantly impact the overall price of the ball and make it one of the more expensive options in the game. If you have the money and can benefit from the spin around the greens, the Chrome Soft is a great solution. 

Winner: Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Player Handicap

One of the most common questions we are asked about the difference between the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Supersoft is who should play with them and what player handicap should use each golf ball. 

Typically speaking, the Chrome Soft is for a lower handicap player. This is because the performance that the golf ball can provide is something that appeals to a golfer that has more experience in the game and can justify the added expense. 

We would say that the range for the Chrome Soft is anywhere from scratch to about a 15 handicap player. The Supersoft is a better solution for a 15 handicap and higher. However, if you are a higher handicapper with good club head speed that is not concerned about the overall costs of the golf ball, then the Chrome Soft could be a great selection. 

Winner: Chrome Soft

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What swing speed for Callaway Supersoft? 

The Callaway Supersoft swing speed should be lower than 80 mph. Many golfers that can get 90 or 100 mph will find that the Supersoft is not a good selection, and it will result in a loss of total distance. 

Which is better, Chrome Soft or Supersoft?

The Callaway Chrome Soft is considered to be a better golf ball when comparing the Supersoft and the Chrome Soft. The Chrome Soft has some impressive spin rates around the greens, great distance off the tee, and is a tour-level golf ball. Supersoft is more of a value distance golf ball. 

Which ball is longer, Chrome Soft or Supersoft?

The Callaway Chrome Soft is longer for golfers with higher swing speeds. The Supersoft is longer for golfers with average or slower swing speeds. The key here is to find a golf ball compression that will match the needs of your game. 

Is Callaway Chrome Soft good for high handicappers?

Callaway Chrome Soft is good for high handicappers that have fast swing speed and a larger golf equipment budget. The Chrome Soft can help higher handicappers learn how to manage their shots around the green, but here is a cost associated with greenside spin. 


As you can see from our comparison, the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls stand out as the better overall choice. The four layers of material, along with the impressive greenside feel, really make this golf ball a better performer from both the tee and the green.

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball should be played by high handicappers who are looking for a mix of value and performance.

Golf balls are expensive, and if you want something that saves you money but also allows for some great distance off the tee, the Supersoft will do the trick. 


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