Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball Review

Can a Golf Ball Improve Your Game?

Can a Golf Ball Improve Your Game

Golf ball manufacturers often make sweeping claims about what their golf balls can do. They’ll rave about how their ball will spin lees, check more, fly further, stop quicker, go straighter, prevent slicing, or promote a draw. The hype has reached a fever pitch with all the space-age materials and technology crammed into golf ball manufacturing today.

The ball market is expanding rapidly. More and more club manufacturers are entering the golf ball industry as golf balls have become one of the most lucrative areas of the game. Competition is fierce, and more resources are being poured into research and development to give one manufacturer the edge over their competitors. This has led to a revolution in golf ball performance.

The customer is reaping the rewards with an abundance of quality golf balls now available. The difficulty is in choosing the right ball for the specific area of the game that matters most to you. Do you want more distance, or do you want to have more feel and control around the greens? Or do you want a combination of all three performance qualities? 

Callaway, renowned for their iconic drivers and irons, are now deservedly building a reputation as one of the leading golf ball producers. 

The Callaway Diablo Tour Ball is the latest generation design that seeks to optimize ball flight and enhance feel at the same time. The Diablo is billed as a tour performance ball at a low price. Callaway says the ball has been engineered to give maximum feel, control, and penetration. 

In this review, you will find out exactly what technology goes into the Callaway Diablo Tour Ball, how its performance stacks up, and how you can benefit from playing with it.

Features & Specifications Of The Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball

Callaway has pushed the design and engineering envelope with the Diablo Tour Ball. The company has managed a rare achievement with this ball, good striking distance and good feel which are normally mutually exclusive.

The combination of innovative technologies on the outside and inside of the ball makes this possible.

The key features of the ball are:

  • A larger power core which delivers spin control with every club.
  • The soft center core produces more spring with the short irons and wedges enhancing greenside control.
  • An HPF inner cover creates even more spin adding to control and workability.
  • HEX Aerodynamic dimple pattern minimizes drag to pierce the air.
  • Soft ionomer cover, which produces backspin when landing on the greens.

Feel and Strike

Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Balls

The Callaway Diablo Tour Ball looks and feels like a premium golf ball which gives you confidence in its abilities.

At impact, the ball feels soft on the club, producing that ‘gripping’ feeling that all golfers love to get. The soft feel in no way limits distance as the HEX aerodynamics shoot the ball off the face with a low penetrating flight that bores through the air. The dimples are hexagon-shaped, lessening hooks and slices.

Overall, the ball feels amazing with solid contact from the drive to the wedges. The ball is forgiving enough not to be jarring on off-center shots. 

Performance for Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Balls

The performance of the Callaway Diablo Tour Ball is worthy of the moniker ‘tour’. It is a ball that gives you everything a tour pro expects, which will help the club golfer get the best out of their game.

We can all do with a bit more distance and a bit more spin control. The Diablo Tour gets the balance right, not compromising in either.

Let’s discuss the performance attributes further:


This ball is long off both the driver and the irons. It will not travel as far as some pure distance balls on the market, but those achieve distance at the expense of feel – the rock-hard covers almost eliminate spin.

The hexagon pattern over the entire surface produces a trajectory similar to a tour player – low off the face then rising high for a soft landing. The Callaway is especially long into the wind as its well-designed aerodynamics cut through the resistance. 


The cover is soft yet durable. You can feel the ball being compressed and gripped by the grooves of the face. There is a solid, satisfying sensation on impact that makes you want to repeat it.

Callaway has layered the core of Diablo – the core is firmer on the perimeter, getting softer towards the core, augmenting the feel further. You get superb control with solid contact around the greens.


Callaway has tripled the technology in the materials used  creating spin in their tour ball. The engineers wanted to design a long ball and  give it exceptional spin properties for maximum feel and control.

The Callaway Diablo Tour Ball spins like a ball developed for spin only.

The large power core, soft center core, and HPF inner cover all work together, allowing you to stop your long irons, get backspin with your short irons, and control your pitching and chipping.

The low, spinning, checking pitches that the pros amaze us with, the ones that bounce twice and grip as if the ball has been pulled back by an elastic band, are within reach with the Callaway Diablo Tour Ball.


Callaway has given this ball a tough, quality cover that doesn’t scuff easily. Unless you smack the ball straight into a tree trunk, the Diablo has the strength to last the full round with ease.


The Diablo is a great distance ball. The superb aerodynamics deliver a piercing flight that ignores wind.

The Diablo is long with every club in the bag. You will impress your partners and opponents with your extra yardage.


This ball is a joy to drive. Callaway’s Hex aerodynamics reduce drag, making the ball longer and more accurate.

The Callaway Diablo Tour Ball will help golfers of all handicaps get that little bit extra lift off the tee.


The Callaway Diablo Tour Ball excels with the iron shots. It’s an achievement to engineer a ball that can travel so far in the air and still impart such good spin control.

The spin gives you such control that you can go for tighter pins knowing the ball will sit down quickly. Even downwind shots will hold the green.

The ball’s spin means you can be more creative, moving the ball both ways.

Short Game

A good short game is all about feel and creativity. The Diablo Tour is a ball that meets any short game challenge. 

The ball performs fantastically whether you are trying a high soft flop shot or a low checking chip. 


The ball rolls beautifully off the putter’s head. The soft feel helps you control the ball on fast greens.

Pros and Cons


  • Callaway has loaded the ball with innovations to balance length and spin perfectly. The ball has a low penetrating flight that drives through the air, and at the same time, the high spin rate produces excellent stopping power.
  • The ball offers excellent value, priced well below balls offering similar performance.


  • Long hitters who want a very soft ball around the greens will find the Diablo too firm.

Callaway Golf HEX Diablo Golf Balls vs Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball

The Callaway HEX Diablo is a harder ball than the Diablo Tour. It is a two-piece construction that reduces spin, enhancing distance and accuracy but lessening the feel and control.

The Callaway Diablo Tour Ball is a three-piece construction with a firm power core on the outer edge, getting softer towards the center, lessening spin on the driver, and adding spin to the irons. The technology gives the player the best of both worlds – length and control.


Is Callaway Diablo A Good Ball?

Yes. The Diablo is a very good golf ball. The blend of distance and spin makes the ball a solid option for low and high handicappers.

Is Callaway Diablo A Soft Ball?

No, the Diablo is not a soft ball in the strictest sense. It has a firm, durable cover with patented core technology that gives it the playability of a soft ball.

What Compression Does The Callaway Diablo Tour Golf Ball Have?

The compression of the Callaway Diablo Tour Ball is 60. This is a low compression that allows for extra distance and feel.


Callaway’s Diablo Tour Ball is one of the best balls on the market today. The ball delivers on all its promises – added length, accuracy, and spin control. If you are looking for a durable golf ball at a great price, the Diablo Tour is the ball for you.

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