Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review 2024 [Honest Opinon]

Searching for the perfect golf ball can take some time and research. As a PGA Professional, I can assure you that the time will be well spent.

Finding the proper golf ball for your game will significantly increase your chances of scoring well and enjoying your time on the golf course. The Callaway golf balls are an excellent choice for a wide range of players.

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft is not a golf ball that is as widely talked about, yet it is one that players should certainly consider adding to their bag.

If you are curious about this golf ball and whether or not it could be a good fit for your game, you are in the right place. Read our Callaway Hex Tour Soft review to find out more.

Features and Benefits 

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf ball is a bit different than some of the other Callaway balls on the market. Of course, we know that with a name like Hex, the traditional Callaway dimple aerodynamics are in place.

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft is not the newest release from Callaway; however, this could work out to be a good thing for those golfers on a budget.

Let’s take a more detailed look at some of the features that the Callaway Hex Tour Soft has in place. 


Feel in a golf ball is an extremely important benefit. In my years playing professionally, I would take a golf ball that has a better feel over one that had more distance.

A player needs to have control over their golf ball. Choosing a ball with a great feel allows for this to happen. 

Since the Hext Tour Soft Golf Ball is a three-piece ball with a responsive Surlyn cover, we found that it had an excellent feel.

If you want to control the ball flight or the distance in your short game, you should be able to with the Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball in place. 

Remember that this is not truly a premium tour level Callaway golf ball. If you need tour level performance around a green look for something like the Chrome soft. 


Overall the Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball is a low spin ball. From the tee, this will prove to be a significant benefit. Around the green, however, there is still enough spin for players to get some spin and control. 

Remember that the Hex Tour Soft Golf ball is a 3 piece ball. This allows for a high energy core, in addition to having receptiveness and spin when the wedges are used.

If you are worried about your ability to stop your short irons on a green, this Hex Tour Soft golf ball could do the trick. 


The Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf ball is a low compression ball. If your swing speed is average or even a bit less than average, this will be a good golf ball for you.

Golfers need to remember that although lower compression is considered to be a positive, it is not a good fit for all players. 

Golfers need to understand that the compression rating of a ball needs to be closely matched to a golfer’s swing speed. The more speed you have, the higher compression that you need.

We look at the lower compression of the Hex Tour Soft as a positive. A player that struggles to get distance will see improvements with the Hex Tour Soft. 


The Hex Tour Soft golf balls are a distance ball with good greenside spin and feel. However, if you consider the category or the main strength of this ball, it is still distance.

Most golfers are looking to add some extra yards to their game. Therefore a few distance-enhancing technologies are included with this ball. 

For starters, the HEX aerodynamics will lead to a lower spin from the tee. The low spin produces greater roll and longer drives. The HEX pattern essentially allows for a ball to move through the air with quite a bit less drag.

All golf balls will face some kind of resistance as the ball travels. Callaway believes that the Hex aerodynamics allow for the least resistance. We can’t say we disagree. 

This is also a three-piece golf ball, which allows for some enhanced distance technology internally. Anytime you can add an extra layer of performance, you will see the golf ball fly a bit further. 


Golf balls built for mid handicappers and high handicappers need to be durable. Durability allows for a golf ball cover to stay in great shape, regardless of the way it was hit. If a ball is hit into a bunker or along some rough dirt, you will not want it to scratch. 

Golf ball covers are made with different materials. The golf ball manufacturer needs to find a balance between the spin and feel the cover offers, with the durability. The Surlyn cover on the Hex Tour Soft Golf ball is known for its durability. 

Surlyn is a tough material on the outside of the ball; however, it still allows this to be a lower compression golf ball. 


The Callaway Hex Tour soft is not the newest release from Callaway. Typically when a golf ball has been on the market for a bit, the price will start to drop. The interesting thing about the way the Callaway Hex Tour are sold, is that they come in a 24 pack. 

When you first look at the pricing of this golf ball you may think that it is quite expensive. However, once you consider that you are getting 24 golf balls for the price of 12, the situation improves significantly. 

Another thing to remember about price is that sometimes durability will come into play as well. A golf ball that is built with a Surlyn cover like this should be safe to use for more than one round. 

The Surlyn cover will hold up against scratches or marks from a bad shot or a ball that bounces along a cart path. We always try to get two or three rounds out of each golf ball that we use.

The more you can achieve this; the lower your overall golf ball expenses will be. Take advantage of this being a 48 ball pack and use it for a few months of golf.


You can probably see from our Callaway Hex Tour Soft review and ratings that this ball is one that is worth considering. If you have something against this ball or Callaway in general, here are a few alternatives with similar performance.

Remember, no two golf balls are going to perform precisely the same, but these will have very similar overall benefits. 

Bridgestone e12 Soft

The Bridgestone e12 golf ball is a three-piece ball that is again made with a Surlyn cover. You will find quite a few similarities between the e12 soft and the Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf ball.

The major difference between these two is going to be the dimple pattern and the core. 

The Bridgestone golf balls feature the delta dimple pattern. This is a pattern created by Delta to make the ball have less drag and smoother airflow around it. If there were ever a company to know about getting something to move through the air faster, Delta would be it. 

In addition, the Active Acceleration Mantle helps to make sure that the ball has a very high initial velocity. You may notice your ball speeds on this one going a bit higher than that with the Callaway Hex Tour Soft.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist golf balls are often known as being some of the highest performing on the market. The Titleist Velocity ball is known for long distance and a mid compression core.

Just like the Callaway HEX Tour Soft, the construction of the Titleist golf ball includes a Surlyn cover. 

Even though the Velocity is a two-piece ball, it is still considered to be high quality. Titleist knows how to make sure a golf ball has technology both around the green and off the tee as well.

This would be a golf ball to choose from if you are looking for a bit more distance but not quite as soft a feel. 

This is the longest ball in the Titleist golf ball lineup, and it also has one of the lower compressions. If you want straighter shots and higher performance from the tee, choose the Velocity. 

TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte

The TaylorMade Noodle Neon Matte is another long-distance golf ball with a soft feel and great control around the green. One of the things that set this golf ball apart is that it comes in quite a few colors. 

As you may remember, the Callaway HEX Tour soft only comes in a white soft cover design. The Noodle ball is made to have higher ball flight, low spin, and a nice feel on the green.

These balls are made to be lower priced but still have a similar feel to tour golf balls. The cover on the Noodle is a bit different than the HEX Tour Soft golf balls.

The cover is made with an Iothane material. This will provide low drag and plenty of versatility as well. Since the paint on the Noodle ball is matte technology, there is no glare, and it is easy to see. 


If you have not tried the Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf ball, now is the time to do it. This 3 piece construction ball will help golfers of all handicaps get the performance that they need.

Whether you seek a long-distance ball or something with a better feel around the green, the Hex Tour Soft could do the trick.

These HEX Tour soft  are sold in a pack of 24 golf balls, which only helps make this purchase decision much easier. Give the Hex Tour Soft golf balls a try today; you won’t be disappointed in the technology. 


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