Callaway Superhot Review: Performance and Value in 2024

One of the things that stands out right away about the Callaway Superhot golf balls is that they are sold in a 15 ball pack.

Having spent almost my entire life in the game, fifteen ball packs almost always mean that the golf balls are built for high handicappers that lose a lot of golf balls.

However, the Callaway Superhot is more than a high handicapper bulk golf ball. In fact, there are some things about this three-piece construction that has golfers of all handicaps turning their heads.

If you have never tried the Superhot golf balls, you may want to keep reading our Callaway Superhot review to see if they could be a good fit for you. 

Features and Benefits

The Callaway Superhot is a three-piece golf ball with a very soft cover. It is a distance ball that is built for a low spin off the tee and medium spin around the greens.

The Superhot has a few different models, and most golfers will find success in at least one of these golf ball choices.


In the years I spent as a teaching professional, one of the things that beginner golfers asked most often is what is feel. Feel is what it takes to understand how to control a ball around the greens.

Some golfers will take a large swing and finesse a shot; others will take a shorter swing and give the ball a bit of a hit. 

However, they decide to get the ball to the hole there is some internal understanding of what this will “feel” like and how it will look. Golf balls that are built for mid to high handicappers traditionally lack a soft feel around the green.

However, once you take the ball to a three-piece model, the feel is significantly improved. The soft cover on the Callaway Superhot helps to dramatically improve the greenside feel. 


The aerodynamic design of the Superhot will help golfers get much less spin around the green. The lower spin means that the Callaway Superhot will roll for quite some time when it hits the ground. 

Just as important is greenside spin. With the Superhot three piece construction and the lower compression, most players have no trouble spinning this golf ball on the green.

Of course, you won’t get as much spin as something like a Chrome Soft or a Pro V1; however, the spin rate is sufficient for the amateur player. 


The compression of the Callaway Golf Superhot is 70. The Callaway Supersoft is about 38. The fact that the Superhot is a 70 compression means that it is a mid compression core best designed for mid swing speeds.

Golfers that can hit their driver more than 230 but would like to be getting 250 will enjoy the Superhot low compression. 

For golf players that get lots of club head speed, this product won’t be a bad choice, but it may not have the distance from the tee that you would be capable of getting with a higher compression rating golf ball. 


Primarily this Callaway Superhot is a distance golf ball. The mid compression core, ball speed, hex aerodynamics, and spin characteristics set you up for some great distance off the tee.

If your driver speed is lacking, the Superhot can undoubtedly help you make up for it. 

The HEX aerodynamics also help for great lift and higher ball flight. We have learned that keeping the ball in the air a little bit longer can make a big difference in total carry distance. 


When Callaway makes a golf ball for the mid handicapped players, they know that the cover needs to be durable. The cover must be resistant to a few bad swings and that occasional bounce on the cart path as well.

When we tested these golf balls out, we had no trouble getting more than one round out of this model. 


When golf manufacturers sell a 15 ball pack, the product price gets a little tricky. All of a sudden, you will think these balls are a bit pricy, then when you calculate in the 15 golf ball pack, your opinion may change.

If you do a bit of math, you will see that these Superhot golf balls are priced a bit higher than a Supersoft but not as high as the Chrome Soft.

Getting a three piece design for this price is something that golfers should seriously consider.


As we have mentioned, we are pretty impressed with the Callaway Superhot golf ball.

However, if you are afraid this product is not the best for your game, there are a few other options out there. 

Callaway Superhot Bold Matte

White golf balls are starting to become a thing of the past. Many players are switching to the color finish for a few reasons.

Colored golf balls are easier to find, they are easier to identify, and they can make tracking your shots a breeze. Lots of golfers, regardless of handicap, are making the switch. 

If you like the Superhot but need a colored golf ball, the Superhot Bold is the way to go. This ball has all the great features and characteristics of the Superhot with a bit more color.

The matte finish on the Callaway Superhot Bold reduces glare as well. As great as a colored golf ball can be, shiny golf balls can give you a headache!

TaylorMade Soft Response

There is no question that Callaway and TaylorMade compete when it comes to golf equipment. The TaylorMade Soft Response is a fairly good response to the Callaway Superhot Bold and Superhot golf ball. 

TaylorMade has their own unique U Shape dimple patterns, and they promote a very low drag on this golf ball. With a compression rating of 70, the Soft Responsee Golf Ball is also going to be geared towards players with the same swing speeds. 

The thing that sets the TaylorMade Tor Response apart is the concept of more dimples. This is a 322 dimple pattern that is entirely seamless and covers the ball exceptionally well.

The accuracy, control, and ball flight of this club make it an excellent choice for the mid to high handicapper.

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

The Titleist Velocity is another great golf ball if you are on a search for something similar to the Superhot. Titleist golf balls remain some of the best in the game, but they do usually come at a higher price. 

The Velocity is a premium two piece ball that is built for lots of distance and ball speed. If your shots seem almost dead when you hit them, the two layers of the Titleist Velocity are all about creating more speed and much less drag. 

We were impressed with the feel around the greens coming from this Velocity golf ball. Typically high ball speed choices that are only two pieces have a bit of a hard feel around the greens.

The Velocity has a soft feel, and we were even able to spin it a bit with the right wedge in our hands. 

Compression ratings on the Velocity will be very similar to the Callaway Superhot, but the inner mantle of the Titleist ball is a bit more reactive.


If you like Callaway golf balls and feel like your golf game needs a change this year, the Superhot could be a great choice.

If you are a mid swing speed player looking for results from the tee and performance around the green, this ball could do the trick.

For the price that they are offered, it’s worth picking up a box of the Callaway Superhot golf balls today.

We do love the Superhot Bold to change things up a bit and make sure that your golf balls stand out from the other golfers in your group. 


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