Top 12 Longest Golf Balls in 2024 for Maximum Distance

In my time as a professional golfer, I have taken on countless students all requesting the same thing: more distance. And this is completely understandable – after all, golf is easier and more fun when you can hit the ball further! 

While the most important factors that determine distance are technique and strength, there is something to be said about the type of golf ball you are using. 

There is a huge array of golf balls on the market; however, not all of them are built for long distances. That’s where we come in.

We spent weeks reviewing some of the longest golf ball choices on the market to work out which golf balls come out on top in regard to distance!

No matter what type of player you are, If you want a golf ball that you can just about thwack into orbit, this is the list you’ve been looking for. In this article, we’ll take you through:

  • The 12 longest golf balls in 2024
  • The advantages, disadvantages, and real customer reviews of each.

Let’s get into it!

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Longest Golf Balls For All Golfers In 2024
Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
  • Great for a wide range of swing speeds
  • Low spin from the tee
  • High energy core
TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls
  • Dual distance core
  • Durable yet soft cover
  • A good combination of distance and greenside feel
Callaway Superhot Golf Balls
  • Tour level carry distance
  • Good greenside feel
  • Mid compression golf balls
Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
  • Incredible distance
  • Three piece construction
  • Urethane cover
Vice Tour Golf Balls
  • Mid compression ball
  • Fair pricing
  • Three piece construction
Volvik Vivid XT AMT Golf Balls
  • Increased distance from previous models
  • Ionomer cover
  • Built for faster swing speed golfers
Bandit Non Conforming Golf Balls
  • Extremely long distance
  • Durable Suryln cover
  • Mid compression core



Longest Golf Balls: Titleist Velocity




  • Great for a wide range of swing speeds
  • Low spin from the tee
  • High energy core
  • Available in several colors


  • For a two piece ball, its pricing is a bit high

The longest golf ball is the Titleist Velocity. This is a two piece ball that is built completely for distance and low ball spin from the tee.

Titleist is known for having some of the best golf ball technology on the market, and the Velocity is no exception. 

One of the things that we love about the Velocity is the brand new 350 Octahedral Dimple Pattern. The pattern on the cover of the ball helps to increase launch and give golfers higher and longer ball flight. 

You will notice that for a two-piece golf ball, the pricing on the Velocity is a bit high. This is because the technology incorporated into those two layers is far superior to the other two-piece golf balls.

The brand new LSX Core Fast technology provides a very reactive core that is low to medium compression. 

The Titleist Velocity is available in several different matte finish colors. You will be want to be able to find your ball when you start hitting it as far as the Velocity allows.

This is a golf ball that is absolutely worth checking out if you need more distance in your game.

What Customers Say about Titleist Velocity

For beginners and pros who want to squeeze out the best golf experience possible, the Titleist Velocity blows the competition out of the water. It’s quite speedy, flies long and straight, and offers a feel that other ordinary golf balls can’t replicate. Not to mention, it comes in  a nice variety of colors that shimmer in the sun, making it easier for you to spot it during your matches.



Runner Up 1: TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls




  • Dual distance core
  • Durable yet soft cover
  • A good combination of distance and greenside feel


  • Ball speeds on Titleist Velocity are slightly higher 

The TaylorMade Project S is another very long golf ball. With the Project S, the two main goals are speed and soft feel. You will notice that many of the best golf balls on the market for distance are going to be two pieces. 

However, a two piece ball is not always the best for performance around the green. The TaylorMade Project S happens to be a three piece golf ball with a dual distance core. 

Amateurs sometimes get hung up on the two to three piece golf ball debate. From teaching thousands of people the game, I can tell you that the two piece ball will be more than acceptable for most golfers.

The major difference is going to be around the greens, with the three piece ball providing a bit more spin. 

The TaylorMade Project S has a compression of 60, which is a bit less than the Project A. This helps golfers with medium swing speeds get a bit more compression, higher ball flight, and hopefully more distance as well. 

The cover of the Project S is an Ionomer cover that is soft and has a 342 dimple pattern. The dimple pattern promotes low backspin and reduced drag on your golf shots. Overall the distance and feel of this ball are impressive.

What Customers Say about TaylorMade Project S Golf Balls

With a solid feel and capable of adding great distance to shots, the TaylorMade Project S is one of the best options for those trying their hand at golf. 

It’s not as snappy and can’t quite hold a candle to the Titleist Velocity, but this golf ball is hard to match for casual players and pros alike.



Runner Up 2: Callaway Superhot Golf Balls




  • Tour level carry distance
  • Good greenside feel
  • Mid compression golf balls 
  • Nice feel
  • Available in many colors


  • Not the best for high swing speed players

The Callaway Superhot golf balls are built for mid to low swing speeds with a mid compression of 70. This is a three piece golf ball that provides performance both from the tee and around the green as well. 

You may be familiar with the best selling Callaway Supersoft golf ball. The Supersoft is an ultra low compression (38) two piece ball. With the Superhot, Callaway added an extra layer to provide a bit more versatility in the spin that the club offers. 

With the Superhot you are going to get low spin from the tee, however near the greens you should be able to stop the ball where you need it. If you are a high swing speed player, the Superhot may not be high enough compression golf balls for your game. 

Interestingly the Callaway Superhot are sold in a 15 ball pack. With the aerodynamic design and strong cover this golf ball gives you distance round after round.

For those with very slow swing speeds, the lower compression Supersoft may be the better distance ball. However, for most amateur golfers, the Callaway Superhot has been a great addition to their game.

What Customers Say about Callaway Superhot Golf Balls

Cheap and capable of delivering performance that far exceeds its price, the Callaway Superhot flies straight and spins just enough for the most novice of players. 

And if that’s not player-friendly enough, the bright colors and matte feel makes a good game of golf even better.

Read our Callaway Superhot review.



Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Best Premium




  • Incredible distance
  • Three piece construction 
  • Urethane cover 
  • Great for mid to high swing speed


  • Price tag is a bit higher

Golf balls built for the lower handicap players are often a very good mix of both distance and feel. The Titleist Pro V1 is probably the most well known golf ball in the game.

Low handicap players will tell you this is the longest hitting golf ball on the market. 

The Pro V1 is three piece ball with a higher compression core of around ninety. This means that golfers with average to high swing speed will do the best with the Pro V1.

Although we can understand when players are searching for a distance golf ball, having short game feel and precision is an important added benefit. 

With the TItleist Pro V1 you are going to have a lot of control over your short game shots. The soft feel helps players stop the ball where it needs to stop on full swing wedge shots and short game chips as well.

Even though the Titleist is a tour type golf ball, the medium swing speed players still have the ability to compress this core.

What Customers Say about Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 has a lot of things going for it; it packs impressive distance, is very forgiving, and has a premium feel that’s right at home even for the most serious of players. 

It might be on the more expensive side, but with how fluid your experience with it will be, it’s well worth the price!



Vice Tour Golf Balls

Best Value




  • Mid compression ball 
  • Fair pricing
  • Three piece construction 
  • Low spin and lots of distance


  • Not the latest Vice Golf Ball release

Golf balls are not always the cheapest price of golf equipment. When you consider sometimes that a golf ball will only last for one round, you may spend quite a bit in the course of a year.

Choosing golf balls that are fairly priced, have lots of distance as well as decent feel can be a bit difficult. 

The Vice Tour Golf Balls are a three piece ball with a 392 aerodynamic dimple design. Fitting 392 dimples on a ball takes a bit of work and allows for very good coverage when making contact with your driver.

Essentially you will experience a higher MOI when hitting the Vice Tour Golf Balls. 

We are always impressed with the ability that Vice has to put a quality golf ball on the market for a very fair price. When it comes to distance golf balls dispersion rates are very important.

After all, it doesn’t help to have the longest golf ball go in the wrong direction. Golfers with a variety of swing speed and ability have mentioned the Vice Tour as being one of the more consistent and predictable balls on the market.

What Customers Say about Vice Tour Golf Balls

If there’s one area where Vice Tour golf balls won’t ever disappoint, it’s the price. 

And while it’s a cheaper option that won’t blow a hole through your wallet, it offers low driver spin, good distance, and impressive feel. If you’re starting out and want to test the waters first, these golf balls won’t disappoint!



Srixon Distance

Best Value Runner-Up


  • Great value for money
  • Extra distance is distinctly noticeable
  • Hard wearing


  • Less control on the green
  • Less shot-stopping capacity due to shallower landing angle

Srixon have provided us with a truly promising candidate for the best-value distance golf balls of 2024. 

Cheaper than the Vice Tour Golf Balls, these balls will add 10-12 yards onto a mid-high handicap golfer’s swing. This type of additional distance makes follow-up shots substantially more digestible! 

Srixon Distance balls ‘rinse every yard out of your game’. This is done with a slightly lower shot peak and shallower landing angle, meaning that the ball will roll further on firm surfaces. 

If shot-stopping capacity is a big thing for you, this is something you may want to take into consideration.

If your rationale for using a ball of this nature is purely for more long-range advantage and you don’t mind a little bit less responsiveness on the green, this is the ball for you. 

But in saying that, Srixon Distance balls still offer a surprisingly satisfying feel compared to other traditional distance balls.

What Customers Say about Srixon Distance

These golf balls enjoy high ratings and leave customers generally satisfied with the way they fly straight and pierce through the air.

Volvik Vivid XT AMT Golf Balls

Best for Visibility




  • Increased distance from previous models
  • Ionomer cover
  • Built for faster swing speed golfers 
  • Visual alignment line


  • Limited color selection

Colored golf balls are becoming more and more popular. Players are realizing that they have better focus and better ability to track their shots when they play with a colored golf ball.

The Volvik Vivid XT is a three piece ball that is designed to be one of the longest golf balls in the Volvik line up. 

This ball comes with an Ionomer cover to provide a bit more grab and softer feel around the green. From a distance perspective, this is a 90 compression ball built for those with a faster swing speed. 

It’s important to remember that golfers with faster swing speeds need a slightly higher compression core. These players will miss out on distance if they try to use a very soft core golf ball. 

This golf ball was originally designed fro the World Long Drive competition. If this Volvik is good for the guys that can hit the ball 400 yard, it certainly should do the trick for you!

If you have thought of Volvik as game improvement type golf balls in the past, try this higher compression golf ball and give Volvik a chance.

What Customers Say about Volvik Vivid XT AMT Golf Balls

This official golf ball by the World Long Drive Tour is right up the alley for players who want to enjoy a more professional golf experience. With their matte coating, dual power core, and incredible mid-air trajectory, these golf balls deserve to be in every casual or professional player’s kit.

As you would expect, many customers love these golf balls for their brilliant color (for easier tracking), abundance of spin, and good distance and feel.



Bandit Non Conforming Golf Balls

Longest Illegal Golf Ball




  • Extremly long distance
  • Durable Suryln cover
  • Mid compression core


  • Non conforming
  • Not the best for greenside feel

Not all golfers play in tournaments or follow the USGA rules of golf to a tee. If this describes you, than you may want to consider an illegal or non conforming golf ball.

Most of the time a reason that these golf balls would be considered illegal is that they travel too far. That is certainly the case with the Bandit distance golf balls

When the USGA evaluated this ball they said that the distance players got was just not fair.

The patented dimple pattern combined with the Surlyn cover are two ways that Bandit says they are able to get their golf balls to travel further than the other choices on the market. 

In addition there is a high energy core that encourages a very strong energy transfer at impact.

If distance in your game has really been holding you back, choosing a golf ball like the Bandit could change your entire perspective of the game. 

What Customers Say about Bandit Non Conforming Golf Balls

It may be dubbed a rebel with its non-confirming status, but Bandit Golf Balls are the absolute best if you’re looking for balls with a long range. 

With its balance of performance and distance and reputation for setting world records, customers have definitely noticed the extra flight and distance that Bandit golf balls provide – blowing the competition out of the water. For that, these golf balls are understandably highly rated.



Titleist AVX

Best Low Spin




  • Very long distance off the tee
  • Also, long distance on approach shots
  • Impressive soft feel and durable cover


  • Not the best for a short game spin

The Titleist AVX is one of the best golf balls on the market for a low spin. What many players need to learn is that when you use a low-spin golf ball from the tee, you will be able to get quite a bit of roll and extra distance. The AVX golf balls also have a softer feel and more control than ever. 

On the outside of the ball, you will notice a high flex casing layer. This layer ensures that there is plenty of ball speed from the start. In addition, the golf ball comes with a 348 tiled Catenary Dimple Design. The ball is stable in the air and encourages a straight ball flight. 

Around the greens, there isn’t as much spin as you will find in something like the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, but the softer feel does help make it possible to keep the ball in play around the greens. 

If you have been looking for a premium golf ball and, for some reason, the Pro V1 and Pro V1x don’t work out for you, the AVX is another great option to consider.

What Customers Say about Titleist AVX

Promising a core specifically designed for low spin, high speed, and long distances, the Titleist AVX delivers no matter what the course is. 

Aerodynamics aside, this golf ball doesn’t have to feel all fancy just to get your attention — hit the ball and enjoy the satisfyingly soft feel!

With customers raving about its great feel, durability, straight flight, and excellent control – all while being very inexpensive – there’s no reason you shouldn’t try out the Titleist AVX.



Callaway Chrome Soft

Best For Lower Handicap Golfer




  • Impressive distance
  • High levels of forgiveness 
  • New Tour Aero design for improved stability 
  • Great greenside feel 


  • Some golfers find them to be a little hard

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls feature precision technology to help improve dispersion. However, they are also some of the longest golf balls on the market. I have used Callaway Chrome Soft myself for several years and find their performance to be some of the best on the market. 

In addition to the long distance from the tee, there is a tremendous amount of greenside control. In addition, the aerodynamic dimple pattern helps players to achieve the ball flight they are looking for. 

Callaway does a great job with quality ensuring that you can keep this ball in play for several rounds and still get the performance you need. Overall the Chrome Soft is a bit more expensive than the other Callaway golf balls in the lineup. However, the combination of performance it’s pretty impressive. 

If you are concerned with feel, precision, and greenside control, give the Chrome Soft a try. 

What Customers Say about Callaway Chrome Soft

If golf balls with personality tend to catch your eye, Callaway’s Chrome Soft 22 ball is here to serve you redneck aesthetics while delivering performance that’ll put even novices at ease.

Soft feel, consistently fast speeds, and a friendly level of control — what else are you looking for?

Judging from the Amazon reviews these balls enjoy, it’s a sure game-changer that is forgiving for beginners and offers a refreshing experience to more experienced players. It may be on the pricier side, but it’s worth it.



TaylorMade Tour Response

Best For Average Golfers




  • Optimized aerodynamics 
  • Soft feel 
  • Similar to TP5 golf balls 
  • Urethane cover


  • Won’t spin around the greens like the TP5

The best golf balls for distance are not always the cheapest. However, with the TaylorMade Tour Response, you get great value for the ball and some impressive performance. The TaylorMade Tour Response is similar to the TP5x, except that the ball will not spin quite as much around the greens, but the overall distance is still close. 

The Tour Response is made with a 100% urethane cover which is softer than ionomer and will help with greenside spin and control. In addition, the new HFM Speedmantle improves aerodynamics and increases distance. 

The compression core of the TaylorMade Tour Response is low at just 40. This helps to encourage even the slower-swinging players to use a golf ball like this. TaylorMade adds the soft urethane bringing total compression up to 70, a perfect fit for the average golfer.

What Customers Say about TaylorMade Tour Response

Are you just looking for a good, reliable golf ball without all the bells and whistles? Tour Response Golf Balls are likely your best bet. 

Classy in appearance with a plain coat and with all the qualities of a reliable golf ball like great spin and soft feel, Tour Response offers a satisfying golf experience that’ll allow anyone to appreciate the sport.

Many customers have rated this ball highly, especially as it putts great and offers long distance and wonderful feel. It’s a popular choice for casual players and pros alike.



Wilson Staff Triad

Best For Accuracy and Long Distance




  • Fast ball speeds 
  • Low spin and more roll 
  • Fair pricing for the technology offered 
  • A good choice for mid to low handicaps


  • Not all that much spin on the shorter irons

The Wilson Staff Triad is a high MOI distance golf ball that combines both forgiveness and distance. The golfer looking for faster speed and low spin will be impressed with the Wilson Staff Triad. 

Remember that Wilson makes several different lines of products. Some are more affordable and made for golfers on a budget, and others are a bit more advanced and high performing. The Wilson Staff Triad is made with three layers of impressive materials to help the golfer who demands a bit more on the course. 

In addition, there is a thin cast urethane cover to help the mid to low irons gain some extra spin. If you are looking for more confidence in your golf shots, this is a golf ball that could help. 

However, one of the reasons that we find the Wilson Staff Triad to be so long is that it has a very low spin on the driver. This low spin not only helps to increase the total carry distance but also increases roll distance. 

What Customers Say about Wilson Staff Triad

Wilson Staff Triad Golf Balls are your go-to if you want a no-nonsense golf ball that gets the job done exceptionally well! 

They boast a controlled ball flight, fast speed, low driver spin, and a thoughtfully balanced design, so they’re truly built to impress.

These balls are a true standout, and many reviews echo this – praising the ball’s long, straight flight, premium feel, durability, and consistent performance. If you just want a great ball for a great price, the Wilson Staff Triad Golf Ball won’t disappoint.



Longest Golf Balls Buying Guide

Now that you know which balls are the best golf balls for distance, its time to figure out which one is the best for your golf game. Remember that when playing with the best golf ball for the distance, you will often find that the greenside performance is different or that distance golf balls don’t have the same soft feel.

Here are the things to be aware of:

Spin Control or Distance Golf Balls?

Low spin golf balls tend to be the best option for golfers that are looking to hit the ball a long way. If a golf ball has too much spin, it will often stop when it hits the grass so that you are not getting that extra carry out. 


The price of golf balls for distance will range from around $20 per dozen to more than $50 per dozen. The higher-priced distance golf balls will have a mix of performance from the tee and around the greens. These are the balls that are typically four or five pieces. 

Ball Cover

The Urethane cover is known for being the most premium feeling and high performing. However, a urethane cover can also be expensive. Some golfers like an Ionomer cover for the distance golf balls in their game. 

Ball Construction

The construction of the golf ball is typically either 2, 3, 4, or 5 pieces. The two piece golf balls can be great for distance but expect them to lack a bit when it comes to feel and overall playability. The four and five piece golf balls have the best feel around the greens and generate a ton of distance off the tee. 

Dimples and Flight

Dimple patterns will vary from one manufacturer to another. The dimple pattern has the most impact on the ball flight and keeping it straight on your target line. 


Low-compression golf balls will travel a long way for slower swinging golfers. High-compression golf balls are best for golfers with higher swing speeds. Compression ratings should match your swing speed so that you get the most performance from your shots. 


Distance golf balls can sometimes lack spin around the greens. Be careful which golf balls you choose, and if you hit shots around the green, make sure you leave them some room to roll out.

Read Also: What Golf Balls Do Pros Use?

What Should Seniors Look For In A Distance Golf Ball? 

Senior golfers are often looking for ways to add distance back to their game. The best distance golf balls for seniors are those that are lower in compression and have a soft core.

Most senior golfers have a slower swing speed and are looking for ways to improve this. 

Any of the options on our list that have a compression rating less than 60 or so would be a good choice for a senior player that is looking for distance. Just as important as distance in a ball for seniors is a soft cover. 

Chipping and pitching performance are essential for seniors because of the importance of scoring. It may take a senior player longer to get to the hole, but it doesn’t have to take longer to get the ball in the hole.

A soft covered golf ball allows seniors to feel what they are doing around the greens. 

Are Distance Balls Low or High Spin? 

Sometimes golfers look at a golf ball and the description and they still don’t know whether or not it is a good choice for their game. When you need distance from your golf shots you must look for a ball that has low long game spin. 

The lower long game spin allows the ball to roll when it hits the ground. The low spin also helps you to keep your golf shots a bit straighter. The dimple pattern on the ball is partly what helps it be a lower or high spin golf ball. 

The only downside to a low spin golf ball is that when you are chipping and pitching you must allow for some role. These balls won’t stop on a dime. 

Is A Low Compression Core Good For Distance? 

If you are a slow swing speed player, a lower compression core is going to help you get the distance that you need. Golfers with higher swing speed should consider a higher compression golf ball. 

The lower compression golf ball allows the slower swinging player to get better ball flight and extra carry as well. Finding a match for your swing speed and the compression of a ball may take a bit of time. 

Finding the right golf ball is a bit of a process and most golfers will try out four or five before they find the best. Don’t assume that just because a golf ball is considered a tour level ball that it is going to be the best choice for your game. 

In Summary

The only thing left to do now is hit the links. Our list of the best golf balls for distance should have changed your perspective of the distance that you can get from a golf ball.

The ball you play absoutley matters to the success of your golf game and your scoring. The Titleist Velocity golf balls are the best distnace golf balls on the market.

The Velocity golf balls have a very high energy core, reactive cover and lots of distnace for someone that needs help off the tee. We like the overall feel of the Titleist ball and the fact that you can purchase it in a few different colors.

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