Nitro Golf Balls Review in 2024 (Best Value)

Golf is an attractive sport for many people. However, there’s always a lurking problem that prevents new players from trying out the sport, which is its relatively expensive barrier of entry.

Unfortunately, golf equipment is often relatively expensive, which can steer potential newcomers away and drive them into cheaper sports, such as soccer, table tennis, or badminton.

On the other hand, some golf equipment manufacturers provide golf beginners with relatively low-cost equipment to facilitate their entry. One of these manufacturers is Nitro, whose golf balls we’re going to review today.

Nitro golf balls have gained recent popularity for their affordable price tag, value for money, and relatively good performance. And while they’re not as popular among the golfing elite or even intermediate players, they’re still a good option for beginners and high handicappers.

So stick around as we review the best and most popular Nitro golf balls.

Our Top Picks for Nitro Golf Balls in 2022

We’ve tried and tested Nitro’s most famous golf balls. We shortlisted five of the available models and decided to review them. So without further ado, let’s get going.

1. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball (12-Pack) – Best Overall Pick

Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball


  • Two-piece construction
  • USGA approved ball
  • Reactive titanium core maximizes energy transfer
  • Good distance
  • Four colors available
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover for durability


  • Little control
  • Difficult to spin

Maximum Distance is one of Nitro’s most successful balls, mainly because it boasts many of the features standard in other Nitro balls at a similarly attractive price while also conforming to USGA regulations, meaning it’s competition-ready off the go.

For example, Maximum Distance boasts an efficient two-piece construction of super reactive titanium in the core, which maximizes energy transfer from your clubhead to the ball.

On the outside, the Maximum Distance ball is covered in Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof shell, which increases its long-term durability.

According to Nitro, the Maximum Distance balls were developed with all skill levels in mind, not just for beginners. And while we wouldn’t bet on any low handicap players to use it over other premium options in a tournament, perhaps an intermediate player would.

However, perhaps even a skilled golfer can use it in training drills and such. After all, Maximum Distance balls have a nifty aerodynamic design that decreases drag.

The main drawback with the Maximum Distance is the lack of control, which we weren’t surprised by anyway since this is common among balls designed for high handicap players. It’s also pretty difficult to spin.

However, for their price range and USGA-approved status, we’d say they perform well and are a well-balanced option among Nitro golf balls.

The Bottom Line

The Nitro Maximum Distance golf balls are great for beginners and high handicap players looking for a well-rounded Nitro ball. Their USGA-approved status also means that they’re an excellent opportunity for this demographic to try out in an official tournament.

2. Nitro Pulsar Box Golf Balls (Pack 12) – Premium Pick

Nitro Pulsar Box Golf Balls


  • Three-piece construction
  • Attractive flat matte finish
  • Good for accurate long range shots
  • Good inertia transfer from the clubhead
  • Stable during flight
  • Feels more like a mid-range ball than a budget one


  • Low spin
  • Not USGA approved yet

While all Nitro golf balls are considered budget-friendly, the recently released Pulsar model is the “premium” pick among the bunch, thanks to the new additions and features that only come at a slight increase in cost.

The three-piece Nitro Pulsar flies a striking distance as we’ve come to know Nitro golf balls. On top of that, its 90 compression rating makes it feel softer than most other models on offer from Nitro.

Also, the 90 compression rating is low enough that it takes a lot of your clubhead’s inertia. And thanks to the high-energy speed titanium core, you get a ball that relies more on your hit than swing. 

Combining these traits with the 352 dimples on the surface results in off-center shots that deliver greater accuracy than ever before, and the ball stays stable in the air.

Nitro claims that Pulsar balls are recommended for all handicap levels. However, similar to the Maximum Distance balls, we wouldn’t gamble on any low handicap players using it, primarily because of its low spin.

Besides, the ball isn’t USGA approved yet, but perhaps it’s because the Pulsar was released recently, and the USGA will approve it eventually. But until that happens, we’re considering that a drawback.

The Bottom Line

Although Nitro Pulsar balls are in the budget category, they feel more like a mid-tier model thanks to the recent innovations that Nitro has poured into them, such as the low 90 compression rating combined surface design and 352 dimples.

And although the Pulsar isn’t approved by the USGA yet, we believe they will be in due time.

3. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack) – Best for Beginners

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball


  • Low price, even compared to other Nitro balls
  • Bright colors that are easy to spot
  • Can travel long distances even if hit under 100 mph
  • Good for beginners looking to hone their technique
  • USGA approved


  • Difficult to spin
  • Not ideal for players who can consistently hit 100+ mph shots

In a sense, the Ultimate Distance is the predecessor of the Maximum Distance and other models. It shares enough features to see the similarity but is different enough to tell them apart.

One of the most considerable similarities is the two-piece construction and reactive titanium core, which maximizes the energy transfer from your clubhead to the ball.

And with the aerodynamic and symmetric dimple design on the outside and soft feel, you can send these golf balls flying with a strong hit, especially using a large club.

Ultimate Distance balls cater specifically to beginners with slower swing speeds, ideally under 100 mph (about 160 kph). If you can regularly hit over 100 mph shots and get over 300 yards in distance, then you might want to skip this one since it’ll feel like hitting a rock that can’t spin.

However, for beginners who aren’t yet used to more advanced golfing techniques, this ball can definitely help you gain some speed while you learn the ropes.

Besides, with the bright colors that the Ultimate Distance balls come in, you’ll have a much easier time finding the ball if you lose it after a shot, even if it goes underwater.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a beginner without a fast swinging technique yet, you can still achieve good results with the Ultimate Distance balls since they’re designed to travel fast and far from relatively low-speed shots. Besides, its bright colors make it easy to spot on the court so that you won’t lose it as much as other traditional balls.

4. Nitro White Out Golf Balls [15-Ball] – Best for Spin

Nitro White Out Golf Balls


  • Can spin
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Vibrant colors make it easy to find
  • USGA and R&A approved


  • Relatively pricey compared to other Nitro balls

White Out shares a lot of similarities with other Nitro golf balls. For example, the aerodynamic exterior and symmetrical 352 dimple design are famous for increasing lift and decreasing drag, and it’s common in Nitro golf balls, including White Out.

But while White Out balls are considered “long-distance” balls, they have a 70 compression rating and can somewhat spin, which is an improvement over other Nitro golf balls where spin is too difficult or outright impossible.

This makes White Out balls suitable to low and mid handicap players if they’d like to try out Nitro golf balls without going for something too “beginner level” for them.

Because of these features, White Out balls are among Nitro’s more expensive models, comparable to the new Pulsar. However, we’d still consider them budget-friendly or low-mid tier in terms of price.

The Bottom Line

Nitro White Out balls are a category above most other Nitro golf balls, thanks to their clever design and materials, making them suitable for hittinAlthough Nitro was founded in the 1970s as Nitro Leisure Products, they’ve since changed their name to Nitro Golf and shifted their paradigm to providing affordable and performant golf equipment at an affordable price to the general player.

Or, as Nitro puts it on its website, they provide “affordable balls for today’s golfer.” And that statement certainly holds up.

As of 2022, Nitro has released eight golf balls that are made in different ways, of different materials, and cater to varying styles of play.

For example, the Nitro Tour Distance is ideal for taking long shots at a low spin rate, while the Maximum Distance aims to increase lift and decrease drag for distant aerial shots, and it’s also competition-ready and complies with USGA regulations.

Remember that Nitro golf balls cater to beginners and high handicap players more than intermediate or experienced players, especially not to elite golfers.

So if you’re in the former category and don’t have g long shots and spinning.

About Nitro Golf Balls

a fortune lying around to spend on golf equipment, perhaps Nitro golf balls are the right decision for you.

What You Can Expect From Nitro Golf Balls

In general terms, Nitro golf balls perform well for their price. In addition, some of them comply with USGA regulations and are competition-ready for official tournaments, while others aren’t and are more suited for quick scrims or practice games.

Also, Nitro uses Dupont Lithium Surlyn on many of their models, which adds durability and reduces the number of cuts over time.

In specific terms, your expectations will depend on the model you’re after.

For instance, if you’re using the recent Nitro Vision, you can expect a soft feel and high speed out of this very low compression ball with a 30 compression rating.

But if you’ve picked up the WhiteOut, you can expect high lift and long shots, especially off wooden clubs.

Frequently Asked Questions


To sum up, Nitro golf balls are designed to perform well at an affordable price range. And after trying out the most popular models, we can tell you that they perform very well for the price and are pretty durable.

Although the available ball models will cater to different play styles, we’d say the Maximum Distance is the most balanced and overall best pick. It’s a two-piece ball designed to maximize the energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball, allowing for higher lift and decreased drag. Plus, it’s USGA approved, so it’s legal for tournaments.

However, if you’re looking for a premium Nitro ball, then we’d recommend their recent Pulsar balls, which have a three-piece construction and a 90 compression rating. Besides, they’re often recycled from more expensive golf balls at a Florida recycling facility after only a handful of holes, so it’s high value for money.

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