Best Golf Balls for Straight Flight in 2022

As a golf professional hitting the ball straight is quite essential. Finding a golf ball with the perfect dimple pattern, compression, and composition can take a bit of trial and error.

However, the average golfer needs to consider a bit more about how choosing the right golf ball can help them hit straighter shots.

Golf balls are not all about long shots; sometimes, accuracy is even more critical. If you want to find a long distance ball that also flies straight, we have you covered. Here are the best golf balls for straight flight. 

Straightest Golf Balls in 2022

Straightest Golf Ball: Titleist Velocity


  • Lots of distance 
  • Low long game spin
  • Plenty of spin to stop an iron 


  • Feel is not as good as something like the Pro V

The straightest ball on the market right now is the Titleist Velocity. With the Titleist Velocity, it does not matter if you have a fast or a slow swing speed; you will see some performance from these golf balls. 

The number one factor providing the performance for the Titleist Velocity Golf balls is the low long game spin. With low spin, not only will you get more roll, but the ball will stay straighter as well.

Since the ball will not spin as much to the left or to the right, your slices and hooks will be a bit more contained. 

I’ve always had a draw as my natural ball flight. However, on the days when things aren’t going quite as well, the draw gets a bit more exaggerated than I would like.

I have found that the best golf balls to control this are the low spin golf balls. Even though Titleist Velocity is not the most premium golf ball on the market, they get the job done even for low handicappers. 

Runner Up 1: Callaway 2021 Supersoft Max Golf Balls


  • Good feel for two piece golf balls 
  • One of the best golf ball choices for the slower swing speed player 
  • It helps to increase ball flight
  • Ionomer blend cover 


  • Short game spin is not all that high

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have gone through some revisions through the years. However, they still remain some of the straightest golf balls on the market.

Although the Supersoft Max is a two piece golf ball, they offer quite a bit of performance for the slower swinging golfer

Let’s face it, when your swing is slower, you see a lot of shots that fade to the right. This happens fairly naturally when you don’t have a high swing speed.

To play with a golf ball that compresses easily and launches high will make that ball flight all that much easier to watch. 

If you are looking for a straight flight, chances are you don’t want to give up distance either. With the Supersoft Max, you won’t have to.

Finding a golf ball that works in the short game and the long game can be challenging; however, the Supersoft Max does the trick

Runner Up 2:  Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls


  • Soft feel around the greens 
  • Reduced hook and slice spin 
  • Maximum distance for moderate swing speeds


  • Still a two piece construction

The Bridgestone Golf e12 Golf balls are a great choice to help players hit straight shots. The one thing that you have to acknowledge about the Bridgestone company is how serious they are about golfers choosing the proper golf equipment

We spend quite a bit of money on perfect golf shafts, club head shapes, and more. Golfers need to pay attention to the golf ball they put into play. 

The Bridgestone company makes it easier for golfers with slower swing speeds to get the ball speed they are looking for. Even if you feel as though you can’t hit the ball all that far, the Bridgestone can help. 

Bridgestone always used dimple patterns to help reduce side spin and optimize aerodynamics. You can get around the golf course in a few less shots because of the time and effort they have put into this golf ball. 

Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls for Straight Flight


It helps golfers eliminate the slice
Allows golfers to line the ball up and take their traditional swing
Less aerodynamic lift


  • Not legal under USGA rules

Not all of the straightest golf ball choices on the market are going to be legal, according to the USGA. Some golf balls are not conforming because they simply fly too straight or too far.

The Polara Self Correcting Golf balls are built to keep your ball in the fairway. 

When you tee up with a Polara Self Correcting Ball, you will point the line down the fairway and take your typical swing. Some players will see a tremendous difference in the amount their shots will slice with this ball in play. 

Although this may feel like a bit of a gimmick, you can rest assured there is some technology here that is worth considering if you want a very straight flight. 

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

Best Premium Golf Balls For Straight Flight


  • High energy core
  • Very low spin on the driver
  • Higher spin around the greens
  • Fast ball speeds


  • Expensive balls

The TaylorMade TP5 golf ball is five piece ball designed to produce great speed and fly straighter than other golf balls on the market. The TaylorMade TP5, with its five layers and unique dimple patterns, can offer a greater range of performance. 

The Tri Fast core offers lower compression and reduced drag. This helps golfers to hit more straight shots without losing any distance.

Other balls on the market that have high carry distance may not have a very soft feel around the greens. The TP5 allows you to hit longer shots without sacrificing the feel.

Of course, the TP5 golf balls are expensive, and you will see them used by professional golfers and lower handicap players. This is a tour level ball that compares quite closely to the Pro V1 from Titleist. 

Check our best Taylormade golf balls review.

Buying Guide

Golfers have a lot of options when it comes to golf balls. You can choose anything from a two piece ball to a five piece ball with all kinds of options in between.

If you have a hard time finding the right golf ball for your game, here are a few things to consider. 

Do Softer Golf Balls Fly Straighter? 

The compression of the golf ball is something that you should consider when you purchase a ball. A lower compression ball is going to be easier for a slower swing speed player to hit.

Higher compression balls will offer better performance for the fast and powerful swingers. 

If you are playing with a golf ball that you can compress easily, you will like have an easier time controlling the spin. A hard ball that is difficult to compress will make it difficult for a golfer to produce great speed. 

This, in turn, could result in some shots that are not going to fly all that straight. Always know your swing speed when shopping for golf balls and choose something that fits within your range. 

How Do I Know What Golf Ball To Use? 

Unfortunately, it can take a bit of trial and error to find the right golf ball to play with. I always found that I could get maximum driving distance with one ball but then have no feel around the greens.

Then I would try another golf ball with too much driver spin but a great feel on the greens. 

It’s hard to find something that works really well to provide greater distance and accuracy. However, the one thing that you will find is paying attention to the feel of the cover, and the number of pieces in the ball can help you make your decision. 

Even though the expensive balls are three, four, and five pieces, sometimes they make sense to add to your game. 

Can Long Distance Golf Balls Impact Accuracy? 

Most golf balls are sold under the premise that they will produce greater speed. Since most golfers are looking for higher ball speeds, distance golf balls are the most popular options on the market.

However, the best golf ball for your game may not necessarily be a distance golf ball. 

If you are purchasing a ball just to get the extra distance, you may find that it does not help you keep the ball all that straight.

You will want to find something that helps your golf swing on tee shots but also allows for extra spin on the irons and wedges as well. 

Those with low swing speeds need to be especially careful that they choose a golf ball that is also meant to keep the ball straight.

Playing with a golf ball that has a penetrating ball flight will help to make up for some of that lack of speed that you see in your game. 

Overall, if you need help keeping the ball straight, stay away from anything that is known purely for maximum distance. All of the options on our list offer more versatile performance than just maximum distance. 


We hope you now feel like you can pick a ball that gives you great distance and increased accuracy. Golf balls for straight flight often have an aerodynamic dimple pattern; keep this in mind as you shop.

The straightest golf balls on the market are the Titleist Velocity golf balls.

This is a two piece design that is well manufactured and allows for faster ball speeds and very straight flight technology. The next time you need a dozen golf balls, give the Titleist Velocity a try. 

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