Vice Golf Balls Reviews 2024: Top Picks and Buying Guide

With Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone having such a stronghold on the golf ball market, it’s hard for a newer golf ball company to make their presence known.

As a PGA Professional, I’ll admit I can be a bit skeptical about a newer ball that comes to the market. However, I’m up for trying out any equipment and giving it a fair chance.

That is precisely what we did with the Vice Golf Ball lineup. There are several balls that Vice puts out that are absolutely worth trying; the first step is finding the one that will be a good fit for your golf game.

Let’s look at the different Vice golf balls on the market in this Vice Golf Balls review. 

Our Vice Golf Balls Review 2024

Best Overall: Vice Tour Golf Balls


  • Three piece ball
  • Fair pricing
  • Grea distance off the tee
  • Very consistent flight


  • Not the latest Vice golf ball technology

It’s not easy to pick the best overall Vice golf ball. The reason being that several options are going to appeal to a wide range of people.

The Vice Tour Golf balls are not the latest release, but they have tons of impressive technology. These golf balls are also offered at a very fair price. 

The Vice Tour is a 3 piece ball with a 392 aerodynamic dimple design. This means that you will get lots of distance and some good feel around the greens.

Traditionally speaking, the 3 piece ball will be quite a bit more expensive than other choices on the market; however, that is not the case with the Vice Tour. 

The internal core is a Soft Energy Speed core that helps players get extra distance. In addition, the soft design of this core allows for a smooth feel around the green and on the short game shots. 

Vice Golf Pro Plus Balls

Best For Low Handicapper


  • Built for the lower handicapper
  • Low driver spin 
  • Incredible greenside performance
  • Competes with tour level golf balls


  • Need a higher swing speed to get the proper carry distance

For players with the lowest handicaps, performance and feel will be the most important factors when choosing a ball. The Vice Golf Pro Plus is a tour level ball with a four piece construction.

The Vice Golf Pro Plus has all of the characteristics that advanced players are looking for. 

The Vice Golf Pro Plus is a 95 compression ball built for golfers with slightly higher swing speeds. Like other premium tour level golf balls, the Vice Golf Pro Plus has a durable cast urethane cover

If you are a player that likes to spin the ball around the green, you will enjoy the S2TG Technology. This technology helps give the Vice Pro Plus great spin rates and extra grabbing control on approach shots. 

Vice Pro Soft

Best For Feel


  • Case urethane cover
  • Lower compression for slower swing speed
  • Very soft feel around the greens
  • Good visibility 


  • A bit more expensive than other Vice golf balls

The Vice Pro Soft is similar to the Vice Pro Plus when it comes to distance; however, this is a 3 piece ball instead of a 4 piece. With this being a cast urethane cover, you will get some great feel around the green. The Vice Pro Soft also has a lower compression than the Vice Pro Plus. 

Lower compression golf balls have slightly slower swing speeds but still, need to feel around the greens and distance off the tee. If you have a medium swing speed and are looking for soft feel, this is one of the best models for you. 

In addition, the Vice Pro Soft are great for golfers that have a hard time finding their golf balls. You can choose between three different colors that will make seeing the ball quite a bit easier.

The 336 dimple design will help players get more distance and less drag, especially on their drives. 

This Vice Pro Soft is probably the most versatile of all the Vice golf balls. If your handicap is trending up or down, the Vice Pro Soft could be the ball for your game. 

Vice Golf Drive Balls

Best For Distance


  • Built for higher handicap golfers
  • Two piece design built for distance
  • Affordable golf ball 
  • Higher launch angle 
  • High energy speed core 


  • Not as much greenside spin as other Vice balls

The Vice Golf Drive is a 2 piece golf ball that is built for pure distance. If you are new to the game or a higher handicapper that needs that extra performance of the tee, the Vice Golf Drive balls will be the best choice for your game. 

The High Energy Speed Core feature inside this best golf ball helps players get the distance that they may not have thought possible. The Vice Drive features a Surlyn cover that increases durability and lowers the spin rate from the tee as well. 

If you feel as though your current golf balls waiver as they’re flying towards your target, the performance of this Vice Golf Drive will be something that can help your game.

The large dimple patterns help to keep your shot in line, even if you put a bit of sidespin on your shot.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Best Around The Green


  • Very good feel
  • Can control around the greens
  • Built for the faster swinging golfer
  • High ball speed


The Vice Pro Golf Balls are a three piece ball, but they have the performance when it comes to putting and chipping that we all need.

These golf balls have some of the highest greenside spin and grab than any of the other Vice golf balls. In fact, you could say that the Vice Pro golf balls could give the Pro V1x a run for their money. 

As with other premium Vice golf balls, the cover will be a cast urethane that will feel soft yet be resistant to those occasional mis hits.

This golf ball also features a UV resistance because of the new BJ13 coating on the ball. This means that if you want to use your Vice Pro golf balls for a few rounds, there will be nothing stopping you. 

As with some of the other Vice golf ball models, there are three colors available. The colors are the Pro White, Pro Lime, and Pro Red. We find that the Pro Lime is very easy to track, and it stands out quite well on the putting green as well. 

When you are on the putting green, you can use the Vice Pro Golf putting line to help you make sure you are lined up precisely to the hole. Overall, this is one of our favorite Vice Pro golf balls on the market; we would compare it to the Pro V1.

Vice Golf Balls Buying Guide

It is important for golfers to remember that even though all Vice golf balls are made by the same company, they are not for the same player. The technology varies greatly from one golf ball to the next, and it is essential for golfers to have a good handle on how to tell these golf balls apart. Here are some of the things you can look for when trying to decide which Vice Golf ball is best for your needs. 


Spin is an important factor when deciding which golf ball will work for your game. Ideally, golfers are going to want a ball that has low spin from the tee and a higher spin around the greens. Spin is a major factor when deciding which Vice golf ball is best for your game. 

The Vice Pro Plus and the Vice Tour have very good spin around the greens. The Vice Pro Soft and Vice Drive tend to be a bit better for distance and will often work well for the low spin off the tee. It is hard for a golf ball to have low spin from the tee and high spin around the greens unless it is at least three pieces. 


Hitting the golf ball a long way is something we all want to do. All of the Vice golf balls are capable of flying a long distance, and when you compare them to others on the market, you will see that they can absolutely compete from a distance standpoint. 

The Vice Golf Driver golf balls are the best for distance, but these will also lack a bit of greenside feel and spin. If you can manage, you may want to consider using a different ball that may cost you just a few yards. 

If you can stop a ball on a green, control the ball flight and maybe even get a golf ball to spin back, it is much more valuable than a few extra yards of distance from the tee. 


The feel of all of these Vice golf balls is good. The Vice Pro Soft had our favorite overall feel as it felt soft yet firm enough for golfers to control what they were doing. The feel of the golf ball will vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. 

The Vice golf balls have a very similar feel to the Titleist golf balls to us. When we tested them, it was similar to the performance you can see from any line of Titleist products on the market. Overall the feel is something that will impact the short game quite a bit more than the long game, and those that are precise in the feel they want will enjoy the Vice Tour golf balls and the Vice Pro Golf balls. 


It’s hard to find any issues with the pricing of the Vice golf balls. In fact, the pricing is better than you are going to find with most golf ball manufacturers. The Vice golf company is a good one, and they have decided to eliminate the middleman so that you can get the performance you need from your golf clubs.

The price of a Vice golf ball runs about $5 to $7 cheaper on average than a similar golf ball with technology that will match. The cost of a golf ball is something that plays into a decision to purchase, but you should be chosen based on both decision and pricing. 

Number of Pieces 

The number of pieces that a golf ball has will determine the performance that it can have. Golfers that use a four piece ball will see the distance from the tee and spin around the green. Those that use a two piece ball tend to have more of a singular benefit; for instance, there can be a really soft feel around the greens or long distance off the tee but not both. 

The number of pieces you find in a golf ball is a great way to decide which one to play with. Mid to low handicap golfers that are looking for varying levels of performance and functionality should really think about using three and four piece golf balls. 

The Vice golf balls don’t come in a five piece model. Five piece golf balls are really rare, and the TaylorMade TP5x is one of the only ones on the market. The TP5x is a premium golf ball that can really help players that are struggling to get the spin that they need in their game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better understanding of the Vice Golf ball lineup, it’s time to help you determine which of these will be the best fit for your game.

All of the Vice golf balls have a great value and tremendous performance. However, there are some that will work better for your game than others. 

Are Vice Golf Balls Good? 

When we started our Vice golf balls review, we mentioned that golfers could be a bit skeptical about the newest golf balls on the market.

It’s truly time to give the Vice golf balls a chance. They are well researched and well manufactured, they come in several different models, and we found that they hold up for more than just one round. 

The area of the market where the Vice really stood out for us was for the golfers that have lower handicaps and higher swing speeds.

Typically the golf ball choices for these players are extremely expensive and don’t offer as much durability.

The Vice golf balls come at a fair price and will easily compete with something like the Titleist Pro V1x. 

What Color Vice Golf Ball Is The Best? 

You may have noticed that the Vice Pro Plus and other models come in three different colors. The colors are white, lime and red.

All three of the colors are a matte finish, so they will not be too shiny or difficult to see. In fact, we found that the lime color was quite a bit easier to follow while on the golf course. 

If you are a golfer who needs help seeing the golf ball or focusing during your round, the colored Vice golf balls could be an excellent choice for your game. 

What Vice Golf Ball Is Like The Pro V1x? 

The Vice Pro or the Vice Pro Plus will be the best choices for those players who need the performance of a Titleist Pro V1x. These two golf ball choices are going to have a great spin around the greens and lots of ball speed and distance. 

Both the Vice Pro and the Pro Plus are built for players with very high ball speeds. Although these players need distance, they are mostly looking for workability and control in the ball. The dimple pattern on the higher end Vice balls will also help golfers to control the ball flight of their shots. 

Sometimes the lower compression balls with the forgiving dimple patterns will give the better players a ballooning type effect on their shots. With the Vice Pro and the Vice Pro Plus, this won’t be a concern. 

Are Vice Golf Balls Expensive? 

One of the main selling points of these golf balls is that they are made to be affordable. Vice asks golfers why they pay more for golf balls than they should be. Vice shows players that you don’t have to break the bank to play with a high performing golf ball. 

When you price out the best golf ball for your game, don’t forget to keep in mind that durable golf balls could last for more than one round.

The urethane and surlyn covers on the Vice golf balls are durable and will help up for more than just one round. If you work on keeping the ball in play, you may not have to make too many golf ball purchases this year.

Can Women Use Vice Golf Balls? 

Some golf companies will make a specific option that is just for a woman golfer. This is not the case with the Vice golf balls, and it leaves many women wondering whether or not they should be playing with the Vice Golf balls. Luckily there are no issues with women golfers using Vice golf balls, and they should find one that works well with their swing speed. 

The women golfers really tend to like the Vice Pro Soft and the Vice Pro golf balls. The Vice Pro Soft would be the best choice for the woman golfer with a slightly higher swing speed looking for increased distance while still getting a soft feel around the green. 

Women golfers that have a bit more clubhead speed can get away with the Vice Pro golf balls and still get some really great greenside spin and performance. 

Why Are Vice Golf Balls Less Money? 

If you have noticed, the Vice golf balls on the market are often a bit less expensive than the other golf balls that offer the same three and four piece performance. This is because of the model that Vice Golf uses when they bring these golf balls to market. Essentially the Vice Golf Balls are a direct to consumer model that will help players save money but get some great technology. 

Vice Golf Balls do not sell to golf shops where there is an additional markup for consumers. Vice decided they could make really good golf balls and send them directly to the consumer eliminating the middle man. This strategy has proven to be very successful, and golfers like that they are saving money and getting great technology. 

If you purchase the Vice golf balls in bulk, you will get an even better deal than you do when buying them one box at a time. 

What Is A Vice Drip Pattern Golf Ball? 

The Vice Drip Pattern golf ball is an option that makes this very unique for golfers. Most companies will have a plain white golf ball, colored ball, and some will have a pattern. The Drip pattern looks as though a golf ball was splattered with different color paints. 

With this pattern on the golf ball, you can focus better on what you are doing and zero in on the shots you need to hit. In addition, the drip pattern can also make it easier to line up when putting, as the single alignment line stands out well. 

The main reason golfers like this golf ball are that it will easily stand out because other golfers in your group are probably not using a golf ball with this much of a pattern and color to it.


Each of the Vice golf balls is tailored to a specific player, swing speed, and performance attribute. The Vice Tour Golf balls are going to appeal to the widest range of players.

They have a great feel around the green and explosive distance of the tee. This is a golf ball that is going to be consistent, predictable, and reliable when you need it. 

If you have been holding off on giving the Vice Golf balls a chance, this is the year to do it. You will not be disappointed in the performance that they offer.

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